Monday, February 25, 2013

Calm before the storm...

The funny part of that title is we are actually suppose to be getting a snow storm. Though the last one they predicted didn't actually happen! Not holding my breath not that I want the snow. I want spring and SUMMER! But that just means this part of the year is our calm before the flurry of activities that our 4 blessings are signed up to participate in...however #4 isn't sign up for anything currently. Though she does want to do gymnastics. Have to see if the spring session is in our budget. But the boys are both doing baseball and our old is doing soccer. SO FUN!
I am trying to figure out how to scrap money together to do Peanut's 6 birthday party in Sept. Each of our kids have done a Chuck E Cheese party when they turned 6. This last weekend we went to two birthday parties and they were pretty cool. When did the norm become spending a ton of money on a 5 yr or 8 yr olds birthday? The one party was at an indoor place called party fantasy or something like that. It has a climbing wall, go carts, and inflatable bounce houses. Then we went to Ginos East for dinner. The second party was at Build a Bear, which I have to say was probably the coolest party I've ever witnessed. The birthday parents did pretty much nothing but pay the bill. They had those kids entertained...impressive. Then we went to Sabaros for pizza. Both of those parties had to be at least $300 because there was 11 kids at the 1st one and 14 kids at the second. So yeah, I don't want my kids to think I'm lame and only throw them a house party...enough though it is WAY more affordable for us, so I start saving now. Sad I know but such is life. Ok this blog post brought to you by totally and completely random thoughts.
Oh yeah I am keeping myself busy but organizing a 5k and taking over the gift card program at school both are fundraisers for said school. Over and out!