Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today is my birthday, yes, I'm a Halloween baby. This is the last year I have to be in my 20's. And you know what? I'm not even freaking out about it. I really don't feel much different than I did when I was in High School/College, well besides the fact that I have a family of my own now...and a few more responsibilities! All I know is that when my youngest is going off to college I will be 46 years old. Of course, in true hubby fashion J gave me my gift yesterday. As I was washing the dishes he put my mother's necklace on me with my new charm for Peanut. I had been asking for this charm once we hit September since at that point we knew she would be born in that month. This morning he brought me breakfast. I am excited about all the fun we are going to have today. We're going Christmas shopping (my idea) then getting the kids out of school for my birthday lunch. Then trick or treating!

Monday, October 29, 2007


We were in the van the other day and I don't even know how we got on this topic but we were talking about the kids getting married. J said something like when you get married make sure your dad gives you money. This is the conversation...
GlamorGirl being the smart little cookie she is says, "Your my dad. So you are going to give me money when I get married?"
He says, "Yes, how much do you want."
She stops and thinks about it for a second and says, "60 dollars."
Then the Monkey pipes up, "Do I get money when I get married?"
J: "Sure how much do you want?"
Monkey thinking about it then gets a really cute little grin on his face says, "A thousand dollars."
J: "Ok, a thousand it is."
At this point we have a completely clueless Red saying, "I want money too."
J and I together say, "Sure and how much do you want?"
Red once again having no idea because he is only 2 says, "48 dollars."
J and I laugh because what an odd number!
Then GG decides she wants to change her money from 60 to 100. J agrees to that and a few minutes later she asked to change it again.
J told her that this was the last time she could change her amount. She went back to her original $60, what a goof.
J said we should remember the amounts that they gave us so when they do get married we can give them that amount. I think that Monkey is the only one that made a good deal!?! So when the three older kids get married we will only be out $1,108 :) I really don't think that is going to happen but it was a very funny conversation none the less.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Red loves Peanut sometimes a little too much. He gives her kisses ALL. THE. TIME. To the point where she has a wet spot on her head all day long. He has to know where she is and what she is doing all day long as well. It is very cute that he loves her so much but at times it can get a bit much. The other day I was nursing her and he came over and kissed her head like normal and then kissed my boob. He looks up at me with a goofy smile and says, "I kissed your nurse." He also likes to tickle her when she is laying on the ground. She has smiled at him a couple of times when he has done this, which is so sweet. Then there is the other side of it where he says things, for example, when she came home from the hospital and we changed her diaper. He saw the left over umbilical cord still on her and says, "I don't like her belly button, mommy." He also doesn't like when she cries in the van. He gets really nervous like and says, "It's ok baby. It's ok." We had to explain to him she doesn't like being in the carseat but that she is ok. I can't wait to see how their relationship blossoms over the next few months!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I haven't been on here in a few days because I was sick. Oh how I hate being sick, especially with a newborn. Well, I felt better on Tuesday but took that day to fully recover. But there have been things that I have wanted to write about!

Red is the kind of kid that will eat anything at least ONCE! We went out to eat with my dad and he had gotten a tuna sandwich. My dad gave Red a bite and you could tell by his face he didn't like it and wanted to spit it out. I told him to swallow it and I would give him a drink. Then about 5 minutes later my dad asked him if he wanted another bite. In Red's sweet little voice he says, "I don't like it." It was too funny. This is the conversation J and Red had the other day.
Red: Daddy you have a shoot gun?
J: Yes
Red: Do you shoot the bad guys?
J: No Red
Red: Can I watch a movie?

GlamorGirl has started a club at school with another little girl and they have a song, that they made up. It doesn't really make too much sense but it is all theirs :) Last night she came home got a singing solo and speaking part along with the dancing solo! She was so excited.

Monkey has really grown up this year being in school without his sister around. Last year they had recess together and now they don't see each other at all during the day. He tells me that his favorite thing is recess because the kids always play what he wants to play, soccer. But everyday he comes tells me something from Bible class, his teacher is 90 years old and I can tell Monkey really thinks he is a neat guy with all the stories he tells the class.

Peanut has really started to show her little personality and she is such so sweet. She smiles ALL the time and I love it. Someone said that she is interactive and I would have to agree! I can't believe that tomorrow she will be 6 weeks old. Her best friend was born on Tuesday. Their second child is the same age as Red and they are best buds and so we just figure the girls will be too. Plus girls weighed the same at birth so they already have that in common!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Straight Up

J found this on youtube I think I like his version better what do you think?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

School Debut

Finally I took Peanut to school to show her off, of course! I first took her outside where GG was playing at recess (where she almost knocked me over from excitement), through the preschool to see Mrs. Sherry and then we walked to the other end of the school to get Monkey. We ran into Miss S. who GG has this year for 1st grade and she was so excited and wanted me to come up to her class but Monkey needed to be picked up and GG had already seen us at recess. Once I finally got to the Kindergarten wing that is where we drew a crowd, didn't think we were ever going to get out of there! Mrs. S. which was both Monkey and GG's Junior Kindergarten teacher was so excited to see her and then Mrs. R. who Monkey has this year came over. I haven't been to school since she was born so I got to talk to Mrs. R. (I wanted to see how he was doing in class) and she said she couldn't believe how night and day Monkey and GG are. Mrs. S. and I had both told her this summer that the kids were completely different but I don't think she realized it until she actually had them in class. She said they are both good kids and smart but their personalities are just so different! Man I love my kids. The funniest thing were all the moms that told me that seeing her makes them want to have another baby but that they are almost 40 years old, at least 3 moms said that to me. When we went to the preschool Mrs. Sherry asked if she will be getting Red next year and we haven't decided if we are going to send him yet. I had told her probably not and she was so sad. The main reason being I don't want to have to do the mid-day pick up (which she totally understood) but we'll see I am thinking if he does go it will only be 2 days and he WILL have Mrs. Sherry! So this is something that J and I have to really talk about because registration is at the beginning of January.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I feel like it is flying by, Peanut is a month old. With 4 kids it is a little harder to get on here and blog about stuff that I really want too. But the kids are watching tv for the first time today and the homework is all done, the dishes are done and the clothes are drying so I have a little time.

Saturday we went to a pumpkin farm it was our first fun family outing since the baby has been here and I took pictures but I haven't put them on the computer yet. The older kids got to ride a camel! Then I realized that I only got one picture of the baby in the sling. Oh well at least I have the one to document she was actually there :) J started back at work yesterday and so I got a semi taste of what my life is going to be like. My dad came over and took us out for dinner. And then he was here while I got them ready for bed and so he helped with the baby. Today, Wednesday and Thursday J is off. Friday should be interesting.

Peanut has started to smile at us! Which is so great but I haven't been able to capture it in a picture yet. I am usually holding her and no one else is around to take the picture. What I really should be doing right now is getting the pictures off the camera and onto the computer. Ok that didn't take that long to they are!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


So excited I just got off the phone with a lady from school who has a carrier for the back of my bike that holds two kids. This last summer we didn't ride much because I was pregnant but next summer we are going to have so much fun riding around, like two summers ago.

Last night we went to church and GlamorGirl is in the children's choir and she was very ecstatic to announce that she got a solo dancing part in the program. It was too funny when telling me about it, she went something like this, "Mom they had parts that you could sing all by yourself or you could dance all by yourself. I got the dancing part! There was only one dancing part and I got it! I am going to be on the stage all by myself DANCING!" I was surprised to learn she didn't want a singing part because the girl LOVES. TO. SING. But it will be cool to see her up there dancing, just like her mama used to do ;) Most importantly she is super excited about it. Oh yeah have I mentioned that Wednesday nights are my favorite day of the week now? I love going to church and hanging out with the other moms while my kids are being taken care of by other people I trust. On Tuesday night while I was at my bible study J and the kids made a video and left it on the computer for me when I got home and here it is...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I was thinking to myself today that I haven't taken many pictures of Peanut lately. They grow and change so fast the first few months that I really want to make sure I get her documented especially in her cute new outfits :)

I want to start off with a picture from the day she came home from the hospital and a picture of her in the same outfit 3 weeks later.

Now here are just some really cute pictures! The white outfit on the gray blanket was taken on Oct 1st and the rest are from TODAY! She is getting so big and super duper cute! Of course these were not all the pictures taken of her as I tend to go crazy with the camera these are my favorites.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Tonight was the first bath I gave Peanut. J has been doing all of her baths, which the first one Monkey recorded and the second one I took pictures of but no pictures from tonight's bath. I forgot how sore my back gets from bending over the tub.

Today we took the kids to this HUGE store called Cabelas it is an outdoorsy type store and it had tons of stuffed wild animals and big fish. The kids were wide eyed throughout the store. It was funny to me because people were noticing Peanut and commenting on her as much as they were saying stuff about the animals. I don't think I can count the times I answered the question "How old is your baby?" I loved the fact that she was so content in my maya wrap and either slept or looking around. I will leave you with a few bath shots I took.

Want to add that there is another really cool contest going on over at 5 Minutes for Mom they are giving away a DIGITAL camera it is pink for Breast Cancer month! Just click the link to read more about the prize and to enter yourself. It is so easy you just have to write about it on your blog like I just did!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


We have had each of our kids dedicated. The way our church does it is that we as their parents stand in front of the church and dedicate our baby to the Lord and ourselves to raising them to know and love God. We had GG dedicated when she was 9 months old, Monkey at 10 months and Red at 6 months. I am thinking with Peanut I want to have her dedicated maybe at 3 months but no later then 6 months. Well J and I have been looking for a dedication song and I think we have found one. I absolutely love it because I feel like it totally encompasses my pregnancy, birth and having her here. This is a video of her while the song is playing in the background and I am going to type the words under the video, sorry it is so shaky she wanted to be held! And if you have a baby and want to use this song for your baby it is by Chris Tomlin on his CD entitled "Not to Us".

With rain, with sun
With much, with less
With joy, with pain
With life, with death

The only things that satisfy come from You
They come from You

Everything that's beautiful
Everything that's wonderful
Every perfect gift comes from You

Your grace, Your heart
Your voice, Your touch
Your word, Your peace
Your hope, Your love

A thousand words could not explain
A thousand worlds could not contain
Every perfect gift comes from You

It comes from the Father of Lights
It comes from the Giver of Life
It comes from the Heavens above
It's coming straight from Your heart
To the people You love