Monday, August 31, 2009


This weekend we went camping about 40 minutes away from our house. It was so much fun and I felt the best I have in the longest time! Praise the Lord. I feel like we are getting closer and closer to figuring my health issues all out. Yay. I didn't bring my camera camping but my mom-in-law did so I will maybe steal some pictures from her facebook page or maybe not, we'll see. I was a little nervous about the weekend because it rained most of Friday and stopped about 3:30pm. We got to the camp site around 5pm and set up camp then went to grab a bite to eat.

When we got back my in laws showed up and set up their tent in the site right next to yours. We made a big fire and sat around and talked and laughed. The kids watched a movie in the tent so us adults could talk with less interruptions. It worked out great. About 50 minutes after we got in the tent it started to rain. I know this because I was awake from all the noises going on around us. One guy decided that 11 something at night was a good time to chop his fire wood. not cool. Then there was some cat whistling going on it was just interesting but as soon as the rain came it all stopped!!! The kids woke up super early the next morning. It was before 7am so not heard of in our family. I know you hate me, sorry. We got up and had eggs, donuts, and bananas. Then walked down to the beach for some fishing, way too cold to swim. GG caught 2 small fish, Monkey caught one, and Red got really good at casting with his pole. Peanut played at the park at the beach. Then we went back for lunch time and nap time! I slept good. Though we missed the family hayride, oh well. We just hung around by the fire until it was dinner time. Liz and her boyfriend David (Davey, hahaha) showed up just in time for food we ate hotdogs, brats, and spaghetti with garlic bread. Making the garlic bread was pretty funny over the fire but that is what making memories are all about! That night we told stories and had smores around the fire. David and Liz slept in the kids tent so J and I just had Peanut in our tent.

The next morning I had eggs and the kids had pancakes. We packed up all our stuff and we went back down to the beach for one last time fishing. Then we left and went out to eat for lunch.

Some of my favorite moments/quotes of the trip:
"Oh I'm farting"
"Where's my nuts"
"You have to kiss your worm before you put it on the hook"
All the camp fire stories too many funny lines from them we had a 4 year old participating.
"Come with me to the bathroom and push the shower button while I poop"
J pretending to cut off his finger with the ax while chopping wood and using ketchup for the blood. We got a video of his sister's reaction! We love you Liz :)

It was an all around great weekend and I want to continue this tradition with my in-laws they are so fun to be with.

Monday, August 24, 2009


You know that place you go every six months to get your teeth cleaned? Well we went today and now my teeth are clean and sore. Apparently, my mouth doesn't like those sharp metal things messing with it. Go figure. Well our appointment was at 9:30am. We get there and I was first to go. Red and Peanut wanted to be with me so they brought two little chairs into the room and they both just sat there and watched for the first 35 minutes. The last 5 minutes Peanut had to go potty so off the chair I go with the bib thing still strapped to me and I took her potty. Once we got back in the room to finish she wanted to sit on me so I laid down and she sat on me while I got finished up it worked pretty well. Then the dentist took Red and did his teeth while the hygienist did Monkey's teeth. Red checked out all well and no cavities! Monkey has two very slightly loose teeth though I couldn't feel them move at all! They put some fluoride on his teeth because his 6 year old molars are coming in, yeah I know he is 7 but my kids are late teethers all around! Last was GG and by this time the kids were starting to get restless so I took them outside so I could make a phone call. And this is when everything went down hill. I was on the phone and the boys weren't listening to me when I told them to come back to the back yard so Peanut followed and stepped in animal poop. I finally got them all to the back where they were suppose to be and she finds another pile of poop and puts her finger in it. SO GROSS. I take her in wash her hands talk to the dentist about GG's teeth and off we go. Then I realize that by carrying Peanut she has gotten poop on my pants and it was on her dress from her hands. Home we got to change and start some laundry. The two youngest are napping right now and when they get up we have to run to the bank and then to my doctor's appointment. I just hope it goes better than the last 20 minutes of the dentist appointment!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


First thanks for letting me know the font was too dark, I hope I fixed it and it will be easier for you to read. Yesterday our internet was down and I wasn't able to get on here and update, which is funny because I actually had things I wanted to blog about! The first one was that I went into the doctor and they can't get me a referral for the chiropractor I want to see, but they possibly could get me one for someone else, not too fond of that idea. The next thing is the reason for the title...

Yesterday my step mom came over to watch the kids so I could go to the doctor without all four of them. Though I didn't have an appointment when she came over because I had to call that morning and I was fortunate to get in at 11:30 well that was about 2 hours away and since I didn't sleep very good the night before because of stomach issues, that are getting more frequent and more annoying, she let me sleep for those 2 hours and I was out cold. Anyways, when I got back from my appointment my dad was pulling into our driveway. I asked what he was doing here, I thought he was working. He said he came to take us out to lunch. The kids and I went out to lunch with him down the street from our house and across the street is an ice cream shop. Well my dad wanted to take them there after we ate. We walked in and the ice cream section said closed, then two more groups of people walked in after us a single women and a man with a boy about the age of 10. Since we were the biggest party they waited on the others first. While the kids were waiting to get their ice cream my dad was goofying around with them by blowing the straw wrappers at them. Well Red went to hit my dad on the but and missed and hit the kid's butt. What happened next will probably be itched in my mind forever...

The kid turned and looked at my dad, I was sitting at one of the tables across the room watching it all transpire, and says, "Your son just hit me." My dad tell the boy, "He's not my son." Then Red walks away and towards me. Meanwhile the man that was with the boy asks him, "Did you get injured?" The boy said, "No" then took his ice cream and walked outside crying. When Red got to me I told him he needed say he was sorry because he made that boy cry and if he didn't he would not be getting any ice cream. Red asked if I could walk with him, so I did. We got to the boy who you would have thought just broke his arm the way he was carrying on crying. Red said he was sorry two times to the boy and he just turned and walked away. I was annoyed at this point and I said to the boy, "You could at least acknowledge his apology." I seriously feel bad for this boy he obviously is going to have major problems down the road, first Red didn't hit him that hard to make him ball his eyes out and secondly he had no respect to acknowledge Red's apology. My dad kept saying what a wimp, he so doesn't help situations like this. I had a long talk with Red about spanking in play which my dad does with them ALL the time. He didn't mean to hurt the kid he wasn't even aiming for him. It was just an all around interesting experience.

Oh yeah and the boys camped in the living room last night. J put our smaller tent up and that is where the boys slept so fun and cute!!! What a great daddy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Last night J and I had a date night, not really but we were alone without the kids. Rewind about 2 weeks ago to the corn fest. One of the booths was a chiropractor that did assessments and x rays for $20. Me and the 4 kids went and had our backs checked and x rayed. Last night was the meeting to discuss what was found from all the information collected two weeks ago. We sat and talked to this doctor for about 45 minutes going over all the things she found. Let's just say my back is messed up. Probably due to giving birth to 4 kids and being in car accidents. What I didn't expect was how bad Monkey and GG's x rays were no wonder they have sinus problems and migraine headaches. Red wasn't too bad but he still didn't have the best possible spine position. I feel like I am getting closer to figure out what is wrong and seeing how messed up my spine is is a huge step in the right direction. Your spinal cord sends out all the messages to the rest of your body and if it is not in the proper position your body can't function at its maximum potential. Another exciting thing is that I have switched primary doctor's to J's doctor who he LOVES. Well I called to make my first appointment and they told me he wasn't taking new patients like they told me last time and I explained how J had talked to him and he is expecting me as a new patient. YAY. J went into the office today to pick up the new patient packet and medical release forms for my old doctor. When he was in he asked my new doctor how he felt about chiropractors and he was very positive about them and he wants to help me get a referral so we don't have to pay thousands of dollars to get me better!!! If we can get referrals for the kids too that would be awesome. I feel like GG should not be having migraines at her age and if the chiropractor can help I'm all for it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

real quick

The church team placed second. They won the first game and lost the second. They did a great job though and only lost 2 games all season. I was proud of them.

Secondly, I had my allergy appointment today. They tested me for 20 different things and 16 of them were for foods. No reactions. Of course! That is the story of my life. The end.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Man I really have been a slacker on the ole blog front! Lets see...tonight is a double header for the church softball team which means it is the last Monday of hanging out with friends consistently. The guys play the first game at 6 and if they win they play for 1st place and if they lose they place for 3rd place. Either way they team is in the top 4 teams. Do I need to mention that there are only 8 teams? I am very proud of them. I will hopefully update the results when I get home.

The kids have 4 weeks left of summer vacation and then it is back to the daily grind of school. Though we all have mixed emotions about that! I don't want to be forced to wake up so early but I do love my time with just Peanut and J and I's once a week lunch date. Once Peanut gets in school it will just be the two of us for those dates, can you hear the excitement? I love my hubby.

Update on me. Last time I told you they took some more blood work. They called me saying that everything looked fine. I asked them to send me the results. They tested me for 4 things and there were 3 on the sheet. Of the 3 that had come back only one was the right test. And it was under the range, though they told me it was fine. The other two tests that came back were the wrong tests, stupid doctor's office. I called and talked to them about retaking it and the nurse said that was fine but when I went today to get the blood taken the doctor was uncomfortable with the tests. WHAT? It is just a blood test. I think he was uncomfortable with the fact that if he did this test and it showed up with something wrong he didn't know where to go from there and he is LAZY. So I called my insurance company and I have a new doctor starting Sept 1st! Finally after 2 years of no answers I got the nerve to get rid of those quacks. I do have my allergy appointment tomorrow so I will try and remember to update that though I feel like it might be like all the other tests and come up with nothing. But I am still hopeful.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Aladdin and other fun stuff

I won tickets to see Aladdin awhile back and we finally went to the show. It was really cute and had some funny lines in it that pertained to today. The kids really enjoyed it too. Peanut was a little restless towards the end but all in all I think she did pretty good. Before the show started I told the kids that there was going to be fog and not to get scared. When the show was over Red asked me, "Mom where was the frog coming out? Did I miss it?" He thought I was talking about a frog! I explained what fog is and he then understood. Also after the show 3 character come out and sign autographs and get pictures taken. Here are the pictures we got!
Peanut is scared!
spontaneous photo!
The Genie picture!

The kids were a little disappointed that Jasmine or Aladdin didn't come out but the Genie did! I was frustrated while we waited in line for the Genie. This lady with a walker kept running into me and her daughter was jabbing me in the back with the corner program. I wanted to turn around and yell tell them to give me some personal space. It was starting to ruin my day but after we left and I was able to decompress I was fine. They were so rude the whole time stepping on me and then when we got to the Genie the lady didn't stay back so we could take a decent picture it was a race for J to snap it so she wasn't in the picture. Seriously women back off! As we walked away I hear the daughter tell the Genie that her mom was 90 something years old...way old enough to know better than to be so rude. We had packed a picnic lunch and ate outside it was beautiful out. We walked around and watched a few free shows. One of the shows the guy called Red up and instead of doing what he asked he did some kind of crazy walk/crawl across the stage, what a goof ball. I also went to see if our picture is still at the Children's Museum and it is, so excited. When we were done there we went to the shoe store and bought the kids new shoes. They are going to be wearing them around the house to wear them in until our trip. They are the kids school shoes so we don't want them getting trashed. I can't believe how much shoes cost! And to buy 4 pairs at a time is rough, ha. That was pretty much our fun filled day. Minus the rude people :)
Dad and the kids by lake Michigan!
Mom and the kids by lake Michigan
kids on the anchor.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I need a slow down button...

though I don't think they make them. Yesterday I met my mom in R-d and then sat in traffic because of construction so not fun. When we got home J was home shortly after and we were out the door for the play off game for the church softball team, it started at 6 our normal games were mainly at 7pm. We played the last ranked team because we were the first ranked team. Needless to say we slaughtered them. My favorite comment of the game was within the first 2 minutes from the other team, the guy says, "I see why you are in first place." Priceless. I believe the second play of the game was a double play. There were other interesting comments but that was my favorite. Then we took the kids for some ice cream, Mc Donalds style. They are having 49 cent cones!

Today we are having a play date at the park for lunch and then to the kids appointment for the chiropractor. Then tonight I am on a secret mission with another lady from church. I don't want to elaborate because I'm not sure who reads this from church and I don't want to spoil anything! I will just say it should be great fun for all involved.

Wednesday is back to R-d to celebrate my brother's 8th birthday at Chuck E Cheese and then at night our church's annual mini golf and hot dog dinner. We will be just going for the golf! Not a big hot dog family.

Thursday we are heading to Aladdin the musical. I won tickets awhile ago and I am finally going to be using them. We thought it would be prefect timing a few weeks before our trip! After the show I think we are going to head to the children's museum. I want to see if they still have our picture hanging on the wall.

Friday GG got invited to a water games birthday party, need to find something to do with the 3 other kids while she is there because it isn't near our house. Saturday is our friends baby's first birthday party, and Sunday is a going away party for one of the girls in our SS class going back to the missions field. See a slow down button would be so nice. The next week has 2 free days and I hope it stays that way. And these blog posts have been boring but I want a recorder of our craziness so that they kids can't say we never did anything fun. HA.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

This week

It has flown by me. Recap of our busy schedule!

Monday : VBS 9am to 1pm. Home at 1:30pm eat lunch and naps, 6pm leave to go to church softball game get home at 9:30pm.

Tuesday: VBS 8am to 1pm (Jeff made breakfast this morning). Home lunch and naps. National Night Out from 6pm to 8:30pm.

Wendesday: VBS 8:30am to 1pm. Home lunch and naps. Clean house and make dinner for the H. family that was coming over. Hung out with them until about 8:30pm.

Thursday: VBS 8:30am to 1pm. Home lunch, kids piano lessons from 2 to 3. Chiropractor appointment for me at 3:15. Planning on night swim tonight at 6:30pm.

Friday: VBS and closing lunch for workers. Friends from out of town coming at 2pm. We've had a busy but very great week! Also found out I am getting another newphew in January :)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Vacation Bible School

This year we were blessed to be able to go to two VBS's back to back! This week it is at our church and I am working in the kitchen like I have done the last 3 years. Two sisters run the VBS together. The only major difference this year is that the one of the ladies is in China getting her adopted daughter this week. Before she left she asked me to go shopping for the week for all the snacks and breakfast foods. They serve a cheap breakfast for workers and their families so that they get there on time! Yesterday I took the 4 kids to Costco's near our house. I have never been in this particular Costco so I wasn't fimilar with it. I was walking up and down the isles looking for good snack foods to give the kids, but also not too expensive I was shopping for about 160 people. One of the ideas I had for a snack they didn't sell there so I had to rethink a new snack. The kids were loving it because they had samples throughout the store. By the time we were done getting all we could get from that store we had 3 carts full of food and it was 2 1/2 hours later. I must say that my kids did great in the store and were such huge helps pushing the extra two carts I had! The only bad part was when Peanut bit Red. That was something new from her. But she felt so bad after wards that she kept saying sorry and giving him hugs and kisses. I have a new appreciatation for these two ladies and all the work that goes into planning this week long event...I only had snack stuff there are crafts and lessons among other things. I was so excited to see that we had 122 and about 40 workers if not more I didn't get a count on them. And as far as I know the snacks were a hit least I didn't hear any complaints.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Unexpected Computer time

The two oldest are doing crafts and are content. Red is sleeping and Peanut isn't. She needs to be sleeping but she is fighting it. I thought I would come sit in the room so she stayed in bed and will fall asleep. Since I am trapped until she gives up and goes to sleep I thought I would update my bloggy blog!

I truly can't believe how fast summer is flying by. Yesterday ended the last day of VBS at the kids' school. I wish I could say it was a great time by right before the picnic started Red fell and cut his face. All the moms there said I should have him checked out so I took him to the ER and they put dermabond on it. It is basically glue stitches. I felt so bad for the little guy he gets hurt and then he doesn't get to play with his friends because I took him to the ER. He was a trooper. I just had to stop typing to answer the phone and it was the hospital calling to see how he was doing today. What customer service! Anyways, our summer from here on out is jam packed with stuff with a few open days here or there but before we know it we will be saying hi to THE Mouse! Then two days after we get back school starts. I am a little torn about school starting this year. The kids aren't they are super excited and have really great teachers this coming year but I always miss them so much when they are gone. Plus, Peanut is going to be so sad not to have them here. Red is going 4 half days and 1 full day so I can do my women's Bible study. We have really had a great summer with NO television. I am really starting to think that is the devil...not really but close to it. They have been happier and kinder little people with out it. Well she FINALLY fell asleep after laying down for 20 minutes. She is going to give me a run for my money ;)

This is the kids in 2006 visiting the Mouse!