Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Years!

I am so excited because J is off tonight...maybe we will be able to stay up until midnight to kiss. We are attending two parties tonight, one that starts soon with a guy J works with and the other that starts around 9pm with friends from church. Should be a very fun night and an even funnier tomorrow. Party after church at the M's house :) Need to go get ready to pretend I can stay up late!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Legacy of the Lazer Pointer!

Let me explain a little further into detail...when GG was a baby J used to lay with her on the bed and point his laser at the ceiling and she would follow it for what seemed like hours. That was one of their favorite things to do together...doesn't really sound like fun to me...hmmm sit in a dark room and watch a little red light on the ceiling! Well it proved to be one of Monkey's favorite things to do with daddy as well. You get where I am going with this right?! Yes, Red and J have spent time watching the same laser pointer. But J has gotten silly with it now. As I hold Red he points it into my mouth and when I close my mouth he turns it off. So Red thinks it is in my mouth. Very funny to watch or be attack is more like it by a 7 mouth old trying to get the little red light that you have in your mouth. It has amused all of the kids at one point in time and thus making it special to our family's child/father bond. One night as J was playing with Red and the laser we talked about how long he has been doing this and we started to feel old. Our first born is going to be 5 I just can't believe it. I guess to prove we can still act young (and childish) this is what we did, really J, I was just a bystander...our next door neighbor's back door is a clear shot from our dinning room door, we waited for him to get out of his car and walk to his back door when J used the laser pointer at the door. IT was hilarious. Our neighbor stopped dead in his tracks and quickly turned around. Where he saw J and I looking out the window laughing so hard I bet he could hear us! When he saw us he started laughing but I think he was scared at first. Good thing we are friends with them :)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

here's another glimspe into the funny farm!

So we are in the van all five of us but the baby was sleeping. Now most parents when wanting to play a car game would say to their small children "lets play the game who can be the quietest." Well this is what J says, "Lets see who can keep their mouth open the longest." Here we are the four of us mouths wide open pulling into the parking lot of the store we are about to go in to. As J turns to go into the parking space this guy is walking right in front of our van, we look at each other mouths still open and start to laugh. Do you know how hard it is to laugh with your mouth wide open! I told you I live with a bunch of clowns. I love my family, they are so much fun to be around.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Girl

The last couple of days I remembered this after I posted and then thought I write about it next time. But the kids are getting ready for bed and I have a quick minute. Ok so here is the picture. Christmas morning it is about 8:30am, yes we got to sleep in because the kids were sick. The next thing I know GG is at my bed think she is going to ask to open presents right? Well she asks if she can watch tv. I couldn't believe it the tree is loaded with presents under it and she wants to watch TV. In her mind she thinks I don't really need anything that is in those presents (she is not spoiled at all but she gets things she needs and sometimes wants) but I NEVER get to watch tv so that is what I want to do! J and I were shocked to hear those words come out of her mouth and at the same time it was pretty funny. Ok as I am sitting here typing Monkey is walking up to me with one foot in the don't brake the ice box and a hand over one eye saying, "RRRRRRRRRRR" I'm surrounded by clowns!

My Monkey

I'm in the kitchen making breakfast and Monkey walks in with his new doodle pad in his hands. He starts scratching at the pad and says, "Do you know what I'm doing?" I look at him and say, "Are you playing the guitar?" He gets a really big smile on his face and says, "Yes!" Then he starts hitting the pad and says, "Do you know what I'm doing now?" Doesn't wait for answer and says, "I'm playing the drum guitar!" He is such a fun little person so imaginative!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Yay! We are finally getting HEALTHY :)

The past few days have been very interesting with fevers, baby throw up, and blowing noses. I feel much better today even though I still have to blow my nose but my nose doesn't hurt. Do you want to know my secret? Well I have been using Lansinoh on it! Yes, it is a breast cream for breastfeeding moms but it has worked wonderfully. I use it on my chapped hands and it is just great for healing sore body parts!!!

Although we had a sick Christmas we still held true to our family traditions. We opened stockings and then ate breakfast and read Luke 2 from the Bible. Then we opened presents. The only thing we didn't do because I was just too sick was make the birthday cake for Jesus' birthday.

The kids have gotten many wonderful presents and they aren't even done receiving or giving out presents. One of GG's favorite presents is the key board that Monkey (and Red) picked out for her. If I had to sum up her Christmas this year it would be Disney Princess Christmas! She got 2 princess books, tinker bell pjs, tinker bell chair (that is very cool and soft), and a princess poster. She also got these really cool books that show you how to draw different things like pigs, rockets, etc...and she loves it. Monkey got one of those books too and they each got a doodle pad so they could practice drawing them. GG also got a ton more polly pockets and clothes, mainly dresses! And a really cute umbrella. If I were to sum up Monkey's Christmas it would be a Buzz LightYear/Toy Story Christmas. He now has about 3 Buzz LightYears along with the other characters which are what he has played with nonstop since opening them, a clear favorite. He got a lot of books and clothes. And a spiderman chair, magna doodle, and lincoln logs. Both the kids got roller skates from their uncle Travis. And Red got clothes and toys for his age. His favorite is the pop up toy. The kids have loved everything they have received so far and are great at saying Thank you, very pleased with their manners. As a disclaimer: if the gift you gave the kids did not get mentioned it is not because they don't like it, it is because I can't remember EVERYTHING that they have gotten. I can already think of things I didn't say that J and I got them but, oh well. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that you remember the reason for it. The birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sickness ruined our plans for today

This morning GG, Red and I all woke up sick this morning. I am so mad about this sickness. I wanted us to be healthy for Christmas this year. But I do have hope because Monkey woke up feeling a little better today so maybe the rest of us will be on the mend soon too. I just hope and pray J doesn't get it. We had planned to go to Jumps and Jiggles this morning with the kids :( I guess we'll have to go next week. J and I were just talking and we decided that the tv quota for the day as been way over the norm. We watched 4 movies as us sickies laid on the couch or slept. GG went to bed before 6pm after she wasn't hungry enough to eat dinner and just didn't feel good. She had a 102 temp poor little girl. I hate when the kids are sick and I hate it even more when I am sick too. J was MR. Mom today taking care of us all, and I love him so much for it some men wouldn't do that. Well I would write more but I think I am going to head back to bed.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Baking Goodies

On Monday afternoon the kids and I made cupcakes and a funfetti cake. It was a lot of fun and a great time consumer. Since the kids have been out of school I have needed to keep them busy so that they don't drive me crazy! I've gotten completely used to them being gone in the mornings but I have definitely enjoyed them being home these last couple of days. Last night was the LLL Christmas party, they actually called it a Holiday party but to me it was a Christmas party. We brought the cake which I am glad because after we made all of that stuff I thought now who is going to eat this??? Well it got consumed last night and the cupcakes are gone as well so today the GG and I made snickerdoodles, I am waiting for the last batch to come out of the oven. We had a really lazy late morning today because Monkey was sick last night and is sleeping right now without eating lunch, so not like him. The kids got up at 9 and J and I got up shortly after and had pancakes for breakfast. Then GG, Red and I took a bath together. That was quite funny and we were in there for about 45 minutes. I bathed Red while GG soaped up my back and drew pictures on it. I loved those types of baths when I was a little kid with my mom and so the tradition continues. Today has been a pretty great day so far with family bonding time and lots of snuggles with the kids. Couldn't ask for more. Only 4 days til Christmas :)

Monday, December 19, 2005

Sea Monkeys!

As I sit here typing I have the youngest member of our family on my lap sporting a Mohawk compliments of daddy. Ever since we stayed at the hotel and went swimming J thinks that Red needs a Mohawk. He listened to me yesterday and didn't give him one before church so I am grateful for that!!! Christmas in our house is really a season and not just a day. On Saturday the kids got their first gifts of the *season* and they have enjoyed playing with them. I got a gift of sea monkeys along with my sister-in-law and Aunt. So the kids have wanted to *play* the sea monkey game not really understanding that they are pets. Today we opened the box and started the process of raising sea monkeys I never knew how much work went into these things. The funny part is that Monkey stood at the counter for about 30 minutes before he believed us that we were going to have the sea monkeys tomorrow. He didn't want to miss anything! The nice thing about having a big family is the fact that we can space the presents out. We are going to my dad's on the 24th to exchange gifts, then we celebrate Jesus' birthday on Christmas day, then J's family on the 29th and then with my brother and his family the beginning of Jan. Should be fun we are going to be making birthday cake on the 22nd as a family. I love Christmas and what it means!!!
Update: On Red he can now roll both ways and right now is in the living room where I am watching him try and get on his hands and knees. I had to put him down because he was getting to wiggly. He loves when I sing the itsy bitsy spider song but at the end instead of saying "And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again." We say, "And the itsy bitsy spider got Red." As we tickle him and he gets so excited right before he gets tickled. He knows its coming :)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Our 6th Anniversary and counting :)

Wow, I can't believe that it has been 6 years since we took our wedding vows. This has been the best 6 years of my life! We have been so blessed to have 3 children, own a house and J have a job he loves plus many other things that I won't bore you with! Today at church was the Sunday school Christmas program. The kids did great! GG was so sweet on the stage in the front row and the only child doing sign language to the songs. Apparently she wasn't taught the signs at church but at school and just decided that she should do the signs. It was very sweet to see her signing...when she was a baby we taught her to sign so she could communicate better with us. Then during the church service they announced our anniversary and had us kiss in front of everyone. We also got flowers in honor of our day. On Friday Monkey had his Christmas program at school and he was the loudest kid on stage very funny! They told the story of the candy cane and that was very cute and interesting. GG had her party and after Monkey's program we went to her class to be at her party. J also subbed last minute for one period, only 45 minutes. After school we left for our family get together with my grandparents and mom and stepdad. That was fun, we stayed in a brand new hotel and went swimming way too many times!!! We came home Saturday night so we could go to church today. And that is all I want to share.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Backed up against a wall

I so felt like that today. Here is why. I was originally suppose to have my annual appointment with the doctor Dec 5th but I forgot about it and missed it completely. So I had to reschedule and I needed an appointment quickly because my pill refills had run out and I needed a prescription. Now you are probably thinking no big deal but the thing is I can not get pregnant until we go to Disney World next November, if I am going to have another child that is. So those pills are very vital. Now here's were it gets sticky. I had to take the next available appointment and then I find out that J has court that morning. So I asked my friend to watch Red which is no big deal but last night Red didn't sleep well because he was in pain at least that is the way it sounded from his screams. I brought his pacifier just in case but he was not happy the whole time he was at my friends and I even tried to hurry my appointment up as fast as I could by paying before I was even seen and I dressed while the midwife wrote my prescription. I felt so guilty but there was nothing I could do I had to go to my appointment. He has slept most of the day since I picked him up and seems to be feeling better. I did put some bm in his ears just in case it was an ear infection. That always helped Monkey get over them quickly, the two times he had ear infections. He can't get sick we are leaving town tomorrow...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bedtime Prayers

Every night before the kids go to bed I pray with them, I say a prayer and then they say one. Well the last couple of nights GG has been praying for a baby sister or brother, but that she really wants a SISTER. I have talked to her about the fact that if I were to get pregnant there are no guarantees that the baby would be a girl. She completely understands but still wants a sister. Just to clarify I'm not saying that we are going to have another baby or that J and I are even talking about it this is all GLAMORGIRL. I love saying prayers with the kids and listening to what they are grateful for...Monkey looks at everything in his room and thanks God for it! So his prayers are quite long but very cute to hear him say, "Thank you God for the wonderful world, my mommy, daddy, GG, Red my curtains, my clock, the fan, my door and so on!" Very different prayers from GG and Monkey but they are both from their hearts and that is the part I love!

You know what I think is funny?!?! Before I became a mother I would of never dreamt of holding a 6 month old while brushing my teeth, while he grabs at the toothbrush. Life is definitely interesting with children present:)

A little about Red! So I have mentioned about shadows and he likes to watch them well that is an understatement. He goes *crazy* at nighttime when he sees his shadow in the bedroom. His arms go up and down and his hands twist and he makes his mouth do this really funny thing. He loves shadows :) He also loves baths...when given a bath he kicks and splashes so much that he gets water in his face. Before when this would happen he would just jump because the water startled him. Well yesterday night when I gave him a bath and it got his face he made the funniest face. He did it every time it got his face so I called J in to see. It was a face I had never seen him make before and it was pretty cute. I wish I could describe it but words wouldn't do it justice!!! I love that little boy with all my heart. He definitely fits into our family with his spunky personality. Oh and have I mentioned that he has found his voice in the form of a high pitch squeal??? It's really funny to listen to him talk with the kids like that and they think it is hilarious which, of course, makes Red do it more. Like I said, kids are interesting!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Oh the Sweet smell of new candles!!!

I had a candle party about a month ago and the order just came in!!! We got 5 candles free from hosting the party. That was the best party I have ever had, so easy to sell those things. Plus, I got free candles which J and I love :) I hear giggles coming from the living room and as I look in there I see Monkey playing with Red and making him crack up. The girl is mesmerized by the tv, she has been begging to watch all day and I finally gave in because I needed to start dinner and I wanted some alone time on the computer. A little selfish on my part but it is the only break I have had today because J left early this morning to go snowboarding. Must be nice to just up and leave...can't do that when you have a nursling. The whole snowboarding thing was a huge debut between us yesterday on, when he should leave, and come home, and yada yada. I would have to say the children got a great lesson in learning how to handle disagreements without yelling or fighting. We talked through it at dinner with them right there. Oh yeah the kids had a blast sliding on Sunday it was funny to see them so bundled up in their snow gear. Monkey could barely move, too cute. Yesterday I got to go out to lunch with a friend, of course, the baby came with even though J said I could leave him. We went to subway and the fans entertained him while we ate and talked for over an hour. Sara kept saying, "He is such a good baby. He hasn't made a peep." She doesn't realize though that I just fed and changed him before I came so he was content. Then today the baby and I had playgroup which is fun as always. News flash, this just in :) Well not really but we have had some really cool firsts! On Sunday when we got to church GG unbuckled her seat belt, which is sometimes hard for me to do. She has been getting herself buckled and unbuckled ever since. Very exciting for mama of 3 one less person to get in and out. We are now starting to work on Monkey buckling himself. Oh and to top GG doing her own she gets out and unbuckles Monkey for me. What a *HUGE* help that has been! So if he can buckle in and she can get him out I can focus on just Red! On to that little bean. He is so close to rolling from his back to his tummy. But he has started to wave at people. It is so sweet. He is sitting up really good now with the occasional throw of the head back. I just can't believe he is getting so big. All of them need to stop growing NOW!!! Just kidding I love that they are growing and becoming self sufficient little people. That's it for now.

Friday, December 09, 2005


This afternoon we made snowflakes with white paper. Well Monkey made one then decided that it wasn't for him so he colored a picture of an angel for me. GG and I made enough snowflakes to fill the bay window in the living room with them. It looks great. I got the idea last night while watching ER, during a JC Penney's commercial they had a little girl make a snowflake. I thought I bet GG would love that craft idea and we already had everything needed to accomplish the making of them. I was right she loved it and wanted to keep making them even after the window was finished. We sang carols while we made them too. It was a little messy but well worth the effort! I've got a lot of stuff to get done before our big day tomorrow. J's department is having their Christmas party at 10 to 2 and then after that the kids and I are going to a family gathering. We probably won't get home until late at night so I'll hopefully update on Sunday while J takes the kids sliding.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

only a mom would...

...comfort her injured and crying child while she sits on the toilet peeing.

...wipe baby slobber/snot on her own shirt so that the baby stays dry and warm.

...make shadows on the floor for the baby to watch while she plays a game with her oldest child.

...allow her middle child to crawl into her bed at night and warm his cold feet between her legs, making her cold.

All of the above have happened to me in the last 24 hours. Looking back I can't believe how much becoming a mother has changed me these last almost 5 years. I love my job as mom and wife.

Last night after we put the kids to bed and we were sure they were sleeping J and I wrapped all of their presents. It was so much fun and it took us 2 hours to get them all wrapped!!! I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning and knowing they truly know the meaning of Christmas as Jesus' birthday. J and GG had a conversation about why people say Happy Holiday. So GlamorGirl now only says Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Oh the joys of being *the MOM*

So last night I went back to my bedroom to get Red ready for bed. It was an hour from the time I tucked the other two into their beds. J and I use different blankets at night so they don't cover Red so there was a pile of blankets in the middle of the bed. I laid Red down and went to move the blankets and I felt something warm and hard. I no idea what it was so I stuck my hand back in the covers to see if I could find out what it was. Just then I see a little Monkey head sticking out! The stinker crawled into my bed after I had tucked him into his bed. I am so glad it was Monkey because when I felt how warm it was I started to worry, thinking what in the world is in my bed. Anyways, I moved him to his room and called J to tell him what happened. He got a good laugh at my freaking out. Then for some reason unknown to me at the time Red started to scream at about 10:15pm. At about 11pm J came home and he stopped for about 20 minutes and then started again. So I tried nursing him and that didn't help but for maybe 10 minutes. I tried burping him, he burped and then started again. Then I thought maybe I should change his diaper even though I had just changed it like an hour before. When I changed him I noticed that the onsie he had on was irritating his leg. So I took it off and changed his pjs. He liked that then when I went to lay him down he started crying again but at least it was a scream this time. I repeated the above and nothing changed. So I started to walk around with him and it soothed him until he fell asleep. I then got back into the bed to lay him down and as soon as I did he was awake again. AAAGGGHHH So back up I went to walk some more and he fell asleep faster this time so I got back into bed and propped up some pillows so that I could sit and hold him while he slept. By now it is about 1:30am. I held him for about 2 hours like that not really getting any sleep for myself and then I laid him down and he woke wanting to nurse. So I fed him and we slept until 6:30am and then I started my day getting the kids ready for school and me and Red ready for the Bible study I have on Wednesday mornings, which I almost skipped but I'll glad I didn't. After lunch I told the kids it was family nap time because GG and Monkey got woke up a few times last night by the littlest member of our family. Monkey and J slept in Monkey's room and GG didn't want to sleep so I put on a movie for her and gave her strict orders not to wake me up unless it was an emergency that she was to go ask daddy. Well you guessed it...about 30 minutes into my nap. GG: Mom I'm hungry. Can I have some fruit snacks.
Me: Shh don't wake up Red. Yes
then about another 30 minutes go by and she screams from the potty. Mom there's no toilet paper can you get me some. I jump out of bed as not to wake the baby and got her some toilet paper. At this point I really haven't gotten any sleep just a headache from being woke up as I get to sleep, you know that panic type of feeling you get when get startled awake? So I tried again to tell her to not come wake me up and if she needs something to go ask daddy. He had been sleeping for about an hour and a half by now. If you think she left me alone you would be WRONG. About 40 minutes later she comes in asking to play a game on J's palm pilot. Oh yeah and between all of that the phone rang. I really do love being a mom but on days like this I just wish I had a secret cave to go to so that I could Sleep!!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Laundry Boy...

Red is usually attached to my hip as I bend down and get the laundry out of the dryer or put the clothes in the washer. Well he has gotten BIG! So I invented a new way of doing laundry with Red aka Laundry Boy. I sat him in the clothes basket and started putting clothes around him. He got the biggest kick out of that. Then I called the two older kids to come and see him and before I knew it all 3 of the little ones were laughing historically. I only wish I would of taken a picture but I'm sure there will be more opportunity for that considering I do laundry everyday!!!

This morning Red and I went to our playgroup that is growing and I'm so excited. I dropped Red off with J and went to get the kids from school. When I got home I felt so sick to my stomach. So after lunch I put the two boys down for naps and I turned on PBS for GG and I tried to take a nap too. But I felt so yucky that I couldn't fall asleep. So when Red woke up about an hour and half later I got up too. I think just being still on the bed and laying down helped, because I feel a little better.

Last week J had asked GG's teacher about a computer game that we want to get her for Christmas. It turns out that we need to get a higher grade. So J is going to get Jumpstart 1st grade, which she will learn in school the second part of this year. It was a toss up if we should get the 2nd grade so she could use it longer but I figure that the boys will get to use it too. I just hope she doesn't get bored.

So the Ark performance was great on Sunday. It was called Christmas: Where, When, and Why? It took place on a tree farm and these kids were looking for peoples favorite Christmas stories...where, when and why. The main character was named Tanna and she had a brother named Daniel, like as in Daniel in the lion's den. My favorite line was when he says to Tanna "Don't hate me because I'm biblical." Anyway on the way home J and I were talking about trees and I asked if he thought we would ever get a real tree. He said absolutely not and I'll show you why when we get home. Then he showed me a website called and it had a real tree that caught fire and it only took 48 seconds for the whole room to be filled with smoke. It only took like 15 seconds for the whole tree to be burned. At playgroup we talked about who has their Christmas tree yet. Everyone but one girl because they get a real one. She was telling us that her dad was saying that they get the trees from China, because they are pretreated there. It was a joke of course but it was funny. Her dad has a fake tree!

J told me today that he only has to work 4 hours tomorrow for a training and it is from 8 to 12 so he will be home tomorrow night. I am so excited. I love when that happens. Tonight he is going to pick up some subway and bring it home for dinner because he didn't get a chance to get groceries this morning because of court. I'm down with that ;)

Monday, December 05, 2005

Here is the staple?!?!

I remembered what Monkey said yesterday! So we are in the car driving to J's parents and GG clasped her knuckles together and says, "Here is the church." Then sticks both pointer fingers up and makes them touch and says, "Here is the steeple. Open the door." And she opens her hands and wiggles her fingers and says, "And here's all the people." So Monkey does the same motions and says, "Here is the church. Here is the staple." Laughter from the backseat is heard coming out of big sister! Then she says, "No, Monkey it is STEEPLE not staple!" He starts laughing and says, "Oh oops!" It was pretty funny.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Chocolate Fountain

We were at Bible study for 5 hours last night and had a blast. They had a chocolate fountain. It was so cool and I think that everyone *needs* to have a chocolate fountain in their home! Not really, but that would be pretty cool. It was funny because I don't know how much I weigh since we don't own a scale but at the M's they did and so I weighed myself only 10 pounds to go so I feel pretty good. This morning we went to church and afterwards spent the rest of the day at J's parents house. On the way here GG was signing a song and Monkey was signing along and said the wrong word and it was funny but I can't remember what in the world the song was now and J can't either so I'm not the only one losing my mind :) Right now we are watching old home movies of J and his brother Joe when they were little. The kids are loving seeing their daddy as a little boy. And grandma and grandpa younger! Tonight we are going to church to see the Ark performance, which is only going to start the whole topic of GG wanting to be apart of Ark which she can't join until she is in 1st grade. I really wish I could remember what Monkey said in the van on the way here but I can't. I'm going to go finish watching my adorable husband as a little tyke.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Last night was so much fun. We first went to see all the pretty lights that we bundled up for because it was freezing out! Then we went to the open house for the pastor candidate. It was a great time the kids got to play with their friends from church and J and I got to socialize with our friends. Jake and Carmen have a air hockey game in their basement which the kids played. It was the first time GG ever played that game and she loved it. And just like everything else she does she was really good at it. Anyways, this morning I gave the kids a bath and I noticed Monkey had a little cut on his nose. So I asked him if he got hit with one of the pucks. J and Monkey at the same time said. "Yes" Then I looked at GG's face and she had an identical cut on her nose. So I asked her if she got hit too.
GG: No!
Me: Then how did you get the cut on your nose?
GG: Me and Sage were throwing the pucks in the air.
Me: So you got hit when you were throwing them?
GG: I guess
Me: What do you mean you guess? Didn't it hurt?
GG: Yeah it hurt but I was in shock. I didn't realize what happened.
Me: So you didn't cry?
GG: No. I thought it was going to hit my forehead you know...your threehead and your forehead. (as she points to her forehead both times!)
So I think since it hit her nose she didn't even realize it was the puck and just went on playing!
Which is funny because she is normally a drama queen when it comes to her getting hurt.

Today has been a relaxing day since we were shopping all day yesterday. We mainly cleaned the house. Tonight Jess is coming over to watch the kids while J and I go to our couples Bible study. Oh I want to mention my wonderful brother-in-law (Joe) he is the only one I have. But he has been so helpful with my blog. He put on a link so people can write comments instead of emailing me! Also I had him change and add a few things. But everything stayed the same for the most part. Thank you Joe!!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Banana-man aka Red just cracks me up. J was holding him and I was talking to him and all of a sudden he got this sore puss look on his face and started to scream like he was in pain. So J handed him to me and he stopped instantly. What a little stinker. Then I was holding him and J was talking to him and he was laughing and giggling. Apparently I am the only one allowed to hold him, in his eyes. GlamorGirl also cracks me up, actually all the kids are pretty funny! We were on our way to Cubbies last night and she was telling me about her favorite leader. GG: My favorite is the one with the hair.
Me: Don't they all have hair GG?
GG: Yes, but the one that has the pretty hair.
Me: Oh ok I guess you'll have to point her out to me!
So I told the lady Janet that she is GG's favorite and what she said about the hair. She smiled and said that GG always comments on how her hair is *so* pretty.
I have good news...Monkey slept in his bed all night long. Our house brings new meaning to the term "family bed"...on a typical morning if you were to walk into our room you would find Red in the middle of J and I and Monkey with his head by my feet and legs shooting up towards our heads. And on a rare morning if *the girl* woke up at night she would be next to Monkey in the same position. It reminds me of the grandparents in Willy Wonka how the 4 of them shared a bed and two on each end. The crazy thing about this arrangement is that neither J or I even know that they are in our bed until the next morning when we wake up. So I guess it works pretty good! Well I need to go pick up the little ones from school. We have a busy day of more Christmas shopping...teachers and grandparents. Plus, tonight we are going to see the Christmas lights in downtown where J works and then to meet the new Pastor candidate for Church. Should be a very fun filled day!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas is just around the corner! I am so excited. J and I spent the morning shopping for the kids. I think we are completely done with Monkey and need one thing for GG and Red! I think that tonight after I drop the kids off at Cubbies I am going to go shopping for J?!?! Just depends on how motivated I am. OK I started this post while dinner was cooking at 5:30 and now it is almost 9:30...oops. Anyways, Red and I did go shopping and we bought J all of his presents and I am so excited about most of them :) Well that is it for me.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

It's been a few days so I thought I would update. Thanksgiving was great this year like always. It is my most tempting holiday because of all the good food. I usually gain at least 3 to 5 pounds! I am happy with the outcome this year. I only ate one plate full of food and it wasn't overflowing either. I had one piece of apple pie and half a piece of cake. I didn't feel uncomfortable or over stuffed. It reminded me of one of Pastor Rob's messages. Won't go into it though but if you go to church with me you probably know what I am talking about. Then yesterday we did our family tradition of putting up the Christmas tree and decorations. We have 5 stockings hanging on the fireplace and Monkey says, "Look at the socks!" It was funny. We have our nativity scene on the bay window, which we got when we were first married. It is Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in a manger and that is it none of the fancy stuff that usually come with it that wasn't even there, like the wise men. Then J had to put on the angel tree topper that I made when I was pregnant with GG. YES I said I made has lasted 5 Christmas' now and it is time to get rid of it because the halo isn't on it anymore. I really can't believe it lasted this long because it is out of construction paper. When we were first married we got back from our honeymoon on Christmas day so the next Christmas was the one I made the tree topper and most of the ornaments because we were in college still, pregnant and just down right poor. J is very sentimental so he doesn't want to get rid of it but I do we can afford a real one now. Hopefully J will get me one for Christmas?!?! I did ask for one. Ok this has turned into Christmas talk and very mushy, sorry. So our house is decorated for Christmas and this year we bought lights for outside the kids think that is very cool. Only 29 days til Christmas and we don't even have half the shopping done. I am getting a little nervous about that.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I last wrote about GG's having her Thanksgiving program that was the cutest thing I have ever seen. She had paint on her face because she was an Indian. While the kids were practicing I was talking to Mrs S about something that I was getting annoyed with GG doing at home. She has taken up rhythming words some that aren't really words which is the annoying part. This seemed to make her teacher very glad that she was rhythming and getting real words some of the time. Then I was telling her that the other day she wrote. I l y t g we p mom. GG told me she wrote "I like the games we play mom." Her teacher said that was great. That these are the first steps in really reading. I told her that GG will take books in her room and make stories up to the pictures but lately she has started to really try and read the words. Some she gets and some she doesn't. Then last night in the van she said, "I can spell the word tag. T... A... G!" I told her she was right then she kept going with words, she spelled brag, dog, van, grill and jam. I just think it is really cool the excitement and interest she has in reading and writing. So yesterday J had training for work so he left our house earlier than normal, he called and asked if I would be willing to bring the kids to the station and he would order pizza and we could eat together. I thought that was a great idea and the kids absolutely loved it. So we were there for about an hour. Today GG came with me to our playgroup and Monkey went shopping with J. Tomorrow J is taking Brae on their date for November, remember I told you we rented Ice Princess? Well J is taking her ice skating tomorrow. While they are gone the boys and I are going to get some Christmas presents for them!!! Well both of the boys just woke up so later.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I was going to update last night before I went to bed but I was just too tired. J was off of work Monday through Wednesday. So here is what we did. Monday after Monkey got up from his nap we went to the Library. We haven't been there in a while and the kids really enjoyed the time there. We started out coloring pictures and the next thing I knew Monkey had written his whole name on the page. I was so amazed, because I really haven't worked with him. Just the other day his teacher sent home a page to learn how to write the e, I believe that is the only time I have sat down with him and did letter writing. His fine motor skills have really taken off since the beginning on the school year, I can totally tell when he colors pictures, he tries to stay in the lines now. I guess I should start writing more letters with him since he has the interest. My friend Julie has a little boy about Monkey's age and he is starting to write too. So when they are ready there really is no stopping them. Then we picked out some books and movies and headed home. J and I got the movie Super Size Me. There was one part I thought I was going to throw up but I didn't thank heavens. I guess you could say it motivated us to start working out. So we took "fat pictures" neither one of us are fat but we wanted a before picture to see how we change at the end of 6 weeks. I got 20 minutes of a work out before Red needed me and J got 30 minutes. Tuesday I met my friend Silva at the mall and we walked for a hour and a half. I was not as sore as I thought I would be but I could feel the work that I had done the night before! That afternoon we hung out playing with the kids all day. Then Red and I went to the LLL meeting, came home and worked out again. Yesterday Red and I went to Bible study, got the kids, came home had lunch and then Monkey and I went on a date. We went to Starbucks to get some hot chocolate and a cookie. I let Monkey pay, which he thought was cool. Then we sat down and I took his coat off and explained to him why we should take our coats off inside. As I went to sit down this lady says, "I just want to compliment you on your mothering skills. I like the way you are interacting with your child." I was a little shocked and said thanks. You never know when someone is watching what you do or say. When we got home GG wanted some one on one mommy time so we popped in the movie Ice Princess that we got from the library and snuggled on the couch. It was a cute movie and I got to hold my little girl while I watched it with her. I love my kids so much. Then last night J and I got into a discussion because he said he wanted to go snowboarding at least once on his days off...first we don't have the money for him to go every day off and secondly that is our family time. So basically it came down to I could do things on my own but I always want the kids to be with us. Which is true I like having my kids with me, how else are they going to learn how to act or behave if you keep them locked up with a babysitter???? Don't get me wrong I am all about going out with my hubby on dates which the kids *need* to stay home but other than that I like having them with me. Well tonight the kids have Cubbies and I was going to take Red shopping for J's Christmas presents but I really don't really want to be out in the cold. This morning we dropped the kids off at school and went to 3 different grocery stores and the to get Red's 6 month pictures taken. Yes he is 6 months old TODAY! I can't believe it. Tomorrow GG has her Thanksgiving program at school and so does Monkey at different times (yay) J and I are going to help with that, the kids have costumes it should be really cute, I can't wait. Then at night we have our couples small group Bible study (my dad and Roberta are babysitting, they just got back from CA and have gifts for the kids) and Sunday is Red's baby dedication. And they have next week off of school, a whole week of not getting up at 7am should be restful. Later

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I just love the picture J has on the computer for our wallpaper, its so sweet. It is J and all 3 kids covered in leaves. Monkey has his hands under his chin smiling, GG is smiling and J is holding Red in a sitting position. I think I took a pretty good picture if I do say so myself! Yesterday the kids and I went to my mom's house for the night. I gave my first show and it went pretty good. Before the show we were eating dinner and my brother Kory who is 20 asked me to pour him a cup of pop after I filled my cup up. I said, "Anything for my little brother." Then I looked at the kids and asked, "Did you know he is my little brother?" Monkey was so funny he replied right away, "But mommy he is bigger than you." I told him he was right but that I was older than him. So GG asked Kory how old he was and he, of course, said 20 and then she said, "Mommy is 27, yep that is 7 years older." It was cute. GG and Monkey had a blast playing with my siblings and my friend Sunshine's daughter who is 8 years old. GG thinks that is a pretty cool name to have...Sunshine. You should hear the way she says it :) I would write more but I didn't get a lot of sleep last night due to the fact that Red is coming down with something and had a hard time breathing/eating. Poor baby didn't get much sleep either. Plus, Monkey at about 4am says, "Excuse me mommy, I need to go pee pee." So polite even when he is half asleep! So I jumped out of bed to show him where to go I figured it was easier for me to wake up completely then have to clean up pee and wake everyone up.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Let's see what has gone on here this week. Monday J was off and he and the two older children raked leaves, not to play in this time. And I went through the kids clothes found some winter clothes from last year for GG and Monkey and put away all of Red's 0-3 months and 3-6 month clothes. I can't believe how big he has gotten. I, however, realized that I have no winter clothes for Red past 9 months. That is no good. I am hoping to make it to Christmas time where I am also hoping he will get some 12 month winter clothes...hint hint :) I might ask a friend if I can borrow some clothes if he grows too fast. But he is completely covered for summer! Tuesday, Red and I had playgroup it was at our house and then after lunch the kids and I met some friends at an Outlet Mall, that was really fun. We got home just in time for my candle party. Yeah that was a pretty busy day but very fun. Today J had court and I had Bible study this morning, it was my small groups turn to serve in the nursery so J picked the kids up at school so I could stay and watch the video of the study. I got home at 1pm just in time to help J take down GG's bed. When we were at my dad's on Sunday they asked if we wanted the twin bed we used when we lived there. Of course we said YES! J's parents had a twin bed that was Liz's in their basement for a long time that we wanted but Liz decided that when she remodeled her room she wanted to use it so we took the bed that was in her room. It definitely served its purpose. J put the bed up for sale on this really cool website that you don't have to pay for like Ebay. We sold it in a day and they guy came and got it today. So GG's room is set up the way I want it and it looks super cute!!!! Well enough of my rambling....

Sunday, November 06, 2005

The past few days have been absolutely beautiful outside so that is where the kids and I have been. We have racked a lot of leaves just to play in :) Today after church I took GG to pizza hut to redeem her "book it" personal pan pizza. We gave her a choice if she wanted to go with just me or J or the whole family. She wanted to spend time with just me so J had the two boys. Later we are going to my dad's and they are going to watch the kids while J and I go on a date. Well I'm outta here!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The kids and I just came inside from taking a walk/bike ride and playing outside. They were cracking me up outside...they each took a jump rope and pretended that it was a dog. Pretty funny to watch them with their *dog* running around the yard. Now they are pretending they are going to a wedding. I love their imaginations! GG has learned a new somewhat annoying skill, whistling. She is actually really good at it too. While on the subject of GG her teacher (in my opinion) gave me the nicest compliment, she told me in all of her years teaching GG is the sweetest most compassionate, loving little girl she has had in class. She said that GG is always so gently with the kids that are having a hard day at school by hugging and comforting them. She told me that I am really blessed to have her and I totally agree. She has always been very motherly towards the boys as a matter of fact towards any baby. She truly is a great big sister and Monkey will tell you she is the best! Now don't get me wrong GG and Monkey fight but she is a very gentle hearted and sensitive to his feelings. Today while Monkey was sleeping she was playing with his balloon and it popped she was so sad for him and apologized as soon as he woke up. He could tell she was sincere and he was totally ok with the fact his balloon was gone.

On a side note: Last night my little m&m's went trick or treating for a little over an hour until it started raining. They looked so sweet in their costumes. The kids had so much fun and some of the neighbors had special treats just for them. They thought that was pretty cool. When we were done trick or treating we went to my dad's work and he took us out to dinner. We got home with about 2 hours left of trick or treating and the rest of the time GG and Monkey took turns handing out the candy. I think it was good for them to be on the other end of the candy exchange. I think they liked passing out the candy more then getting it!!!

Monday, October 31, 2005

First off, Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to me! This weekend was absolutely wonderful and today has been fantastic so far. I will start with today because it is my birthday and I want too! This morning the kids got up and told me "Happy Birthday" with hugs and kisses. J got them dressed and took them to school so I could sleep. Then he brought me breakfast in bed, so thoughtful. I also opened all my birthday cards I have gotten in the mail. I got up and J, Red and I went grocery shopping. We picked the kids up from school and went to Olive Garden for my birthday lunch, yummy. I have been so blessed today, when we got home GG and Monkey brought me the card they had made last night. It was so cute. On the front it said Happy Birthday Mommy! From: Your Snuggle Puppies. I opened it up and on the inside was a picture of J and all 3 kids in their pj's. It was super sweet. In about an hour we are going to get the kids dressed up and start trick or treating! Now to back track...Friday J bought me my birthday present and made me open it right away. It was a new CD of Casting Crowns, a new wallet (since the other one got destroyed) and a 2 pound bag of Twizzlers. That night we carved pumpkins...Monkey didn't like the goop. That was a good time. Saturday morning we got up early and picked up our babysitter, took GG and Monkey to g&g A's house, then we headed to our wedding. About the reception: It was the oddest experience for me in a long time. I saw a girl who lived on my floor freshmen year of college there. Also a girl I went to school with at my dad's when I was in 6th and 7th grade. Another thing that happened is one of J's co-workers got hammered he came up to us and put his arm around J and me then proceeded to tell J how *hot* I was, especially since I have already had 3 kids, he told us how we are going to have the last laugh because we had kids young and we did it the right way. (He was about 34 when his twins were born.) He told us to stick together and we would be alright and that we would have ups and downs. Then he told us we need to keep *banging* (J laughed so hard when he used that word, I think more out of shock that he said bang!) and that J should try and get me pregnant that night. It was very funny. He was so wasted. I was afraid to let go of him for the fear he might fall down. But he kept telling us the same stuff mentioned above over and over for about 20 minutes. This guy is normally a really great guy and he never drinks alcohol or caffeine unless at a wedding. Anyways, it was nice to be at the reception kid free so that J and I could dance. Red only needed me 2 times during the reception so I missed about 40 minutes total, not bad. I love going to weddings it just reminds me how much I love my husband and I am so glad to be married to him. He's my ONE & ONLY.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Today was the big "Apple Day" at school, it was so much fun. We played games, made a apple tree snack, had gym time and then ate a real big snack of all types of apple snacks. We had apple muffins, sliced apples and caramel dip, apple juice, apple chips, and applesauce...YUMMY. J took care of Red for most of the morning then brought him to school just in time for the big snack so J got to have some too! Oh yeah, J got the kids costumes done and they look pretty good. Last night GG and Monkey wore them to Cubbies, they were so excited about that. We also bought pumpkins yesterday and when J gets home from subbing we are going to be carving them. Then we are going to go outside rack leaves and play in this nice fall weather. Tomorrow is going to be crazy. We are getting up early and picking up our babysitter, taking the kids (GG and Monkey) to J's parents for the day and then they are spending the night, we have a wedding at 2pm the reception at 6pm and we are spending the night in the hotel. Sunday we are coming back and my dad offered to watch the kids so J and I could go out by ourselves for my birthday. I haven't had a chance to talk to J to see what he has planned for my birthday. Then Monday is trick or treating!!!! Fun times.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It is 1pm and it is the quietest around here. GG is doing homework and the boys are sleeping. On the topic of school the other day I gave GG 3 green beans to eat for dinner. I didn't know that J had already given her 4, she looks at me and says, "If I eat those I will have eaten 7 green beans." I told her, "I only gave you 3." She says, "But daddy gave me 4 to begin with." So I asked J and sure enough he had given her 4, I just couldn't believe how fast she knew what 3 + 4 was! I had to laugh right now she is doing her homework and this is what you would hear if you were here! "So you can stay and play" or "Come again another day." The right ones can stay and the wrong answer come again :) And that is *the girl*. Now you would have to know J to understand this but he is a nut. He got an email with a "car commercial" in it. At the beginning it tells you while they filmed the commercial the saw a ghost by the car and that you can hear the camera guy talking about it if you turn the speakers way up. At the end of the commercial this lady jumps out and screams. J shows the kids as they are sitting on my lap, I know what is going to happen and so does J but they don't. It was hilarious...they both jumped and GG started shacking. J played the video back for them slowly and showed them that it was a lady dressed up in makeup. Then he shows them a screen that has black and white checkers and a ball in the middle that is also checkered. You are suppose to stare at the checkers for 20 seconds then you will see something special. Well it is a big fat nake butt farting. The kids laughed and laughed at that one. Monkey aka *the boy* loves those types of things and has asked to see more, he really does have his dad's sense of humor!!! Red has learned that he has hair :) He has always loved feeling my hair and GG's but the last couple of days he has figured out that he has hair on top of his head. It is funny to see him open and close his hand so he can feel his hair. He is such a gently baby. He is also getting very close to world is about to change. And that is it for *the baby* . I have a sad note to add: I don't think the kids are going to get to be m&m's because J hasn't been able to get the customs done. I am hoping that maybe in the next couple of days he might be able to do them. Tonight I think we might go get some pumpkins to carve, that is if J isn't too tired. If not today then tomorrow for sure.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Well the weekend is over. J informed me today that he has training on Tuesday and Wednesday, which is good because he will get to be home with us at night. Plus, Thursday starts his days off and on top of that he took Sunday off because Saturday we are going to a wedding where we are staying in a hotel because it is a few hours from where we live. To make it even better he took Monday off because it is my birthday and to take the kids trick or treating. It is going to be great having him home all those days I have a feeling I am not going to want him to go back to work. But the bad part about all of this is that I am going to be home in the morning by myself getting the kids ready for school and then taking them. It is nice having J home in the morning because he usually gets the kids ready and takes them to school or gets them ready and I take them to school. Just so I can get a little more sleep. Anyways, I have a little more time before I need to make dinner. The kids are occupied, Red is sleeping and the two older ones are coloring, they just got done painting. So I don't know why but J and I started looking for a bigger house, not that we *need* a bigger house. We found a house in the same town that has one more bedroom and a basement in our price range. I just don't think I want to try selling this house yet or pack up and move. I really like our neighborhood (location close to school), neighbors and house. I don't think we are going to peruse the house we saw. Most of my day has been housework and extra cleaning I don't normally have the chance to get too. The only reason for that is that we are having company over, and I'm really not one to clean just for company but it was a great motivator today. I am really excited about Friday, GG is having a special day at school "Apple Day" and I am going to be helping!!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

AWE, Fridays. I love Fridays because we get to sleep in tomorrow. At least I hope we do. J is getting up early and going to help his dad with some cement. I am all for him helping his dad on their house, because hopefully he will learn some home improvement type stuff. It is so much cheaper to fix/remodel things yourself then pay someone else to do it. Today was interesting, I took 3 kids to school to pick up Market Day! A nice young boy helped me bring it out to the van. I really like their food. Oh and J informed me earlier today that Red said his first word on Wednesday when I went to go pick up Jess. It was Mama! I thought he was kidding because Red has been doing this new thing were he goes, "Mmmmm...Mmmm." Then he spits bubbles. When he does that I usually say, "Mama" and he laughs at me. But J said that he said Mama as clear as day, but only once. Red is also getting close to rolling, he is so goofy. He seriously looks like he wants to fly when he is on his stomach. He puts his legs up in the air and his arms behind him so that the only thing on the ground is his big old tummy. I am secretly glad he isn't moving even though J really wants him to start rolling so he can crawl and so on. Well that is it for now...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Now that it is a day later, I will finish my post I had to go to school to bring J's his lunch that he had forgot to bring, he was subbing. So I grabbed food for the kids too and we ate at school with him. Then last night J and I went out on a date. Jess came over to watch the kids, they really like her too. We went to see Flight Plan and then out to eat. Ok if you are thinking, wow they must of spent a ton of money, we didn't. I got a free movie ticket and concession card at the end of last year from one of my students = free movie, popcorn, and drink. We went to eat at Chipotle and J had a coupon for a free burrito there that we used. We got home and J took Jess home and I gave the kids baths. When J got home the kids were in bed and so he started wrestling with me. My nose hurts today. He threw me on the bed and started tickling me and when I went to get up his head hit my nose. Then we both started laughing as tears ran down my face, I couldn't help it. I laid back down on the bed and Red then kicked me in the nose. He thought it was funny too and his little arms and legs were going as fast as they could. It was funny but my nose hurts today! This morning we all got up and got ready. J went on GG's field trip to the (I forgot the name) Nature Center. And I took Red to his 5 month check up. He is 26 inches and 17 lbs 7 oz, what a big boy. He didn't get a shot today because she thought he might be coming down with something from looking in his nose. He does sound a little congested. But other than that he looks happy and healthy. We don't have to go back until he is 8 months old. Later today the kids have Cubbies and we need to go grocery shopping. J has been debating weather or not he is going to attend a batcheral party. That word doesn't look right but I don't want to look it up. He goes between going and staying home to make the kids Halloween customs. I don't think I mentioned this yet but the kids are going to be M & M's this year. GG is going to be a yellow mega m&m, Monkey a green normal m&m, and Red a red mini m&m. They are going to look super cute in their customs. I'm going to make sure to take pictures this year. Last year with being pregnant I had a brain spasm and I don't have any pictures of them in their customs. Ok my family is home I want to hear all about GG's field trip so later!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yesterday was J's first day off. Red and I went to playgroup like we always do on Tuesday mornings. Then we picked the kids up from school and went out to eat at Photo's, Yummy. Came home and had the boys take naps, because we got our family picture taken. Boy I'm glad we only have to do that once a year! I'll just say that Red posed the best. When we got home it was really nice out so J and GG went fishing and the boys and I played outside until dinner time. After we ate J was on the computer with Red in his lap and I was cleaning up the kitchen. The next thing I knew J had Red in the sling and he was vacuuming the kitchen floor for me. ***Warning TMI!!!*** J looked so HOT wearing Red and helping clean the kitchen. The best part is I didn't even ask him to help. I had a LLL meeting last night but I ended up not going. I didn't feel the greatest and I wanted to spend time with J, so we snuggled on the couch and watched television. I need to go I'll update more later.

Monday, October 17, 2005

I slept so hard last night I couldn't believe it was morning when the alarm went off at 7:15am. I took the kids to school and I met one of the moms whose daughter sits next to GG. When she figured out I was GG's mom she said, "I am so grateful for GG. She has been such a blessing to Olivia." That was so sweet to hear. Now Olivia has had a hard time getting used to school and her mom works at the school. When she has a bad day GG cheers her up and basically has befriended her and helped her enjoy being at school. That's my little girl. Today was her "boyfriends" birthday and they went to McDonalds for lunch and invited us to go too. After the kids got done eating we let them play. All the boys played together and GG went off and made some new friends. We were already there with *her* friends! Then we came home and Monkey and Red took naps and GG did her homework and played. When the boys woke up we went outside. It was absolutely gorgeous out. Our neighbors had a ton of leaves in their yard so I asked if I could rack them in a pile for the kids to play in, of course they said YES! They played in those leaves for almost 2 hours with an occasional bike ride up and down the block. Leaves are so fun and they are free entertainment :) Then we came inside so I could make dinner and eat. After dinner it was bath time and then bedtime. When I got Red ready for bed there was a leaf in his diaper. Now that I think about it I am wondering how it got there. He had on a sleeper and the only leaves that got near him were ones that were falling from the tree. Hmmm...interesting! I must say I got some really cute pictures of the kids playing outside though.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

What a nightmare that J and I went through last night. J came home to the diaper bag in the middle of the garage where his car is suppose to be. Red's door was open in the van and the garage smelled of lighter fluid. Then he looks a little closer and sees that the glove box was open in the van and things are thrown all over the place. He comes in the house to tell me what happened and to find out what was in the van. The kids and I went to my dad's and gas was 10 cents cheaper there so I filled my van up. I had thrown my wallet on the passenger side and when we left my dad's we had three new blanket that I had thrown on top of my wallet. Well they looked under the blankets and had found my wallet and it was gone, along with a can of lighter fluid J uses for grilling. The fluid was in the garage not the van by the way. So we called the police and made a report. I started calling and canceling credit cards and debit cards. Then J called a few places to put my info on alert in case someone tried to use my info it protects against identity theft. I did not sleep well at all last night. Someone had gone in our garage and our van I felt and still feel very violated. Then this morning the phone rang and it was J's work, someone had found my wallet and saw his business card in it and called. So I have my wallet back and absolutely everything in it. Well except for some change totaling about 75 cents. I went around and talked to the neighbors today to let them know what happened and to see if they saw anything. Most of them were completely shocked and most of them said they leave their garage doors unlocked and same with their cars so it really could of happened to anyone of us. My one neighbors leave their keys in the car with the door unlocked well not anymore and they have been doing that for 40 years. I am just grateful for the person who found my wallet and turned it in.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Well today has been kind of a long day since I didn't get much sleep last night. GG woke up last night crying and when I went to check on her she was obviously sleeping, "I can't make the letter w. I can't make the letter w. Why can't I make it?" I told her it was ok because I have seen her make the letter w and I knew she was having a bad dream. And she laid back down. Then about 10 minutes later she was up again whimpering. So I went in to see if maybe she needed to go potty and she said no. So again I went back to bed long enough to put the covers on when I hear her "mommy I need to go potty." I got up yet again to help her and I was so tired at this point I grabbed her pillow and blanket and put it in my bed. When she was done going to the bathroom I told her to get in my bed and I am so glad I did. It was 2am when all was said and done. Then at 4:15 she jumped up and started screaming. I was right next to her to reassure her she was ok and she went back to sleep. Then Monkey came into to my room a little while after that, I told him to go back to bed because daddy was sleeping in the bed with him. But NO he wanted me!!! He ignored me and ended up sleeping on my bedroom floor. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that this morning J and Monkey left at 5:30am to go fishing. So it was 5 something in the morning and J was looking for a missing little Monkey. We found him on my bedroom floor freezing because he didn't have a blanket. What kids will do to be close to their mothers! GG, Red and I got up early this morning too because GG had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. This was the first time she had ever been there and did she have fun. They gave her a cup of tokens and she got to dance with the Chuck E Cheese mouse. Then after all that she got to pick out a prize with the tickets she had won. It was a great time for her but now she wants her party there! J told her that maybe we would go there as a family. We got home to J and Monkey sleeping, they were tired from the extremely early morning. J's work called to see if he could come in early and he did. So I packed up the kids and headed to my dad's house for the afternoon. I took the two older kids to the park while Red was sleeping in my dad's arms. I can't wait til Red can join in on the fun with the his big brother and sister. We are just about to eat dinner so I thought I would update while the two older kids were occupied and the baby Tanner is sleeping. Ok I just realized that all I wrote about Red was he slept. But he did pass some gas today when he was laughing and giggling historically. That word doesn't look right but I'm to lazy to check the right spelling! Sorry.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Remember that goofy about GG and butt wipes? Well apparently it is all over the school. And I wish I had a penny for every time someone tells me how much fun their child had when J subbed. The kids love him. This morning J got in his uniform and went to school to speak to Monkey's class, since he was going to school and in uniform he also went to GG's class for her show and tell. She did a great job explaining what J did and what things were that the teacher gave her another pink card. That makes 3 pink cards in one week. That is pretty great. While everyone was gone Red and I took a bath together, he is getting so big and really good at sitting up. As I gave him a bath I thought about how much I love the baby stage. Then I thought about how there really hasn't been a stage/age I haven't enjoyed. Being mom is so fun. I can't believe my almost 5 month old is 18 pounds and 27 inches. He is definitely a BIG boy :) Our plans for this afternoon is for the kids to take naps/rests and then play outside until the volleyball game. It is yet another beautiful day out. I am thinking about ordering pizza for dinner, it is payday!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

This morning was SOOO much fun. J and I went Christmas shopping! We bought our niece and nephew their gifts and we started the long process of getting the kids theirs. We ran out of time before we could completely get all we really wanted to buy. I guess that means we will have to go again!!! I am so excited about what we have gotten so far they are going to love them. I can't believe how different it is to shop for 3 instead of 2, but I love buying things I *know* they will love to play with. It almost makes me want to give them the presents now. Stay tuned...I just got interrupted to help GG make a fort in her room for quiet time! I love the kids imaginations. I told them after Monkey took his nap we would go outside and play it is in the 70's and beautiful out. Tonight the kids have Cubbies so I will be able to sneak in the presents without them knowing :) Well that is it for now.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Goofy story of the day: I picked the kids up from school today and I got GG first. As we were leaving Mrs. Lord who has subbed twice for GG's class comes up to me and asks if I have heard about GG's butt wipe story. I said, "no" as I was thinking...Oh great GG went poop at school and had a hard time wiping her butt. Well it had nothing to do with going potty. So she proceeds to tell me this story about how she got out the *wet* wipes for the kids to clean their hands on before snack. As GG got up to get her wipe she says, "butt wipe." Which, of course, shocks the teacher and the conversation between GG and the teacher goes like this...
Teacher: No, I said wet wipe.
GG: You said butt wipe
Teacher: They are wet wipes
GG: But you said butt wipe
Teacher: I never said that
GG: Yes you did, you said butt wipe (because she has to get the words butt wipe in there)
The teacher said she had the whole class believing that she (the teacher) had called them butt wipes. I was laughing so hard at this point. Then she tells me that she told my mother in law about it and Sue was laughing and says, "Yep, that sounds like my granddaughter." So GG, Red and I go get Monkey from preschool and Chris, who's daughter Alina is in GG class, was there and I asked her if Alina told her about the butt wipe thing. Of course, she did, she came home talking about using a butt wipe at school and Chris said "WHAT?!?!" then Alina said GG called them butt wipes. So she explained to Alina why GG called them that, because that is what we use them for at our house...wiping Red's butt!!! Honestly kids are so goofy sometimes.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Before I started updating I asked J what he wanted for dinner. I suggested spaghetti and GG says, "How about cinnamon rolls?" I don't know where that one came from! Today was so much fun. We had a blast shopping today...I haven't laughed that hard in a couple of days. You'd have to know J to know I am always laughing:) That is why I have major laugh lines...hehehe. Anyways, J subbed at school today so the kids eat lunch at school and stayed for the after care portion. They had fun, maybe too much fun! I got home about 2 minutes before the crew came home. GG was so excited about getting a pink card today that was the first thing she did was show me. On the card it said "For knowing the answer to 'what land did Columbus discover?'" so I asked her the question and she beams, "AMERICA!" Well I need to go make dinner I've got a meeting tonight.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

So today is Sunday and J's first day off of work. We went to church where we were told that GG should really take piano lessons. She was sitting at the piano in children's church and the two teachers said it sounded like she was really playing a song. J and I talked and I think we are going to sign her up for lessons and maybe even get her a keyboard...if grandma doesn't have hers anymore. She never stops amazing us! She's a real quick learner, too. It only took her 10 minutes to learn how to tie her shoes. There are 1st and 2nd graders that don't know how to do that:) Ok enough about that. After church we went to the video store and the kids each got to pick out a movie and J picked one out it was his turn. He got Hitched and I am really looking forward to seeing it. It was one I would've chosen. When we checked out J got some poprocks candy. Now if you have never had those before they pop in your mouth. The kids have never had them before so they got to try them. It was really funny watching their faces. It is the little things that make us laugh/smile. We like giving the kids new experiences and we try to let them do something new each week but sometimes that doesn't happen but sometimes they get to try 2 or 3 new things in a week. Life is learning!!! I am excited about tomorrow. Red and I are meeting my mom and grandma in Rockford for a day of shopping. I am going to try and get J's Christmas presents. I hope I will have success but we'll see. If nothing else I will have gotten to spend the day with two pretty amazing women and one handsome little boy!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Well I must say that the "practicing" has worked really well. Yesterday GG was on her bike (without training wheels) and Monkey on his bike (with training wheels) and we took a walk around the block. It is funny to watch those two on their bikes because they look like they could be twins. Anyways, we went around the block and he didn't need any help and he was almost able to keep up with GG. She has started a new thing on her bike as well...she now can stand up and peddle. Sometimes I think that girl is too coordinated for her own good and coupled with the fact that she has no fear it is scary. She was cracking me up when she was doing her homework. They have to cross out the words that didn't start with O and circle the ones that did. She would circle and say, "You can play today" then when it wasn't an O word she crossed it out and said, "come again another day" it was really pretty cute. Not to mention she sticks her tongue out while doing her homework. This morning she was coming down from her bed and I picked her up and carried her down and I couldn't believe how big she has gotten. The time has really flown by me. I just can't believe in a few short months she will be 5 years old. Tonight the kids have Cubbies and they are so excited they really love going there and I really love that they go there and learn more about the Bible. And it is always fun for Red and I get some quiet at night time!!! Speaking of Red we have a new game. He will be laying down and I will startle him by saying Boo. And he just laughs. Then we do it again. He watches me very closely trying to figure out when his funny mommy will say it again. We can play this game for at least an hour and not get bored. He is such a fun little guy and SOOO happy. Well my smallest blessing just pooped so I need to go change him...later.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Warning this may or may not be funny to you! But it was to us :) J and I were eating Walnuts and Monkey asked, "what are you guys eating?" J said, "Walnuts" Monkey then said, "Why are you nuts?" Ok maybe you had to be there but the way he said it was hilarious. This morning Red and I went to playgroup and two of our members were sick but we had fun anyways. This afternoon we are going to go outside so Monkey can "practice" riding his big boy bike. Last night he got it out and was able to peddle up and down the street. Before he would get stuck half way down the block and need help not anymore. He was so happy with himself so I told him we could "practice" some more today.

Monday, October 03, 2005

It is Monday, I really have mixed feelings about favorite show is on Monday but I hate getting up early to start the school week. Today was great because my wonderful husband got up and got the kids ready and took them to school so I could sleep. It was a difference between getting up at 7:15 and 9am. I feel very well rested. J and I recorded Red while the kids were at school and also went to the store. Then I went by myself to get the kids from school. I picked GG up first and she got another pink card. I was so happy. Everyday the teacher sends home either a blue card= they were bad, a yellow card= they had a good day or a pink card= the had an exceptionally great day. On Friday she got a pink card for sharing her show and tell toy with her classmates. Then today she got another pink one for helping a friend who was sad. J signed up for GG's first field trip she is going to be tickled to death to have him there. She loves being with him...we all do :) Now it is only Monday and GG has already chosen her show and tell for Friday, I think she likes show and tell! Well Monkey and Red are napping and GG is watching a movie so I really should be doing some productive things. We have a volleyball game to watch at 4:30...

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ok two posts in one day! Here we go. This afternoon was so fun. I took the kids to Liz's volleyball game and we stayed for the Varsity game too. J met us there. Then I took the kids to Subway for dinner and then straight to Cubbies. People made me feel so good today and that is always nice. At the volleyball game Sherry told me I was a good mom, another lady told me that Red was such a good baby, and then when I took the kids to Cubbies I asked how Monkey was doing (the first night he cried so I came and sat with him for the last 30 minutes) and the lady told me that my kids are so well behaved "unlike the others" in her words and that she was really glad that they come because they are so sweet and fun. That just made my day. On a side note, at the game my little girl was keeping score. It was so funny a 4 year old was manning the scoreboard! She's so smart. Ok I'm done bragging...hehehe!
As I sit here ready to post I hear the giggles of Red in the other room as he plays with his daddy. It brings a smile to my face :) Here is a little update on each of the kids. Red has done a lot of first. He went down the slide for the first time, swung in a swing for the first time, and is getting his first tooth. What a busy little man! Everyone always comments on how good of a baby he is because he is a great baby. He really has no reason to cry because all of his needs are met before they get to the I'm going to cry to get some attention stage. Plus, his big sister and brother are very entertaining to him. When they are at school you can tell he is looking and listening for them. Of course, when we pick them up from school they are all so happy to see each other, GG and Monkey hug and then they both give Red a kiss as he gives them the biggest gummy smile. Now to Monkey, he LOVES school now and we have a hard time getting him to leave. We figured out that the reason he was having hard time was because he thought that the same kids that were in Mrs. Sherry's class last year would be there this year too. It threw him off when it was a whole new group of kids. But now he is making friends and even has a little girl in the class that likes him. I swear there is something wrong with my children...they are too young to have boy/girl friends! On to GG she prayed last night for a baby sister. It was really cute. She said, "Dear God, Thank you for today and the wonderful world. Thank you for my brother Monkey and my baby brother Red, I love them so much. And I would like a baby sister next time my mommy has a baby. Amen." It was funny and sweet. The other day we went to lunch with a boy from GG's class and his twin brothers who are in Monkey's class. That was a lot of fun but on the way there GG says, "Mommy I know who I want to marry." I said, "really?" GG, "Yeah Jacob I." That was the boy we were having lunch with so I told his mom when we got there and she said there conversation on the way to the restaurant was...Jacob, "Mommy can I kiss GG?" the mom "NO!"...Jacob, "can I hug her?" the mom, "NO! no touching her at all!" See there is something wrong with them very wrong :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What a day! What a day! This morning Jeff had training so he was gone so it was mostly my responsibility to get the kids ready...he did help a little before he left. I took them to school and went to my Bible study. Then we ate lunch at the church for really cheap. That was nice. Then we paid bills and went to GG's doctor appointment. That took forever. She had to pee in a cup, that was interesting! Everything is fine with her, thank God. Tonight we are going to our friend Marni's house for dinner. It is the first time we have been to her house since she moved in about 5 months ago. Right now J and GG are making cookies to bring to her house. This is such a nice treat to have J home in the evening during his work week. I like training days!!! Well Red just woke up...isn't that the story of my life! Gotta go

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Let's see what happened since last time I updated. Wednesday was J's first day off so we took the kids to a new park to play and they had a blast. Red sat in the baby swing for the first time and also went down the slide on J's lap. Then we ordered pizza for dinner...yummy. Thursday was my debut for my new in-home business so we packed a lunch for us and the kids and when we picked them up from school we took them to the cafeteria to eat lunch, so we could keep the house clean! We played outside for most of the afternoon then J and the two older kids went to Liz's volleyball game and ate dinner there as well. Then they came home long enough to get ready for Awana Cubbies and then my party started. We had a blast and I am off to a great start. I really love their products so it isn't hard to sell them I just let people try them and they can decide for themselves! Then Friday we ran errands and the kids each got to pick out a toy, we had a deal with Monkey and GG got one because she has been doing great at her homework. Then J shortened her bed so it isn't so high, she slept in it last night. Last night we went to some friends house who moved an hour away. They bought their first house so we went to see it. It was very nice, only 5 years old and huge especially for only 2 people! On the way home we talked about our house and if we want to dig out a basement or just move in 5 years?!?! That is a tough one because digging would be messy and moving is just a pain! We've got time to decide. Right now I just love my life the way it is, the house, the kids, and I'm working but on my time. And I feel great. Well Monkey just woke up.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Today was our first playgroup. It was so much fun I can't wait til next week. I know our babies are only a few months old but they will get older and play with each other! Tomorrow is our next Bible study and I am looking forward to that and J is off so that is awesome too. Red and I are having fun this year!!! Tonight Roberta is coming over to watch the kids and some friends and I are going to the LLL meeting. Well I am going to go just wanted to quickly update.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ok everyone is in bed asleep! Monkey is really having a hard time with this whole being away from me and Red. I am thinking about pulling him out of school...but I want to give it at least 2 weeks. Tonight the kids went to Cubbies and I got called about 45 minutes after I left saying that Monkey started crying and he wanted me. The lady must of thought I was crazy because all I could do at that point was laugh. He has a fun time at school but yet he started crying because another kid was crying. Tonight he cried at Cubbies because he told me it was dark outside. I asked him if he thought I was going to leave him there for the night. He said YES. What a nut. But he does want to go back next week so it must not of been too terrible. He said they played with the parachute, had ice cream sandwiches, made a balloon person, sang songs and played games. I just wish I knew what was going through his head?!?!?! The first week of school is almost over next thing you know it will be summer again. Oh yeah and we went to Liz's volleyball game which they won!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

These last few days have been so extremely exciting for me. The kids started school on Monday and J and I got so much stuff done while they have been gone. Last night J and I took Liz and her boyfriend to the Cubs game. While working someone came up to J and gave him the 4 tickets for FREE! I love the perks of his job just not the danger. The game was really fun. I must say even though GG has only had 2 days of school she is doing a great job coming home and doing her homework after lunch, they have homework everyday even the first day of school. Then the most exciting thing happened this afternoon. We took the kids outside to ride bikes. Now about 5 or 6 days ago J started working with GG on riding without training wheels. Then he put them back on the bike and bent them so that she could learn balance without falling. So she rode her bike about 3 days the rest were too hot to even go outside. Well today after watching her ride for about 5 minutes J decided that she was doing really good and didn't need the training wheels anymore. So he took them off and sure enough she did it. It was so exciting to watch her and see the look on her face. I got the video recorder and got it on tape too. J also taught her to stop without falling down and swerve out of the way when someone else is on the sidewalk. She was so happy we called everyone we could before my phone needed to be recharged. That is it for me for now.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I have a nursing Red on my lap so sorry for any wrong spellings or typo's. I swear my kids are nuts...the other night GG was talking in her sleep. She was saying something like, "No not there. Don't put that there it goes over here. Ok that's better." Then last night she said, "You guys are pigs." Don't know what that was about!!! Today was a lot of fun. The kids and I got up and went to a Messy Party, it was the last big shin dig before school starts. We started out with a messy potluck lunch. Then on to the pool of jello, finger and spray paints, a tarp with flour and kitchen utensils, a mud pit, shaving cream table and cookie decorating! The kids had a blast. They each covered their bodies in mud becoming mud monsters! It was fun watching them get so dirty. Red even got his feet in the flour...he curled his toes and started kicking his legs. That's all for now :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Things have slowed down enough for me to update this journal. The kids and I went to my mom's house last week for a couple of days which was real fun. Monkey got eaten up by mosquitoes though. Poor little guy had about 20 bites. We got back Friday night and unpacked to repack so we could go to WIU. We left here at 7am and got there about 10:30am not bad! Saturday we met friends at the park for a picnic and playing. Then went back to our hotel and swam. Sunday we slept in and went out for lunch then had some friends over to the hotel for some more swimming! That night we went to eat at Rocky's we can't go to there and not eat at Rocky's and ISS....YUM. It just happened to be the night of karaoke at Rocky's. GG wanted to sing so we convinced J to sing the "Carlene song" with her, it is the only country song that J knows absolutely all the words too. The soccer girls gave him a CD with country songs on it and that one was GG's favorite song because for some reason she thought it was about one of the soccer girls named Carlin but they call her Carley. GG was so cute she took the mic and said, "Hi Everybody!" before the song started. Then Monday we came home after seeing a few more friends on our way out of town. Tuesday it was grocery shopping and the kids school orientation. Only 5 more days til school starts...I'm getting excited ;)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Funny story! The other night after the kids where asleep I walked into Monkey's room because I heard talking coming from his there. As I got closer Monkey said, "Hi baby Red. Red, Red are you sleeping?" I figured he was dreaming about Red so the next morning I asked him if he had a dream about Red. He said, "No I was dreaming I was buzz lightyear." What a goof :)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The last few days have been so relaxing for me. Friday I got a full body massage it was a gift from the hospital where I delivered Red. That night we went to see Liz play volleyball and after the game we had some friends over to play cards. Then this morning I went over to my friends house and got a facial. That was nice. My face feels so good. Tonight J and I were sitting in the living room and Monkey was sitting with J and GG and Red were sitting with me. J was whispering to Monkey things to say to me. It was so funny. J told him to tell me. "You look very attractive." It came out, "You look like a tractor." He was saying other things that came out funny too but I thought that was the best one! The kids have 2 more weeks before school starts. On Monday GG is going to meet with her new teacher and pick out her seat and locker, she is very excited about that. Well I need to go to bed we have church tomorrow morning and last night was a late night and this morning was an early morning. Not to mention I had a super hot Monkey sleep with me last night. He was on fire but during the night his fever broke, it was vaccination related which makes me so mad. I won't go into that right now.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

We didn't make it to church this morning J didn't get home from work until after 4am and the kids and I went to a church by our house last night. We have friends that go there and so I thought I would go check it out. Anyways, I was getting the kids dressed this morning and Monkey reminded me of something silly he said last weekend by saying something similar today. Last Sunday when we were on our way to the Children's Museum Red was crying. Grandma was sitting in the seat I normally sit in. Monkey then asks her, "Grandma, do you have a big boob?" The car got quiet. So he asked her again. J didn't understand why he asked her that and told him that wasn't a nice question to ask. I was sitting next to Monkey and asked him if he wanted to know if grandma could nurse Red. And he said, "Yes does she have a big boob to nurse?" Then grandma told him that hers don't work anymore!!! So this morning when I was getting them ready Red started to fuss and Monkey said, "Mommy you have big boobs so you should go nurse Red." I am thinking at least my men will *know* why boobs were nurse babies!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Last night we went to my dad's house to talk about this huge family vacation he wants to go on next November. GG will almost be 6, Monkey almost 4.5 and Red will be 18 months so it should be pretty fun for everyone. This morning I took the kids to VBS and then Red and I went to Silva's for a playdate. It was a lot of fun and we are having another one next week at our house. Come school time Silva and I are going to start a Bible study and I am really looking forward to that. Well that is all the update for now. Oh yeah I found out my bil and sil are having a boy in Jan :)

Monday, August 08, 2005

So much has happened these last few days here are some highlights! Friday we had a date with Wal-mart, we needed toilet paper desperately, and then a lunch date with grandpa. Saturday we had a picnic dinner at the park and daddy met us there while he was working. Then the kids played for about 2 hours then came home washed them up and off to bed we went. Sunday we got up and went to church then g & g M. met us at church and we headed downtown to the Children's Museum. That place was so cool. There were two levels and so much stuff for the kids to do. One room was called Water Ways and the kids had to put on raincoats so they could play with the water and not get too wet! GG and Monkey each got to be bubble bees on a big computer screen. They painted their faces, climbed on things, built things, and used their imaginations. When we had seen everything and done everything we went for some ice cream. Then we took my parents back to their car and headed over to J's parents house. Joe and J left to go fishing and we ate Phil's pizza for dinner, it is one of my favorite pizzas. Now we are at today! We got up and dropped the kids off for VBS at school. Then J, Red and I went grocery shopping. It was amazing how much stuff we got done with the other two gone this morning. I love having them around but I am looking forward to school starting and getting playgroup started. We just got our newest member July 31st!!! While the kids were gone I made dinner for us and our friends who just had their baby. Then we got to bring the meal to them and meet the new baby boy. He is a cutie!!! Ok that is it for now.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I woke up this morning with the realization that school starts in 6 weeks and I haven't worked with GG at all. I was planning on reviewing things she had learned last school year but with 3 kids my world has totally changed. I had gotten papers for her to work on over the summer from the school but I have only done a couple of them. So I sat her down and explained to her that she needed to sound out the word then color the picture of that word. To my amazement she did great with no help from me. I thought she would have some problems but not her she is so smart. I have decided that the rest of the summer she will be doing homework to prepare her for school coming up. I want her to be confident in her ability and I think this will definitely help with that. Cute story about my GG...the other night we had a really bad storm and there was thunder and lighting. I was on the phone and I hear her calling my name, I thought she was scared. I go in there and she says, "Mommy the most wonderful thing just happened." I asked her what happened. She said, "Look outside. That tree fell apart. There was light then the branch fell off." Sure enough I look outside and our tree branch fell off and on to a truck. It was pretty funny that she thought it was the most wonderful thing!!! Anyway this morning we took the kids to Jumps and Jiggles, that was a lot of fun. When we got home we ate lunch and the kids were in the living room re-enacting the VBS program from church. They used the microphone from the karaoke machine it was beyond hilarious. Then this afternoon we did an "art project" it was basically just letting the kids practice cutting and GG promised not to cut her hair this time. Last time she cut a chunk in the front about 2 inches long off, I was not happy but it isn't noticeable and I believe she has learned her lesson. We just got in from riding bikes outside, we wait til after dinner when it isn't so hot now it is off to bed!

Monday, August 01, 2005

My friend Marni just left, she came over for dinner. I met her in college and she was in J and I's wedding and I am glad we are still friends. J found out today that one of his friends from High School is expecting their first baby and that is pretty cool. This weekend was a girl's weekend with the exception of Red who is always with me!!! First we shopped at the mall and had a blast then we went to dinner at TGI Friday's and then to the movie Must love Dogs. It was so relaxing and completely what I needed! The kids had a great weekend too, they spent the night with J's parents (not planned) and then went swimming twice and had the VBS program and root beer floats. J's brother Joe is in town as well as Liz being back from camp it was a lot of fun for them. Today we took Liz out for lunch and heard all about the new guy :) Cute story about GG...we had a really bad storm the other night and a big branch fell from one of our trees on top of a truck. Well I was on the phone and I heard GG calling my name. I figured she was just scared because of the storm, it was loud. I went back to her room and she says, "Mommy the most wonderful thing happened." I said, "what?" she said, "Look outside! That tree fell apart. There was light then it fell off." It was pretty funny especially that she thought it was wonderful... Monkey had his 3 year check up a few days ago he is 36 1/4 inches and 33 lbs and I also weighed Red to see how big he has gotten and he was 13lbs 13oz I couldn't believe it almost 14 lbs!!! He started out barely 6lbs only 2 1/2 months ago. I asked my friend Marni who she thought Red looked like because I have a theory. She said Monkey like I thought she would. My theory is people who are related to Red say GG and unrelated people say Monkey. So far my theory is true. It really doesn't matter to me who people say as long as he looks like one of our family members!! He has really started to smile and giggle more. He wakes up every morning with great big smiles for me that last about 10 minutes or so. What a blessing he has been.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Well today is J's birthday and he has to work. Monkey had a blast with J water skiing/tubing. J said he fell asleep on the boat sitting up and they all got a kick out of that! After they got back we went out to eat at Photo's not Subway, Photo's gives kids free ice cream :) Then we went to a baseball game and had a very fun time as a family. Anyway, this week we have VBS at our church so it has been a very busy week. We have to be at church by 8:45am and with rush hour it has taken us about 40 minutes to get there which on Sunday it only takes us 20 minutes. I am working in the kitchen with a girl named Erin and we are having fun. She is a couple years younger than me and has two kids 18 months apart just like mine, so all week long we have heard "Where are the little old ladies that usually do snack?" But we have been told that us working in the kitchen is great because the snacks are better this year. We actually had nothing to do with planning them we are just making them...the old ladies only made cookies and would never do anything different. I am having fun and Red is with me so we are all happy. I would totally work again next year! Anyways, J is working in the gym and he is having a great time too, yesterday he came home soaking wet from water games. GG and Monkey are loving it, too. It is a great family activity. This year's theme is "Boot Camp" and we are training for the war against Satan, very cute. Then next week we have nothing planned but the week of Aug 8, I signed the kids up for another VBS at their school and it is only a 5 minute drive!!! That will be a nice break for me and a great time for them. Other than that Joe, J's brother, is coming to town on Friday and he will get to meet Red for the first time!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ok it has been awhile since I got on here! This is some of what we have been up too. Saturday we had Monkey's birthday party and it was so much fun. The kids went swimming in the pool :) Monkey got some really great gifts and he absolutely loves them all. One of my favorites was the carpet of streets for his little cars. He just loves them all so when we asked what his favorite was he practically named them all!!! He got a big boys bike from J and I and GG picked him out an airplane and car. He also got a flashlight, so much fun for a 3 year old. It was a great party. Then afterwards we went to the Hotel my mom was staying at and the adults went swimming. The next morning we all went to church and then the kids and I went to Brookfield zoo with my mom, step-dad and brothers. We saw the dolphin show and that was really cool. I just wish it wouldn't of been so hot and humid out that day. Then my brother Kolin stayed with us for a few days and the kids really loved that and it was nice for me too. Another gift Monkey got was a ticket to see Veggie Tales Rockin Live Tour, which we went to yesterday. It was pretty cute and the kids loved it. We went with the family that bought his ticket and then went to eat at the Olive Garden afterwards...YUM. I love that place :) I am a big fan of the soup, salad and bread sticks. Today J took GG and Monkey fishing, Monkey used his new fishing pole and had a blast. We are going to get his pictures taken today in about an hour. When we get home J is going to run the sprinkler and let the kids run through it. Tomorrow J is taking Monkey water skiing as his father/son time. I'm a little upset about that because it is his birthday and I won't get to see him until the middle of the afternoon. We are going to take him out for his birthday dinner when they get back. As of now Monkey said Subway was his choice but we'll see if that changes tomorrow. Well that is about it from me. Oh yeah J and I bought GG a DVD of Mary Poppins.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

This morning J and GG got up and went fishing. GG caught her first fish and it was pretty big! It was a large mouth bass about 2 pounds and at least a foot long. Yesterday morning Monkey went with J but they didn't ketch anything but still had fun. J is loving his father's day present...the fishing pole they have been using :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

J had Sat., Sun., and Monday off and we had so much fun. Saturday morning we got up early and J's dad came over and we all drove up to Camp Awana where Aunt Liz and Grandma were. I have never been there before and of course neither have the kids. There was so much fun things to do there the kids didn't want to leave. We had lunch there and then went into town for some ice cream. We got home from camp around 5pm and went to Subway for dinner no one felt like cooking :) Then Sunday we went to S.S and church came home and eat lunch real quick then headed over to the Festival. What a blast that was. The kids got wristbands to ride all the rides they wanted. This year GG was barely big enough to go down the Big slide by herself and the guy almost didn't let her go down which would of been no fun. But she went down that about 10 times and Monkey went with either J or I and it was great! They also went on the dragon roller coaster about 5 times and each of the other rides either once or twice. We were there for about 3 hours!!! We also went on the ferris wheel and I don't like that ride at all but J talked me into going on it again this year. Monkey got in trouble from one of the workers there, he took his belt off during the ride and the guy had to stop the ride to put it back on him, he told both Monkey and I if he took it off again he couldn't ride anymore. The worst part was that the guy knew he was related to a police officer because of the wristband, he called it the VIP band. Needless to say Monkey didn't take it off again but he did cry for about the first minute of the ride after that. We came home and ate a really late dinner and put the kids to bed. Both kids feel asleep in a matter of seconds after their head hit the pillow. So that was Sunday and then Monday the kids and I got up and met J at the parade. He was working it and had saved us a parking spot right where he was located. I love having that kind of privilege, it's nice. Then we went to our friends Matt and Sara's for a bbq. There were so many kids there it was a lot of fun for GG and Monkey and we had fun too. Then we went to the fireworks, which J also worked. The officers roped off parking for everyone at the bbq so we didn't have to look for parking so nice. We watched the fireworks and then came home. Today we got up and went grocery shopping, came home ate lunch and then the kids went to their sports class. They did bowling today. When we got home the two older had quiet time for a half an hour then GG made a bead necklace and Monkey colored then got out his train tracks so I thought I would update real quick while they were occupied but now I need to go make dinner. Tomorrow we have a playdate with GG's friend from school Alina so that will be fun!