Sunday, May 29, 2005

Ok quick update! Since Red has been home...when I nurse him Monkey comes up to me and grabs my boob and says, "Mommy, I'm helping nurse Red." What a little nut :) Monkey and GG love him so much sometimes it is just a little too much. I was changing Red's diaper and Monkey drew a picture on the magna doodle for him, well he went to show it to him and got a little too close and hit him in the head with it. Monkey was shaking (he didn't mean to hurt him he just wanted to show him the picture he drew) and saying, "I'm so sorry baby Red" over and over again. Then today Red was sleeping on the floor in the living room and I was sitting right next to him. Monkey brought the pitcher of lemonade to me so I could fill up his cup. Well after I got the cup filled up Monkey decided that he was going to climb on the rocking chair and ending up falling off and knocking over the lemonade. Needless to say Red got woke up by a nice ice cold bath of lemonade. So Monkey helped me give Red a bath and he kept kissing him and telling him he was sorry. He isn't even 2 weeks old yet and it seems Monkey is always saying sorry to him for something. So those are the stories of my two boys. This next story is just down right silly and I still crack up every time I think about it. Before bed a few nights ago I was reading stories to all three kids. Monkey had picked out a wordless book so I had him tell me what the pictures were on each page. One of the pages has a picture of a bucket. When we got to that page he said, "Bucket. Mommy a kid a the park kept calling me bucket." I looked at him and said, "What?" He said, "My name isn't bucket but the kid was calling me that." I asked him what his name was and he said his name minus the r sound. J was sitting in the room with us and said that when we were at the doctor's office the day before the doctor asked Monkey his name and the doctor repeated back to him Bucket. I was busy with Red when this was going on so I didn't hear that conversation but it just made me laugh and laugh. Who in their right mind would name their child Bucket??? It is one thing for a kid to think that but an adult, the doctor never asked J to clarify his name. It was just too funny so now Monkey has a new nickname which guessed it BUCKET! He thinks that is pretty funny, a lot better then the first time when it made him sad the boy was calling him that at the park. Ok that is all the silliness I can handle for one night.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Wow where to even begin with this...Monday was my last day of work, because Red ruptured my water bag. So I had to go to the hospital and be induced, which stunk. But since the bag broke he had to come out because of the risk of infection to him. It was a long night because I had no contractions on my own they had to be medically helped along, OUCH. I finally after 4 hours of nothing happening and being extremely tired I got an epidural. Soon after Red was born! He got to come home with me on Thursday which was touch and go for a while and I am very thankful they allowed him to come home. Well I should go get something to eat before he wakes up and wants to eat. J has the two older ones at the soccer game.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Today the ladies I work with threw me a baby shower. It was so sweet and a lot of fun! We ate a yummy lunch while my kids stayed in the preschool and ate lunch then played and they had a blast!!! It was nice to relax with my co-workers. And Red got some really cute things :) Most people don't throw a baby shower if it isn't your first but I think that every baby is special not just the first. So it was nice to know they think he is as special as the other two. My friend threw me a baby board book shower when I was pregnant with Monkey. We love to read books and it helped build our reading collection. I was excited to get two more books and two we don't have yet!!! I am getting ready for him to make his appearance in this world. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I didn't gain anymore weight :) Then we had the kids' tested for sensitivity to foods and environmental things. Monkey has the sensitivity to cats just like grandma. They both had things we need to avoid but now we know what those things are and the coolest part was it only took 20 minutes each. The girls had another soccer game yesterday and they won, of course. That is about all for now, need to go make dinner.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who read this! I had a great day today and yesterday for that matter :) J took the kids yesterday morning for 2 hours and bought my present for mother's day. When they got home they were so excited about the gift they just bought that gave it to me! It was a mother's necklace, GG gave me her charm and Monkey gave me his. I really love it and feel really special when I am wearing it!!! While my family was gone yesterday I finished GG's dresser (didn't get to it on Friday) and then got all of the baby's clothes put away up til 6 months. I have the 6-9 months waiting for me to go through so that won't take long. We got the baby car seat today so I can wash and get that ready the only thing I have left to get finished before baby comes is the hospital bag which won't take long!!! I am so ready to see my little man. Anyways, back to today, Jeff brought krispy kreme doughnuts home for breakfast, YUMMY. He got me a corsage to wear to church and a bouquet of flowers. Then we went to lunch with his family and now we are at my dad's house for dinner. I had to make no meals today...I can't tell you the last time that has happened, wait I think it was when I was in the hospital after giving birth to Monkey! The kids made the cutest necklaces for me in Sunday school. One side was a close up picture of them and the other side was a picture of all the kids in their Sunday school class. GG planted some flowers for me in children's church, when I came to get her so was excited to give the flowers to me. But after about 2 minutes she said she wanted to give the flowers to daddy because he didn't get anything today. I thought that was very thoughtful of her so we explained how next month there will be a day that we give all the presents to daddy called Father's Day. Then she was more than happy to let me have the flowers she planted. What a sweetie to think of daddy, she didn't want him to be left out of her giving of gifts. Well that is it for now.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

So much has happened since I was on here last. Last night we went to the girls away soccer game and witnessed their first loss of the season, it was sad. The kids had fun and it was a really exciting game. I gave my two weeks notice today at the pre-school. I really need to get things in order before this little guy makes his debut!!! Today I spent all afternoon doing laundry and putting away the kids winter clothes and getting all their summer clothes in their dressers. Well I got Monkey's done then I got tired of doing it so tomorrow I will finish GG's clothes. Then my next task is to get the baby's clothes ready which I hope to get done this weekend. After that all I have left to do is get a bag ready for the hospital. I have one real quick story because we are going to order pizza tonight and J needs the school Mrs. Sherry was reading a story about the "chicken man". That same night J asked both kids at the dinner table what they wanted to be when they grew up. GG said, "A ballerina dancer." and Monkey said, "A chicken man!" I knew they had gotten a story read to them about the chicken man because Sherry had told me that she read it and explained the book to me before I took both kids home, but she didn't think most of the children were paying attention. So when he said "chicken man" it was really funny, HE WAS PAYING ATTENTION and he is a year + younger than most of the kids in the class. The next day I told Sherry what he had said and she was amazed because she said no one was paying attention! But then she did tell me that Monkey likes to be read too which I already knew :) I could tell more stories but I want to get the pizza ordered!