Thursday, February 28, 2008

A little of this a little of that

Well I took Peanut to the doctor yesterday and she was 17 pounds! I couldn't believe how big she is. I had to take her in because she isn't feeling good and isn't her happy content little self. I woke up Sunday morning with terrible stomach pain, I'm guessing is what she has as well. Plus, she has had runny nasty poop and she has been pooping between 15 to 20 times a day for the last 4 days not so kind on her behind. I have been using water to wipe her instead of wipes and changing her immediately after she poops as to not let it get on her bottom. This is easily done because she only wants to be held. The doctor checked her out and told me she has a virus. Nothing he can do it just has to run it's course. My stomach doesn't hurt anymore but I have a nasty headache that won't seem to GO. AWAY. I just feel bad for her as you can totally tell it is killing hurting her butt. So if you think of us say a prayer for Peanut and me as she isn't sleeping well at night and I'm tired.

Today we had a parent/teacher conference with GG's teacher. It was really cool to hear how she is doing in class. She was telling us that they make stories up in class and that GG is one of the most creative story tellers in the class. Yeah she is definitely filled with DRAMA! She also told us that she has the kindest most caring heart she has seen in a child her age. She is always the first to help people with their work or picking up toys and so on. We, of course, think she is pretty special so it's nice to hear her teacher thinks the same thing!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Cute kid conversations!

I was in the bathroom getting ready to brush my teeth and Red had just finished peeing in the potty he looks up at me and says, "One day when I was a baby I had milk when you feed me with your nurse." I smiled at him and said, "Yes." When I feed the baby I tell him I am nursing her, so he thinks that a breast is called a nurse.

Last night we were sitting on the couch and I turned the television (first I had to hook the cable back up) on to see if there was anything worth watching on. I found a channel talking about the presidential candidates. GG started asking me questions about who the next president was going to be, to which I told her honestly that I didn't know. She just did a report on George Washington in school so it is of interest to her. The cute part in all of this was Monkey. After she had stopped asking her questions he looks at me and says very seriously, "I want to be the president one day." I must of looked shocked because he then followed it with, "What?" I smiled at him and told him to go for it. Such a big thinker that one is!

This one cracks me up but I can only laugh at it now! Saturday I gave GG and Monkey some Valentine's candy called fun dip, while Red was sleeping. They started to get rowdy and I looked to see what they were doing. They were feeding Peanut the candy. I immediately grabbed her and wiped as much of it out of her mouth as I could. Then came the conversation of why we don't give babies sugar and so on. I took their candy away and told them they couldn't play on the computer, which was what they were going to do after they finished their candy, as well as tell their daddy what they did when he came home. For some reason they were more upset about telling him then the other punishments. Anyways, after a few minutes GG comes out with her Bible in hand and says, "The Bible says it's not right for you to punish us more than one time for the same thing." Shocked at how bold she was I told her, "Well you take your Bible and find where it says that and then I will change your punishment." At first she was happy about this and went to go look it up. About 5 minutes later she comes to me sad, "Mom if I'm going to find it I will have to read the whole Bible and that will take forever." At this point I am trying not to laugh. I explain to her about a conversation that her dad and her had a few weeks ago which made her say that about punishment. In the end they got to play the computer just not as long as they would have gotten to and telling their dad didn't kill them. I think they thought he was going to punish them too. But I had already taken care of it, we don't do the whole wait til your dad comes home.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Kids in a box...

This is one of our traditions with the kids when they are little. She was laughing and smiling until she saw the camera and these are the faces we got!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Needing some help...

I don't usually ask for parenting advice but I'm kind of stumped right now and starting to get frustrated. GG is in 1st grade which is the first year she actually gets grades on her report card. First quarter she had all A's, three being A+'s. She just got her report card for the second quarter and she had all A's and one B this time and I believe two of the A's were A+'s. She is inconsolable about that B. I have had in great length, talks with her about how great of a report card she got and as long as she was trying her best that is all she can do. The B was in Math, which didn't surprise me, because the packet of work she gets sent home for us to review, she has always struggled with the math portion. They do speed drills and so she gets all the plank ones marked wrong but all the ones she has filled in are the correct answer, she just doesn't have enough time on the test. Next year she is going to have to answer 100 math problems in 5 minutes so this is preparing her for that. I have even told her I would work with her on her math but she just feels so bad she didn't get all A's. She even told me she was the ONLY one in her class that didn't get all A's which I know to be false. The school sends home the honor roll along with the GPA of everyone that is on it. There is high honors and then honors. There were a few kids in her class that didn't even make it on the sheet so they couldn't have gotten all A's. But I don't really feel I can share that with her. Well I feel better after getting that off my chest, please any help/advice with this from you moms out there with grade school kids would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, February 18, 2008

100th day of School...and randomness

Yep, my kids had school today! I'm not complaining I actually like their school schedule. They start in September and get a week off for Thanksgiving, Good Friday and the following week for Spring Break (Easter Break they call it) and two weeks for Christmas break and they get out the beginning of June like all the other schools!

Well I am still in my "nesting" phase. I have cleaned out so many areas in our house! The other night I went through my shoes and got rid of 7 pairs, one being my wedding shoes, is that bad? But I never wear them. I also went through each kids baby books and made sure all the necessary things were filled in, I was a little behind on that. I only have a few things left to do on my list of things to do. However there is one task that I have to wait until it warms up, it is going through all the baby clothes in the garage and saying goodbye! Of course, I will keep a few favorites and the outfits they came home in but the majority of it is going.

Oh the last thing I wanted to blog about was that we have turned off the cable in the living room. We still have it it is just not hooked up! Before I got pregnant with Peanut my kids watched maybe a half hour of tv a day if at all. We just did other things to fill our time. However, when I got pregnant with Peanut and had such terrible morning sickness that lasted almost the whole pregnancy all rules flew out the window and I felt that the tv was *always* on. I hated it but wasn't in a place to really do much about it. Then after she was born life was crazy and then I got sick. It just felt like it never ended and eventually my kids thought they must watch tv! Well J and I talked about it and so it came unhooked in the living room. We may be hypocrites because we can watch tv at night but I will say the kids have gotten to watch some tv it just has to be a video. I feel so much better about things now and I am feeling much better so I can keep them occupied with activities. I also want to clarify I don't think television is bad but when it is the only thing my kids want to do then I have a problem with it.

I was going through pictures on the computer to get them printed off and I came across this doesn't get much better!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Exciting Announcements!

Well today is Valentine's Day and my hubby is working so my dad is taking us out for dinner. I know that really isn't an announcement but it's exciting to me! My step-mom is busy otherwise he would take her out!

First announcement is my friend Belinda has an online store for nursing aprons. I called mine a hooter hider! I have a link on my sidebar under Bellissimamas - nursing aprons/covers. Some of you have asked me about them. I talked to Belinda and anyone who orders from her and mentions they learned about her through my blog gets 15% off! See isn't that exciting? If you are pregnant or know someone who is go check them out! I absolutely love mine. This offer is good through March 30th 2008.

Second announcement the Ultimate Blog Party is coming March 7 -14th! I had so much fun last year reading new blogs and meeting people. If you weren't apart of it last year you should check it out this year. To learn more about the party go to 5 Minutes for Mom. If that didn't convince you there are tons of prize give-a-ways that you can only be eligible if you participate. There are already over 50 prizes listed see if there is anything you would be interested in winning!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well I started going through all my clothes mainly to pick out all the maternity that I have so I can give them to my friend who is pregnant. I have plans within the next few days to go through them all and get rid of the old/too small/too big clothes! This is the first time after a baby I have gotten rid of my maternity clothes. There is no rhythm to the space between our kids so I never knew when the next one would come but I *did* know there would be a next one! This time we are done and so the clothes must go. If I do get pregnant again I figure I could borrow from my friend or just get new clothes but I really pray that doesn't happen. As I am going through the clothes my husband looks at me and says, "Are you nesting?" I looked at him funny and said, "If I am giving away all my maternity clothes I better not be!" I have only nested during I'd like to call this de-cluttering! I must say that it feels good to have those clothes gone and know that they will get used by my friend!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I know most people don't like doing their taxes but having small children it is a good thing to get them done. Today we spend a good part of the afternoon filing our taxes for last year. All the money that we are getting back is basically already spent. Though it is nice to know that that money will be coming in even if it won't be there that long!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Movin' on Up

I have seen so many cool looking blogs out there and I have had this blog with the same look for 5 years. Yes, I started blogging back in 2003! I needed a major face lift and so with the help of my brother-in-law we have a new look. I just don't know much about computer but I am learning slowly and having fun at the same time. I wish I liked learning back when I was in school. What do you think of the new look?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

American Girl Day

Well more like hour but still GG finally got an American Girl doll. Today after church we dropped the boys off at J's parents and we took GG and Peanut to the American Girl Place. It was huge! We found the doll she wanted and an outfit and we were out of there. She has been saving her money from birthdays and scratching Grandpa's head. Yes, my dad pays my kids to scratch his head. When I was a kid I had scratch without pay. Here is her new American Girl doll named Emily, she LOVES her.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Crazy Busy week...

This week has proven to be quite busy for us. Here are some of the highlights of our week so far and to come. Monday we (everyone but the two youngest) went to the dentist the highlight was that the office workers told me how impressed they were with me. They said they knew I wasn't 30 yet and had 4 kids and was very organized. Looks like I fooled them ;) The compliment was nice though and considering I was the only one that ended up with cavities and 2 of them, bummer. Tuesday was playgroup at an indoor play place and the only other thing I remember about that day was we had major poop issues (and spit up) with 3 of the 4 kids. I don't even want to write what happened because I don't want to relive it! I'll just say I didn't get a good night sleep. Wednesday was a snow day and that was super fun but realized I didn't go over GG homework with her again and she had 2 tests today, oops. Today we went to the bank and then a birthday party, Red wanted to wear his buzz lightyear costume but didn't get too. The rest of today is normal at least I hope. Tomorrow I have a mom's brunch and GG goes back to the dentist to get sealant put on her 6 year molars. This is to prevent cavities! I know boring post but is life!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

This is why we *had* to get them bunk beds!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday...

I don't usually watch the game but I love to go to parties and hang out with people during the game. Today we no different. We left the party a little early because the kids have school tomorrow and it was snowing out and we knew the roads were going to be bad. As we were leaving Kendell, a high schooler, came outside to go sledding. She took the sled and went down the cement stairs. We heard, "owie, owie," on each step she went down.
J says: Smooth move exlax
Red: Smooth move exlax
J: Hahahaha
Red: hahaha exlax
Then we both started cracking up! He had no idea what he was saying. I will say that overall today was a great day. We went to church, had the all church lunch afterwards, came home, GG went to a friends house for a play date, I took a 2 hour nap, and then we went to the party. Last night we had game night with our Sunday School class and it was a late night for me and we laughed so hard my sides seriously hurt, so the nap was great!