Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas recap!

I am feeling much better today for the first time in about 10 days. The kids had a great Christmas. They got so many wonderful toys. Red and Money each got buzz lightyear custome and shoot gun from Grandma and Grandpa M! I believe that is Red's favorite gift. I have two buzz's running around. Today the two youngest stayed home with me and grandma and the older two and daddy went skiing/snowboarding with grandpa and Aunt Becky and Uncle Travis. I just talked to J and he said that GG was going down the big hills. Which I am glad I'm not there because I think I would be nervous watching her on the ski lift those things are high. Both the kids got 2 hour lessons this morning which I think helped. Today was Monkey's first time skiing so as fas as I know he didn't do the big hills. I will leave you with my buzz lightyears!

Monday, December 24, 2007

I've been MIA

Since I posted on Tuesday I came down with the worst stomach flu I have ever had. It was seriously debilitating. My stomach still feels upset this morning but not as bad as the past mornings. I hope and pray that I am on the mend of this because I really want to enjoy Christmas morning. Well I wanted to get on here and tell everyone Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

8 years of marriage and Lord willing many more to come...

Apparently I am no good at this surprise thing. Today is our anniversary and J had already made plans for a sitter so he could take me out to lunch. I asked him this morning if we were going to do anything and he said he wanted to clean the house. I was giving him suggestions of what we could do which he had already done but I didn't know about. I love when he does things without me knowing but I always seem to ruin them. We had a good lunch and now he took the three kids sledding. I hope we don't have any accidents like last year!

Yesterday was a very fun day. We pulled the two kids out of school and took them to the Winter Wonder Fest. My Friday morning Bible study at church had planned this event and so there was 39 people that went. There was a group of 16 who drove the church van they were all the women that had kids but their husbands were working and then the other 23 were 4 families us being one of the 4. The husbands were either firefighters or police officers so they have different work schedules! The kids had fun riding rides and playing with their friends from church. Dinner was fun too. We sat most of the kids at one table and the men decided to sit with them so us women had a nice dinner!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Family Get together...

This weekend was my grandparents family get together. We got home late last night because GG and Red where in the Sunday School program/Ark performance. Anyways, we had a good time with family needless to say. My Uncle, we'll call him Mr. T was telling me how he reads my know your chat box. It was pretty funny, he meant my blog. I told him I would give him a shout out so here it is...

About half an hour into our time together Peanut got hungry so I grabbed my nifty little hooter hider that my friend Belinda made me and we nursed. Mr. T being a huge joke-ster asked if he could see how breastfeeding worked. He then walked away to do something when his wife informed me that if I were to show him he would run away crying. So I told her that after Peanut was done eating and I was all put back together I would call him over to "show" him. Well he won't come near me so I just lifted the blanket as I was telling him he could see. His face was priceless and everyone around me that knew what was going on was laughing so hard. It was all in good fun. I am actually planning a trip to go see him and his family this summer if everything works out! They live in another state.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Last Night!

I wish I had pictures to show but the batteries were dead in the camera I brought. I am kicking myself for not checking them first. At least she has one more performance so I hope to get some pictures then. She looked so sweet on the stage singing and dancing!

Looking forward to this weekend/week we are going to be crazy busy. We leave tomorrow just me, the 4 kids, and our babysitter to go to my grandparents Christmas gathering. We are spending the night in a hotel and then on Saturday is the family party at the hotel. We are coming home Saturday because we have to be at church early on Sunday morning for GG last performance. Then on Monday we are going to Winter Wonder Fest so the kids aren't going to school that day. I am really excited about it and J took the day off to come with us! Tuesday is our 8th anniversary, Wednesday is the party at Awana clubs, Thursday is GG's school Christmas program and then Friday is the last day of school for the year and their parties! Oh yeah and J's brother and family are coming to town late Thursday night. Then that starts another whole weekend/week of fun but that is looking to far in advance for me right now!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In Trouble!

I have been reprimanded for not posting and when I do it is pictures or a video. What do you except from a mama of four and the youngest is not yet 3 months old! My days basically consist of cleaning the house, laundry, dishes, and taking care of the kids which two have homework everyday. I will say though Life is Good and I feel extremely blessed! We have a few more gifts to buy for random things that keep seeming to pop up like GG's class is doing a grab bag for their Christmas party next week. Speaking of her she has her first performance for the Ark on Wednesday. She is excited and nervous at the same time. She has a dancing solo and a singing solo. The other girl is getting so big and she is just such a happy baby. She giggles all the time now and smiles at all her siblings even Red :) Now on to Red, his verbal skills have taken off. He has always been a good speaker but his reasoning has got too good sometimes. I know I have examples but at the moment I am too tired to think of them. And last but certainly not least is Monkey. Poor kid had a bout of the hives last week. He is finally over them Praise the Lord. I hate that we have no idea what caused them and will probably never know either, so frustrating. His teacher said that his writing and reading is improving greatly! Other than that he is still my loudest most imaginative child. I did ask him one day if he gets tired of me and his dad asking him to be quiet? He said, "No." I swear I tell him at least once a day he is being too loud. I guess one day I will miss his talking that sounds like he is screaming :)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Big Brother gets Big Laughs!

I was making dinner and Monkey was helping me keep Peanut happy. I had to stop dinner to get the giggles on video! I just wish it wasn't so dark on the computer the camera looked fine...

Monday, December 03, 2007

Hot off the press!

I took some pictures of Peanut today and wanted to get them on here on time! She is wearing one of GG outfits when she was a baby! The whole time I was trying to take her picture she was smiling but as soon as it flashed she stopped smiling.

One more thing I wanted to document...hehehe. J made me breakfast in bed. And there was no special occasion! Now I just have to get him to write me a song...hmmm. He has written each of the kids a song and our friend Olivia but not me. I can't be too upset he has written me poetry.