Sunday, April 24, 2005

Here I sit after a crazy weekend! Friday after school we packed up the van and headed to the girls away soccer game. Then to the soccer tournament, I went as a chaperon. It was a 3 hour trip from the away game. But the kids handled the car ride great! We bought the Incredibles as a extra special treat for the kids on the way down. We stayed in a nice hotel and then went to the 3 games on Saturday. It was pretty cold outside so we bundled the kids up really good! The girls ended up winning 1st place so that was cool. On the way home the bus, which we didn't followed, blew out a tire. We felt bad but there was really nothing we could do to help them because we were about an hour away on a different route. We got home and went to bed. This morning we went to church and ate lunch at church with Joe and Sue's Sunday school class, it was suppose to be a picnic but it was too cold outside. When we got home we took a family nap and started some laundry and just getting things put away from the trip.

On Thursday when the kids and I got home from school J took GG on a surprise date. She was so excited she didn't even ask where they were going!!! They ended up going to the race track to test drive some cars through the Auto Show. They were gone for 2 1/2 hours. Her face had the biggest smile when they got home. She told me all about the Hummer she got to ride on, all the other cars she road in, the food she got to eat and the golf cart she got to take a ride on to the car with the police officers in it...she had a blast! She loves spending time with just daddy. Next Friday her and I are going to a mother/daughter banquet so that will be fun.

Monday, April 18, 2005

I just amazes me how much time goes by before I get a chance to get on the computer. With the weather so nice the kids and I have spent almost everyday all day outside playing. This last week we went to an away soccer game and they won. It was a really good game, then we went out to eat it was great family fun! On Saturday J had training for the new patrol unit so the kids and I did some fun things. We played with the neighborhood kids and took a walk to the Library (I got burnt) and checked out some books and did the craft. When J got home we grilled then went to Home Depot and got some stuff for J's new project of making a DVD holder for the van. We got GG some seeds to plant as her summer project in the yard. She picked out the princess mix, of course! She was super excited about planting them that after church on Sunday she went right to her room and changed out of her dress, I told her she needed to wear shorts and a shirt when planting. She looked so cute with her gardener gloves on, they have little worms on them! At Home Depot we also looked at the landscaping things like the retaining walls and bushes. We have a couple of things we would like to get done this summer with the lawn. The whole yard needs help so we are taking it one step at a time. In time it will be how we want it...about the time we want to move! Today we played at the park during soccer practice and the other kids at the preschool came out so that Monkey and GG had friends to play with.

There have been some things that Monkey has done lately that I have wanted to write about...whenever we see a school bus now he says, "A school bus crashed into daddy." J got in an accident involving a school bus. When he wants to know what the "plan" is he holds up one finger at a time and lists what he thinks needs to be done. He got this from me because I give them a list of things that are going to happen (eat dinner, take bath, read books and then bed) and I count them on my fingers so now he does it! The other day when he was eating mac and cheese he took the noodles and placed them on the fork through the whole and called them candles!!! Today his teacher told me that they were getting ready for snack and he was reading a book and she told me he had to put the book away if he wanted snack. He then dropped it on the floor and she looked at him and said "Monkey" in a very motherly way, he looked up at her and said, "I'm just kidding" picked the book up and put it away. He is such a ham! And he is just like his father :) J taught him to say "Welcome to the jungle, we have fun and games!"

Well that is the gist of what has been going on around here! We are starting to get more things ready for our new arrival. If you have tried calling us and didn't get a hold of us we were probably outside and didn't hear the phone!!! We love being outside...

Friday, April 08, 2005

Well another week as gone by so fast. We spent most of our days outside playing in the nice weather. Monday J had an away game for the girl's soccer team so we didn't see him much that day but Tuesday the kids and I went to practice with him so that was fun. Wednesday we were going to go to practice again but Monkey came down with a fever so we stayed home. But after school we took the kids to Pizza Hut for lunch and then to get groceries. Thursday Monkey didn't go to school because of his fever, he was so sad. He really likes being in his new class with Mrs. Sherry and GG. We had the librarian come to school and read books to the kids. GG really liked that especially because her teacher's assistant works at that library. She got a sticker and when she got home she asked J if we could go to the library and see Mrs. Daisy. We took the kids to the library, Monkey's fever had broke. Today both kids went to school and this afternoon we went to Wal-mart, what fun!!! But tonight the kids and I are going to the Variety Show at school. It works out good because J has to work tonight and he can sleep while we are gone :) Well that is all my brain can think of to write.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

We are back from our mini vacation and I am exhausted. We left here Thursday and stopped in Rockford before heading to my mom's house. Friday we spent most of the day playing inside and outside. We met my grandma for lunch. I was really glad to get to see her, but I wish grandpa could of come too. I was able to give her the picture we took at Christmas with all 4 generations of girls. It turned out really cute. Then my mom rented some movies for us to watch and none of them were any good. So we ended up talking til 3am and I went to bed that night at 4am because Monkey woke up and then woke GG up and she started coughing. She coughed for an hour before she was able to fall back asleep. Saturday mom took the kids and I shopping at JcPenny's. GG got a summer dress and Monkey picked out a shorts outfit. We had GG try some of the dresses on that we picked out to make sure they fit and looked ok. She is such a ham. She tried the dress on then went to the mirror and did different poses to see if she liked the way it looked on her. She ended up with a really cute red and white checkered dress with flowers on the bottom. Then we went to another store and the kids got some toys from Nana. This was their Easter present from her. GG got Cinderella and Belle Disney princesses that are the same type of thing as the polly pockets. Monkey got another dinosaur and a snake. And they each got a water gun which they can't wait to use!!! They had a pack of two guns, one was purple (GG's favorite color) and the other was green (Monkey's favorite color) so that worked out great!!! We went to Subway for lunch and the kids ate everything. Then we went to my grandparent's old house in the next town over for a family gathering. We got there in time for ice cream, GG got chocolate and Monkey got vanilla. The kids got to play with my cousins' kids so that was fun for them. Then we headed to Rockford again for a surprise Anniversary celebration. That really wore the kids out and me too. There were so many kids there to play with and a lot of good food. I had a hard time getting the kids to leave. We got home at 9:15 just in time to see J for a little bit before he went to work. Then we lost an hour last night of sleep due to the time change. We didn't make it to church because the kids didn't sleep good. Monkey was up for about half an hour and GG was coughing all night. I can't tell if she has allergies or getting a cold. I need to get her and Monkey tested soon.