Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Well today is J's birthday and he has to work. Monkey had a blast with J water skiing/tubing. J said he fell asleep on the boat sitting up and they all got a kick out of that! After they got back we went out to eat at Photo's not Subway, Photo's gives kids free ice cream :) Then we went to a baseball game and had a very fun time as a family. Anyway, this week we have VBS at our church so it has been a very busy week. We have to be at church by 8:45am and with rush hour it has taken us about 40 minutes to get there which on Sunday it only takes us 20 minutes. I am working in the kitchen with a girl named Erin and we are having fun. She is a couple years younger than me and has two kids 18 months apart just like mine, so all week long we have heard "Where are the little old ladies that usually do snack?" But we have been told that us working in the kitchen is great because the snacks are better this year. We actually had nothing to do with planning them we are just making them...the old ladies only made cookies and would never do anything different. I am having fun and Red is with me so we are all happy. I would totally work again next year! Anyways, J is working in the gym and he is having a great time too, yesterday he came home soaking wet from water games. GG and Monkey are loving it, too. It is a great family activity. This year's theme is "Boot Camp" and we are training for the war against Satan, very cute. Then next week we have nothing planned but the week of Aug 8, I signed the kids up for another VBS at their school and it is only a 5 minute drive!!! That will be a nice break for me and a great time for them. Other than that Joe, J's brother, is coming to town on Friday and he will get to meet Red for the first time!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ok it has been awhile since I got on here! This is some of what we have been up too. Saturday we had Monkey's birthday party and it was so much fun. The kids went swimming in the pool :) Monkey got some really great gifts and he absolutely loves them all. One of my favorites was the carpet of streets for his little cars. He just loves them all so when we asked what his favorite was he practically named them all!!! He got a big boys bike from J and I and GG picked him out an airplane and car. He also got a flashlight, so much fun for a 3 year old. It was a great party. Then afterwards we went to the Hotel my mom was staying at and the adults went swimming. The next morning we all went to church and then the kids and I went to Brookfield zoo with my mom, step-dad and brothers. We saw the dolphin show and that was really cool. I just wish it wouldn't of been so hot and humid out that day. Then my brother Kolin stayed with us for a few days and the kids really loved that and it was nice for me too. Another gift Monkey got was a ticket to see Veggie Tales Rockin Live Tour, which we went to yesterday. It was pretty cute and the kids loved it. We went with the family that bought his ticket and then went to eat at the Olive Garden afterwards...YUM. I love that place :) I am a big fan of the soup, salad and bread sticks. Today J took GG and Monkey fishing, Monkey used his new fishing pole and had a blast. We are going to get his pictures taken today in about an hour. When we get home J is going to run the sprinkler and let the kids run through it. Tomorrow J is taking Monkey water skiing as his father/son time. I'm a little upset about that because it is his birthday and I won't get to see him until the middle of the afternoon. We are going to take him out for his birthday dinner when they get back. As of now Monkey said Subway was his choice but we'll see if that changes tomorrow. Well that is about it from me. Oh yeah J and I bought GG a DVD of Mary Poppins.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

This morning J and GG got up and went fishing. GG caught her first fish and it was pretty big! It was a large mouth bass about 2 pounds and at least a foot long. Yesterday morning Monkey went with J but they didn't ketch anything but still had fun. J is loving his father's day present...the fishing pole they have been using :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

J had Sat., Sun., and Monday off and we had so much fun. Saturday morning we got up early and J's dad came over and we all drove up to Camp Awana where Aunt Liz and Grandma were. I have never been there before and of course neither have the kids. There was so much fun things to do there the kids didn't want to leave. We had lunch there and then went into town for some ice cream. We got home from camp around 5pm and went to Subway for dinner no one felt like cooking :) Then Sunday we went to S.S and church came home and eat lunch real quick then headed over to the Festival. What a blast that was. The kids got wristbands to ride all the rides they wanted. This year GG was barely big enough to go down the Big slide by herself and the guy almost didn't let her go down which would of been no fun. But she went down that about 10 times and Monkey went with either J or I and it was great! They also went on the dragon roller coaster about 5 times and each of the other rides either once or twice. We were there for about 3 hours!!! We also went on the ferris wheel and I don't like that ride at all but J talked me into going on it again this year. Monkey got in trouble from one of the workers there, he took his belt off during the ride and the guy had to stop the ride to put it back on him, he told both Monkey and I if he took it off again he couldn't ride anymore. The worst part was that the guy knew he was related to a police officer because of the wristband, he called it the VIP band. Needless to say Monkey didn't take it off again but he did cry for about the first minute of the ride after that. We came home and ate a really late dinner and put the kids to bed. Both kids feel asleep in a matter of seconds after their head hit the pillow. So that was Sunday and then Monday the kids and I got up and met J at the parade. He was working it and had saved us a parking spot right where he was located. I love having that kind of privilege, it's nice. Then we went to our friends Matt and Sara's for a bbq. There were so many kids there it was a lot of fun for GG and Monkey and we had fun too. Then we went to the fireworks, which J also worked. The officers roped off parking for everyone at the bbq so we didn't have to look for parking so nice. We watched the fireworks and then came home. Today we got up and went grocery shopping, came home ate lunch and then the kids went to their sports class. They did bowling today. When we got home the two older had quiet time for a half an hour then GG made a bead necklace and Monkey colored then got out his train tracks so I thought I would update real quick while they were occupied but now I need to go make dinner. Tomorrow we have a playdate with GG's friend from school Alina so that will be fun!