Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stat Time

I've seen stats done on other peoples blog and I thought they were kind of fun so here are my stats.

I've been married 105 months.

I've been pregnant 37.5 months.

I've breastfed 79 months and counting.

I've been blogging 69 months.

And I'm 359 months old :)

I forgot to add that I have been a mom for 92 months!

Photo Contest!

5 Minutes for Mom is having another photo contest! You are to enter a picture of your sleeping angel. If I win I would like to have the Lily Rose Set. This would be a huge blessing as Peanut doesn't have a bed or dresser. She is currently using a Sterilite 3 drawer Cart from Wal*mart and co-sleeping with us. She just turned one Sept 14th and will soon be needing a bed of her own. So without further ado here is one of my favorite sleeping angel pictures!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Recap

My brother, his two kids and his fiancee came to town this weekend. Friday night we went to my dad's for dinner and to hang out with them. This was the first time we all got to meet April my brother's future wife. The kids had fun together except Peanut because she got bit by my brother's son. I felt so bad for her. She has never been bit before and since then has been very clingy. I really don't blame her she wants to make sure she is protected.

Then Saturday we (most J and the kids) worked in the yard. I did however get an injury to prove that I did do work ;) We would of spent the day with my brother but they went on my dad's boat. It worked out good because we needed to get the yard work done. Then we had a birthday party from 5 to 6pm and my family came over for the fire pit and marshmallows and for the kids to play on the swing set!

Sunday we went to church and after wards went out to eat with another family. We put all the kids down on one end and the adults on the other! Their kids ages are 9, 5, and 2 and ours are 7, 6, 3 and 1. It worked out well because there were some older kids. Then we went to my in-laws and hung out until the evening service. When we got to church GG said her head hurt. We gave her a bucket and had her lay down in the couch room. I went to check on her about 30 minutes into the service and she was still hurting but laying there. About 5 minutes later J got up because he heard crying. I sat in the back so I could listen for her. We went to see if it was her and sure enough it was. She had thrown up into the bucket. I felt so bad I didn't hear her. She said she laid there yelling HELP. Then she got up and walked into church crying. The nice thing though is that everyone in church knows who she is and who she belongs too. When we went to check to see if it was her crying a girl from church was helping her in the bathroom. I love our church. Then J and I were talking on the way home about what could be the cause of these migraines. She has had them 3 times at church were she has thrown up. In all honesty I think she has thrown up at church as much as she has at home. Church is like home for us we are there quite often and I love it! I want to say that Monkey and Peanut are the only ones of our kids that haven't lost it at church :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008


This kid gives me so much blog fodder it is UNreal. Just a little background, my dad has gone on two overseas trips this year first to Isreal and second to London. While he was gone he bought the kids gifts, both times those gifts were pens. Apparently, there aren't many kid friendly gifts overseas? This morning after taking the two older kids to school I put Peanut down for a morning nap and turned cartoons on for Red so I could jump in the shower. During said shower Red decided that he should use his pen and color his body. He got all of his arms and legs. Looking back I should of taken a picture for the blog but I wanted to get it off before we went to our friends house for lunch! We are at our friends house having fun, the kids are playing and the grown ups are talking. Then it happens, Red falls off the swing. He comes up mud and blood all over his face. Clean him up to find he bit all the way through his tongue. He is screaming and crying and drooling all over the place. I have never seen a kid drool that much before and I've seen droolers! Once again I think this would make a good picture for the blog but I didn't have my camera. I guess I could go take a picture now, but the drama of it is gone.

Other happenings today...while we were at my friends J left a message on my cell phone. Kendra had come over to our house so we could drive together. We left her jeep in the driveway. J came home for lunch and saw her jeep. He didn't know whose it was and so he called his work and found out it was Kendra's. Anyways, he left a message on my cell saying that he came home saw a jeep in our driveway and called our towns police to have it towed. Followed by a just kidding. So I tell Kendra what the message says telling her just kidding at the end. Her face was priceless. She really thought he had it towed. I then call him and leave a message saying I didn't get the message because I had to take Red to the ER because he fell and got hurt with blood everywhere and by the way I'm just kidding. He didn't think my joke was as funny as his! Us girls thought it was pretty funny :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Baby...

Let me paint you a picture of what it is like to be the mother of Peanut. We walk around the grocery store or any other store and you can hear her saying, "HI" as she waves to EVERYone we come in contact with. When she doesn't want to be in the cart anymore you can find her pushing the cart and walking at a really slow pace, so glad I don't have to be in a hurry most days! Then there is the toilet. I was making dinner and she was sitting on the floor at my feet playing. The meal I made called for an egg so I proceeded to crack an egg and by the time I had the egg cracked and threw the shell away she was in the little bathroom sticking her hand in the toilet and then drinking the water off of it. SO GROSS! I get her attention to STOP. She turns to me with arms held up wanting me to pick her up but I still needed to wash the egg goop off. Since she isn't walking yet she fell and proceeded to cry. Bad mommy for not catching her. I quickly wash my hands and pick her up to wash her toilet water hands. Then all was well in the world. This morning I was in the little bathroom starting a load of laundry when I turn around and she is once again in the toilet water drinking it. What is the deal with this child??? And why can't my other kids learn to put the lid on the toilets???? From now on I am going to make it my mission to make sure the lids are down on both toilets. Thankfully there was no pee in the water not that it makes the whole situation less gross. Another thought, Peanut is going to love reading this when she gets older. IT will be a good story to tell any future boyfriends who might want to kiss her...they might want to reconsider kissing a toilet water drinker ;) I do love that little girl, grossness and all. How can you not with that smile of hers?!?!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This morning the alarms worked!!! Now I just got to get my oldest with the program ;) I got in the shower with all three kids dressed and ready to go, only needing to get Peanut dressed. When I got out of the shower the two oldest kids and the only ones going to school today were undressed and in dress up clothes. I couldn't believe it. Seriously what goes through their minds? Why would they undress? I get out see them and immediately direct them to get their school clothes on right away. I think they knew I meant business because they were both redressed before I got my clothes on. They got to school about 5 minutes before the bell rang. We need to work on getting out the door maybe 10 minutes earlier. We came home and I fixed my hair, you know, took the time to blow dry and style it. Then the two youngest and I went to playgroup. A few of our normal play mates were under the weather so it was just the host and me. It was nice because we got to catch up on what has been going on with each other! Then back home for lunch and out the door again for Peanut's doctor appointment that I made this morning. Her loud breathing and gross sounding nose because of her nose being stuffed up is getting ridiculous. It has been over a week since it has started and J really wanted me to bring her in. Now she is on a decongestant so hopefully that will help. I really think it is just from teething as I can feel the two top teeth, they haven't broken through but they feel like they are about too. I planned the appointment bad too because I thought we would be done by the time Red needed to go down for his nap but they were running late and so he was a crank. Then I had to stop to get the prescription filled prolonging the nap even more. I don't get him. He goes to school knowing he has to take a nap but fights it at school and then today he is home and he wants to take a nap. I'll never understand that one. The only other thing on my mind is that I can't wait for Peanut to start walking. She weighed in at 21 pounds today. She's heavy! She loves to walk holding on to things but I just want her to take off and not use help. She's a lot like Red in this area because the other kids get her whatever she wants or they (GG) carry her. I guess for now I will just wait!

Monday, September 22, 2008

What happens when...

You set your alarm and go to bed but it doesn't go off in the morning? It is a manic panic rush to get everyone up and out the door in 25 minutes! I just don't understand why my cell phone alarm didn't go off. J even checked it before he went to bed and it was all set. My day has been thrown all out of wack not to mention Peanuts naps. Oy. I think J is going to set his alarm and my alarm tomorrow just in case this happens again! That's it for now as Peanut is sleeping and I've got work to do...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Top Ten Favorite Fall things...

The Flip Flop Mamma wants to know what our favorite top things of fall are!

1. The color change of the leaves and them falling, so pretty.

2. Racking the leaves just so the kids can jump in them!

3. Trips to the pumpkin farm and apple picking.

4. Carving Pumpkins and making memories.

5. The warmth of the sun with the coolness of the breeze.

6. Fire pits at night.

7. Jeans and sandles or flip flops.

8. Doing homework outside with the kids.

9. Thanksgiving and starting to buy Christmas presents.

10. My birthday!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Just for my record!

Today J was study for Monkey's first science test and J asked him "what gives our hair color". Monkey's answer was too funny not to get down. Ready? He said, "pig oink (pause) oink pig". The correct answer would be pigment! It was really cute and we got a good chuckle :)

Secondly, every night before bed I have the three older kids get their clothes out for the next day. It helps with getting all 4 and myself out the door in the morning on time. Red being 3 and still learning got out a pair of underwear and 3 shirts! We have a little work to do with him...haha.

Peanut's birthday party was a hit yesterday and I have tons of pictures on the camera and a lot of them I haven't even looked at yet, my mom took them for me! I hope to put some of them on here soon.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Peanut!

Let me see Peanut's birth story is completely different then the others because she was a scheduled c-section. The night before she was born I stayed up until 1am so I could get something to eat before my fast started. I then took a sleeping pill so that I would sleep and be well rested for her to be born. I slept until 12pm the next day. My c-section was scheduled for 4pm and I had to get to the hospital at 3pm! I didn't want to wake up at 8am and not be able to eat :) I got up and took a shower and then the hospital called and said they bumped me up and if I could get there an hour early. Of course! I wanted to see this baby girl so badly at this point. She was born at 3:48pm and she was out in a matter of 8 minutes. This was my fastest delivery and my hardest recovery. Go figure! She weighed 7 lbs 14 oz (my biggest baby) and was 20 inches long. She was beautiful and still is :) Her head was the prefect shape and she was just so petite even as my biggest baby! I have enjoyed watching her grow this year and I am so thankful she is apart of our family. We are totally complete.

Friday, September 12, 2008

What a week...

I really hope that this week is not the predictor for the whole school year. Among left book bags, lost items and tons of homework for the 2nd grader, it's been interesting to say the least. And to top it off I just got a lovely call from a collection agency saying I owe over 100 dollars. Um, no I don't, we have HMO and only pay 10 bucks at the most for EVERYTHING it's our co-pay. I am so upset this is so annoying. We just got finished dealing with the mess the insurance had on Peanuts bills (over 500) and now this. This better not hurt our credit. I have become best friends with the human resource person at J's work.

On a more positive side. We started our women's ministries at church this morning and we got to go out for mom day out. And it was just so nice. We had 9 women and we went to Pot Belly's, I love that place! I am really excited about this year and getting to know more women in the church we have about 5 new moms in our group!!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Peanut was so out of sorts yesterday with the 3 kids gone to school as was I. She took two naps and that was the only time I could do stuff because she wanted to be entertained or held otherwise! Which is fine because I know these days will not last. Today she is doing much better because Red is home. However he didn't like the fact that he wasn't going to school. I really hope that he isn't like this everyday he doesn't get to go to school! He must have really liked it yesterday :) I might have to put him there Mon, Wed, and Fri. Right now he is only going Mon and Wed. We'll see. When I went to pick him up yesterday the teacher told me that he is a good eater and he ate almost everything in his lunch except a few noodles. I told her I packed him the most food because he is my eater! He got some pasta, apple sauce, chips, smoothie drink and a juice box.

I can't believe this weather we are having. It is 66 degrees in my house and only 55 outside. I really don't want to turn the heat on but I normally keep the house at 67 or 68 in the winter and so it is a bit chilly in our house this morning.

Monday, September 08, 2008

First Day of School

I will say this last week was hard not to read any blogs or to blog. So many times I thought to myself I should blog this. Haha! Well today was the first day of school for the three older kids. We didn't tell them last night before they went to bed that they had school today and they all slept really good. Then this morning when I announced it was the day for school they were so excited! Here are the pictures...

The kids outside our house! They each had an apple to give to their teachers :)

Red and Mrs. Sherry (the teacher)
Red and Mrs. Kathy (teacher assistant)
We dropped Red off first since the doors opened at 8am. We got pictures with his teachers which is our tradition. I didn't have time to get him playing so I am going to take some pictures when I pick him up! He was so excited about school he wasn't sad about me leaving him at all. Made me sad to leave him but I'm glad he was happy about school. The funny thing about school for him is that his teachers have the same names as his Sunday School teachers who he calls Aunty Sherry and Aunty Kathy so we'll see if he mixes them up!!! I just can't believe he is old enough to be in school. Also glad that we dropped him off first because then I had two other kids to get to class and it helped me not to tear up...

GG, my 2nd graders by her locker. See her lovely tattoo? She got it on Saturday and put it on without asking first! Oh well. When did she get so big?
My sweet Monkey at his desk. He has a friend from church in his class and they were both really excited about it and I hope they don't cause the teacher any trouble!

Totally not school related but one of the things I wanted to blog about was that J won a raffle prize through his work. It was $800 worth of goods and the best part was the fire pit! We've used it twice in one week. The funny part was that we were just talking about buying a fire pit for our next house and then he won it. God is SOOO good!