Friday, March 30, 2007


Remember how I said that Red was throwing up on Sunday? Well Tuesday night after Bible study I told J I didn't feel good. Now I hadn't been throwing up for almost 2 weeks so the morning sickness was over with. Around 10:30pm Monkey woke up crying and shortly thereafter started throwing up. Something about the sound of him puking made me loose it. I ended up throwing up twice but EVERYTHING came out of me. There was no more that I could possibly throw up. Monkey on the other hand ended up throwing up every half hour almost like clock work. From 10:30 until 3:30 it was every half hour then he was ok for a few hours and threw up again at 5:30 then he was done. At around 3am GG woke up and threw up all over her bed and hair and EVERYWHERE. I was sick and not feeling good. J got her bedding up and in the wash and then gave her a bath and then Monkey threw up again. I got out of bed to help him into the bathroom with his bucket. I gave it to J and told him I had to go lay down because I felt like I was going to pass out. J is the MAN. He took care of all 3 of us without complaint and he did it somewhat lovely. I think he was getting a little frustrated around 4 when everything seemed to settle down and then Red woke up. He put Red in the bed with us (he was no longer puking) and the other two were on our bedroom floor so J could help them when they needed to throw up. Each one with their own puke bucket. Then Wednesday the kids seemed to be feeling better. They didn't eat anything and both took a long nap. I wasn't feeling horrible just weak and tired. But by Wednesday night I was throwing up again. I didn't sleep at all Wednesday night, I just laid there with my eyes closed praying that God would help me fall asleep. My stomach hurt so bad and it was grumbling. Thursday J took the day off of work because I got up to use the bathroom at 6:30am and I had to throw up before I could go pee. I then was able to sleep for a few hours in the early morning. When I woke up I was on a gatorade diet for about 4 hours and thought I could try some dry toast. Took 3 bits and threw up. Back to square one...wait for stomach to settle and only drinks. At 8:45 I was so hungry. The midwife told me that when I took a drink and it didn't upset my stomach then I could try food. It had been almost 8 hours since I had thrown up and I wanted food. I got an apple and peeled the skin off and ate it. Then I laid down and went to thinking if I sleep before the food starts to digest and make me feel sick then I will keep it in. Well it worked because I slept for 7 hours straight without getting up. I was so happy I haven't done that in so long. I ended up getting about 10 hours total. I feel so much better. I was suppose to go get blood taken on Wednesday morning but since I was sick and throwing up I couldn't. The kids have 5th disease going around there school and it is extremely dangerous to pregnant women if they aren't immune to it. So the test is to see if I have the antibodies already in me. Well I went this morning with J, by the time I got from the car to the place I was feeling dizzy, super weak and my heart was racing. I was nervous about them taking blood. J says to me, you have been in the bed for the last two days, haven't eaten hardly anything and have been throwing up, of course you are going to feel weak...your not 100% better yet. But I have eaten two meals so far! I still am feeling a little queasy but so much better. I praise God and thank all of my friends that have been praying for me. God really answered our prayers.

Monday, March 26, 2007

My how the time FLIES!

I haven't updated for a couple reasons:
#1 It has been beautiful outside and so we haven't been home much!
#2 I am feeling so much better so I am playing catch up with housework and enjoying the weather outside :)

But trust me it isn't because lack of material to write about...just off the top of my head I could have written a whole entry about the night we met my dad for dinner and it started storming on the way. The van started shacking, I thought it was just the rain making it do that then I look down and see the battery light on. Have you ever had the battery light on your vehicle turn on? I thought that was so strange. Needless to say I am in the van with 3 kids all by myself and it is pouring rain outside. I called my dad before he left work and I picked him up and he came with us in the van. I felt safer with him there. Don't ask why! The van is now fixed, hopefully.

I could have talked about the many walks and parks we have visited over the last few days! All the silly things that happened at those GlamorGirl having this 2 year old follow her around like she is the "Queen of the Park" or me turning around to see Monkey peeing in the tree, with his pants down by his knees and his little tush hanging out for EVERYONE to see, just to name a few!

Or I could have written about Red's puke-capades yesterday. Yea, he got grandpa good at church and the floor. He got his car seat good too. He seems to be fine today?!?! I don't know what the deal was. All I know is I slept like garbage, we pulled the toddler bed mattress out from under our bed for Red to sleep on. I didn't want him in Monkey's room just in case he puked, who wants to wake up a sleepy 4 yr old to tell them we have to change the sheets on your bed?! So every little move or cough from Red and I was awake watched J check him then go back to sleep and then repeat.

Oh wait, look I did write about all of that fun stuff! Just think there was more but I will leave you with this for now and hopefully I will get back into writing.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I don't know what the deal was but last night Red was awake for most of it, which meant I was awake for most of it. It wouldn't of been a big deal but I was watching a little boy this morning. God totally gave me the energy to get through this morning! Then after lunch when I put Red down for his nap I was right there with him. I believe I even drooled...that only happens when I am really tired. We have been pretty low key around here, especially today it is raining outside.

Monkey had Wacky Wednesday at school which is so much harder to do with a boy then a girl. He has no hair to make crazy! He wore his pj's and mismatched shoes. This day at school is always a hit with the kids.

In other news I have been busy figuring out what we are going to do while J is gone fishing for a week and while the kids are on spring break the week after Easter. I have some really fun ideas and J has said yes to them so I am really excited to have some good ole family fun! I just need to price it now :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007


They are sometimes very unexpected like the one we went to this weekend. Last night was the visitation for J's Aunt Kathy. She was only 59 and the story of how it happened was just too sad. Long story...don't want to bore you with details. Anyways, we got there around 3:30 and left at 8:30 it made for a long night for me and the kids. But I must say they did great, they were so well behaved! We brought crayons, coloring books, cars, and the portable DVD player. There was about 10 kids there and so that helped with the entertainment, too. I remember going to those when I was a kid and was bored out of my mind. Then this morning was the actual funeral and it was a catholic funeral where they have the hour long mass service...

**This post interrupted by my 22 month old needing to go poop poop on the potty! He told us he had to go. I'm so excited! He really wants to use the potty!!! Even if he has already gone most of the time he wants to use it.**

Back to the funeral GlamorGirl and Monkey did great sitting, standing, and kneeling when told but Red needed a little extra help being content to sit. I had brought fruit snacks and he ate them then was ready to move. So I grabbed a tissue and he sat there the rest of the time blowing his nose. So many people told us, at the reception afterwards, how good our kids were for both the funeral and the visitation. Oh and the kids each got a kiddie cocktail at lunch. It was Red's first one and he really liked it. I'm glad that the stress of all of that is over but I feel really bad for my father-in-law who has now lost both parents and two siblings. He only has two siblings left.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Life Just seems to happen...

Well yesterday I had a doctor's appointment and I got to hear that wonderful sound of a heartbeat that is our next little blessing. The only good part about the appointment was getting to hear that heartbeat because I had to have my annual. I hate those things and I couldn't believe they would do them while someone was pregnant. One of the bad things is that they are sending me to a cardiac specialist. Oh what fun!

Today I got to hold my friends baby girl who is 6 days old. She was so tiny and precious. Oh I can't wait :) Only 7 more weeks before we find out if we are having a boy or girl. That seems like FOREVER. Actually being pregnant for 27 more weeks seems like FOREVER! Well maybe more like 24...Lord willing! Sorry no funny kid stories today...even though I know I have some in my head...I just don't want to dig them out!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sunny and Muddy Day!

This is what a 21 month old looks like after he has played outside and fallen into the mud. He was playing in the puddles and so he was wet then he fell in a mud puddle and it was over. His knees down are pure mud! I must say that he had a blast playing outside and it was gorgeous again today :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Photo Tag! Possessions

This week's photo tag over at Adventures in Babywearing is possessions that you treasure. I have a lot of things that I love so it was really hard to choose what to take a picture of. So I asked my husband what my most treasured possession was thinking he would be of some help. His answer...HIMSELF. So guess what I took a picture of him.

Then I thought what was something I couldn't live without for one day. It hit me the one thing I use everyday. My Bible. I also wouldn't want to live without my kids so I tried to do an artistic photo of my Bible with my mother's necklace laying on it. Here it is...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Two Days in a ROW!

I can't believe it two days in a row we have been able to be outside for an extended period of time. The kids even got to ride their bikes. Yesterday we grilled while the kids rode bikes then after lunch the 3 of them and I walked to the library which is about 5 blocks from our house. It is still wet out so I put their boots on, coats, hats and gloves and off we went. The kids had a blast running and jumping into the puddles on the way to the library, which is why they had boots on, I wasn't about to fight that battle of keeping them out of the puddles. The walk helped them be tired enough to go to bed early and so the time change didn't really affect them, yay. I am just so happy it is warming it just needs to dry up. Today we took a walk/bike ride around the block. I can tell the fresh air is helping me to feel better, or maybe that is just a mental thing?!?!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sometimes I think I live in the Circus!

I was wiped out from yesterday's activities to even get on here. After the kids got out of school we took them to this really cool place called Pump It Up. They had tons of huge inflatable slides, obstacle courses and bouncy things. Needless to say I was tired from chasing the little one around that place!

As for the circus part...I had told Monkey if he did his reading good, meaning he didn't get distracted and frustrated, that he could watch a short movie before bed. When he got done reading he announced he had to poop. I'll never understand why they feel the need to share that bit of information! But he picked out a movie quickly before going potty. I noticed it was Toy Story which is about an hour and a half long...I meant a 30 minute movie. So I walked to the bathroom and told him his movie was too long and he'd have to pick another one. All of a sudden, he started peeing while sitting on the toilet and it was going on the rug. I quickly said, "Monkey your peeing out of the toilet." The look on his face was hilarious and I couldn't control my laughter when I realized I was going to pee my pants. He was on the potty so I had to make a mad dash for the other bathroom, while laughing. My friend was sitting in the living room and she was like what is going on! I said, "It's circus night!" Oh yeah, I made it to the bathroom just in time!!!

Then to add to our show...I was rocking Red and he had his hand behind my back under my shirt squeezing my fat and he looks at me and says, "Naked Butt!" He thought my back was my butt. I think we might say that phrase too much around here! I know I say it when the kids are getting into the bath, "Get your naked butt in the bath." or "Get your nudey boodie in the tub." It's funny to hear some of the things you say come out of your kids mouths but sometimes it isn't so funny!

As I was sitting here typing, the two older kids were at the table doing homework and J playing his guitar...where is the Red? Yeah, he was back in my bedroom playing with the Vaseline I have been using during that night for my chapped lips! It was all over his hands, clothes, and our bed. That stuff is hard to get off our your hands, especially when it is caked on like Red had it!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mother/Daughter bonding...

GlamorGirl got a gift card for her birthday back in January and I finally felt well enough to take her shopping! We had a great time. On the way to the store I showed her the ultrasound of the baby and asked what she thought. She said, "It definitely looks like a girl!" I wasn't far enough along to tell the gender yet! Then she asks me what I want the baby to be...I had to really think hard before answering this question because I really want a GIRL too. So my reply was, "I want the baby to be healthy." She said, "No mom. A boy or a girl." I was thinking nuts now what do I say? So after a quick little prayer to God I said, "Well there are reasons why I would want both. I would like to have a girl so that you could have a sister and I could have fun dressing her up like I did with you. But I would want a boy so that she can be the only girl and be my only little princess." That seemed to make her happy and that conversation was ended. Then she says, "Mom do you know what tree like to drink?" Me a little confused at this question says, "water?!" She screams, "No they like 'ROOT' beer!" She is so funny sometimes. By this time we were at the store so we began our shopping. She has a gift card for $25 and everything she bought was on sale...that's my girl the little bargain shopper. She ended up with a long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt, a pair of pants, nice new pink sunglasses, and a princess book. Ok, so she went over by 3 dollars but I thought she did great and we both had fun.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Photo Tag!

It's a photo tag! Come join us and show off your pregnant belly! Sign the Mr. Linky over at Adventures in Babywearing. I can't wait to see some mama bellies :)

This is a picture of my 3rd pregnancy at 32 weeks, which was 3 weeks before he was born. I gained the most weight with him and I was pregnant the shortest amount of time...I still can't figure that one out. He came early because he broke my water...and he is still a little stinker!

This picture was taken today by my 6 year old. I am 11 weeks and 3 days. I haven't gained much yet because of all the sickness. But with all the sickness I can't wait to meet this little blessing. I wish I could find some pregnant pictures of the other two but I am just too tired to go looking!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Moments I treasure!

These are just some of the things I want to remember from this time in my life. I really wish I could freeze time, but since I can't I will write some things I want to remember!

Just the way GlamorGirl’s mind works…it amazes me some of the things she comes up with. Makes me wonder what is going on up there and if her mind ever rests, you should hear some of the questions she asks me or ideas she has. It makes me tired to just think about them. When GG comes up to me with tears in her eyes saying, “I’ll be so sad if we have another boy. I want a sister to play with.” Then I talk to her about how we will love the baby no matter if it is a boy or girl. Then we talk about her changing diapers! How she and I can totally rock out to SuperChicks and she almost knows all the words, to every song. I have a feeling I am going to be repeating some of the lyrics to her when she hits teenagerhood, (Not sure if that’s a word?!) especially the song about the bowling ball.

The way Monkey says refrederator in stead of refrigerator, and he says it super fast. The mischievous smile he gets on his face when he knows he’s being cute, which is all the time! What a little stinker. How I’ve been catching him looking in his mirror and fixing his hair, he likes it parted to the side. On the subject of hair how he brushes his hair after a bath making a Mohawk and then giving one to his baby brother! The way I have to tell him a thousand times (ok maybe that is an exaggeration) to be quiet when his brother is taking a nap. The way he screams and yells while playing you would think the kid was deaf. His got good lungs. One thing for sure is he is ALL BOY.

The way Red comes up to me with a book and says, “lead boot” meaning read book! Or when we are ready for something and ask Red if he is ready he says, “leady” even when J has him saying rrrrrrrrrready. Red says, “rrrrrrrrrrrr leady” Or when we are getting ready for bed and I ask him, “Do you want me to hold you?” He says, “hold you.” How when he sees people kiss he says, “Ewwweeeee ucky” even if it is J and I. When GG and I are rockin out to SuperChicks Red gets right in the middle of it and sings along the best he can. Pretty funny to hear a 21 month old scream revolution…especially since he can’t really say his r’s it comes out levolution.

I know most of you have kids! So I want to hear the silly/funny things your kids say or do...let me hear 'em!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Party Time!

It's finally time for the Ultimate Blog Party! I am really excited about getting to meet other bloggers. So if you are so inclined please join us by clicking Here just add your name to the Mr. Linky and join in on the fun. Also they are giving prizes away! You really don't want to miss out on this PARTAY!

For all of you party goers that are stopping by for the first time...let me introduce myself. My name is Tonya and I am a stay at home mom of 3 blessings and we are expecting our 4th early September or late August. My oldest just turned 6 and she thinks she is 16, she definitely keeps my on my toes, and at night my brain hurts! I have two boys that keep me completely busy ages 4 1/2 and 21 months, boys have so much energy and I don't right now. Our family loves spending time together and our favorite places to be is at home and church. My husband and I's main goal is to teach our children about God and that is sometimes hard when we don't have all the answers but the Bible is a great tool for us in "Training them in the way they should go".

So tell me where is your favorite place to be?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Girls Night In!

I had a girls night in last night at the house. We rented a chick flick and had some girl time! We watched Love Comes Softly it is a Hallmark made for tv movie so it was pretty tame and cute. While the movie was playing I was hearing noise, that I thought was GlamorGirl kicking her wall, like she does every time she doesn't want to fall asleep. So I walked back to her room and she was out. When the movie ended we heard what we can only guess as an animal in the attic. I called J who couldn't come home, oh I hate that. Two of the girls left and one stayed with me until J got home. It was really creepy hearing this "thing" bang around above us with occasional scratching sounds. When J got home he went up there against my wishes...I didn't want whatever it was getting into the house. So in my paranoia I closed the kids bedroom doors, I figured if it does get in the house it won't be able to get to my sleeping babies. He went up there and didn't find anything to which he thought that we were both making the noises up. Then he found the scratches it had made in it's escape to the outside world. One thing good that came out of it was that we are now aware of small wholes that creatures can get in.

As for today it has been crazy around here. This morning J took the kids to school. He has been changing Red's diaper before he leaves because he workouts out after dropping them off. Red comes in my room saying, "hurt, hurt" and pointing to his diaper. I told him to go get a diaper and wipes for me. He couldn't find the wipes because they were in the bathroom so I got up to get them. Then I realized it was more then just a diaper change that needed done. His diaper had fallen off and was stuck in the bottom of his footie pj's. I could, at this point, only hope it was a wet diaper. You guessed it, no such luck. He had poop all over himself and the pj's. He needed a bath. I was struggling to not throw up while cleaning him up. I thought for sure the rest of the day would be bad. But it really hasn't been bad I just feel alittle more nauseous. In other news GG did have a dentist come to her class today so she needed to bring her toothbrush and toothpaste to school. They gave each kid a red pill to show the plaque on their teeth. This morning she wanted to go to school without brushing her teeth first. Good thing J stepped in!

The last thing I want to say is that I really hate when my babies get hurt. At around 5am the baby man aka Red came into our room wanting to snuggle. He tried climbing into the bed but slipped and hit his head on the mental bed frame. So now he has a swollen eye that is turning black and blue.