Saturday, July 31, 2004

I have exciting news! At least for J and I it is. Monkey slept from 8:45pm to 4am last night. That means I got at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. That was super exciting for me. Since we have moved in here the sleep issue with Monkey has been quite difficult. He prefers to sleep in our bed but since we don't have the twin up next to our bed we really don't have much room for him. I don't want him falling out of the bed either. Needless to say last night was AWESOME. Then this morning Monkey woke up at about 6am saying that he had to go pee pee. J was up getting ready for work so he put him on the potty and realized that he had runny poop in his diaper. Poor baby couldn't help it. He sat on the potty and went some more. Then the kids and I went to work. At first it was dead at work then all of a sudden tons of people showed up and it became crazy. Of course, that would happen on the day we are short a staff person. We had a mother come in for the first time to "check it out" and she seemed unhappy. So I asked her if she had any questions, that was a big mistake...she bombarded me with about a million questions about the place. I answered the best I could but some of the questions I had no idea about. I was just glad that she came after Monkey flashed everyone! Then we went to my dad's for some lunch. After lunch we went to Target to take back a present that was a duplicate. I got Monkey the toy that he really really likes. When we got home our neighbors were having a garage sale so I walked over and talked to them. They ended up donating tons of the toys, books and videos that didn't sell to the new preschool. I was very excited about it and I can't wait to tell my new boss on Monday when I tell her that I am taking the job! Then we set up the pool and let the water fill it up while we ate dinner. Then you guessed it we got in!!! Wow was it COLD...brrr. So that didn't last long. Tomorrow will be better once it gets warmer. Our pool is awesome I must say, it is 10 ft by 7 ft. A great birthday present for Monkey!!! Now we are winding down and getting ready for bed. I so hope that we have another night like last ;)

Thursday, July 29, 2004

This morning the kids and I headed to work. But instead of taking GG with me to work I dropped her off at Emily's house for a play date. She had so much fun. The rest of the day she talked about having Emily over to our house. I told her that us mom's would work that out!!! She is so happy to be able to have play dates again. Then when we got home we really didn't do much but talk about our landscaping and what we wanted to do with it. But that is stuff for my other journal :) The kids road their bikes outside and we had freeze pops. J got some OT and for dinner we grilled out on our new grill. It is super nice. When people ask what gift we got from our realtor they don't believe us. Amber is just the sweetest, nicest person and I am glad she was our realtor...because she is now our friend. Oh yeah Jen called to find out if I was going to take the job but J and I are still in the process of talking about it. However, it is leaning more towards me taking the job. It will be a set amount of hours a week and closer to our house. I think we would be fine just on J's income but it is nice to be able to have the extra for the unexpected stuff, ya know what I mean? Plus I think the preschool program would be good for the kids. GG would be in the other room and Monkey would be with me. It is only a few hours in the morning. Ok that is all I can think of to write about.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Ok here is a cute story for you: This morning GG wakes up before I left for work and asks me, "Can you drop me off at Mickey Mouse World?" Apparently she had been dreaming about going to Disney World! She was telling me all about the fun things to do at Mickey Mouse World as she called it. One day maybe we can take the kids there??? GG stayed home with J today and did a lot of fun things. They got gas in the truck, went to Wal-mart and got GG gloves for helping weed the flowers, paid some bills, and made banana bread! Monkey went to work with me and that is always fun ;) When we got home we ate lunch and then went to Toys R Us. I really like that store. We ended up not buying anything even though I wanted to buy tons of stuff. I really want to start my Christmas is already July and I have nothing. I usually am close to being done by now. Then we went to Target and J let me buy some presents for the kids. It was summer clothes that are on sale. Great deals!!! Then we came home and opened up some more of Monkey's birthday presents. We opened the Little People things he got. The kids played so nice with all of their LP stuff. I really like those toys. I want to get them the airport and the one that has the ramp (I can't remember what it was called). It is so bad because I have so many ideas of what to get them for presents but just not enough money. I am going to try and talk J into getting them a joint present of a swing set but I don't know if he will go for that. They already have a pool in the backyard. I first should find out if I would have enough money to get them one. Anyways, then we ate dinner and now it is time for baths and bed. Right now J is in the living room with the kids flipping them. They are laughing that wonderful belly laugh that sounds so good. I really love the sound of laughter!    

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I was going to update last night I was just too tired. I ended up going to bed at 9pm! That is super early for me. I am glad that I went though because Monkey woke me up twice before it was even midnight. Anyways, yesterday the kids and I went to work then got home in time to eat lunch with Daddy on his break. Then when J got off he took the kids outside to play while I paid bills and balanced the check book. That is always so much fun. Then we bathed the kids before bed. Instead of putting them to bed right away we played hide and seek. It was so much fun. The kids would hind in the same spot each time, which was their tent in the playroom. Then J and I would hide and they would try and find us. We would yell "we're hiding" to help them find us. I tried to hide in places that I could see them looking for us and I would end up laughing so hard that they found me. J, I would have to say had the best hiding spot of all. He waited til the kids found me and then ran into the playroom and hid in their tent. After about an hour of playing that we stopped. By that time it was dark outside so we gave the kids each a flashlight and had flashlight wars on the ceiling. It was so much fun. This is going to sound redundant but now that we live in our own place we can do whatever we want, when we want, and be as loud as we want. It is GREAT! I kind of forgot what that was like after living with my parents for almost 10 months. On to today...

Today is J's Birthday!!! Happy Birthday wonderful husband of mine :) I love you so much. In my best Monkey voice!!! This morning the kids and I hung around the house for awhile and we called the Fish radio station to request songs and GG got to talk to the man on the phone. It was too cute. She was singing him the songs she wanted to hear instead of telling him the name! Then we went to the grocery store to buy daddy a cake and a special dinner. While we were in line the guy in front of us flipped out. He told the cashier that he didn't want his groceries. It was pretty funny. Then we came home and the R kids came over Grace, 5, Jake, 3 1/2 and Noah 2. They brought McDonald happy meals for the kids for lunch. So we had a picnic lunch! Then the rest of the afternoon the kids played. I pulled GG and Monkey out separately to help make daddy's cake. I even got Monkey to take a nap during all the busy-ness. Then J got home from work and all five of the kids jumped out from behind the chair and screamed "happy birthday!" Now we are heading out the door for dinner. J decided he wanted to go out to eat! I don't have to cook so I am there :)  

Sunday, July 25, 2004

What a great and busy day we had yesterday. We celebrated Monkey's birthday with a party. Most of the people that came over hadn't seen our new house yet so I spent most of the day cleaning and cooking for the party. Then everyone came over and I played host. Monkey had a great time. He loved all of his presents :) I still can't believe that my baby is 2 already. Where in the world did the time go? GG did pretty well during Monkey's party too. She helped by giving him the presents to open. She loves her little brother and he loves her too. Friday night GG stayed at my in-laws and Monkey was so sad that she was gone. I took him out for a special dinner just the two of us and when we got in the car he said, "Oh no where is GG's carseat?" I told him grandma had it because she was with her for the night. They gave eachother a big hug on Saturday when she came home. I must admit I really missed her a lot and it wasn't even a whole 24 hours. She had fun at grandma's and Aunt Liz gave her a makeover with makeup and did her hair too. Such a little princess! Today we went to church and then hung out at grandma and grandpa's for lunch and relaxation. Next month they don't have Sunday School class so the kids will probably go to the nursery together. So I have thought about my other journal that I really haven't written in for a long time and I have decided that it will mainly be about our new house and things we do to improve it or that brake and need fix. Stuff like that! I LOVE being a homeowner!!!! Well time for dinner.....   

Friday, July 23, 2004

Yeah we finally have internet! I am so excited to be back online :) We love our new home. It feels like we have lived here forever. The next door neighbors are the best. They are a retired couple and just are the sweetest people. They have lived in this neighborhood for over 40 years and know everyone. So they have introduced us to so many people on the block. Jack the husband told me that they have block parties on this street. I think that is so cool and I can't wait to be apart of it. The kids are adjusting great to living without grandparents, aunt and uncles. It is just so nice to have our own place again. Not that it was horrible living with my parents but it is SOOOOOOO nice to be alone sometimes. Yesterday was Monkey's 2nd birthday. We are having his party tomorrow and so I am in the mist of getting things ready for that. Everyone is coming over here so we get to show off the house and have our first party in our own back yard!!! That just sounds so cool. Can you tell I am excited about the house? I just can't believe we have only lived here a week and we are completely unpacked and have pictures hanged and everything. J is such a work-a-holic that he won't stop til we were done. Oh I had an interview at the school that Sue works at in the preschool. J and I still need to talk it over and see if that is really what we want for our family. Well I should get back to doing things. I will start updating more again now that we are connected! 

Thursday, July 15, 2004

I don't really remember much of anything since I found out that my grandpa passed away yesterday evening. All I know is that it totally stinks. It was only 12 days that my grandma had been gone and now my grandpa is gone too. I just keep thinking about all the fun things we did with "grandpa candy" as we called him. He always had candy and was always willing to share with his grandchildren. I remember grandma getting so mad at him for giving us candy before dinner but if we asked we got it. We were a little spoiled by grandpa. Last night all the memories hit me like a ton of bricks. He was only 69 that is so young. But he is now with his wife so he is happy again. The worst part of it all was he was healthy and still farming everyday. Well that is really all I want to say for now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Well we still don't have phone or internet so I am at my dad's house. I worked today and came here for lunch and for Monkey to take a nap so that J can get good sleep at home. He has been running himself ragged. We are almost done moving in!!! Now we are getting things ready for Monkey's 2nd Birthday :) I can't believe my baby is turning 2. So much has happened the last few days I don't even know where to begin so I am not going to write about any of it. I will say that we are all loving our new home!!! The key is OURS :)

Sunday, July 11, 2004

We are here at my dad's house getting a few more things and cleaning up the basement. It stinks because his A/C went out. He over uses it and so it doesn't last as long as normal people! We totally love our new house. Yesterday we had a truck to move our stuff and friends from church and J's parents came to help. We have almost everything unpacked but we still have a long way to go until it is completely done! Today we got up super early because we don't have window treatments and the sun shines in so the kids get up. The whole morning we spent unpacking boxes. Then the afternoon we bought things we need for the house. We went to 3 stores and we still have to get 2 more things for sure we just got tired of shopping for things we need. So we will get them another day. I feel like a walking zombie...moving is tiresome.

Friday, July 09, 2004

It has been awhile since I last updated...we have been crazy busy. I really don't have a lot of time right now. But I really want to update. Monday we had the visitation for my grandma, Tuesday was the funeral and I was one of the pall bearers, Wednesday I worked and spent time with the family, Thursday we had our final walk through on the house, and today we closed on it. Then we moved all of our kitchen stuff in the house and unpacked it. Another great thing that happened today was that I got my wedding ring back! It looks good. Tomorrow we are going to be moving everything else to the house and unpacking it. We don't have internet there or even a phone number yet but that we will be getting soon. We are just both excited to be owning our first home. Our realtor gave us a house warming gift. It was a grill! Very nice. Ok I need to go now.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!! I am sitting here listening to fireworks going off. Both the kids are in bed asleep. I feel bad that they didn't get to watch them this year. But they needed to go to sleep, they were tired. This morning we went to church and J was super tired. He worked the midnight shift and only had 1 hour of sleep before church. The kids went to sunday school class together and when I went to get them Monkey said, "Mommy! Mommy! I missed you." It was so sweet. Then I took GG to children's church and Monkey went in the nursery. He went right in and didn't even cry. This morning I prepped him for it. I told him that he was going to sunday school with GG and then she was going to children's church and he was going to the nursery to play. He does better when he knows what to expect. After church we came home. J went to sleep and I tried to keep the kids as quiet as I could, he is a light sleeper. GG was super cute today too. We told her about my grandma her grant grandma dying. Today we looked at pictures and I pointed out her great grandma. I told her happy stories about her grandma and how she has many people in her family like us! Of course, she had many questions for me which I answered the best I could to a 3 1/2 year old. GG wrote a letter to great grandma, I just wish it wasn't on my phone list for work. The letter was sweet too. Then she said she wanted to paint a picture for great grandma. I think it will be good for her to give it to grandma as her goodbye. I think I might have Monkey color a picture too? We'll see. Well I am getting tired and we have a long next couple of days. You won't hear from me until Tuesday.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

We are still here at J's parents house. This morning after we got up and moving we went to Shore Galleries for J to buy a holster for his secondary weapon. While we were there one of the workers gave the kids each a little flashlight that shines a green light. They loved it. The best part was they gave them to the kids and we didn't have to pay for them. Then we took the kids to the pool that J grew up going too. There was only 5 other people in the pool when we were there. We went when it was only parent and tot time. No kids over the age of 5 allowed in the pool. As we were leaving it started to down pour...good thing we had our swim suites on! Then we came back here and ate lunch then J and Monkey took a nap and GG and I talked, played and ate ice cream :) J's parents came home around 4:30 so the rest of the night we have spent hanging out with them. Oh I think I figured out what is wrong with GG...I think she may be allergic to something on grandma. I am thinking the laundry detergent?!?! Sue said she didn't have any lotion or perfume on. She was fine all day and then they get home and she starts braking out...hmmm makes me wonder. J starts midnights tonight. Kind of bad timing if you ask me. We move into a new house and he is going to be gone at night. I don't think I like that too much. That is it for me.

Friday, July 02, 2004

This may be long...
Yesterday morning I got up and went to take a shower to be interrupted by Monkey at the door saying he had to go pee pee. He woke up, got out of bed, came up stairs, and knocked on the door. So I jump out and take off his diaper and put him on the potty. His diaper was wet...but it wouldn't of been if J would of woke up to help him. Good thing he had a diaper on! Then I took both kids to work with me because they were awake and wanting to go. J came to get Monkey and took him swimming. GG got to go with the big kids to the gym to play. She loved that. Then when we got home we ate and the kids both took naps. We made GG lay down because we knew we were going to have a big night. After they woke up we went to the storage to do somethings and then to the mall. We had to go to the mall because my wedding ring broke. I was at work and I looked down and the diamond was gone. I was so upset. My boss ended up finding the diamond on the floor. Get this the diamond did not fall out of the setting, the whole setting came off of the ring. When we showed the jewelry store where we bought it they had no idea what code to put in the computer to tell the person what to fix. Apparently this doesn't happen often! I couldn't believe it. I am just so happy that we found my diamond. A co-worker lost her diamond two days before and she never did find it. After the mall we took the kids for dinner at McDonalds, even though J and I wanted Subway. Then to the police department to drop off the car and then to the festival. We got the kids wristbands and they got to ride as many rides as they wanted too. They had fun. GG went on the dragon roller coaster 3 times. She had her hands in the air for most of the rides too. She is fearless with those rides. She went on the pumpkin patch ride with me and she wanted me to spin it faster!!! The last ride of the night was the ferris wheel. That was cool because the Gin Blossoms where playing on the stage and we could see all the people and the band from the ferris wheel. J and I calculated how much we would of spent with out the wristbands and it would of been more then 60 dollars for all the rides they went on. That is crazy...a dollar a ticket! We didn't get home until 10pm last night. So the kids didn't go to bed until late without baths.

Since the kids didn't get baths they both stayed home with J so they could be bathed. Before I went to work I got a phone call from my uncle telling me that my grandma passed away this morning. She was almost 70. Then I had to be the one to call my dad and tell him that his mom had passed. That was not something I really wanted to do. Then there were some issues with my siblings at the home front so J and I packed up some stuff and headed over to his parents house. When we got here we decided to go to this store called is huge. We walked around looking at stuff and got something to eat for dinner. While we were there GG started scratching herself like crazy. She broke out on her stomach, leg, and arms with hives. We got some cream to put on her and it helped. On the way home she started braking out again. I put more stuff on her and when we got back here she took a aveeno bath. That helped for a little while and then she broke out again. It is crazy because she brakes out in different spots. It was on her face at one point, feet, her hands, everywhere! My poor girl. You could just tell it itched her like crazy too. Monkey is sleeping now and GG is eating ice cream. I also found out the visitation and funeral plans, so that is what we will be doing Monday and Tuesday. Well I hope anyone who is reading this post was able to get to the end. Until next time...