Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Facebook Note

I thought this was too funny not to share and to help lighten my mood! Feel free to do this on your blog and let me know so I can come by and read! Ask your child these questions and write EXACTLY what they say...no cheating
1. What's something I always say to you? do the dishes (Red), I love you (Monkey), do the dishes (GG). Apparently, I don't like to do the dishes. HA!

2. What makes me happy? doing the right thing (Red), when we obey (Monkey), me doing your hair (GG)

3. What makes me sad? doing naughty stuff (Red), when we disobey (Monkey), when I disobey you (GG) They hit this one right on the head!

4. How do I make you laugh? make silly faces at me (Red), tickle me (said as Monkey giggled), by tickling me (GG)

5. What do you think I was like as a child? smart (Red), hm bad...no nice (still giggling Monkey), chubby (GG)

6. How old am I? 17 (Red), can I guess...um I know you are older than daddy...30...I don't know (Monkey), um 30 (GG)

7. How tall am I? this tall as he held up his hands as high as they'd go (Red), big (Monkey), I have no clue (GG)

8. What is my favorite thing to do? give hugs (Red), give us hugs and kisses (Monkey), go on the computer (GG)

9. What do I do when you are not around? work (Red), take care of Peanut (Monkey), watch television (GG)

10. What am I really good at? cooking (Red), tennis on the Wii (Monkey), playing webkinz on the computer (GG)

11. What am I not really good at? jumping on the chairs (Red), nothing (Monkey), nothing (GG) Two funny that two of them said nothing!

12. What is my job? working (Red), taking care of Red and Peanut and doing the clothes (Monkey), a stay at home mommy (GG)

13. What is my favorite food? pasta (Red), applesauce cause you eat it when your sick (Monkey), pasta (GG)

14. What makes you proud of me? buying stuff (Red), that you won 2nd place in skipbo (Monkey), gives me good food (GG)

15. What do you and I play together? candyland (Red), uno, skipbo, and yahtzee (Monkey), skipbo (GG)

16. How are we the same? God made us (Red), we both have brown hair (Monkey), we're both in the same family (GG)

17. Different? God put on different lips, eyes, checks and backs (Red), our eyes are different colors and your bigger than me (Monkey), you like vegetables and I don't (GG)

18. If I were a cartoon character who would I be? princess Leia (Red), word girl (Monkey), word girl (GG)

19. How do you know I love you? because you kiss and hug me (Red), you give me hugs and kisses and say I love you (Monkey), you give me a home and food (GG)

20. Where is my favorite place? pump it up (Red), Olive Garden (Monkey), heaven...no you've never been there...so church (GG)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

calling all prayer warriors...

If you are friends with me on facebook you know that yesterday I was incredibly sad. J and I are leaders of a small group at our church and a couple in our group was pregnant with their second baby a boy. She went into pre-term labor at 21 weeks and this sweet little boy was unable to survive. As a small group we have prayed for this baby and even his gender. It is so hard to swallow why this would happen. Please pray for this young family.

I also found out yesterday that a good friend of mine, who is only 29 years old and has two little boys 4yrs old and 18 months old has cancer. They are hopeful to be able to remove it all on Tuesday. Please pray for her, the doctors, and her family as they go through this uncertain time.

It is in times like this that I really look to God for comfort and peace. I know that he is completely in control and has had his hand in each of these situations. It is just so hard to understand. Thank you for the prayers they are very much needed.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bloggy Party Time!

This is the 3rd year for the blog party. Woo Hoo!!! Last year I went all out had music, pictures, and snacks. This year for the sake of time I'm going to keep this short, so much easier for party hopping ;) Meet my crew on the header, yes, I really do have 4 kids, aren't they cute? On the side is my hubby and I, oh yeah my name is Tonya. Well I love meeting new bloggy people so let me know you stopped here by leaving a joke in the comments. My kids have to bring jokes to Awana clubs in a few weeks so I thought you guys would be the prefect people to ask for some, so thank you for the help. Happy partying! And please join us in the partying 5 Minutes for Mom. Don't forget I need jokes people!!! And feel free to become a follower of our craziness :)

This will stay a sticky until the party is over so scroll down to see new posts!!!

My prize list #58 Kitchen Aid from Moms Who Think
After that any of the $50 Target gift cards would be nice #19 (Shoot Me Now) #21 (Agoosa) or #22 (Beginner Baby Blog)


Man, my 18 month old just erased the post I started. Well, today is the last day of the blog party. I wasn't able to get to as many blogs as I wanted because blogger was acting funny. Oh well. Yesterday, I made up for it since all Peanut wanted to do was be held I was able to "visit" a few. I am hoping that it warms up soon so that I can share an outside video of Peanut riding her "bi" as she calls it. It is Red's old bike since he has GG's old bike. Yes, I know, the girl is riding a boy bike and the boy is riding a girl bike but they don't care! So when it warms up I will get a video to share. Another thing that Peanut is really into doing now is giving hugs. I love it. She will open up her arms real wide and say "uugggg" as she comes at you. Then she wraps those chubby little arms around you and pats your back! It is so sweet. At night before the kids to go bed she attacks them with "ni ni ugg" and sometimes a kiss too. I hope to get a video of this too I just have to do it on the sly otherwise she will be all about the camera ;)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I sit here waiting to hear from my husband who has Peanut in the ER. J was working on an assignment for his training class when she woke up wheezing and coughing. She woke me up from a dead sleep, that is how bad she sounded. I got her coat on while he got out of his pj's and he took her to the ER. At the time it sounded like a good idea for him to go with her but now that they are gone I can't help but feel like I should be with her. I know that he is her daddy and he loves her and will take care of her. This is the first time he has done an ER trip without me. I'm feeling pretty helpless and so not able to go to sleep. I feel like calling the neighbor to see if they can come over so that I can go be with her and send J home. I'm so torn. I totally trust him to be with her, that is not it, but I'm the mama. Only I can comfort her in that special way. I hope she isn't scared. I pray she is ok. I love that little girl so much.

I just got off the phone with J and he said that as soon as they walked in they took her back and gave her a breathing treatment and they are going to watch her for a few hours and then send her home. I think I can fall asleep now that I know she is doing better.

My Organics have arrived!

I am so excited. I am trying a new thing for my family. I ordered all our fruits and veggie through an organic farm and they delivered them to my door! I have occasionally bought different organic fruits and veggies at the store when I go shopping but never all of them. When I was unloading all the goods I couldn't believe the quantity and variety. I'm amazed and so happy I did this. We got in our box, a pineapple, 8 pears, 13 plums, 2 bunches of bananas with 5 in each, cucumber, 2 tomatoes, 3 potatoes, 4 bunches of greens (lettuce), bag of carrots, bunch of celery, squash, and a head of cauliflower. My fridge is FULL! We get a box every other week. I might change it to every 3 weeks...we'll see! Right now I'm just so excited about the healthy food and can't wait to start using it.

On a totally different topic, I've been reading this book called Aaron's Way it's about the journey of a strong-willed child written by his mom and him. As I'm reading I think that I might have at least one strong-willed child if not two...haven't finished the book yet. But I think I might have been one. It says that these children see the world as black and white/right and wrong. They don't like it when people change the rules or are unfair. I have a hard time if people change something on me without warning or reason. Then on the other hand when Aaron explains the reason he did things as a child I don't get it which probably means I wasn't a strong-willed child. I'll have to ask my parents what they think I was as a child...or maybe not! Anyway, it is a really good book written by Kendra Smiley and her son Aaron who is now an adult.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh Facebook!

J's brother birthday is today. Happy Birthday Joe! We were talking about what we should do for his birthday last night. I said to J, "Let's make a video of us all singing to him and then put it on his wall." Red was sitting at the table listening to this conversation and says, "How can we go to his house and put it on his wall?" We both had a good laugh. J then explained to him that we were talking about facebook on the computer. I love that kid!

Monday, March 23, 2009


The two older kids had the Awana Games on Saturday. They were the red team this year. All of their shirts said Bethel. That is the name of our church! J and I even wore the same brown shirts as the little two.

Both kids played very well in the different events they were in and I was so happy to be there and cheer them on. In the end they ended up in 2nd place! And each got a medal. It was a great day.

I'm sharing this picture just because I think she is cute :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Miss America

Last night I took the two older kids to church for Sparks-a-rama practice. They compete on Saturday!!! On the way the kids were really chatty. I was telling them about the new organic fruits and veggies we are going to have delivered to our house. GG tells me that if you take too much stuff like medicine that it could kill you. So we have a conversation about medicine intake and so on. Then she says, "Did you know that Miss America almost died a couple of times?" I thought where did she hear this? but said, "No I didn't." She then tells me about Miss America's fake heart and if you stand close enough to her that you can hear it ticking. At this point I am so completely confused thinking who is telling her this stuff. I asked her where she heard it and she says, "From Miss America." I think for a second and ask her if she is talking about Noah's mom who's name is America. She wasn't sure. I ask if she is talking about her Sunday School teacher and she says, yes. The funny part is she has no idea about the whole Miss America beauty contests! I didn't know that they called her by her first name! I thought this is one for the blog ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Beautiful One!

It was gorgeous outside today, I think it is about 70 right now and sunny with a nice breeze. J took the kids to school because he went in to work an hour later and so I was able to sleep in a little, always a plus, but especially with the night we had last night. Peanut woke up 4 times and Red woke up with a wet bed. After we were up and ready this morning I took the two kids to the library, had promised Red we would go there today. Then we got Subway and headed to the park for a picnic and play time with some friends. Though I don't really feel like I got to talk to my friend because I was chasing Peanut around the park. That girl is fearless! We came home around 1pm and I put the kids down for naps and put a movie on, I'm telling you I am beat. It almost feels like I am pregnant. I almost fell asleep watching the movie but Red woke up just before I fell asleep. It was probably a good thing otherwise I might not have gotten up in time to go get the kids in 20 minutes.

Also I really don't understand this whole following thing on blogger. I mean I understand it to a point but I'll go on some blogs that have over 20 followers but they never get comments, or some who have hundreds of followers and get about 30 comments per post. It just doesn't make sense. I think I would rather have comments then followers...because I do love me some feedback. I don't think I've meet anyone who has said they don't like getting comments on there blog. I just wonder who is reading my nonsense! HA! I'm so tired right now...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Change of plans

So I didn't go to the grocery store tonight. It was so beautiful outside that we grilled for dinner and then got the ole fire pit out for the first time this year. It was just so nice. And J and I got to catch up on our days while we stayed warm by the fire. I told him something I overheard at the portrait studio today and thought I'd share.

A husband and wife were there getting their two kids pictures taken. The photographer was asking the dad to help with different things and he was totally ignoring her. In his defense she wasn't talking directly at him she said things like, "dad get her to look at you." Then the wife after about 5 minutes says, "dad is speaking a different language today." He says, "what are you talking about?" She says, "she has been asking you to do stuff and you aren't listening to her." He says, "I don't listen to you when you talk." It was so matter of fact. I had to chuckle to myself.

Well now it is time for bed...


I got Peanut's 18 month pictures today and I just can't believe how fast these last 18 months have gone. I feel like I just brought her home from the hospital. She is talking so much and learning so much everyday I just want to freeze time. I have to say that I really have enjoyed watching her grow and change everyday. She didn't sleep well last night because she is trying to get 3 new teeth but none of them have broken through yet! So she still currently has 5 teeth to her name. She has one on the top that looks terrible...there is a bruise and squishy bubble over the top of the tooth. It looks like it would really hurt. Anyways, the pictures were just too cute and I had such a hard time choosing so I think I got too many! But I had a coupon and so it really wasn't a lot of money...I was able to pay in cash ;) After being at the portrait studio for a little over an hour we ended to Pot Belly's for lunch. I normally get groceries Monday morning but her pictures were today and she is sleeping right now, so I will have to get them tonight when J is home. Hmm shopping by myself, I really can't remember the last time I did that?!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Last night in Awana Sparks they had crazy hat night. Monkey wore a sock hat and GG had a picnic hat. Here is the picture of the hats before we left the house.

And GG won the craziest hat with her picnic hat they had 3 winners in all the 40 kids! J and her had a lot of fun putting the hat together and shopping for the material. I personally thought Monkey should of been chosen too but I'm biased. We have a really cool idea for his hat next year in hopes he will win. GG's hat had a lot of detail to it and was themed!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am getting things ready for the kids spring break coming up in about a month. I have rooms booked a an indoor water park. Thinking of things to do on the other days so they don't just play the Wii. They have 10 days off so I want to keep them busy so they isn't fighting and boredom. I started thinking about this summer and are weekends are starting to book up. J will be gone in Canada for a week in June and either my mom is coming here or we are going to go there and a weekend at a friends cottage. Then it is the 4th of July activities for a week straight. My brother is getting married the end of July. August is looking like a reunion with some friends and another trip to our friends cottage. Lastly DISNEY WORLD for a week in September. Of course many days at the pool with our family pass. I love me some summer. Bring on the warm weather and fun outdoor activities! I am so ready...

**edit to add**
I don't know how I forgot but there is Vacation Bible School for week at the end of July too. Thanks for reminding me Wendy. It makes the summer even more fun to look forward too :)

Monday, March 09, 2009

A Good Lesson in Money

Friday the kids have their piano lessons at their school. Then J picks them up when he gets off of work and it works out nicely. Especially since I have my Bible study and Mom's Day Out afterward. I don't get home until about 1:30 and Peanut falls asleep in the van on the way home. Since she is stimulated with the other kids for about 4 hours she is tired. Before the lessons started I would have to wake her up to be able to get to school on time to get them. But I digress. This last Friday I gave GG's teacher an envelope with the money for the lessons and she gave it to her right before she went to piano. Some how between her classroom, locker and sanctuary she lost the envelope. I had put her piano teachers name on it so I was hopeful that someone might turn it in. She said she went back up to her locker to look for it and it was no where to be fine. J called me on the way home and asked me to call the teacher to see if she had found it. She didn't. When they got home she immediately went into her room and got money out to give to her teacher since she had lost it. She was so upset with herself for having lost it. This morning I went in and asked the teacher if someone had brought it back to the class...they hadn't. So I went to the office to see if someone turned it in there...nope. Well I guess we are out the money. Then about 10 minutes later her piano teacher calls to say that she got the money. Someone had given the envelope to her dad who teaches at the school. I was so happy. And when I picked GG up from school today I told her the money was found she was the happiest little girl. This week I am leaving the money in the office for her I just can't handle the stress of losing it again. When is a good age for kids to have big responsibilities like that? I really thought she was ready for it but I guess not.

Favorite word

Peanut has a new favorite word and she loves to use it. She will say it without anyone in the room. She screams it in the van and she sings it. Her new favorite word is NO. You don't even need to ask her a question for her to say NO. Though I did get a video of her onry-ness the day I got really cute pigtails in her hair. I wanted a picture and she was being a stinker so I video recorded her! The only other picture I got was somewhat blurry. Here is the video followed by the picture.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

No video

Though I do have one on the camera I want to share at some point. Just wanted to get on here real quick and do a person by person update. We'll start with the youngest!

Peanut: She has started talking so much lately. One of her favorites lately is "eyes" but she draws it out as she points you in the eye! Then yesterday she put two words together for the first time. After she woke up from her nap I went to change her diaper and I took one of her shoes off to get her pants off. After I was done I asked her if she wanted me to put her shoe back on since she was walking around with one on and one off and she was going up and down while she was walking. She said, "no shoe." Now that she says the word no she rarely says yes now she just shakes her head yes to questions. It is weird because she used to say yes all the time. Lastly with this little girl is she has started telling us when she has to poop and has been very consistent with getting it in the toilet! She has a few times told me when she has to pee. My plan is to really rock the potty training after the kids spring break. I have a feeling she will be just as easy as the rest of the kids and be good at it in about 3 days time.

Red: He is continuing to love school. Friday he had show and tell and was very excited about showing off one of his Star Wars toys. These boys are obsessed with Star Wars. He has been taking gymnastics every week and is really enjoying it. He continues to be my most strong willed child but he is also one of my most snugly ones too so he makes up for those hard days. I was looking at him the other day and just can't believe how big he has gotten. He is almost the same height as his sister was at age 5 and I believe he is only about 4 pounds less than Monkey. He won't be 4 for 2 more months and he was my smallest and considered a preemie.

Monkey: Started piano lessons a few weeks ago and is doing better than I thought he would. Is getting straight A's in school this semester. His two favorite subjects are Lego Star Wars on the Wii and his gym teacher Mr. R. He seems to really like the male teachers he has had in school. Another subject he likes talking about is his birthday planning that we are going to be doing shortly. I told him he could have his birthday party before the end of school since he has a July birthday. He has a solo in the upcoming Ark program at church.

GlamorGirl: She has also started piano and can play real songs. I am so impressed with her quickness on this instrument. I can also tell she likes learning to play better than her brother! She is also getting straight A's in school. She is really excited about getting a speaking part in the Ark program along with a solo. She is ALL about the drama. One minute she will be completely fine and the next will be sobbing because she forgot something at school or something else that isn't that huge of a deal but in her world is life or death. She just lost her 5th tooth and the new one is already starting to come in.

Me: I'm tired. Trying to get sleep but the baby is trying to get more teeth. Still currently only has 5 in her mouth. Trying to decide whether or not I should go on the women's retreat in May. Also just booked a 3 day vacation during spring break at an indoor water park with some friends. And looking at other fun things to do during the kids break so that they don't get bored. Have a few ideas just need to confirm them.

J: He is still working in the school and enjoying his job. Has been having a few health issues that he has gotten taken care of but didn't tell me until after the fact, so not cool. Started playing guitar on one of the 4 worship teams at church. Got voted in as a Deacon in our church and has been going to all those meetings.

Life is good and God is so great to us. I feel so blessed to be where I am right now. We have great family and a wonderful small group at church and awesome friends.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Video...

to brighten your morning. Last night we had game night with the kids. We couldn't find the normal card game that we play so we played Dominos. We played the game and then we set them up to knock them over. Here is the video of us playing the game and what Peanut did to entertain herself!

Monday, March 02, 2009

This Weather...

I've been trying really hard not to complain about the coldness that is this winter but I am so ready for warm weather and the sun beating down on my face and back. We have been teased with warmer winter a few times and it is really making my sinuses act up. I'm been either stuff up or completely runny. That is about all I want to talk about weather.

Last night at church J played on the worship team. It was really cool to see him up there praises God and making the music for us to sing too. I am so thankful that he learned how to play the guitar I bought him almost 3 years ago for his birthday. The kids love singing praise songs and Peanut dances every time he starts to play, so sweet. Thank you God for the gift of music, may we honor and glorify you with our lips!