Sunday, January 30, 2005

The weekend is almost over, so sad. This morning we got up and went to church. I was suppose to work the nursery but there were only two kids so I got to go to my Sunday school class, which I really wanted to be at anyway! So that worked out good. Then after church the kids and I went over to my in-laws for lunch. She always makes the best food. I forgot to mention yesterday when I updated because I was so distraught over GG getting her shots. But I took the kids to this store called the Teacher's Schoolbox. It is the most amazing store. I wanted to buy so much stuff!!! I ended up purchasing a pencil sharpener, writing paper for GG to practice her name (she can write it now she needs to prefect it!), job charts for the kids (I'll explain more about them later), playdough toys and rollers. There was so much more I wanted though. They had a finger painting section with tons of art supplies, bingo but with shapes, colors, numbers, and letters, paraquer blocks and sheets (I really wanted those) and much more I couldn't even write it all. About the job charts...I have been making them by hand then at this store I find them already done and are exactly what I want! They are for all 7 days of the week. There are 4 catergories; My Room, My School, My Family, Myself. Under each category there are chores for instead under the Room there are: I put my things away, I put my dirty clothes in the laundry, I made my bed and then a blank space so you can add one of your own. At the bottom of the chart is a line that the kids get to choose the reward or amount of money (we are doing the rewards) they want to earn for doing their chores that week. Monkey choose a movie and GG choose going to the library. I really hope they do well this week so we can do the fun things!!! They are both excited about the new charts (mine weren't so fun and pretty!!!!) I think the bottom is so cool because they get to pick it out before I was the one choosing the reward. They liked my rewards but now they have to work hard to get exactly what they asked for. Also yesterday they had firsts, GG learned how to tie her shoes in about 10 minutes (she is so on top of it) and Monkey last night before bed took off the diaper I had just put on him and told me he didn't want to wear it to bed. I really don't blame him he hasn't peed in his diaper since he has been potty trained 7 months ago. J just wants him to wear the diaper at night just in case. So last night he took them off and we put underwear back on him and he was fine, which isn't really a surprise. I am glad cause I hated putting the diapers on him every night now we just have to put his pj's on and we are done. So much easier :)

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ok so I forgot GG's appointment on Friday so I took her today. We only gave her 2 shots and skipped the other for now. She will get it another visit. She weighs 36 pounds and is 40 1/4 inches tall. I felt so bad she only got 2 shots but got stuck 3 times...he had the shot in and she pulled away so he had to stick her again to get the medicine in. It was the worst thing to witness. I was holding her and trying to get her to look away because she would see it comes and jerk away. After the doctor was done she looked at me and cried, "Mom, why did I trust him? He told me it would only hurt a little." The doctor thought that was pretty clever of her and told the nurse and the receptionist what she said! Needless to say she got an ice cream cone afterwards. My poor girl I hate seeing her hurt like that. At least it is over with and she is protected from those diseases.

Friday, January 28, 2005

So I got pulled over last night after dropping GG off at Cubbies, it was J! I was thinking to myself, "now what did J tell me to do when I get pulled over?" I haven't really been pulled over in almost 6 years. Monkey got a kick out of the lights though and seeing Daddy as a policeman :) Then J came home and took his break. Monkey passed gas and I told him it stinks. J had Monkey saying, "It doesn't stink, I'm a MAN...I'm a MAN!" Then Monkey turns to me and says after just yelling I'm a man, "Mommy, I have an owie on my arm." In the cutest little voice. J and I laughed so hard, he really doesn't have the concept of I'm a man!!! Anyway, today is FRIDAY, yay. Monkey learned a new potty trick, he can go pee standing up now. GG was funny when we told daddy about him standing up. She said, "how do you pee standing up? That is the funniest thing I have ever heard." I just hope she doesn't try standing up...hehe :) Well I am going to enjoy my weekend.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Well today I had the second person tell me that GlamorGirl looks like Kirsten Dunst. Now these people don't even know each other and I have never mentioned it to anyone. But that is cool that people think she looks like a star, because we certainly think she is a star! Lets see, my car had trouble the other day come to find out I had a flat tire. That was not fun. I have been extremely tired and haven't gotten on the internet since Monday! The baby is moving all the time and I am able to feel the movements when I am standing up now too. When I sit or lay down it is non-stop kicking and moving. I love that feeling, it is so reassuring that the baby is ok! My throwing up has stopped, Thank goodness. I have my next appointment Feb 16th and hopefully we will be able to see the gender at that appointment! Tonight GG has Cubbies and it is pj night. That will be nice to bring her home and just put her in bed :) She has her 4 year check up tomorrow so that should be interesting. She is suppose to get 3 shots, I am thinking maybe she will get one or two and we'll save the others for another day?!?! I haven't really decided, she hasn't had a shot since she was 15 months old. She is caught up but these 3 that she hasn't needed until now. I hate seeing my baby in pain so that will have a lot to do with how many she gets tomorrow. That is it for now...

Monday, January 24, 2005

We had a wild weekend. We got over 10 inches of snow for starters. Saturday we had a birthday party an hour away that we couldn't get too because of the monstrous snow. The kids were really sad about that but the roads were just too dangerous. Then J and I went to a wedding at 2pm and the reception at 6pm. It was a really fun wedding. The groom was armenany (sp?) so they had traditions from their culture. It was great. All the women got scarfs and we danced the bride and groom into the reception hall. We didn't get home until 11:30 that night and we had church the next morning. Wow did morning come fast! After church GG had her friends birthday party. She had so much fun. We played pin the tail on the donkey and had a princess pinata, it was a pull string and not one that you beat open. Then GG opened her presents and she got...a barbie doll head that she can do the hair on, (her reaction, "I always wanted one of those!!!" a princess crown, princess diary for her to write a journal in, a karaoke machine (her favorite), purple princess shirt, and a game Cariboo. It was a great time.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Today we had an u/s and the baby wouldn't show us if they were a boy or a girl. We are a little bummed about that but it was really cool seeing the baby! Their resting heartrate was 156, which is really high for a baby not kicking. They were sucking their thumb and after about 5 minutes of the lady poking around at the baby they started to move around and kick and punch. GG and Monkey were super excited about seeing the baby move. It was cute. So that was the highlight of our day!!!

Yesterday we had a visitor at school...a dentist. He brought toothbrushes for all the kids and teachers too. We got GG's 4 year old pictures taken and they turned out so good. Also last night we went to Pizza Hut for GG's birthday dinner, that was a lot of fun. That is it for now...

Monday, January 17, 2005

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful baby girl! Last night when she went to sleep I hung streamers on her door (has become tradition) and placed the pile of birthday cards on her dresser. This morning when she woke up I told her happy birthday and we sat down together and read all her birthday cards. She was the most excited about the ones with money in them! Then we got ready for school and left. She was greeted with many birthday wishes and I brought the photo album of her as a baby to show her teachers. She really liked showing them her pictures! We came home to find out her ballet, tap and tumbling class is canceled but that is ok because she has pictures today and a special birthday dinner at any restaurant she wants. I think we will be either going to McDonalds or a place called Jimmy's. Oh yeah we had GG's family party yesterday and she got 2 princess barbies, 5 summer dresses, 2 winter dresses, princess Valentine's cards, a sticker book/coloring book, and precious moments #4 statue. Next sunday is her other party. Well I should sign off of here.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Only 5 more days until GlamorGirl turns 4, I went to the party store on Monday with the kids and we had fun getting all the stuff for her party which is not for another 2 weeks. We had talked about doing a strawberry shortcake party but when we got there she wanted to do the princess thing again! So we are almost set for her "friends" party. So listen to this...Thursday she brings treats to Cubbies for her birthday which they will sing to her, Friday she brings treats to school (more singing) Sunday we are having her family party=more singing!, Monday (her actual birthday) she has ballet, tap and tumbling no treats but the teacher said they would sing to her :0 and then the next weekend we have her friends party. Wow what a blessed little girl! I also got her a button to wear that says I'm the Birthday Girl! Just in case you are wondering why she isn't bring treats to school on her actual birthday, get this there are 2 other girls in her class with the same birthday. It must of been a popular day to have baby girls! Yesterday I finally got out the playdough, it had been put way in the back of the kids' closet. Right now the kids are cutting, one of their favorite things to do! GG has been on this kick about making Valentine's, she takes a piece of paper and folds it in half and then cuts out half a heart. I'm just wondering where she learned that?!?! I know I didn't teach her that. Another thing I am really excited about is on Tuesday we are having another ultra sound done, this place video records it for you so we can take it home and keep it. I am so excited about that and so is GG. She had her hand on my tummy after lunch today and felt the baby kick for the first time. The look on her face was AWESOME. She was smiling ear to ear because her baby brother or sister just kicked her, hehehe. I don't think she will like that when they come out! Oh yeah the last two days the kids have let me take a nap, YAY! Usually I get them set up with something and they start bugging me 10 minutes later, can I have a drink, can I have something to eat, etc. But not the last couple of days they must of known how tired I am :) Well that is all for now, come back soon.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

AAHHH, I love Saturdays! We got to sleep in which was about 45 minutes longer than normal but I'll take what I can get:) GG comes in my room and says, "Mommy hurry up or we'll be late for school." I told her it was Saturday and she doesn't have school on Saturdays, which is the only day she doesn't have school. She said, "Ok, then get up and lets go outside and play in the snow!" It was cute. We actually didn't get out into the snow until after lunch, we had some unexpected errands to run. This morning Monkey was hanging on the towel rack and it came out of the wall. Ooops! That kid would hang all day if he could. The weird thing is he has an amazingly strong grip, he has ever since he was a baby! It just seems to get stronger with age. J and I were joking this summer during the Olympics that Monkey was going to be the next best ring performer in men's gymnastics. But now it is fixed and hopefully Monkey will remember not to hang on it anymore. Anyways, after lunch we got the kids bundled up and I got myself bundled and all 4 of us headed outside. We had a lot of fun, actually J and GG are still outside. When J used the snow blower on the driveway he piled the snow on the left side and our next door neighbors piled theirs on the right side leaving a huge pile of snow. With some moving of the snow J made 5 slides for the kids to go down. They are also big enough for J and I to slide down. It is our very own mini snow park!!! I just hope it last a few days for all the work J put into it. That is basically our day in a nutshell.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Well lets see, we have gotten so much snow! Yesterday was J's first day off of his 3 days and I got to stay home because school was closed. So when we got up out of bed I bundled up GG and sent her outside where J was shoveling. She made snow angels and played in the snow while he shoveled. Then I got Monkey bundled up and sent him out too. When J was finished with the driveway he made 2 snow slides. Our neighbors gave the kids a tube to slide down the slide with. They had so much fun. GG was outside for over an hour playing and she wasn't cold when she came inside, I love snow pants and boots. Monkey was cold though he didn't have any yesterday but last night another neighbor about 3 houses down gave us a pair of boots and snow pants for Monkey to use!!! My favorite part of playing in the snow is coming inside and getting hot chocolate :) GG also had Awana Cubbies last night so she still had an activity instead of school so that was nice. When she got home she had the Bear "Cubbie" which means that she gets to bring treats next week for her birthday!!! She was so excited about getting to bring him home that she slept with him.

Today we had a snow day at school, meaning we took the kids outside to play in the snow. That was a lot of fun. Most of our time was spent getting the kids dressed to go out. I made sure to bring stuff so I could play in the snow with them. We made snowmen and a slide for them to go down. Then we had hot chocolate when we came in, YUMMY! Now we are at home, Monkey is sleeping and GG wanted to learn how to write her middle name and she has already mastered it in less than 10 minutes of working on it. So she can now completely write her name first, middle and last, Monkey's name and some other various words. Without help! I seriously wish I could freeze her at this age. She is learning so much so fast it is unbelievable, she just floors me sometimes. The other day she was in her room coloring and when she was finished with it she brought the page to me. I had to ask her who colored it. It was so good I thought J might of done it but it was her. I have never seen a child her age color so good and stay in the lines so well, it honestly looked like an adult had done it. I had her color me another page and she did the same quality of coloring...just amazing. J told her after he saw it that she was going to be an artist! But my favorite is when she draws people. She makes a circle for the head, gives them eyes, nose and mouth. Then makes them hair she gives them arms from the head and legs from the head and then colors in between the legs to make their clothes. After talking with her teacher I found out that her development skills on drawing are above the curve as well. Most kids her age don't have as many details in their pictures. It must of been the breastmilk she got as a baby. The studies have shown higher IQ's in breastfed babies!!!

Monkey is also learning how to write his name too. His fine motor skills aren't as fine as GG's which is fine because he is only 2 1/2!!! But he can write the first four letters and I think that is great. He loves playing with his trains and little people. He is the type of kid every mother dreams of...he can entertain himself! And I don't mean sitting him in front of the tv, he plays with his toys for hours at a time. He loves these dinosaurs he got for Christmas and the little people keep him busy too. I like to stand in the door to watch and listen to him play, he doesn't even know I am there! He is still sleeping in our bed and I really can't stand moving him when he is obviously not ready. Every night he falls asleep with his little arms wrapped around my neck. When he wakes at night the first thing he does is find my neck and wraps his arms around it and goes back to sleep. It is the sweetest thing in the world. You can only understand if you have cuddly children like mine. GG did the same thing but with my arm instead of neck.

Yum our house smells so good, we are having pot roast for dinner and the whole house smells like the roast. It is making me hungry.

Monday, January 03, 2005

HAPPY 2005! I can't believe it is a new year already. GG will be 4 in two weeks, I just can't believe that either. She is getting so tall she can do so many things without help it is amazing! On the 31st J had to work so the kids and I watched movies and eat popcorn and they crashed around 10:15ish. I wasn't far behind them! I was asleep when J got home at 11pm...I just couldn't force myself to stay awake. J ended up going to sleep 10 minutes before midnight. On the 1st we went to the M's (from church) house like we do every year. It is non-stop eating all day and the food is so good. We watch the parades in the morning and the rest of the day we spend building puzzles. It is so rewarding to get a 1000 piece puzzle done in about 2 hours! The kids got to draw on the kitchen walls because they are remodeling it, GG wrote her full name and then drew a picture of her family. She drew about 8 people and she told everyone that 3 of them were in my tummy! I could handle it if there were two but not three :)

Today was the first day back at school, and it went pretty well. GG had fun seeing her friends again. When we got home I realized that today is also GG's first day of Ballet, Tap and Tumbling. I wanted her to take just the Tumbling because it was at a better time but she really likes tap and ballet so I signed her up. She is so excited about it. She carries her tap and ballet shoes in a little bag that says "Princess!", of course.

J has started the afternoon shift which he is getting over time on but I hate the fact that he is gone from 2:10 to 11 or after. But one day he will hopefully get a better shift. Days would be prefect! But for now we can deal with what he gets :)