Friday, February 27, 2009


There are so many times when I am with my kids and they do the funniest things and say the cutest things. By the time I go get my camera they don't want to redo what they just did or said and it doesn't get captured. I was thinking a lot about making an invention of a really small video recorder that moms can wear. I was thinking something like a headband with the camera placed in the middle, like what you would see through your eyes. It would have a remote that you could hit record and put in your pocket. Then you would always have the video recorder with you and you could discretely hit record without your kids noticing and clamming up. I just really want to get recorded what my kids looked like to me as their mom. Do you think I could get this invention made and would any of you buy it?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have tried to get Peanut on video 3 times already this morning and each time she sees the camera she starts crying this fake cry. I was hoping to show you her cuteness. I'm going to feed her a waffle and she if she is in a better mood for the camera...

well this was the best I could do with her she wasn't being very talkative, could be because she woke up early this morning. I really want to get a video of her watching herself in the mirror it is hysterical.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dentist and other random things...

This morning Red and I had dentist appointments. I called his teacher to see if he could switch days for school this week since he was missing for the dentist and not being sick, she said yes. We ran a few errands before we had our appointments. I brought Peanut's stroller in thinking that is where she would sit during my cleaning. Well the poor girl obviously has been traumatized from seeing me in the ER with the Kidney stone that she freaked out when the lady put the bib on me. I took her out of the stroller and put her on my lap. Red sat somewhat nicely in a little chair in the room. I love having the kids with when I get my teeth cleaned because then hygienist doesn't ask me questions that I can't answer because my mouth is wide open with their hands inside of it. The kids ask a bunch of questions and keep the person talking to them, it is wonderful! He kept asking when it was his turn in the chair, too funny. Peanut was pushing on my stomach the whole time so it is a bit sore now from flexing so much. She also watched very closely to how my teeth were being cleaned, so wish I could of taken a picture of her curiosity. Just a little about me and the dentist, I'm a big baby, I like to hold the tool that sucks all your saliva while they polish my teeth. Peanut was cracking me up she kept trying to put it in her mouth when it wasn't in mine. I think she wanted to see how it felt or what it did. I did let her try it once. And Red followed his mama and asked to hold it when they polished his teeth too. Oops, I might have just started a bad habit for him. After I get the older two from school they go and get their teeth cleaned so far we have no cavities and I am hoping that it stays that way.

For the random things. I really need to video these little people more often, actually I should take more pictures, I just forget. The other night we were watching Kit Kittredge An American Girl movie and Red was on the floor sitting. Peanut came over to him and tackled him to the ground pulled his shirt up and blew a raspberry on his belly. It was the funniest thing. Then she actually lifted her shirt for him to take a turn. This went on for about 10 minutes!!! The other thing I want so badly to get on video is the older two playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii, they are hilarious.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

I'm playing along with a flashback Friday of my husband and I's first date. It was July 14th, 1996 we were at Moody Bible Institute on a youth conference for the week. It was the second day of the conference and about 1400 students were outside waiting for the meeting to start. My friends and I were goofing around doing 2 person cartwheels what can I say we were in Highschool. When we had stopped we decided that we wanted to "meet" people. That is when I saw J. He had his head completely shaved and he looked like Mr. Clean. He was so loud and tons of people were around him, I knew at that moment I was going to marry him. I know sounds crazy, I didn't even know his name or anything else about him. I said to my friends lets go meet that group of people. I really just wanted to meet him. My guy friend, Micah, had meet him and a couple of his friends a few weeks ago in Colorado at a different conference. I was so glad and Micah introduced us and we talked for HOURS outside. There was another girl that was seriously hanging on him and I thought she was his girlfriend but he kept talking to me and asking questions. He actually pulled out a small piece of paper with all his information on it and handed me a blank one and asked for mine. It was pretty funny. Then the girl left with her youth group and came back about an hour later and was kind of mad that we were still talking she said something like, "Why don't you two just get married." J put his arm around me and said, "Ok and we're having 52 kids." I chuckled because it was an inside joke with us already. She gave us the strangest look. We eventually figured out that one of his good friends went to summer camp with one of my good friends and that evening was our first "date" the four of us walked downtown Chicago on Lake Shore Drive. We always say our first date was on LSD :) We actually got engaged downtown Chicago too. What can I say we love that town! We've now been married a little over 9 years and have 4 great kids. God is so good. I just knew when I saw J he was the one.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Happenings...

The biggest exciting news of late is that GG got a speaking part in the musical at church, which also means she has a solo with it. She is beyond excited about it. Next week they will give out the rest of the solos and Monkey is suppose to be getting one so that should be fun.

Coming in second is Red wearing big boy underwear to bed instead of pull ups. He has been dried for a really long time in the pull ups and J and I decided that we'd take the next step and let him wear real underwear. It has been about 3 nights and no accidents. I can't even tell you how exciting that is to not have to buy anymore pull ups. Once we are done with diapers it will be great!

A Peanut update: She is now 17 months old and she is starting to talk so much. If you watched the video on J's blog you can see hear her saying "Cheese" to the camera. She is too funny. She has also learned the word NO. It. Drives. Me. Nuts. to hear her saying NOOOO to most everything. She used to only say Yes. I guess this way she can communicate better with us. Trying to be positive :) I've decided to full force potty train her after the kids spring break. She is totally ready and actually asks to sit on the potty. She still has the sweet little smile and her personality is a bit of a stinker in her. At my dad's she was teasing him with a piece of paper. She would reach it out to him, like she was going to give it to him, but once he reached for it she pulled it back and walked backwards. It was pretty funny to watch.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What the kids did...

Saturday J had all the kids until dinner time and he made a video of some of the fun things they did together. He is such a good daddy and husband. Here is the link to the video, don't forget to pause his music.

Other than that I'm still trying to process the doctor's appointment yesterday. He asked if I was going to have any more kids because this is a dangerous disease, not sure if disease is what you would call it, to have kids with. It can cause heart problems and such. I know that we are done and I'm completely fine with that but to hear from a doctor that you shouldn't have more kids is a bit hard to swallow, I'm only 30 years old. I feel extremely blessed to have these 4 beautiful healthy kids but I can't seem to stop my brain thinking about the what if's. Thank you Jesus for giving me healthy kids to love and take care of for you. And thinking about how GG and Monkey were surprise pregnancies it makes me see how much God was in control of our family from the very beginning. He knew this was my future and he gave us children before the illness came out.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Back to life.

Thursday night at my dad's we decided to have a really low key weekend with the main attraction of sleeping in, we watched Swing Vote on demand! Friday we left Peanut with grandma and went out to lunch and then to see a matinee of He's just not that into you it was a cute movie. Glad we went when it was cheaper. After it was over we went back to my dad's and I picked Peanut up and headed home. The babysitter got to our house at 5pm and J and I went out. We went to the Family Christian Bookstore, I was in desperate need of a new Bible. My friend Lisa has this really cool study Bible so I went in search of that one and I found it! It was my Valentine's Day present. After we spent a good hour in the store we realized that we only had an hour before we were suppose to be at my dad's. We went to Potbelly's for a quick bite. The program was really cute and I loved spending time with J on our date. Then we came back to my dad's and J left me there. It was the weirdest feeling going on a date with your husband and being left at your parents house when it is over. Saturday we slept in and when we got ready we went bowling for an hour and took Roberta out to lunch for Valentine's day. Then dad and I went shopping. We went to Old Navy and I got some shirts and shorts and then we headed to the mall where my dad bought some items. Then we went to my house and got the family for a Valentine's dinner. GG was grandpa's date and she got all dressed up. It was really cute. We ate at Noodles and Company. GG and my dad sat at a table for two across from the booth we sat at and I loved watching her talk to my dad with her legs crossed all grown up like. She is such a cutie pie. Then we took Peanut and went back to my dad's. We watched The Producers not a great movie. Sunday was the movie marathon!!! We watched...Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Swept Away, Lost in Translation, Micheal Clayton, Matador, and Inside Man. We pretty much had a relaxing Sunday, we did go get Subway for lunch but brought it home to eat while watching movies and we ordered pizza for dinner. Then today I had doctor's appointment. I finally have a name to my pain. Though it isn't really curable it can be manageable from my understanding, but maybe it is curable? I'll have to ask my next appointment. Oh yeah it is fibromyalgia. Now I'm home and ready to get back to life. It was such a great relaxing weekend. I'm glad my dad was happy to have the low key weekend like I wanted because he kept saying he wanted to go to the Dells and go here and there and I just really wanted to relax.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This weekend

Since I would be in Florida right now had we not had to cancel our trip my dad and I are going to spend the weekend together instead. I have been looking up fun things to do with him. I am heading over to his house after the kids get home and J gets home and everyone is settled. I am hoping to sleep in tomorrow since I would get woken up by the 3 kids and husband that need to get to school and work. I am praying that Peanut cooperates with me and sleeps at least until 8 like she did this morning. My dad and I are going to have lunch and catch a matinee (haven't decided which movie yet). Then I have to come get the kids from school and get ready for the night. J and I are going on a date per my dad's instructions! Then we are meeting my dad and step mom at their church for dessert and a singing program. Then I'm going to go with my dad back to his house and J have all 4 kids :) I am hoping that I will get a great non kid night sleep and I will for sure get to sleep in on Saturday. Then I am looking at stuff for my dad and I to do on Saturday together. I'm thinking about heading downtown Chicago and watching a musical (Jersey Boys?) or shopping or something fun kid free. Then we will swing by my house and grab Peanut and head back to my dad's. Are you confused yet? Cause J was when I was explaining this plan to him! We won't see the rest of the family until Monday when they get done with school and work. This is just some ideas that will happen but for sure J and I are going on a date (already have the sitter) and meeting up with my dad and step-mom. Everything else is just stuff I want to do. I won't be on here until Monday night and I'll give you the highlights/rundown of my daddy/daughter weekend and be by to read and comment. I also wanted to say how blessed I am to have family close by. This morning I had a procedure done at the hospital. Roberta (my step-mom) came over and watched the two little ones and my dad took the morning off work to come with me to the hospital. I was totally thinking I was going to have to be there all by myself but he came with me. I'm so blessed. Then he treated me to breakfast before he headed to work.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've been learning some things about myself but first I want to write about something I forgot that happened on Saturday with Monkey. Don't worry it somewhat ties in...I got into J's car and he has this air freshener that I think stinks so bad and it gives me a major headache. Though it was warm enough outside on Saturday that I was able to have the windows open a little that helped. I got into the car and said, "Wow that really stinks." Monkey said, "What is that?" I said, "Daddy's air freshener." He says, "Don't you mean air stinker?" It was too funny. Well that is one of the things I have learned about myself over the last few months is that I struggle with strong smelling things. Perfume, candles, and sometimes food if it has a strong smell give me headaches. J loves things that have the strong smell to them so it is a bit of a conflict when buying said items.

Our church is having a bake sale to raise money to send a couple into the missions field. This couple is in J and I's age group and we've known them for awhile. I wanted to help out and make some cookies for J to take tonight. He has a Deacons meeting so he has to go anyway. As I was making the cookies I realized that I really want a kitchen aid mixer. Well I guess I didn't just realize that today it was confirmed today. I have wanted one for awhile. They are expensive. This is what I am learning I like the expensive things and I never want to spend the money on myself so I just don't buy myself stuff. Another example are Uggs, I want a pair not because I think they are super cute or stylish but because they keep your feet warm in the winter. I can't stand having cold feet and my feet always seem to be cold! ***And J if you are reading this it is not a hint to go out and buy them for me.*** I had to put that in there otherwise I would have a 130 dollar pair of Uggs tomorrow when he got home from work, he is that kind of a guy!

Other than that I wish people would be accountable for the things they say online. Specifically in comments on other peoples blogs. I have read two of my favorite blogs over the past week and they have had some of the nastiest comments by anonymous people, of course. Why do people have to be so mean on the blog and in comments? Are you really that insecure?

Monday, February 09, 2009


I think I've done this one before but I'm not motivated to look through the ole blog to find it so I'll just do it again!

One: Link to the person who tagged you. Sarah

Two: Post rules

Three: Post 6 random things about you. So here goes.

1. I want to grow my hair long enough to donate the 10 inches to Locks of Love like my daughter has been I can't seem to get it past a certain length.
2. When I dye my hair I use the wash out kind and not permanent so that it can be donated.
3. I sell Mary Kay but am not currently active in getting the word out there, people know I sell it and come to me.
4. I come from a big family and not consider my family of 6 big. Just my view.
5. I'm spending this weekend with my dad since we canceled our trip to Disney.
6. I'm glad we canceled the trip but sad not to be in the warmth. Stupid kidney stone.

Now I tag...
That is all the linking I want to do so I tag four people...tag as many as you want

Saturday, February 07, 2009

I love this boy...

Well I love all my children but all differently. Well Monkey has been cracking me up lately. Last night I was laying on the couch and he comes over and says, "Scooch over big mama." Then today we went on a date and ran a bunch of errands. One of the stops was to McDonalds to get gift cards for birthday presents. While we were there we ate lunch. We sat at the bar stool tables and he says, "These are the date tables mom. You can only sit here when you are on a date." On the way to the car after one of our stops (I believe it was the jewelry store that we got GG's free Valentine's day present at) he says, "I love you so much em oh em." It was just too funny that he spelled it out instead of saying mom. We also went to Quest the same place he got blood taken for the allergy test and he says, "Am I getting more blood taken or are you this time?" I told him that I had to pee in a cup and he says, "I've had to do that once." I totally don't remember him having to do that but I'm sure he did if he remembers it! He said much more today but those are some of the funnier things he said today and last night. I had a lot of time hanging out with him.

While the two little ones took their naps J took GG out for a date. We had some good one on one time today with the kids. And the weather is beautiful enough that when they got home GG took her new bike for a spin. J said it is the prefect height. This summer should be fun!!!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Ailing me.

I finally have an answer to the current pain that I am undergoing. I spent 7 hours in the ER this morning getting blood drawn, a cat scan and ultrasound done with much waiting in between. I was so prepared to hear that it was my gall bladder and I was going to need surgery. I have a kidney stone. Can you believe it? But I am so thankful that I didn't walk away from the ER with unanswered questions. Now I just wait for them to pass and then go into the urologist for a follow up. What happened to me once I hit 30? I am going to talk to my dad about the trip and see what we do now. I really don't want to pass a kidney stone in Florida. Also wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful comments and prayers. You guys are the best. I need to go get my pain drugs, love modern medicine.

I did want to mention how great Peanut did in the ER for 7 hours. What a little trooper. And a big huge thank you to my step mom for coming and sitting with me and taking care of Peanut and for J coming in during his breaks through out the day to see how I was doing. I have a great family.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


I've been neglecting this blog not because I don't have things to write because I do. I am just having a hard time right now in my life. I last wrote about going to Disney in a week well to be completely honest. I don't want to go. I know it will be fun but with everything going on in my life right now health wise I just want to stay here and get things taken care of sooner than later. I have had so much blood taken in the last year that I am surprised that I still have any left. The other thing that keeps plaguing my mind is all the "what ifs" like what if the plane crashes or what if I get there and get really sick and have to spend the whole time in the hospital, because of what the doctor said. I hate those thoughts but I still have them. I hate the fact that I wear the pain I am in on my face and people then ask me about it and I start crying. Not only that but then they try and diagnose me. The stinking doctor's can't figure out what is going on with me so I really don't think anyone else is going to solve it. I am loosing all faith in doctor's as a whole but I still have faith in God my maker. I know that He is control of this whole situation and He knows what tomorrow will bring. He is holding me and my family in the palm of His hand. I can take comfort in that and it gives me peace. Not that I don't long for comfort and peace in my body because I SO do.

I just want to be that mom who is fun and active and not sitting on the couch balled up in pain or crying every morning because I feel so sick to my stomach. I hate what it is doing to my kids. I want to do things with my kids and create memories with them other than snuggling on the couch because that is all I am capable of doing at the moment. I want me kids to know how much I love them not only by my words but by action too.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


If I talk Disney a lot on here well it is because I'm excited about going. Peanut and I leave in 8 days! And the best part is the weather is suppose to be about 78/75 the first two days we are there. My dad and I just got done booking our hotel, we had to stay off grounds because all the reasonably priced places were booked up which makes me a little nervous about the crowds that will be there. We got 5 nights for under the price of one night on the grounds. It will be fun no matter where we stay! The only thing left to do before we leave is get a rental car. Then we get there we will buy tickets for the places we want to go. I am thinking Sea World and Universal along with Magic Kingdom but we'll see we have a layover on the way there so we can talk plus the flight will give us time too. After all the hotel searching and booking we went out to eat and met my brother Travis and step mom Roberta and my friend Kristin and her two youngest went with us. It was fun. The kids got these stinky things from the vending machines. They are so gross but they loved them. Red made a few more dollars from scratching grandpa's head for his Disney spending money...hahaha. J and I were talking about how much we were going to give the kids to spend in Disney last night and I'm just not sure how much is enough and how much is too much. Good thing we have about 7 months to decide. Any suggestions or tips on Disney would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, February 02, 2009


This morning I went into the school with the kids which I normally just drop them off and park by the preschool and take Red inside. But today was GG big Italy presentation. She was so excited and was trying to hide it from her classmates, too cute. She had many visual aids for her presentation which is why I helped her. She had the poster board, focaccia bread (we call it pizza bread), Italian style pop, a shirt from Italy, a book, and money. I really hope she did a great job and I'm sure she did. Well I was helping her Monkey went to his class and Red followed him. When I went down the hall to get Red for school he was sitting at Monkey's desk reading a book. The teacher had told the kids it was D.E.A.R. time (Drop Everything And Read) so Red followed suit and was reading! The teacher let him take the book home for the night which made his day. It was just too cute to see him sitting at his brother's desk reading like the big kids.

Peanut and I did all the usual errands came home ate lunch and grandma came over to watch her while I went to the doctor. Guess what? He wants to take more blood from me. OY. He wants to have all the information needed to give me a correct diagonistic which I can understand and I'm thankful for but I'm so done. I'm hoping that this will be the end for me and then I can start to feel better. Well I just got online looking at flights for the two Disney trips I'm taking and I am so excited. I found some really cheap tickets too and also have a coupon for 5% off...score. I love that Mouse :)