Thursday, May 31, 2012

Coming to a close

I started nannying for a friend last year at the beginning of June. With my kids crazy schedules it has gotten harder for me to be available to her when she needs me. I had been putting off talking to her about it because I really do love her kids and watching them. But I really do need to be there for my family too. So next week will be my last week watching those little kidlets. I started watching them when the little boy was 8 weeks old. I've seen him roll, crawl and walk. He hasn't started talking yet but I really am going to miss his cuddles. The little girl and Peanut have been come like sisters. They even tease and fight with each other like siblings but when they play together they have the greatest fun! I am going to miss hearing their imaginations. They crack me up. I have been so blessed to be able to help them out this last year. I hope and pray that the new girl will love and care for them too. I am also glad that I will still get to see them at church. That makes it easier for me. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This week...

I haven't had much time to myself so I am making some time now to blog. Jeff left for a week long training in another state on Sunday (Mother's Day). He left about 2:30pm. Since then two of our children have lost a tooth. I'm not good at being the tooth fairy and with everything else on my plate this week I forgot one morning. Ugh. Monday it was up and getting the kids ready for school and to school on time. Then Peanut and I had some serious grocery shopping to do. Come home and unload said groceries. Then go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather practicing riding her bike without the training wheels. She is getting better but doesn't quite have it completely. While I was picking up the toys outside that I had asked her to help with she went inside and gave herself a hair cut! Which I wrote about on the last post. Then get the kids from school. We had an hour to get homework done and dinner eaten before we had to head out the door for Monkey's baseball game at 5:30. We got home around 8:45...grandpa took us out for ice cream afterward. Tuesday up and out the door and then come home and clean the house that hasn't been cleaned or vacuumed in days, plus a load of laundry that needed to be done so that Monkey's uniform was clean for his next game. My mom-in-law comes over to try our blendtec...which was so fun! After lunch we ran to the library to take back a movie and get a book I have waiting for me. Then more work on riding the bike before we have to get the kids from school. GG had track practice until 5:30, so the boys came home and did homework and ate dinner before we had to take Monkey to practice and pick GG up from practice bring her home and feed her and get her started on her homework. Gave the little kids baths before heading back out to pick up Monkey from practice. GG took a shower while we were gone so that Monkey could get one when he got home. Put the three youngest kids to bed, after Red and I researched Ruth Wakefield for his project due next week, then helped GG with her science fair project until 10pm. Realize that I wanted to take a bath and soak but was too tired at that point so decided I would get up 10 minutes earlier and take a shower in the morning. Wednesday get up take kids to school go to Bible study and then work in the cafeteria. However, at Bible study Peanut had an accident which is SO unlike her but still it happened and I didn't have extra clothes. My friend has 4 boys one her age so she lent us a pair of gray sweat pants. Peanut was NOT happy about the clothes. She refused to come out of the bathroom. I finally got her out and she was fine. Then she flipped out on me again at school when I took her to the Kap room. She said, "They are going to laugh at me." I assured her that no one would know she had on someone else's pants or that she peed her pants. But if she didn't stop crying they were all going to be looking at her because she was making a scene. No one made fun of her, she told me when I picked her up! We got home around 1:30 and decide Peanut needs a nap today because Monkey has another game tonight. This afternoon will be another round of quick homework doing, lunch making, dinner eating and out the door for Monkey's game. Then get home and put the kids to bed so that I can decorate Red's room for his birthday which is tomorrow! I hope I don't forget the ice cream sandwiches in the morning. Thursday Peanut has her last class before her recital this weekend. Then after school Red has baseball practice and a spring concert at school. So it will be another crazy busy day. Friday should be pretty laid back once I get the kids to school. I do have to work from 1:30 to 4:30. But once I get the kids from school we will eat and I will put on a movie until Jeff gets home! Then we can tag team this weekend ;) Which believe it or not is WAY more crazy than this week! I look forward to Friday...and give single parents a big hand for all they do! Being the only parent is exhausting work.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Well this year was different then all the others I have ever celebrated. We got up early and went to early service and then went to the flee market with my in-laws. We walked the whole place which took about 2 hours and got some good finds one being a new bike for Red's birthday coming up soon. It wasn't a super hot day out but I got some sun! The rest of the day was pretty laid back because I ended up getting a headache but the kids were really good so that helped big time! I got some really cute homemade gifts from the kids...all but Peanut because I didn't make anything with her and she didn't go to Sunday school at church to make anything there she was pretty sad.

Other than that today Peanut gave me a present of cutting her hair. Ugh it looks so scraggly and she has her ballet recital this coming weekend. Great timing!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

I'm still alive...

Yeah baseball season has started which means total BUSYness! Here is a glimpse of our upcoming week...
Tomorrow: Peanut has pictures for ballet and Monkey has a baseball game at 1pm. Then night church.
Monday: track practice was canceled :)
Tuesday: Monkey has practice and GG has a track meet
Wednesday: JAM
Thursday: Red and Monkey both have games at the SAME time! It is Red's first game of the season. And GG has track practice.
Friday: GG has a birthday party and we have the last Friday JAM of the year!
Saturday: GG track meet (morning) and Monkey has a ball game (evening).
Sunday: Mother's Day...I get spoiled ;)
Just in case you were wondering JAM is the Junior High Ministry at our church. Jeff and I help out with the youth!  So that is just a glimpse of our crazy schedule as the season gets going there is something every night it seems. We are so blessed to have two vehicles. Only 5 more weeks of school!!! And we got our pool pass renewed, oh yeah!