Friday, November 30, 2007


Hi Olivia :)
Here are the words to your song...

Gonna sing a song about a friend of mine
I know you would like her too.
Pretty blonde hair and big blue eyes
And she's got three brothers too.

Olivia, that's her name. Olivia, it's you!
Olivia, that's her name. I hope you smile when you hear this too!

Spent five years on this great big earth
And you know what she likes to do?
Goes to church and plays with her friends
bet you'd like her to play with you.

Olivia, that's her name. Olivia, it's you!
Olivia, that's her name. I hope you smile when you hear this too!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Conversation with a 2 year old

Yesterday after we picked up Monkey we went out to eat. On the way to the place Red says, "Are we going to Photo's?" He recognized the street because we go there often. I say, "Yes, we are you are so smart." To which he replies, "I not smart I cute." I ask, "Can't you be cute and smart?" He says, "No, you say I cute so I cute not smart." I think we have some work to do. :) He also has a different way to hang ornaments on our Christmas tree...this is the picture I took.

This is the kids decorating the tree...

Our four blessings in front of our tree!

Most recent picture of Peanut that GlamorGirl took, she did a good job!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hairy and Company!

Tonight at church Hairy and Company came to perform. Now just a little background on them, Red absolutely loves Hairy. We have the DVD and he *wants* to watch it over and over and over. Me trying to be a good mom and not just prop him in front of the tv, even though I get a ton of stuff done while he is entertained, I let him watch it only once. We got to church a little early and I asked Dianne if Red could give Hairy a hug after the show she said yes to Red's delight. Last night before I put the kids to bed I made the mistake of telling them that Hairy was going to be at church today. Red was so excited he didn't go to sleep until after 10pm. He kept getting out of bed telling me he was awake and it was time to go to church! Before the show started and after I was done talking to Dianne, Red says, "Are you from the Bible?" We both kind of laughed and she said, "No, but do you have my movie?" Red now laughing says, "Your from the tb." Yes he says tb for tv :) It was also pretty cool during the show she was talking and Hairy was coming out on stage and the kids were going crazy and yelling, "There's Hairy!" Red, of course, being one of those kids. Oh yeah did I mention we were in the front row?! Dianne says, "Red do you see Hairy?" The look on his face was priceless. She knew his name! Then afterwards he got to give Hairy a hug after big brother and big sister did first. He was a little apprehensive at first but warmed up quickly and wanted to see all the puppets. One last thing...Peanut even smiled at the puppets. She is our next Hairy and Company fan in the making. We had a great go check out there website!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Time!

The kids have been off of school this whole week so we have been busy with playdates and Thanksgiving things. I have to say that yesterday was probably my favorite day of the week. We got up and had a nice pancake breakfast. I finished Peanut's blanket for Christmas now I just have to do Red's, that is a great feeling. Then two older kids and I played tons of games while the two little ones slept. When they woke up we went out to eat. When we got home is when all the real fun happened. We listened to Mercy Me's Christmas Album while we put up the Christmas tree, put all the decorations out, and hung the stockings by the fireplace. We need to get a stocking for Peanut then everything will be complete. Our house is so ready for Christmas! Oh yeah and J got up real every to go shopping on Black Friday, he was home before anyone else woke up. I think he is CRAZY! He said he got some great deals and the presents where all for me, well except one for Peanut. He always gets me the best presents I am excited about opening them, but with him getting them he always wants to give them to me right away. He was wanting me to open them last night before we went to bed. This month is going to kill him waiting! I also have pictures from the decorating but I haven't had time to put them on the computer. If I get a chance I will put them on here if it isn't too late.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


J figured out what was wrong with the washer. I guess there is a little tube that attaches to the basin and then triggers the water to stop once it fills up to the level it is set at. That little tube broke and so when the water filled to the level it started going through the tube to stop the water instead the water just ran down the machine and on to the floor and the water didn't stop. I almost always do large loads, kind of have to with 6 people, so the water was already close to the top when the water started leaking which is why the water was coming out of the top, too! Needless to say, J was able to fix it for now until we can go get a longer tube. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have tons to be thankful for here.
**End Update**

I think our busy life caught up with us yesterday. The last two days had been non-stop action. Monkey had his Thanksgiving program Friday and it got over an hour before GG got out of school so we hung around school and went to the pep assembly. That was tons of fun. The school for the first time has a drum line and they rocked! We got home and had a few hours of down time until we packed everyone back up and took them to the basketball game at school. We certainly have school spirit :) When we got there two girls were doing face paints. Of course, all the kids got there faces painted...even Peanut. I wish I would of gotten a picture of her though. She had CLA written across her forehead. It was cute! Then yesterday was insanely busy. In the morning J and I split the kids. He took GG to church for her Ark practice and he and Red went to his parents house the practice was 2 hours long. I took Monkey and Peanut we went to the store and then to Monkey's gymnastics. Came home and made lunch and J and GG got home. He had left Red at his parents to take a nap and I was bringing the other two over in about an hour or so anyway. Then back in the car to grandma and grandpa's. Dropped them off and Peanut and I went to a baby shower. After that we picked up all the kids and headed to my dad's house for Thanksgiving dinner. When we got home it was 9pm. Poor Red hadn't been home since 9:30am he was almost gone for 12 hours. The kids went to bed and I got myself and baby girl ready. I was hoping the day was over for us but it wasn't. I lay in bed nursing my baby and all of a sudden she makes a funny noise. I jump in time to catch the spit up. I lay her back down and more comes out all over the bed. So I pick her up and she does it 4 more times on the floor. I strip the bed and her and start a load of laundry. I try and sooth her while I am cleaning and making the bed. Which brings us to today. As I was typing this the baby was sleeping on the bed and the kids were playing in their rooms and I had a load of laundry in. I started to hear and strange noise in the bathroom where the laundry is and decided to investigate. Something is wrong with the washing machine. Water is all over the floor. Make a call to hubby and start cleaning the floor. I really hope nothing is really wrong with the machine. I need to do laundry. Now I wait for him to come home and take a look at it mind you he is working right now. So all he can really do is look at it he can't fix it.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

2 months...already?

I just can't believe that Peanut has been in our family for 2 months now! I took her to the doctor today and she weighs 12lbs 10oz she was 7lb 14oz at birth and when she left the hospital she was 7lb 6oz. She was 22 1/2 inches long she was 20 inches at birth. The doctor was very impressed with her tracking and how she responses to people talking to her with a great big ole smile! She told me she has never see a 2 month old smile like that. I was a little shocked by that considering all my babies started smiling at 1 month. I told her she has laughed too! But she does have three older examples to follow :) Anyway, she got one shot today and I went in there not wanting to do any but ended up just getting one out of the 4 they wanted to give her. We have had bad reactions to shots in the past and we are going to take it slow just like we did with Red. Here is one of the shots I got of her smiling that isn't as blurry because she just can't keep still...those arms and legs flail about!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Family Picture...

J wanted to do a different picture this year so this is what we got!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Family Game Night

We've been playing games one night during J's 3 days off and tonight we played Scrabble. We did teams as our kids are still pretty young. So it was Monkey and I against J and GG. The first half of the game Monkey and I were winning by about 20 points and then J and GG started getting really good words and high letter scores. All of a sudden Monkey says, "Who's winning." J replies, "We are." Then Monkey says, "Ok it's time to switch teams." It was the funniest thing but I say to him, "What am I chop liver?" Needless to say we had a great time playing games as usual!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

My boys

They are so different from one another and I love them both. Today I had a conversation with each of them and they made me think about just how different they are.

With Red we were in the van running errands and decided to stop by a friends house.
And this was our conversation...
Me: Red, when we get to their house I am going to run up to the door and see if they are home. You and Peanut are going to stay in the car. If they are home I will come get you out.
Red: I don't think that is a good idea. You get me out. I come with you and if they are home we can go in and play.

In the van again with Monkey on the way home from school. He has a field trip tomorrow which J is going on. They are going to the nursing home two blocks away and are having the parents drive kids in their personal vehicles. At school Mrs. R told the kids they had to have their carseats with their names on them.
Monkey: Mom tomorrow when I go to school we have to bring my carseat in and it has to have my name on it. I don't want to put my name on my carseat, that would be silly.
Me: You don't have to worry about it because daddy is going on the field trip and your carseat will already be in the van.
Monkey: Mrs. R said if we don't have our carseats at school we don't get to go. (at this point almost in tears)
Me: Sweetie Mrs. R knows that daddy is going and that your carseat will be in the van it will be ok, you can ask daddy when we get home.

Monkey takes everything so literal which I have been told I did the same when I was a kid and I believe I still do at times. The boys are just so different and it isn't bad they are both very special to me. I'm sure the girls are going to be different from each other as well?!?! That will be fun to find out :)

There is a Rockin' Sling contest going on here. Go check it out but I want to win it :)