Sunday, August 28, 2005

Funny story! The other night after the kids where asleep I walked into Monkey's room because I heard talking coming from his there. As I got closer Monkey said, "Hi baby Red. Red, Red are you sleeping?" I figured he was dreaming about Red so the next morning I asked him if he had a dream about Red. He said, "No I was dreaming I was buzz lightyear." What a goof :)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The last few days have been so relaxing for me. Friday I got a full body massage it was a gift from the hospital where I delivered Red. That night we went to see Liz play volleyball and after the game we had some friends over to play cards. Then this morning I went over to my friends house and got a facial. That was nice. My face feels so good. Tonight J and I were sitting in the living room and Monkey was sitting with J and GG and Red were sitting with me. J was whispering to Monkey things to say to me. It was so funny. J told him to tell me. "You look very attractive." It came out, "You look like a tractor." He was saying other things that came out funny too but I thought that was the best one! The kids have 2 more weeks before school starts. On Monday GG is going to meet with her new teacher and pick out her seat and locker, she is very excited about that. Well I need to go to bed we have church tomorrow morning and last night was a late night and this morning was an early morning. Not to mention I had a super hot Monkey sleep with me last night. He was on fire but during the night his fever broke, it was vaccination related which makes me so mad. I won't go into that right now.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

We didn't make it to church this morning J didn't get home from work until after 4am and the kids and I went to a church by our house last night. We have friends that go there and so I thought I would go check it out. Anyways, I was getting the kids dressed this morning and Monkey reminded me of something silly he said last weekend by saying something similar today. Last Sunday when we were on our way to the Children's Museum Red was crying. Grandma was sitting in the seat I normally sit in. Monkey then asks her, "Grandma, do you have a big boob?" The car got quiet. So he asked her again. J didn't understand why he asked her that and told him that wasn't a nice question to ask. I was sitting next to Monkey and asked him if he wanted to know if grandma could nurse Red. And he said, "Yes does she have a big boob to nurse?" Then grandma told him that hers don't work anymore!!! So this morning when I was getting them ready Red started to fuss and Monkey said, "Mommy you have big boobs so you should go nurse Red." I am thinking at least my men will *know* why boobs were nurse babies!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Last night we went to my dad's house to talk about this huge family vacation he wants to go on next November. GG will almost be 6, Monkey almost 4.5 and Red will be 18 months so it should be pretty fun for everyone. This morning I took the kids to VBS and then Red and I went to Silva's for a playdate. It was a lot of fun and we are having another one next week at our house. Come school time Silva and I are going to start a Bible study and I am really looking forward to that. Well that is all the update for now. Oh yeah I found out my bil and sil are having a boy in Jan :)

Monday, August 08, 2005

So much has happened these last few days here are some highlights! Friday we had a date with Wal-mart, we needed toilet paper desperately, and then a lunch date with grandpa. Saturday we had a picnic dinner at the park and daddy met us there while he was working. Then the kids played for about 2 hours then came home washed them up and off to bed we went. Sunday we got up and went to church then g & g M. met us at church and we headed downtown to the Children's Museum. That place was so cool. There were two levels and so much stuff for the kids to do. One room was called Water Ways and the kids had to put on raincoats so they could play with the water and not get too wet! GG and Monkey each got to be bubble bees on a big computer screen. They painted their faces, climbed on things, built things, and used their imaginations. When we had seen everything and done everything we went for some ice cream. Then we took my parents back to their car and headed over to J's parents house. Joe and J left to go fishing and we ate Phil's pizza for dinner, it is one of my favorite pizzas. Now we are at today! We got up and dropped the kids off for VBS at school. Then J, Red and I went grocery shopping. It was amazing how much stuff we got done with the other two gone this morning. I love having them around but I am looking forward to school starting and getting playgroup started. We just got our newest member July 31st!!! While the kids were gone I made dinner for us and our friends who just had their baby. Then we got to bring the meal to them and meet the new baby boy. He is a cutie!!! Ok that is it for now.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I woke up this morning with the realization that school starts in 6 weeks and I haven't worked with GG at all. I was planning on reviewing things she had learned last school year but with 3 kids my world has totally changed. I had gotten papers for her to work on over the summer from the school but I have only done a couple of them. So I sat her down and explained to her that she needed to sound out the word then color the picture of that word. To my amazement she did great with no help from me. I thought she would have some problems but not her she is so smart. I have decided that the rest of the summer she will be doing homework to prepare her for school coming up. I want her to be confident in her ability and I think this will definitely help with that. Cute story about my GG...the other night we had a really bad storm and there was thunder and lighting. I was on the phone and I hear her calling my name, I thought she was scared. I go in there and she says, "Mommy the most wonderful thing just happened." I asked her what happened. She said, "Look outside. That tree fell apart. There was light then the branch fell off." Sure enough I look outside and our tree branch fell off and on to a truck. It was pretty funny that she thought it was the most wonderful thing!!! Anyway this morning we took the kids to Jumps and Jiggles, that was a lot of fun. When we got home we ate lunch and the kids were in the living room re-enacting the VBS program from church. They used the microphone from the karaoke machine it was beyond hilarious. Then this afternoon we did an "art project" it was basically just letting the kids practice cutting and GG promised not to cut her hair this time. Last time she cut a chunk in the front about 2 inches long off, I was not happy but it isn't noticeable and I believe she has learned her lesson. We just got in from riding bikes outside, we wait til after dinner when it isn't so hot now it is off to bed!

Monday, August 01, 2005

My friend Marni just left, she came over for dinner. I met her in college and she was in J and I's wedding and I am glad we are still friends. J found out today that one of his friends from High School is expecting their first baby and that is pretty cool. This weekend was a girl's weekend with the exception of Red who is always with me!!! First we shopped at the mall and had a blast then we went to dinner at TGI Friday's and then to the movie Must love Dogs. It was so relaxing and completely what I needed! The kids had a great weekend too, they spent the night with J's parents (not planned) and then went swimming twice and had the VBS program and root beer floats. J's brother Joe is in town as well as Liz being back from camp it was a lot of fun for them. Today we took Liz out for lunch and heard all about the new guy :) Cute story about GG...we had a really bad storm the other night and a big branch fell from one of our trees on top of a truck. Well I was on the phone and I heard GG calling my name. I figured she was just scared because of the storm, it was loud. I went back to her room and she says, "Mommy the most wonderful thing happened." I said, "what?" she said, "Look outside! That tree fell apart. There was light then it fell off." It was pretty funny especially that she thought it was wonderful... Monkey had his 3 year check up a few days ago he is 36 1/4 inches and 33 lbs and I also weighed Red to see how big he has gotten and he was 13lbs 13oz I couldn't believe it almost 14 lbs!!! He started out barely 6lbs only 2 1/2 months ago. I asked my friend Marni who she thought Red looked like because I have a theory. She said Monkey like I thought she would. My theory is people who are related to Red say GG and unrelated people say Monkey. So far my theory is true. It really doesn't matter to me who people say as long as he looks like one of our family members!! He has really started to smile and giggle more. He wakes up every morning with great big smiles for me that last about 10 minutes or so. What a blessing he has been.