Sunday, June 17, 2012

We did it!!!

We actually bought a trampoline and it is up and operating!!! The kids are always wanting to go on it and I just LOVE that! We put it up after we went to Great America last Thursday and Friday morning the kids were up early and out on it jumping away. And every morning except for today they have gotten up, got dressed, ate breakfast and then outside to jump. Today they couldn't because we had church but as soon as we got home they were out there! I think it is the best purchase we have made for the kids to date. And I like that they are getting exercise and NOT sitting in front of the tv or playing video games.

So I said we put it up after our day at Great America. We had gotten home around 9:30pm and decided that we put it up. It was so funny because we had to set up a flood light so that we could see what we were doing. It took us a little longer than it would of it had been in the daylight because we had to almost take it all apart to fix a mistake that we had made because of the darkness. We had fun bonding while putting it up and we got to be the first to JUMP! At 11pm we were like two little kids jumping away on the trampoline. I was sitting and let Jeff jump and he bounced me so high that I ended up standing. Needless to say, if you are thinking of getting one totally do it! We struggled with size for a while and ended up getting the bigger one...15ft!  

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Need to make a plan...

My oldest and I were sitting down watching television tonight and the show was all about a teenage girl getting prepared for having sex for the first time. We don't watch a whole lot of television but this is one of our shows we like to watch together so it opened the door to a great discussion on sex. It was just her and I in the room and she was able to ask questions and I answered her honestly and accurately. This summer I have been planning on taking her on an over night at a hotel where we can talk more in depth about the subject. I was convicted during the hearts at home conference about the topic of sex. I want my kids hearing about sex in our home (not from friends) and what the Bible says about the topic (in the confines of marriage). There is a program called Passport to Purity that we are going to go through. My prayer for my children is that they are pure until they marry. But I also need to be willing to talk to them about it and teach them about it. This is on the list of things for the summer. And as taboo the topic is in most families I am kind of excited to spend time with her just one on one. Pray for me! I will hopefully let you know before we go so that you can cover me in prayer while we are gone. 

Monday, June 04, 2012

So giddy!

School is almost over for the summer! This week is going to go by so fast and I am SO giddy about having all my kidlets home with me. I have planned lots of bike rides to places this summer. I still have to pick up the tandem bike though but once we get that we are GOLDEN! Can I just tell you how much I just love Peanut's heart? Today we were outside enjoying the beautiful weather and she was riding her bike. I said to her that she should try the bigger of the two bikes there really isn't much difference between the two. She did NOT want to try it because she was scared. I talked to her about how scared she was to ride the littler bike but that she was able to do it. She tried the bigger one and realized that she COULD do it. She says, "We need to find someone to give my little bike to. And also the one with the three wheels. I don't ride that one anymore." Then she started naming friends who she could give those bikes to. I just love her so much. She is *probably my most stubborn child but she has one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen.

I say probably because she does have a little competition in that department from one of her siblings who will go unnamed ;)