Thursday, April 29, 2010


I read a status on facebook last night that really got me thinking. It was a quote by someone (don't remember who) and it went something like this not, word for word. "Comparison is like acid to your soul." I believe this statement to be true on so many different levels. For example one of the more "toxic" is appearance. If we compare ourselves by the way we look size, shape, height, and also the clothing we wear it can do so much unnecessary damage to our being. We become self conscience, we may start to think we aren't good enough and so is acid. There are other ways that comparing can harm us. Possessions and relationships are two other that I can think of right off the top of my head. I see the possessions comparison a lot with my kids. So and so had this or that why don't I or why can't we get one? But sometimes I see it in myself especially when we were looking for a new house. My line of thought was why can't we afford a nice (big) house like most of our friends have? Does it really matter in the end? Nope as long as we are together and are safe that should really be all that matters. It really is a struggle though, I hate to admit that but I am human. For me personally I think that the relationships are the hardest for me. Growing up I moved from school to school and so I don't have friends from my childhood like other people. A lot of times I feel like an outsider, though I really am not. What I really am is a homebody. I am outgoing and friendly so most people don't really know this about me but my favorite thing to do is chill at home. Though I do love getting together with people I am usually content to just be home with the family. Hearing about people getting together over the weekend sometimes hurts but I didn't call anyone so I can't like it bother me. Also with relationships is the comparison of marriages. This is such a dangerous toxic acid subject to even think about comparing. No marriage is the same just like no two people are the same and to even try and compare them is like comparing apples to oranges to bananas and grapes, just silly to do. So now that this post has gone all over place all of this to say, with the Lord's help I will do my best not to compare me, my husband, my children, my possessions and my relationships to anyone else. I don't want or need that kind of toxicity in my life.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Babyisms...

So I have been noticing lately that Peanut has her own style of communication. Completely opposite of "normal" people. I'll explain. This morning she was hungry so she says to me, "Mommy my tummy is so full. Can I have a hard boiled egg?" Or my favorite at naptime when she doesn't want to go to sleep she says, "I woke up early." Her logic is so funny sometimes! She also messes up the difference between eating and drinking she will say, "I'm hungry can I have some water?" None of the other kids have said stuff like this so it is uniquely her! But like all the other ones of my kids she does the were tenses to words too which I think is really cute as well. Like she interchanges her and she. "Her like my book." I just love listening to her talk though she never really STOPS! She is my little chatter box that is for sure :)

Also on the Peanut topic. Yesterday marked the one year of her being potty trained!!! We haven't had to buy diapers in a year it has been so nice. We also only bought two packs of pull ups for night time. I believe she only peed in maybe 5 of them the rest had to be thrown away because you can only use them so many times before they start to fall apart ;)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crazy Kids

If we are friends on facebook you might have seen this already but it was just to crazy not to share. Last night the kids and I were in the living room and I'm not really sure how this conversation started but it was crazy! Monkey stated that he wanted me to have another baby. This is a weird comment from him but that can of worms was then opened. All the kids chimed in saying they wanted another baby. Oh heavens crazy kids. I asked the kids if they really wanted me to get big, fat, and sick again, it was a resounding YES. Then I told them that they would be old enough to have to change diapers and that even made them happy. What is wrong with these kids?!? I said a new baby would cry and need mommy ALL. THE. TIME. they didn't care. They really have no idea what adding another baby to our family would be like and it is a good thing they don't have any say in it! At one point GG said she wanted me to have another baby because her best friend has 5 kids in her family and she wanted to be the same and then Monkey said he wanted me to have two more babies so that we could beat their family with more people. To which sparked GG's twin comment. It was just a silly and crazy topic that actually made me nervous even thinking about adding another baby. I started sweating and my body starting hurting thinking about carrying another baby in my stomach. I love the 4 kids I have with all my heart but I really am truly content to leave it with only having the 4 of them :) My body has been through way too much stuff in the last few years it is too old to have another baby. Even though I am only 31 my body is not.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Menu April 26 - May 2

Monday: Asparagus Soup with sourdough bread
Tuesday: Stuffed Peppers and brown rice
Wednesday: Church (pizza) this is the last Awana night
Thursday: Spinach and brussel sprouts casserole
Friday: Chicken Chili
Saturday: J is doing (GG and I will be gone)
Sunday: Fish and brown rice

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Weekend

It is here! Which means that the hubs is not. Tonight I had a plan on what we were going to do while he was gone. I usually don't and start to get mad that he left me on a Friday night. I can say this because he doesn't read my blog anymore. I think I bore him :) Anyways, I was going to get a movie from the library but it was closed so I went to a redbox and they didn't have any kid appropriate movies so on to plan B. Yes, I even had a back up plan, yay me. We played the Wii. GG and I played a few games and then it was the boys turn. They chose to play Lego Star Wars. The whole time they yelled at each other because the other wasn't doing what the other wanted them to do in the game. It was really hard to listen too. I was happy when the time was up. Which brought on a whole new set of issues and complaints. After much talking and appropriate punishment we moved on with the night. I read another chapter in the Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Clearly. I loved that book when I was little and I am enjoying reading it with the kids. All in all tonight wasn't bad. I little lonely, but not terrible. Tomorrow night he has a meeting at church that starts at 5:30 and will probably be over by 9pm. I am going to have a plan for that time...or I will not survive it...they will eat me alive!!! Just kidding. Though dinner and bedtime are just horrible times for my helpmate to be GONE.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Menu April 19-25

Two nights we ate out, one with my dad and the other with my mom. Very rare week.
Monday: Shrimp Scampi with brown rice noodles (didn't get around to that last week)
Tuesday: Beef Stroganoff and fruit smoothies.
Wednesday: Church (Beef Sandwiches)
Thursday: Italian Vegetable Medley with quinoa
Friday: Grilled Steak with Rosemary and mashed potatoes
Saturday: Baked Breakfast (egg dish)
Sunday: Grilled Chicken with Basil

This week we are trying two new recipes Friday and Sunday...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We are Praising the Lord over at our house today. I feel like a little girl, with the biggest smile on my face and a bounce in my step. I got the call from the guy who tested our air! The house passed with flying colors to the point there wasn't even any mold fragments in the air. It is CLEAN. We can move forward with purchasing this home. It has been such an answer to prayer to be able to type this post out. Now they just need to fix the few things we are asking and we need to get our financing which should be easy and quick then wait for the close date. Don't know if I mentioned this or not but there are a few things we want to do to the house before we move in like take out the carpet in a few areas and put in hardwood. Very minor things :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Putting Off

I've been avoiding this blog and putting off writing because I feel like if I write about what is going then it really is happening. Well it is. If you want to know the scoop keep reading if not then I recommend leaving.

We had our home inspection on Tuesday of last week and the guy who did the inspection to J that out of all the houses he has ever inspected this is probably the best one he has ever seen. There are still things that need to be fixed like the oven doesn't work. I like to cook people we NEED a working oven! But all and all the house has "good bones". We were able to schedule the mold/air test the next day. He told us the results would come back by Friday. This is when things took a turn for the worse. On Thursday he called and told me he had the results back. However he feels that they are inaccurate and he wants to come retest. Apparently, before he came to that house he tested another house and cleaned his stuff but he feels since the other house had the HIGHEST level of Stachy he has ever tested that he might not have gotten the machine clean enough. He thinks our air sample was cross contaminated from the other house. He is going to be bringing a new pump and tube to retest our place. That happens tonight on a Sunday. We should hopefully know by Tuesday what those results are so that we can either move forward with the purchase of this house or start looking for a new place to buy. At this point I am not holding my breath that we will be buying this house. I have started looking online again. I know that God is in control of this whole situation and I have been praying like crazy that God would give us a clear sign. Right now I feel like the signs are a little mucky. Meaning out of all the houses we have looked at this is the only one both J and I felt at peace with putting an offer in. But then all this happens with the air testing, it starts to get cloudy. If you think about it and you feel like it, we could use some prayers for restful sleep and clear decisions.

On a totally different topic. Yesterday we took a day trip. Friend of ours from church lost her 91 year old grandma. We went to the funeral. On our way there we stopped at the boyhood home of President Ronald Reagan. It was really cool. Then afterward we headed to my mom house but before we went there we stopped at the house that her and my step dad designed and built. I showed the kids my hand print on the porch when I was about 11 years old. It was really weird to pull up to that house. They sold it about 7 years ago and to a guy I graduated High School with so that is a little weird too. We had dinner with my mom and her boyfriend and then headed home. The kids did so well and we actually had a lot of fun together as a family.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The funnies...

Tonight we went to a basketball game that J played in between two of the middle schools in the town he works, does that make sense? Anyway it was a late night putting us home at 9:45pm. On our drive home we were helping GG study for her state and capitol test tomorrow. It started to get a bit silly by the time we were done "studying" with her. It led to jokes. The kids have been into the boat jokes lately. You know the ones? Pickle me and Tickle me were in a boat and Pickle me fell out. Who was left? Well yesterday J said to Red, "Inch me and Pinch me were in a boat and Inch me fell out. Who was left? Red says, "Pinch me" Then he got this look on his face when he realized what he just said. Too funny. Forward to the ride home. J says, "Hey Red, Peat and Repeat were in a boat and Peat fell out. Who was left? The first two times he says, "pinch me" then he gets it and says, "repeat" to which J keeps saying the joke over and over. Then comes the funniest thing of the night. Red says to Monkey, "Pickle me and Pinch me were in a boat. Pickle me fell out. Who was left? To which Monkey replied, "get away from me" It went on with different boat scenarios from there and I was laughing so hard the rest of the ride home. I love those kids they are just too funny.

Menu April 12 -18

Monday: Out to eat. J had a basketball game we all went to.
Tuesday: Spinach Turkey Burgers with stir fried zucchini and quinoa
Wednesday: Church
Thursday: Texas Chili
Friday: Spaghetti Squash with homemade tomato sauce
Saturday: Shrimp Scampi with noodles
Sunday: Leftovers/Breakfast foods

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Freakin' Out

We put an offer in on a house late Friday night. We came to an agreement late last night. I am excited to have a place to call home again that will really be ours to care for but I am so scared at the same time. I feel like God's hand has been in the situation the whole time. Just to give you and idea. The house that we bought has been on the market since Aug of 2008 that is a year and seven months. I'm sure people looked at it and for whatever reason they didn't buy it because it was being saved for us. The price of the house in this market was over priced but they kept coming down from the time we first saw the house. I know I have some location issues but I really do feel at peace about this house. Though I am freaking out about the home inspection and the mold testing that still need to be done. I don't want to get my heart to set on this house because it might not pass the mold test though I really feel it will. I was in the house for over an hour and was fine plus we had just come from a moldy house and I was still fine. I want to think positively about all that is going on because God has been so good to us. We have learned so much about food and air quality. We have trusted in Him to provide a shelter until we have a place and he provided BIG time with an empty furnished house. There are times I look at our monthly income and monthly outgoings and wonder how we are able to make it, but I know it is God taking care of us and it feels good. Some of the positive things about the house that I am really excited about is that it has a nice sized garden already in place. There are even onions and chives growing already! I can't wait to start learning more about gardening and growing our own veggies. I think it will bring our grocery bill down! Also the yard is a good size and it isn't a corner lot. :) The kids will have fun in the sun playing in the back yard something we have never had. There is room for a deep freezer in the garage or basement, I've always wanted one of those. It has a master bathroom, total score. There are 3 toilets, this is huge, as usually EVERYone has to go to the bathroom at the same time it seems like. There is a laundry shoot. The laundry is in the unfinished basement and has plenty of storage for me to start making my own laundry detergent, another way we can save money and the environment of toxic chemicals. Homemade laundry soap will also help with our detoxing, so many benefits. It has radiators, this will totally help with air quality. We close at the end of May so we will have some more time to save a little more money to help with the down payment and closing costs. We hope to rip out the carpet in the living room and on the stairs and put in hardwood before we move in. Then we will have to buy furniture since we don't have a table, mattresses, couches (though I think we have that covered) and other random not so big ticket items.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

House Hunting Day 2

I think I just need to decompress after looking at houses and blogging is the way I do it. So sorry if this is boring but I *need* to do this so that I can sleep tonight!!! We looked at 3 houses today.

#1 was a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath splint level. It was outdated but not too bad looking. We saw some signs of previous water in the lower level family room. J looked in the crawl and he could see water pooling. Great I thought this is how today is going to go...this house is out.

#2 4 bedroom and I think 2 bath, I don't really remember because we didn't see the whole house. We walked in and it was bad news right off the bat. We went to the lower level and J looked at the ceiling and there was black mold in the corner. He says to me, "Get out of here, now." We were in that house maybe 5 minutes. Totally out.

#3 This is our second showing of this house. It was the one we looked at last time for about 10 minutes because we were so discouraged with the other houses we looked at. It was also house #3 on the last house post! Anyways, J's mom came to look at this house with us. It is not updated at all but it has "good bones" and Sue says. She was so excited about the laundry shoot and I had to laugh. She called me after we left and said if we buy this house she wants some veggies from the garden. One thing I wanted in a house was a place to grow my own food, among other things, of course! We both feel at peace (most of the time) about this house and feel like it could be our next home but I still am feeling rushed. Our Realtor said we should put an offer in tomorrow. I don't know if I'm ready for that. It is a HUGE step. She doesn't want it to get snatched from underneath us but I think if it does then God is saying "NO" to this house right? Besides it has been on the market for 510 days. The kitchen and bathrooms are the original people. Not too many people are wanting to do that much work to a house. I just don't know right now and I can't fall asleep because I keep thinking about it and praying about it. But now that I have put it out in cyber world I have decompressed and I should hopefully be able to fall asleep?!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I know food and houses have been the only thing I have been talking about lately so I thought I would break out and give a quick kid by kid update I'll start with my oldest.

GG: She just got a cabbage plant from school (yesterday) and wants to try and win the 1,000 college scholarship for growing the biggest one. She is starting to research it with my help. She is writing stories like crazy. She has started to type out one of them, so that is really neat to see her work so focused on it. She is turning into such a beautiful person. We are going away for a night at the end of this month just her and I with some mom and daughters from church so that should be really fun.

Monkey: He is still biting his finger nails like he is trying to eat his flesh. We have tried everything and last night his dad gave him an incentive that if he stopped by the time it was his birthday (end of July) and his hands were healed we would talk about letting him get a DS. I just really hope this works, his hands look so bad. Before break he had a lead role in the 2nd grade play. He did such a great job with all his lines. Very proud of him. Only a few more months and he is out of a carseat he is very excited about that!

Red: He is actually learning a lot of new things lately. He learned how to tie his shoes 3 days ago and is a pro at it already! So nice, one more step of independence. Over break we took his training wheels off his bike, though he is really scared of it even though he can touch the ground flat footed. He is plugging along at it. I can't believe he will be 5 next month. He was my smallest baby and he has gotten so big. His reading is improving daily, too.

Peanut: This girl is TROUBLE! I have learned her body language quite well seeing as it is only her and I all. day. long. When she knows she isn't suppose to be doing something she will do one of two things. She will hide with it under the kitchen table or she was hide it under her back (mainly when she is in bed for nap time). She is learning the ropes still and all in all she really isn't that mischievous. I think she just misses her play pals when they are at school. That will change next year because Red will be home in the afternoons.

J and I: we are still looking for a house to call home. It is very stressful. I hate the phrase "it's a buyers market" because have you seen the houses out there?! They aren't all that great for the money. We are going to look at some more houses tomorrow afternoon so we'll see if that yields any promise. Other than that I am reading a book on birth order and it is so interesting to me. I have only got the first chapter read but I like it. I have the book The Last Song on hold at the library. I want to read the book before I see the movie, I'm weird like that ;)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Menu April 5 - 11

Last week we didn't get to two of the meals for various reasons so they are going to be back on this week since I already have the stuff for them.

Monday: Turkey Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and fruit salad.
Tuesday: Asparagus Soup with sourdough bread and fruit.
Wednesday: Church (Cold Cuts)
Thursday: Pancakes with apple butter
Friday: Mahi Mahi and brown bastami rice.
Saturday: Chicken Stir Fry with peppers, zucchini, cabbage.
Sunday: Leftovers or breakfast foods (eggs or cereal)

I make this soup a lot and it is pretty easy I thought I'd share the recipe with you all.

Asparagus Soup
one onion chopped
3 lbs Asparagus (ends cut off and cut into inch pieces)
2 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon lemon juice (I use fresh)
1/2 cup heavy whipping cream or half and half.
6 cups chicken broth (I make my own and then freeze it)

saute the onions in the butter for 5 minutes. Then add broth and asparagus bring to boil and simmer for 12 to 15 minutes. Let cool for 15 minutes. Place asparagus pieces in food processor and process until the desired texture. We like it a little chunky! Then put it back in the broth and add lemon juice and cream. It is ready to eat. We like to dip sourdough bread in the soup! YUMMY :)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Our Easter Star!

Here is our little Peanut doing the toddler program at church. I was so proud of her for saying her line! Though she did lift her dress a few times and was the talk of the church afterward but you can't have everything ;)

Here is one of the two songs they sang! Too cute with the motions...

Last but not least is the best shot I got of the kids outside! The header was taken at church...

Thursday, April 01, 2010


I know I have been saying this a lot but I am truly amazed at what my kids have been eating. Though I guess they really don't have a choice because I don't buy processed food. Tonight for dinner we had the brussel sprouts and Peanut had 3 helpings! I think one of the other kids asked for more as well but I can't remember which one. This was the first time any of us have eaten brussel sprouts and it was a good experience. J actually said he would definitely eat that again! Though he always adds, "this would be really good with chicken" to all of my vegetarian meals. But I am doing the only vegetable meals to save on spending so much on meat! The quinoa was a great side dish. The recipe was simple too. I know I promised to give you the Chicken and Sour Cream recipe but that will have to wait for now. Here is what we had tonight!

2 lbs brussel sprouts (halved if they are big or whole if they are small)
1 lb tomatoes chopped, take the seeds out
one onion
one clove of garlic
one pint of heavy whipping cream
1 tsp basil dried if you use fresh do 2 tablespoons
salt and pepper

Saute the onion and garlic in butter until browned. Add the brussel sprouts and tomatoes and saute for about 5 minutes. Then add heavy whipping cream and seasonings, cook until the brussel sprouts are tender. I made quinoa separately and mixed it in. The cream sauce was really tasty!

Other than that the kids and I had a great day at the Botanic Garden. It was 83 today. We packed a picnic lunch and got us some sun and fresh air. My favorite part of the day was sitting by the water watching the biggest carp I have ever seen. GG had a stick she was holding up to the water and one of them jumped for it. She shrieked so loud. It was too funny. Then we came home and played outside the rest of the day until it was time to make dinner!!! Today was perfection in my opinion ;)