Thursday, July 31, 2003

I love Monkey's age. Kids do so much at his age and so fast it is fun to watch. This morning after we woke up he pooped in his diaper. The diaper was filled with pee from wearing it all night so I wanted to take it off so the poop did come out of the diaper. The only thing was I didn't want to waste a diaper because we were about to take a shower. So I took it off and put him in the bathtub while I finished getting things ready. Right before we got in he pooped in the tub. It was hilarious what he did. He looked down at it, looked up at me and started to cry, then he pointed at it, looked back at me (as to say do you see this mommy?) and he was so upset about the poop being there. I am thinking that he might be an easy child to potty train. Maybe he will take after his dad and train himself! That's my J a real do it yourself kind of guy :) I know I didn't believe it either when my mother-in-law told me that he trained himself but my father-in-law told me the same story. My husband is amazing! Well after we got ready we went over to the B's house for lunch and to play. We left at 1:30ish just in time for nap time, which both of the kids slept at the same time!!! Then when they woke up we went back to the B's and ended up staying for dinner. We weren't planning on it but I didn't know what I was going to make and they were having lasagna. Yummy. Now we are home and getting things settled down so we can go to bed. Oh yeah I just wanted to say that I think I gave birth to a monkey and not a little boy. He climbs on EVERYTHING!!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

This morning right off the bat GG said something that was just too silly. We were in the bathtub getting clean. She reached down and grabbed her crouch as she pointed she said, "My poo poo and pee pee lives in there." What a goof. What do you say to a toddler? They come up with some of the silliest things. Then this afternoon she was talking to me and Monkey was standing right next to her imitating her words with sounds. I looked at him and said, "OH yeah Monkey tell me some more." He laughed looked at me and motioned in sign language the word for more. Now you have a little glimpse into his personality. They are both so funny and in such different ways. Other than that we played with playdough, did puzzles, had a scavenger hunt outside, and our friend Joanna came over for dinner. So today wasn't so long. Only two more days and we get to see Daddy!! Can you tell I am excited?!?

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

The past couple of morning when I wake up the alarm clock is blinking because the power went out during the night. But that is ok because Monkey has been waking me up every morning at 8:30am. Just like clock work. Today as we were getting ready and I was putting GG's hair in pigtails I thought I would do my hair the same way. So I put my hair in pigtails while GG played and when I showed her she thought that was the greatest thing in the world for us to be twins. Monkey and I did laundry at the laundromat while GG played at Grace's house. Then after GG's nap she came up to me and said, "I have a good idea, mom. I think we should go to church and sing songs. We could play games too. Maybe have a tea party outside." I felt bad telling her that we couldn't go because no one would be there. She loves going to church and as you can tell she had so much fun last week at Vacation Bible School. Well Monkey had his first taste of hot dogs and pork chops but not at the same meal. He liked them both. He likes to eat! He hasn't even slowed down on nursing since he's been eating solids. Now it is late and I am tired.

Monday, July 28, 2003

I don't know how I am going to make it through this week. Today was so incredibly long. I do not wish being a single parent on anyone. The kids were fine it just seemed like the day just never would end. GG did do something that made me laugh. She was singing one of the songs from VBS and couldn't remember some of the words so she just made them up. Today the kids and I went to Wal-mart and Hy-Vee, which made me sad because we normally go those places as a family. Like I said early the kids were great today I think that I just really miss having my husband around. Only 9 more weeks. Ok enough complaining from me. A another story but about Monkey this he gets older he gets funnier. He was standing in the living room and all of a sudden he started bending down touching the floor and then standing back up without any help. Now remember he did this a couple days ago. He must think that it is a neat new trick because he did it about 5 times. It was funny watching him go up and down as he laughed. I am so glad that I have these two wonderful children because if it wasn't for them I don't think I could make these 12 weeks without them.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Happy Birthday to J! It is his birthday today :) This morning we got up and went to church. Then my dad took us out for J's birthday lunch we ate at the Parkside. They left at 2pm, which left us with about 2 hours with J before he had to leave for the academy. After he left I was sad and GG asked, "What's the matter mommy?" (in her sweetest voice) I told her I was sad that daddy was gone. She said, "It's ok mommy you still have me here." Then she gave me a big hug. Then she and I had a conversation about liking people. It started because she told me she liked me. I told her I liked her too. Then she said like a grown up, "I love the people in my family but I may not like some of them." Now before you take that the wrong way she was talking about Monkey. Now that he has new toys she has been saying she doesn't like him. We tell her that is ok but you always love him. She doesn't share her toys with him so she isn't allowed to play with his toys until she can share hers with him. It only took a day for her to realize this concept because they are both playing with each others toys now and it is 7:45pm. Well my little man has on a dirty diaper that needs changed so I will end this here. Hopefully I will get in bed early tonight! I know it is wishful thinking but one day it will happen.

Saturday, July 26, 2003

Last night I was too tired to get on the computer. I do want to mention a couple things that happened yesterday. J got home at 4:30pm. I was shocked because he told me he got to leave there at 4pm but they let out early. YAY! GG was cracking me up yesterday morning. We were just laying in bed being lazy. We were just talking and cuddling (I love that). All of a sudden she spelled out her name and then said it out loud! I looked at her and said, "yes your right were did you learn that?" She said, "I just know these things." I love the toddler mind. The other thing I want to mention was the last night of VBS it was parents night. They had the pre-school class go on the stage. As GG was standing up there she yells, "there's my DADDY, and my mommy too!" The whole place burst into laughter. She is such a HAM. Then they sang a song and did motions. I watched her up there and she was so cute and comfortable I just began thinking about her going to school for some reason. I don't want her to leave me at home. Anyways, on to today...this morning Aunt Melissa and Kiera came at 11am. Then around 1:30pm Grandparents M. came and we went out for lunch. Then Grandparents A. came around 3pm. Then at 5pm we went to Ball Fore to set up for Monkey's big 1st birthday party. (As I am typing he just stood himself up without holding on to anything!) He got some great presents and we all had a great time. Monkey would like to Thank everyone for coming to his party and celebrating his entering the world. We are all glad he is here! Now we are getting ready for bed, we have church in the morning.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Wow what a day! It went something like store, swimming lessons, little lunchers story bunch, to WIC appointment (GG went to Ethan's house to play during that), pick her up (she didn't want to leave), go home (it's 2:30pm), put them down for a nap. I got 45 minutes to myself it was great. When they woke up I took them outside to play. Then we went to Wendy's for dinner I didn't feel like cooking. They both eat really good. After dinner it was time for VBS. She is so funny. Every night they have been getting a little brown envelope for offering. She loves to put money in it and give it to Darcy when we get to church. What a wonderful little girl I have. Then on the way home she was telling me everything they did at church. She really likes the tea party they have every night for snack time. The funniest thing though was the way she was telling me about the magnifying glass she got. Boy do I love my kids. We all got to talk to J again tonight. I can't wait to see him tomorrow. Lately GG has been wanting me to put her hair in pigtails. No complaints from me I love doing her hair. I think having her own brush is why she has taken an interest in doing her hair. She looks so cute with her hair done and in a dress (because she is in a dress phase). Today after she got dressed and her hair was done she said, "Do I look beautiful today mommy?" I told her yes and then she told me that I was beautiful too. Kids are the greatest!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Let's see here, today we had swim lessons in the morning. Then after lunch Monkey had a doctor's appointment, my friend Kristen was going to watch GG but she was complaining about her pee hurting and she had an accident last night, which is totally not like her. So I took her with me. She peed in a cup and felt the need to tell everyone about it from that point on. What a goof! Since we had to drop of the pee at the hospital we stopped in and sold some candles to the ER for J's fund raiser. His class has to raise $15,000 for the Special Olympics. So in all reality it means that not only do I have to be super mom I have to be super fund raiser lady too. So if you would like to help me with this please email me and I will give you more information. Donations are greatly appreciated. Anyway, Joanna came over for dinner and then we left for VBS. I am going to be so sad and glad when this week is over. GG loves going to VBS so I will be sad but I will be glad because I won't have to drive 20 minutes to get there. We all got to talk to J on the phone tonight. Well Monkey just mainly smiled.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Today my baby turned one! This year has flown by so fast. He was a great addition to our family. This morning we got up and went to swim lessons came home and showered. When we were done I laid Monkey down for a nap because he was tired. J called us during the lunch break to talk to Monkey. But he was sleeping, I even tired waking him up didn't work. So I held the phone to his ear and J talked to him while he slept. When Monkey woke up we went grocery shopping came home and unloaded the car and GG helped me put the food away. My little sweetie. After dinner we went to VBS and GG's friend Ethan came. She was so excited to see him even though they saw each other that morning at swim lessons. So as you can tell we are having a busy week so far and it is only Tuesday. Oh yeah after we got home from the grocery store we sang happy birthday to Monkey and eat some cupcakes. He really liked that. Yummy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONKEY!

Monday, July 21, 2003

Today...we went to swimming lessons this morning came home and showered. After we ate lunch I took the kids to Joanna's house for her to watch them while I took some clothes to the consignment store. Then tonight we had tumbling at 6 to 6:30 and straight to VBS. GG is loving learning about God. She can say the Bible verses she is learning! She is too cute. Right now both of the kids are sleeping so I got to talk to J the whole time. They fell asleep on the way home from church even though I tried to keep GG awake. I can't believe that Monkey is going to be one tomorrow. The time has gone so fast.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

I'm going to start out with a funny story. This afternoon I got a piece of candy and put it in my mouth. GG said that she wanted what I had in my mouth. I told her if she could tell me what was in my mouth she could have one. She said, "I don't know what is it mommy?" So I told her it was a carrot because she had one yesterday and didn't like it. She came up to me and said, "No mommy it smells like candy!" I couldn't believe her. How smart is she? So I of course gave her a piece. Well on to our day. I got up and went over to Joanna's house for the yard sale. Neither one of us wanted to do it. So we put the stuff out and went inside. We had two people come in the two hours but I made $14 I thought that was pretty good for only two people. I must say that I am glad that the yard sale is over!!! After that we went to Hy-Vee to eat lunch and then to Wal-mart for Monkey's year old pictures. J left at 3pm which was sad and it was hard to see him leave. I miss him so much. Enough with that. I watched the movie Maid in Manhattan it was cute. I didn't pay for it so that was good. Tonight we went to Vacation Bible School...GG had so much fun that as we were leaving the parking lot she said, "I want to go to church." I told her tomorrow but she wanted to go back right then. I love the fact she loves Jesus and going to church. Now it is late and I need sleep because this week is going to be really busy!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2003

For some odd reason I couldn't fall asleep last night. I was getting so mad because I had to be up at 5:15am to shower and get the yard sale ready. I think that I got a total of an hours worth of sleep. It just seemed like every time I did fall asleep one of the kids needed me. Oh well that is something that comes with being a mama! So at 6am I went over to Joanna's to start setting up the stuff. Now most of the things were mine...J called at 7am with Monkey screaming in the background. I was shocked because he woke up with me at 5:15am. I thought for sure he would fall back asleep. No such thing happened. So Joanna went to get him and brought him to me. That was great because I couldn't afford to stop doing things to get him. We had a pretty good day as far as sales goes. I didn't do as good as yesterday but I'm happy with the amount. I have to tell this funny story of my sweet and funny little girl. My friend Joanna was watching Monkey climb something and she said, "Oh my God, Monkey you are going to kill yourself." GG pipes in with, "No Joanna! It is oh my goodness." And as she was saying this she was making a face little don't you know that you don't say Oh my God? We got a good laugh at the fact that Joanna got in trouble with a 2 year old:) Oh yeah she did something else really funny today too. Joanna's mom was at the yard sale to help us out. So of course Jo was calling her mama. Well to GG she looks like a grandma, plus she is going to have her first grandchild in a few months so we were talking about that. Even though I don't think GG heard that conversation. Well she wanted to ask her (Kathy, Jo's mom) something and she said grandma, mom. She knew that wasn't right but she didn't know what else to call her. Everyone laughed and GG just thought that was great. It is so funny how kids brains work. Anyway, back to the day...after the yard sale we went to Wal-mart to get somethings like diapers and to get Monkey's one year pictures taken. We got to the picture place and the guy doing the pictures scared him. We couldn't even put him down. So we are going to get them done tomorrow when the girl is working. The rest of the day we spend as a family. It is now 8:30pm we are getting ready to put GG to bed and I think I am going to go to sleep now too. Do remember I only got an hour of sleep last night. My only problem is I don't think Monkey is ready for bed! I'm off to try anyways!

Friday, July 18, 2003

I can't believe how fast today went. We woke up this morning and got ready. All of a sudden it was noon and time to start getting things ready for the yard sale. We had people there at 1pm and it didn't even start until 3pm. We both were getting annoyed. We had just got the tables up when people started coming nothing was even out!!!!!! Then they started going through stuff as we put it out. I guess I shouldn't complain because my first sale was two big items totally $15. Both Joanna and I did pretty well for the first day. We only stayed open until 6pm instead of 7pm. Mainly because it started to sprinkle and was getting the clothes and other things wet. We are hoping that tomorrow will be a better day weather wise and sales for that matter. I guess we will find out tomorrow :) I have four more bags ready to sell tomorrow and Joanna is getting other things ready too. We want to attract a big crowd! I am getting up at 5am so I am going to go to bed. The only bad thing about today was I really didn't get to spend anytime with J, but the kids did.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Today was very stressful. I NEED J!!!!!!!! I'll just say I can't wait for the weekend. Basically the kids took turns crying. Every time Monkey cried is because he hurt himself doing something. He either pulled a toy on top of him, pinched his fingers in a draw, fell off of something he climbed on and the list goes on. I guess this is the way my life is going to be from now on. I jump every time he even whimpers. Every mother I have talked to says its a boy thing to be a dare devil. I just wish he would wait to do these things after J got out of the academy. I am afraid we are going to end up in the hospital before the summer is over. The sad thing is, is that I am always watching him! And he still finds ways to hurt himself. Anyway, GG just was a crank today. Plus she had no nap but the good thing is she went to bed at 8:30pm. That is a first for her:) The only thing we really did today was go to swim lessons at 5:30pm. We got to talk to J on the phone again and I forgot to ask him where the masking tape was so I guess I will have to borrow some from Joanna. Well I am going to put Monkey to sleep and finish pricing my stuff for tomorrow. I do have over half of it done though.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Here is our Wednesday...we had swim lessons this morning came home and showered. Then we really didn't do much of anything. Blow bubbles outside for awhile and Joanna came over for dinner. GG took a nap on her own today. I guess she was really tired! Monkey has learned to move the saucer which is what keeps him from getting to the stairs. That doesn't make my life any easier. I don't want to go by another gate because he knows how to go up and down the stairs, he just isn't the greatest at going down yet. I am just going to have to keep a close eye on him. He also took about 12 steps tonight. It was awesome to watch and I wish I would of got it on the video camera so J could of seen his boy. I'm sure he will see him do it some more this weekend. GG also did something cute today...she was sitting at her kitchen, which has a cordless phone, she picked the phone up and said, "It's daddy! Hi daddy I am feeding my baby doll some cereal." She told him some other things but I am too tired to write them. I need to go get the little ones to bed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Well day two of the no naps for GlamorGirl. She went to bed at 9:35pm not as early as I would like but we are getting there. Today we had morning and evening swim lessons! After the morning session we went to the B's house for lunch then to pick some sweet corn. GG had a lot of fun putting the corn into the bags, plus she got to spend time with Ethan! Then this afternoon we played outside it was extremely hot. Tonight after night lessons I had a LLL meeting. I took GG over to Ethan's house and Kristen and I went to the meeting with Monkey while Jason watched the toddlers! They both had a lot of fun playing. Oh yea, we also got to talk to J on the phone. I know two nights in a row. I actually gave him our nighttime schedule so we wouldn't miss his call. It looks like it is working:) Well I need to get to bed tomorrow I am finishing the yard sale stuff...there a lot left to do.

Monday, July 14, 2003

First I need to tell you this really cute story that just happened. I put Monkey down by me while I was on the computer. GG is laying on the bed in J's spot which is on the same side as the computer. Monkey walked over to her and couldn't reach her so he went all the way over to the other side that has GG's bed. He climbed up unto our bed, crawled over to GG and gave her a bunch of kisses. What a sweet little boy! I saw him doing this so I asked for a couple which he gave me. He has such a fun loving little personality. I can't believe he is going to be one in eight days!!! Today we had swim lessons in the morning, came home and showered, I put Monkey down for a nap (which he slept 2 hours, he never sleeps that long), GG played in the toy room (so I got a lot of yard sale stuff done), then tonight we went to tumbling class. And we also got to talk to J on the phone. I am going to start writing things down I want to tell him or talk to him about because I always forget when he calls. He got a letter from his mom and grandma today. He was really excited about that so if anyone else wants to write him let me know. Did I mention that I didn't give GG a nap? But it is 10 and she is still awake. But the neighbor is setting off fireworks so we of course watched them, which threw my plan of getting her to bed by 9 way off. Well she is sleeping now!!! I am going to get Monkey and myself to bed.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

I had a very hard day today. For some reason my eyes kept filling up with tears. I tried to fight them but no matter what I did they kept coming. I think it was because I knew that J was going to be leaving again for the week. GG noticed the water in my eyes and also the drops rolling down my face and said, "Mommy why are you crying like a baby?" Which of course made me laugh. Talk about confusing for a toddler. Too many emotions! I am doing ok now. So today we went to church came home and ate lunch. Then we played outside together as a family. We blow some bubbles, played at the park and ate freeze pops! 3pm came so fast. Why doesn't it come fast when J isn't here?!? After J left the kids took naps and I did more yard sale sorting. When they woke up we went to get groceries. Came home ate dinner and headed back to church for the VBS meeting. Which also means that we missed J's call. We got home at 9:15 and it started at 7:30. Neither one of us thought it would last that long. Oh well he knows when we will be home the rest of the week so hopefully we will get to talk to him every night! It is late and I am exhausted.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

We've had a crazy busy day. We got up around 9am. Well I did at least. Monkey woke up at 8:15 and J gave him a bath. It was great. I woke up and Monkey was ready for the day. I didn't even ask him to do it. He is a wonderful husband! Then we went over to the Beech's to do some laundry. We started it and then went out for lunch. Then went back to fold the clothes and switch over the load. Then to Wal-mart and get J somethings for the Academy. Then all over town looking for black leather dye. No one in this town carries it. Oh well. Then I dropped off J and GG at home. J needed to study and GG was asleep. Monkey and I headed back over to get the rest of the laundry. We came home and dinner was almost ready to eat. I really like having J here but this academy is something that has to be done. Then GG, Monkey and I took a walk. Again so J could get some studying done. I don't want us to be the reason he doesn't do good on a test. Then we went back out...J needed to drop off some things for the dry cleaners and we needed toilet paper at Wal-mart. I know we could of should of done that the first time but I forgot. I am going to start a Wal-mart list during the week so when he gets home on the weekend we don't make more than one trip out there. I also went to K-mart today. Well it is now pass my bedtime and we have church in the morning.

Friday, July 11, 2003

What a great and wonderful day! We got up this morning and went to swim lessons, came home showered, ate lunch and then headed to Springfield with Kristen and Ethan. We got there went to Kristen's doctor appointment which was real quick. When we got to the car the cell phone rang and it was J!!! It was prefect timing. He came to where we were and then we went out to eat and did a couple other things there before heading home. Now we are here! J asked, "Is there anyone who wants to take a shower?" GG said, "YOU!" J and I cracked up. He was trying to get her to take one. What a funny little girl. Well I am going to go spend some time with my family:)

Thursday, July 10, 2003

I didn't update last night because we lost our power. I'll explain that in a second. Not much really happened yesterday. Our swim lessons were canceled which didn't make the day go by very fast. But our friend Joanna came over for dinner. After she left I gave the kids a bubble bath. Let's just say that Monkey didn't want to get out. He screamed bloody murder as I was taking him out of the tub. I think he like bubble baths! Just as I got all of us in our pjs. The power went out. Then I could see to figure out how to use the candle lighter. So I went upstairs to call Joanna for help. That was a little difficult considering I couldn't see anything. I had to feel the phone to find the numbers! Good thing I got them right. So both Ted and Joanna came over. Well there were here the tornado warning went off. It was nice to have them here when that was going on. We ended up staying at there house last night. We didn't have any air and it was getting hot inside. There house had power. I think the power came on at about 1am last night from my blinking clocks this morning! So today we went to the Little Lunchers Story Bunch Hour at Chandler. That was a lot of fun. We didn't leave until 1:45 just in time for the kids to take naps. I worked on yard sale stuff while they slept. Then we went to swim lessons tonight and of course missed J's call. I swear if we talk to him one night we won't get to talk to him the next. But tomorrow he will be coming home for the weekend!!!! I am really excited about that can you tell? Well Monkey is sleeping and GG is reading books so I am going to get ready for bed and then get GG to bed.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Today we got up and headed over to Mary and Ben's house for a play date. It was a good time! While we were there GG started to get hungry and Mary offered her a hot dog. I told GG we were going to go home and eat. GG said, "Mommy, Mrs P said I could eat a hot dog here." I told her we should eat at home. She really wanted to eat with Ben so she had lunch there. I love that she is so respectful of adults. Since we woke up at 8am for some reason by the time we got home at 12:30 Monkey was ready for his nap. After I ate lunch GG took her nap. So while they slept I finished the pages in the scrapbook. I am all caught up. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that I just have to one roll at a time now. For dinner we went to the B's house. We left a message on the machine in case J called while we were gone. I told him their cell phone number so Friday he could get a hold of us in Springfield. Instead of leaving us a message he called the cell phone. So we had no message and we werem't at the B's when he called them. So they got to talk to him. Oh well. Tomorrow night I am staying home and Joanna is coming over for dinner. We just have swim lessons in the morning. Which tonights lessons were canceled because of the weather so we will have a makeup one sometime next week. I have a nursing half awake half asleep baby in my arms. I am going to put him to bed and then get GG in bed. I will say that the little ones are being great so far for me. I haven't had any problem with them they are behaving wonderfully. They are the best.

Monday, July 07, 2003

We started our swim lessons this morning and it was great to go swimming. Then we came home and took showers. By the time we were done showering it was almost 1pm. So we ate lunch and then Monkey took a nap and GG and I had time together. Then GG took a nap and Monkey and I had time together. We had a great time together. I felt so bad this morning when GG woke up she asked for her daddy. Then tonight we went to tumbling. The whole time we were there I was worried that J was going to call because we missed him last night. But we didn't, we got to talk to him for about 5 minutes. He got to talked to the kids also. I was so glad to hear his voice. Well now it is late and time for bed.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

The first thing I saw this morning was my wonderful husband sitting on the bed as he watched us sleep. We were going to wake the kids up but J didn't want too. We got up this morning and went to church. I don't know why I even went because I spent the whole service in the nursery with both the kids. For some reason GG has stopped liking the children's church. Monkey has never liked being left in the nursery which is why I stayed. I thought that having GG in there with him would help but it didn't. I think that J will be able to go with us the rest of the academy. Then later today after the kids took naps I wrote J a letter while GG painted a picture and then colored a picture to send to J. We went to Belinda's house for dinner tonight and ended up missing J's phone call. I was sad but this way the kids get to hear his voice. So I guess that is ok. I am hoping that he will call us before we have to go to tumbling tomorrow night. He is going to think we don't want to talk to him. Today wasn't very bad, until GG started asking when Daddy is coming home. So I put five pieces of candy in a sandwich bag and told her we would eat one everyday and when they are gone daddy will be home. She seemed to understand and I hope that will make it easier on us. Well Monkey has started doing some new things. He learned how to get himself on GG's bed. That is ok because for the first time he got himself off of our bed and her bed by going backward. I was so happy because we have been working on it. Then he got himself up the step stool we have downstairs it has two steps and it is very steep. He has been working on that for awhile. He is also doing better with walking. He will take a few steps then stop, take a few more and then fall. The total number of steps I think is 7 before falling. It won't be long and he will be a pro. That is it from this end of the world!

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Today was a very busy and fun filled day. When we woke up J was already gone running his many errands. So I started unpacking two weeks worth of clothes and other things we brought with us. I got done right as J got home so he helped give the kids a bath. Then we went grocery shopping, for the first time. After we put almost all the groceries away we got in our swim suites and went to the pool. That was a lot of fun. Monkey still wasn't very happy with the water at first but it only took him 5 minutes to warm up this time instead of 20! We swam for an hour or so. Came home and called my friend Crissy. GG and I went over to there place. GG and Carlie had a lot of fun playing together. They don't get to see each other very much so it is always a treat for them. Then comes the second time we went to the grocery store. Apparently we forgot to unpack the meats from the trunk. Gross!!!! Then my other friend Belinda called she had our mail key because she watched our place while we were gone. Her husband Aaron just got back from overseas so we got to see him too! That was cool. When we left their house we went to Wal-mart for GG to pick out a hair brush. Her hair is getting to long for her baby brush. She of course picked out a purple one because that is her favorite color. I also got some scrapbooking items I was low on. Now we are home. GG didn't take a nap today so we are going to be putting her to bed right now! Monkey should be pretty easy to get to sleep too. Goodnight and Goodbye!

Friday, July 04, 2003

The greatest ever...that is the way I would describe my children. Let me explain. Last night as we were going to sleep J and I were talking about something that we needed to do when we got home. GG wrapped her little arms around both of us and said, "I love my family, very much." Then to top it off Monkey gave each of us a kiss without asking for one. They are the best! I love them both so much I can't even describe it. I would also say it is the greatest feeling to be home after being gone for two weeks. This morning we got up and went to see J in the parade. That was a lot of fun. I watched GG (and Monkey, for that matter) charm the pants off of everyone around her. Ok so most of the people were their grandparents but she charmed everyone else around too and Monkey followed suite. They are so much fun to watch grow. After the parade we went back to the grandparents, soon to be our residence. The kids took naps and I got things ready to leave, well as much as I could anyway. I thought we would be leaving around 7:30 or 8 but J got home at 6pm. I was so happy to see him. We left at 6:45pm. So we watched fireworks in the car on the way home. I felt bad because it is Monkey's first 4th of July but we really had no choice. We have so much stuff to get done tomorrow. Now it is bedtime!

Thursday, July 03, 2003

We had a really fun day today. This morning after we got up, ate breakfast, and took showers. Funny story about the shower. I said to GG that it was time to get clean and she told me she wasn't dirty. Sometimes I think she is too smart for her own britches. When I finally got her clean we went to the park to play. Then the kids took naps. Shortly after they woke up J was home from work. Tonight we went out for dinner in the town J works at a place called California Pizza Kitchen. The food was okay. Afterwards we went to the Frontier Days. The kids got a bracelets for free rides. It was awesome. They went on so many rides and had a great time. I think that J and GG went down the big slide at least 10 times. They didn't make us pay and the kids bracelets were free!!! I love having connections:) Now we are home and trying to get every thing in order to go HOME tomorrow. I am so happy. Right now Monkey is climbing on top of his Grandparents workout equipment. That is the most use it has seen in awhile ;) Tomorrow we are going to be going to see J in the parade. An early morning and probably a late night for us tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Yesterday after I updated J and I took the little ones for a walk and to play at the park. GG made two friends and the three girls played together. Then we came home and had ice cream. On to the present...the kids and I had a very lazy day. We didn't come upstairs until 10:30am. We woke up at 9:30am. Then we ate breakfast and took a shower all three of us. This is the first time I tried doing that here. It worked. Monkey however was cracking me up. He was standing on the side of me and I got the right temperature for the water. He leans over and was trying to latch on to nurse. He did this a few times before I realized what he was doing. It was funny, to me at least :) Tonight when J got home GG did something funny. She has been wanting to wear dresses everyday. So today she had on a Mickey Mouse dress. She stood on the couch and asked J to move. He told her no. She said, "But daddy I want to spin." He said no then she said, "I have a beautiful dress on!" As if that was going to change his mind about her standing on the couch. Then like we did yesterday we took the kids for a walk and to the park to play. This time we were the only ones there. J and I talked about our living arrangement and hopefully we will be able to talk to Dad and Roberta tonight about the details or rules. Basically what we except from each other as roommates. I will let you know how that goes!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I am so ready to go home. I miss our place. I guess it is only a few more days. This morning Monkey did the cutest thing. He woke up before GG and crawled over to her and gave her a hug and kiss then started rubbing her back gave her some more hugs and kisses. He did this until she woke up. It was so sweet. Then later today Monkey pinched GG and left a mark. She showed me and I said, "He did a good one." GG said, "No mommy that wasn't good." It was funny. Then Becky's friend came over. I put on J and I's wedding video because I finally found it. I wanted to see if Monkey looked like J or I as a baby. He doesn't really look like either of us. Anyway Becky's friend gave GG a piece of Gum. She came up to me and said, "Look mommy I chewing some dum." I corrected her and she said it right. She of course swallowed the gum. Some how she ended up getting another piece which she chewed for about an hour before J took it away from her. I think she has finally got the concept of gum chewing!!! We also took a 20 minute walk today and it was really hot outside. But it was nice to get out of the house. Now we are waiting for the grandparents to get home to eat dinner. I don't think we are going to be doing much else tonight if we do I will write about it tomorrow.