Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Coma

That is what I call the last few days. We have stayed in our jammies for most of the day and have played games and did puzzles. We our hosting a New Year's Eve party for our Sunday School class on FRIDAY! I looked around today and wondered when the last time I vacuumed or anyone did for that matter :) I put the kids to work and they did a great job helping. I am happy to say that all their new stuff has a place to go for now. I totally want a organizer for the closet in the family room and then everything will have a permanent place! I am feeling better about having a party here that is for sure. We have really enjoyed the few gifts the kids got this Christmas. Lots of games and puzzles...PERFECT! I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Letter 2010

I'm not sure when the last time I did one of these letters! I got some motivation today to write one so I'm going with it :)

Let's start with the youngest! Peanut just finished her first class of gymnastics and had so much fun. Bonus she just got some money for Christmas so that she can take another class! She is in preschool this year and is learning so many things. She is just so funny and when the teachers have stories to tell me I get a little nervous because that girl has an imagination! They had their Christmas program on Friday and she did so good singing her songs and it showed on Sunday when the toddler Sunday School class did their Christmas program in front of the church. She pretty much had a solo for Away in a Manger! She is not shy in the least and my parents tell me all the time she is much like me as a child. The funny part is that I can totally see me in her! She loves to help me clean when she is home from school and she does a really great job. She still takes naps and I want to hold on to them as long as I can...that girl has energy!

Red is in Kindergarten, which means I get to spend the afternoons with him alone every day and I really cherish that time we get together. He is able to get his homework done and have some down time before the other kids come home from school. I LOVE listening to him and see how his brain works. Just the other day we had a conversation about bed sizes at the water park. There was a king size in the one room and a queen in the other room. He asked what size his bed was and we told him a "twin". He gave us a funny look and said "What's a twin? Isn't it a prince?" He is so logical and I love that about him. He is very excited to grow another inch so that he can be 48 inches and can go on rides. He was very sad he wasn't able to go on a few rides at the water park. He is still a real snuggler which I hope lasts a long time.

Monkey he had a big year in the teeth department! He lost his first tooth, then a second one and has one loose. Those adult teeth make him look so much older. This year in school he is doing great. He had on his first report card straight A's. He loves to write poems and draw pictures both of which he is really good at. And that isn't just my opinion his teacher has told me this on numerous occasions. He got a set of drums for his birthday this year and really wants to take lessons I just need to get on that. He also had a first week at away camp over the summer. I missed him so much. But he was in good hands with his dad and other men from church being leaders at the camp. He still has a smile that melts my heart and has such a sensitive spirit. I love that boy!

My oldest GlamorGirl. Where to even begin with this girl. She wants to do everything and wants to be great at everything. She gets that drive from her daddy! She started playing violin at school October 16th. My birthday is the 31st of that month and she taught herself how to play Happy Birthday! She is certainly a natural on the violin. She had her first recital on Dec 15th only 2 months after starting lessons! I am so proud of her and her determination to learn to play the violin. This year she has her first male teacher and is loving school. She is also in the Junior Liberty Choir because she loves to sing. Her dream is for our family to start a band with her playing the violin and singing, Monkey on the drums, Jeff on guitar, Peanut on piano, Red on bass and me singing with her. She is so cute. I have made it a priority to spend every Thursday night with her after the other kids go to bed and I love hearing about what she does at school and her friends. She is going to be 10 in less than a month so this is the last year of single digits for her!

I am loving being mommy! It definitely has its rough times but the good times far outweigh the hard times. This school year I became a Junior High Ministry (JAM) leader on Wednesday nights during the kids Awana and then on Friday nights for the out reach night. I love getting to know the kids. But the high light is that this year we are doing the Bible Instruction Class (Wed) and I'm learning so much more about the Bible. I have joined a mom's Bible study at my friend Melissa's house and we just started Daniel and am really excited to get into that book. Jeff and I just celebrated 11 years of marriage on the 18th and I love him more today then I did 11 years ago. I also understand more what loving someone truly means.

Jeff is still doing the school police officer which has blessed our family so much. I love the schedule this position gives him. He is so involved with the two older kids homework which frees me to make dinner. He is leading in the Junior High (JAM) for the second year now. He leads worship for JAM and also has a worship team he leads once a month on Sunday night. I love hearing him sing to God in front of the church. He really has a heart for God. We have just recently bought our second home and it has kept us busy with updating it room by room. He loves getting the kids involved in helping in the destruction phase of the different projects we have completed. You can see some of the pictures on his blog! We are so blessed to have him as the head of our household.

As for trips we just took the one and only family trip this year to the water park for the kids Christmas present! We had a lot of fun but are so glad to be back home. Other than that I took a trip to California for the first time in January with Peanut and it was so beautiful there. Hopefully in the year to come we will take more family's looking forward to a wonderful 2011 :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cookies and Junior High Girls

That is a very fun combination! Today I invited all the girl JAM students and leaders. I think we had a perfect turn out. Not too many people but not a super low number either. We had 6 girls and 3 leaders (well 4 if you count Jeff but he's a guy and it was a girls only thing) and also my GlamorGirl helped. After we made, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal butterscotch cookies we played celebrity. The girls liked it so much they wanted to play it again! That game is always a crowd pleaser and is SO easy to play. Then we had a chat session about the ever so fun topic of BOYS. I thought it was extremely funny when my 4th grader says, "And why are we talking about this?!" She couldn't wrap her head around why they were so obsessed with this subject matter! I'm sure she will get like this at some point I just hope it isn't until she is much older and can really understand liking someone. I can hope right!

On a totally separate topic today was the toddler program at church today where the little kids get to go on stage and sing and say their lines. It helped that Peanut is in preschool and they just had their Christmas program on Friday singing the very same song they sang this morning. She was the loudest singer! I was so proud of her. I hope to come back and update this post with the video of her singing but the video is on the computer downstairs and I am all cozy warm in bed upstairs! Another funny thing that happened this morning is our friend Josh asked Peanut, "Who's the present?" Referring to her dress. She simply replied, "Me," as she pointed to herself. That girl cracks me up. She refused to take a nap today while the girls were here and on the way to church totally conked out complete with drool running down her coat, to that I say, stinker!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

11 years ago today...

I married my best friend. I don't have the motivation to look at past anniversary posts but I do want to say that I fall in love with my husband more and more each day. He brought tears to my eyes this morning and melted my heart with how great of a heart he has. I hope he doesn't mind if I share this with you. This morning he did Shop with a Cop at Target. He has done this the last several years. Target donates a good amount of money on each gift card and several student gets picked. Most of the time they are students that could really benefit from this program. Each student gets a Cop to shop with hence the name of it. When Jeff came home from his time he was telling me about the little boy he shopped with. I don't want to get into too many details. Jeff said in years past all of the kids he has shopped with spend the most money on themselves. This little boy used the last dollar he had left to buy himself a pack of gum after buying for the rest of his family, FIRST. Jeff asked him what he would want if he could have anything. The boy answered him. While the boy was checking out Jeff went and got that toy, bought it, gave it to his mother and told her to give it to him for Christmas from THEM, not HIM. It brought tears to my eyes because this is my husband's heart. He is such a great man and generous with his time and money. I really do love him. I am so grateful for a godly man who demonstrates the love of Christ in the most simple of ways to others and mostly to his family. The last 11 years though they haven't always been easy or fun I have been blessed by God through them.

Today we took the kids to go bowling which was Peanut's first time and I didn't bring my camera. UGH. But we had a great time and really do love spending time with them. Though I am really looking forward to tonight when Jeff and I get to go out ALONE! :) We don't even know what we are going to do yet...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Almost done!

We went out last weekend to get end tables and lamps for our living room. Which was somewhat fun and some what frustrating. We had picked out end tables online that we both liked but when we got to the store they were junky and not the right color. I say we are almost done because we would like to get art work or something for the walls and also crown molding for the ceiling. I really like the way molding looks and want it in that room. Here are a few pictures that my hubby took of the new tables. We even have some pictures out finally :)

The couple that we bought our house from had a package delivered to our house. We contacted them and they came and got it. I offered for them to come inside but they said another day. The lady looked into the living room real quick and said, "Oh you took down the book cases." I kind of felt bad, but not completely, it is our house now. Anyway, they brought us a gift for holding on to the package and getting it back to them. Totally unnecessary but just shows you how sweet they are!

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Oldest Boy

He is so creative and wrote the sweetest Christmas poem. I thought I would share with all of you!

Christmas is a special day,
because Jesus was born on some hay.
He wasn't rich or ungrateful,
He never had to have a plateful.
Wise men and shepherds came to see him
while the sunlight was getting dim.
King Herod was really mad
but an angel told his dad.
Remember Christmas is a special day
and also remember that Jesus was born on some hay.

The End

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Miracle on 34th Street

Last night we went to take the kids to see the play Miracle on 34th Street. My mom-in-law got free tickets and invited us to go with them. She got there super early and was the first person in line. When we got there we line jumped so we could sit with them. There is no assigned seating. Because we were the first in we got some really great seats. Though there wasn't really any bad seats in the place. Before the show started the kids were approached by the stage manager and asked if they wanted to be apart of the show. GG and Monkey were in the front row and they both said yes! Then he came back to the second row and asked Red who said yes but at the last second he got scared and opted out. It was really cool. They had Santa on the chair and a few kids in the play sat on his lap first and then it was Monkey's turn. Santa asked him his name. If he was in school. What his favorite subject was. If he had any brothers or sisters. If he helped out around the house. And finally what he wanted for Christmas. It was really cute and some of his answers were pretty funny and interesting. Like his favorite subject is Reading! I have struggled for so long to get that boy to read. It was funny the answer he gave for helping out around the house too. He does the dishes and the laundry...haha. He unloads the dishes with his sister and he puts his own clothes away after they have been washed and folded. Then it was GG's turn. Santa had a hard time with her name. One because it is unique and two because she talked SO quite. He had to repeat everything she said so that the audience could hear her answers! He asked her the same questions and the same two answers I thought were funny for her too! Her favorite subject she said was HISTORY! This was news to me. She has always LOVED reading and grammar. What she helps out with around the house was funny too. She takes out the garbage and rakes leaves!?! They did such a great job. People came up to me and them telling them how well they did. One lady even said that GG could be on the stage next year as one of the cast members! That made her night :) We had such a great time. The only thing I wish I would of done is gotten a cup of water for Peanut. About the last 30 minutes so was SOOOO thirsty. I was having a hard time keeping her quite. Other than that she did great and really enjoyed the signing parts of it but the acting parts didn't hold her interest that well. It was really a neat play and I'm so glad we went to see it. The guy who played Santa was amazing. My sister-in-law took some pictures afterward with the kids and Santa so I will try and get them from her to show you.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Finally feel a little more grown up!

We had bought furniture for our living room back in October during the huge sale for Columbus Day. Well the arrived today! I am so excited to have furniture in that room. I am hoping it will help with the sound not travel as much. We have no carpet in our house and so any noise is LOUD! We still need to get lamps and end tables. Otherwise the room is pretty much unusable after dark as there are no lights in there! But that will happen eventually...maybe I should ask for IKEA gift cards for Christmas. That is where we found the end tables we wanted. They have a really good selection of lamps too. Here are a few pictures of the new furniture.

There you go our new room!

Friday, December 03, 2010


Now I remember why I don't try and surprise people! I'm not good at it. GG's teacher's birthday today he is 60 so it is a pretty big one. She wanted to throw him a surprise party. Since I work in the cafeteria I was asked by his wife who is a 2nd grade teacher to help organize it. The organize part I can do. I sent to school a list of items needed for the party for the kids to sign up for. Then I sent out a letter to each student the week of the party of what they were bringing and where to take it. No problem I can totally handle that part of it. The tricky part was getting his students into his wife's class before him without him know why. The original plan was that his wife was going to call him to have him come open her window and then his class follow behind him. This made GG sad because her class wouldn't be there for the whole surprise part of the party. So on the fly I told his wife I was going to set up a meeting with him and the principle. I told the principle the real reason for the meeting...the surprise party! That way his class could get to her class and then she could call him to come to her class. This is the part where I freak out. What did I just get myself into. A meeting with my child's teacher and the principle. I am NUTS! All day long I was trying to think of something to talk to them about that would be worthy of having a meeting with both of them. Most of the stuff I could think of would only require me to talk to the teacher. Basically, in the meeting I wanted the principle to know how good of a job this particular teacher was doing. Most of the time principles only get parents in their office to complain about a teacher and I wanted to do the opposite. The teacher was shocked and didn't want me to stop talking :) It ended up being perfect because another teacher poked their head in needing the principle for an urgent student matter. As the meeting ended his wife called about the window. I got him to walk with me in the direction that would not allow him to stop by his empty classroom! I small talked him about my daughter. Then waited for him to go up stairs and followed him up. He was so SURPRISED! It made all my freaking out worth it.

I just got back from a girls night with my two girls, their friends and my friends. We went out to eat and then went and saw Tangled. It was a really cute movie. Peanut got scared at some of the action scenes and would hold my arm tighter and tighter. It was really funny. Then she sat in my lap for a good portion of it. But ended the movie in her own seat. GG was laughing through the whole movie and she was laughing LOUD! I love hearing her laugh. The girls and I had a ton of fun and just reminds me yet again I need to spend more one on one time or in this case two on one time with the kids, we always have such a great time!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

I want a new stomach

I haven't felt sick in over a year and it has been wonderful. The last few days my body is fighting something. I feel sick to my stomach but no other symptoms. It almost feels like I have morning sickness but I'm not pregnant. I would just like it to pass quickly. On the upside of it, it has been over a YEAR since I have felt like this in any way shape or form. Praise the Lord for restoring my health!!! I know my body is still healing from everything it went through but I feel so much better and if this was a year and a half ago I would be bed ridden for the duration of this illness.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I'm in love...

I just found this awesome giveaway @ 4 little men and girly twins that I really pray I win. I have read through the whole site Hazelaid and I am so excited about these products! Go check it out!

Decemeber 1st!

What a great way to start December this year with snow falling! I love watching snow. I think it is SO pretty. However, having said that I really don't want it to accumulate, it can fall and then melt away and that would be fine with me. It can accumulate around the 24th of this month :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Take the Challenge

My husband and I are seriously thinking about doing this challenge with the kids, the site has links you can check out. But in a nut shell the challenge is a media fast for a month. It was really great for just that week we did it over Thanksgiving break so why not a month or two?! My husband has heard Dave Grossman speak a few times on this topic. He has actually read a few of his books. Let me know if you decide to take the challenge! And this post ends my challenge of one month posting!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Online Shopping

I have never really done the online shopping but for some reason today with the different cyber sales going on I just couldn't resist some of the sale prices with free shipping :) I am also hoping to land myself a new bathing suit for our water park trip in a few weeks. Actually I'm not sure if I wrote about this topic yet. If I have please forgive me for repeating myself. This year Jeff and I decided that we didn't want to spend a ton of money on gifts for the kids and each other. We wanted to use that money to take a family trip to create memories instead of just collecting more stuff. We choose a water park and priced them and found one that would accommodate our biggish family with a full kitchen so that we could bring our food with and not get sick on restaurant food. Anyways, everyone is really excited about this trip. I am most excited about the fact that we are paying for this trip with the cash rewards I have saved from our credit cards! Oh
yeah this is not what I sat down to write...I think I could get used to shopping online. I was able to buy gifts for my nephews and send them right to their house with free shipping. I couldn't have saved with going to the store picking stuff out and then shipping it myself. Totally off the subject but I only have one more day of the national blog posting month! I can't believe I actually did it and most of my posts had some substance to least I think they did ;)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Break is over :(

Well I have to say that this week was probably one of the better weeks we have had together as a family in awhile. The no media helped a lot with the kids entertaining themselves and playing together. The kids spent many hours building different lego structures. Just as many hours constructing different designs of dominoes to knock over, they had some really cool designs! Some of them worked and others didn't but they had so much fun trying different objects to make stunts, like a book that rolled a car into the domino to start them off. We played so many card games and board games. Peanut was even getting in on the action. I hope to upload a really cute video of her and Jeff playing Jenga! She also learned how to play Uno though she still needs some help but refuses to take the advice while playing, can we say STUBBORN! I do have to admit that I did let the kids watch a few movies but we watched them all together snuggled on the couch. Before the first movie I told them that if they misbehaved after the movie was over they would not get to watch the second one. Jeff rewarded the kids great report cards with the movie rentals from an actual rental place, instead of the library, where we usually get our movies for free :) As Monday approaches I am sad and excited. Sad that I have to wake up early but excited to have some free time to myself again. I can get so much stuff done while they are not home!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I am very impressed with my kids ability to do such difficult puzzles! I bought a 750 piece this year as last year I ended up doing most of it by myself. This year I would say that their help was much more active in it. I took a picture after each day of working on it.

It only took us 6 days to finish it! I think next year will should get the 1000 piece as they did this faster than I thought and they will be a year older!
Some of the pictures I used a flash and some I didn't.
That is why they look different.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Every year since I can remember we have put our Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving. This year is no exception! I love having our tree up. The hardest decision this year was where do we put the tree?! In the living room so that people on the street can see it from the window or do we put it in the family room where we spend most of our time? Well I want to be able to enjoy it so we decided on the family room! Here are some pictures of our tree decorating...

First the kids help set the tree up!
Now starts the fun of decorating!

The finished product...
Yesterday we ate so much that I am not hungry at all today. Just a recap on our food so that years down the road my kids can't say I starved them ;)
Breakfast: Homemade Pancakes, with fruit toppings and whip cream, sausage and turkey bacon.
Lunch: Cheese, summer sausage, crackers, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, hummus, and fruit salad.
Dinner: Turkey, mashed red potatoes, asparagus, stuffing, homemade applesauce (my kids favorite!). Dessert...pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and cheese cake.

Lastly I want to leave you with a link to my hubby's blog for some really cool lego recreations the kids and Jeff did today!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I think it is only fitting if I post about the many things I am thankful for!
I am thankful for...
a God who loves me
my husband
my children
our house
being able to stay home with my precious babies
my extended family in laws included!
my friends
our church family
our health
my children's willingness to help make our Thanksgiving meal (love it)
the fact that we have 2 vehicles
we have enough money to pay for our bills
Jeff support for the family
that our house got appraised for the amount we needed to refi
that we are going to be able to save that money
family time together
clean smelling kiddos
smiles and laughter
trials because they make us stronger in our faith
being able to help people out
all the food we have to eat
all the hands that prepared the food
for the love I feel from my family
2 blue eyed and 2 browned kids
toothless smiles

There is so much more I am thankful for this Thanksgiving but I had to end it somewhere!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Remember how I said I only wanted to take the kids shopping once this week well this is one of the reasons why! Yesterday day before Peanut's gymnastics class I loaded the kids up and we went to Trader Joe's to get a few last minute items for the week. The kids were being really good and helpful while we were in the store. BUT about 20 minutes into our shopping trip Red decided to stand on the front of the cart in which Peanut was sitting in. In a matter of two seconds the whole cart went forward on top of Red with Peanut sitting in it. He didn't get hurt by a pure miracle but poor Peanut is bruised in a few places from the fall. It happened so fast and I was standing right next to the cart, helpless to stop it from going. Though the scene was pretty surreal with the food in the back flying through the air as the cart went down. I was thankful that the store was somewhat busy as several people rushed to help pull the cart off of Red and back up and asked if Peanut was alright. I tell you my kids and shopping carts don't mix well. When Red was about 19 to 20 months old we were at Lowes and he was sitting in the front. The two oldest for some reason decided to both step up on the side of the cart (the SAME side) and the cart went down sideways with Red in the front. I need to design a fall proof shopping cart. Though one of the ladies that witnessed the fall yesterday said that her kids have done the same thing on several occasions. That made me feel better, to some degree, but I think that I should really design a more stable cart! I just feel so bad for Peanut as she is the one who has the bruises that hurt to the touch. I picked her up that afternoon and she told me it hurt her just to be picked up :(

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am rather enjoying this little blogging challenge. I really forgot how much I enjoy putting word to screen. I know that not all my posts are riveting but they are me and our life. I love being able to look back at some of my older posts, I have been blogging since Jan of 2003 almost 8 years. When I first started this blog I was just writing to chronicle our happenings. After all this time I have learned a lot about myself through this journal. I'm boring :) But you know what? I don't care that is who I am, I'm pretty proud (in a humble way) of my boring little life. I have always loved the simply things in life and usually simple is equated with boring, so be it.

This post has been sponsored by the world's most uninteresting person

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ah love school breaks!

Today was so nice not to have to wake up early. The kids and I are moving along on our puzzle and so far the no electronics is working fabulously. As long as I keep them busy helping or playing they don't get in trouble! We are going to make homemade laundry detergent together at some point this week. I am really excited to actually try it out. But we still have a little of the stuff I bought at the store and that is the bottle I am going to use for the homemade stuff so we wait. Speaking of homemade stuff. Red and Peanut helped me make some homemade dishwasher soap on Nov 18th and right after it was made I started a load of dishes. When they were done they sparkled so clean! I wanted to see how long this stuff will last so that is why I put the date of our first use. I don't always run the dishwasher everyday but this week I have a feeling we are going to be running it A LOT more than normal. Though I'm not sure how long the store bought stuff lasted, there is more in those boxes then what I made so we'll see.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


On Friday I told the kids that over break we were not going to watch television, play computer games, play the wii or use their ds'. I even told the kids that while they were awake I would not go on the computer either. We are starting the no electronics rule Saturday evening as that afternoon they are having some friends over while the parents go out for lunch and I took them to the library Saturday morning (Jeff worked until 3:30am and it was easier to keep the noise down not to be here!) and let them get a movie to watch. I figure that way it will be easier on my sister as she watches them if they are docile while in front of the boob tube. She will have 6 kids ages are 11, almost 10 in Jan, almost 10 in Feb, 8 1/2, 5 and 3. I plan to have Peanut sleeping by the time she gets here so she will really only have 5 kidlets to keep an eye on :) Though I am really excited to bond as a family. Since we didn't take a vacation over this summer I feel as if the kids are just disconnected with each other and really mean to each other. I am going to do some family building type activities that they already know about. I think it will be fun!!! I guess I will let you know after the week is up if we survived. But like I said I will use the computer once they go to bed but I am going to only give myself an hour on it so that I can get enough sleep that I won't be cranky. Also this post was scheduled so that I did not break any of the no computer rules ;) YEAH for family bonding!

Babysitting was bad on Saturday and we are working at getting to the bottom of what really happened.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Program

There are so many different directions this post could go. This was my 5th one and I will have 2 more to attend. The kids put a lot of work into this program and it is quite cute. I just wish the parents weren't so rude. If you want to stand and get a picture of your child go to the back don't stand up right in front of people who are sitting and pleasantly trying to watch the program. I had to kindly tell two different people to sit. Both of them left instead. Ok this is really not the direction I wanted this post to go so changing directions, it just really bugs me. I dropped off all the kids in the classes they needed to go. Peanut was having a Thanksgiving party in her class so she got to go to school, she doesn't normally go on Fridays. I think went to talk to the teachers of my older two kids. I wanted to know if they were planning on taking their classes to see the program or if I should come get Monkey and GG. Both teachers were taking the kids so I just needed to grab Peanut. As I was talking to Monkey's teacher she was telling me about how great of a kid he was. How he is very focused with his work, very smart and friendly to all the kids. I had no plans on talking to her about him but she brought it up. I was so proud of him. He really is a very sweet kid. The kids got their first quarter report cards the other day. Monkey had straight A's. GG had all A's and one B. She was pretty bummed about the B but they both made high honors! We don't talk about grades with all the kids we do it individually. However, they usually tell each other what they got. Monkey didn't rub it in GG's face that he did better than her which is a first for him one two levels. First getting better grades and two not teasing her with it. His grades this quarter were a great confidence boost for him but it didn't go to his head. I am so proud of both of my kids on their grades. Red got a report card too but they don't give our letters it is either O for outstanding S for satisfactory, or I for needs improvement. He had mostly O's and some S+ and a S- for his writing ability he writes really sloppy most of the time. But he is working on it and hopefully next quarter it will be an O :) Well that was all over the place!

Friday, November 19, 2010


I'll let you in on a dirty little secret of mine. Promise not to look down on me?! I hate laundry. Of all the house hold chore this is by far my least favorite. Like most chores it is never ending...meaning there is always more when you accomplish the feat in front of you. As our family has grown the amount of dirty laundry has too, drat. For a while I was doing a load everyday. But then it would sit in the dryer until I did the load the next day and then I would have to run the dryer to get the wrinkles out. I didn't like this system. On to the next option every other day and two loads. Well at least one load would get washed, dried, folded and put away...but that second load would sit in the dryer and we would have the same problem. When I was testing out the different laundry options we lived in our first home. It was all one floor and the washer and dryer were in the half bath right off of the master bedroom. The last option I tried was doing laundry once a week on the same day every week. At first it was a bit overwhelming, and I think we only had 5 people in our family at the time. But as the weeks went by I started to love only doing my dreaded chore once a week. The only problem I had was were to put the mounts upon mounts of dirty laundry waiting for the day for it to be washed. Remember our house was small 1200 square feet. The only space big enough for it all was our bedroom and by the 6th day our room started to smell like dirty clothes. I'm happy to say that in our new home. We have a laundry shoot and I don't see the clothes until I go into the basement to sort and to do the laundry once a week. We don't have anything in the basement so there is plenty of room for the dirty clothes to hang out until I can wash them. It is still my least favorite chore but at least I only have to do it once a week and don't have to smell it the rest of the time.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I have already posted today. But I feel the need to do another post. Today was the processional for the fallen soldier and they were driving right past the kids school. I heard them yesterday talking to the kids at lunch what was going to happen and what was expected from them while he was driven by. Take your hats off, put your hand over your heart, and stand still. I was very happy to hear that they were not only taking the students outside but telling them what was expected of them. This morning I had *TONS* of errands to run before the kids have break. I will not have a chance to do any tomorrow morning as it is the Kindergarten Thanksgiving program in the morning. I went to the chiropractor, and three groceries store before heading to school to be apart of honoring our fallen soldier. As I pulled up to the school I saw some adults standing outside then as I got closer there were more people as I looked closer it was our high school students as I turned the corner and saw the long side of the school and hundreds of students, teachers, administration and parents standing there I started to tear up. What an amazing thing to see that many people holding our flag saluting a soldier who gave all he could give. Just typing that brings tears to my eyes. It was such an honor and privilege to be there as he was driven past. Though I hope and prayer I never have to experience this again. As they drove by I saw the brother of Katie (who is the soldiers wife) in the car and it made me think about how not even two years ago this little boy (in 3rd grade) buried his mother. My heart is so heavy for this family.


We are a puzzle and game family. And I really like that about us. They are things that bring us together to reconnect as a family. Well the other day I bought our Thanksgiving puzzle! I'm so excited. I showed it to GG and she was just as excited as I was!! I love that girl. This is the post from last year's Thanksgiving puzzle. I hope to take pictures each day after we work on it. The kids only have about an hour attention span when doing the puzzles. Which is why it takes us all week to finish it. Though this year I got us a 750 pieces instead of a 1000. I also bought us a stow and go mat to put the puzzle on so that we can move it easily from the table. I will post the pictures of the progression when the puzzle is finished. That will be an easy post! I am also very excited about the kids having one more week of school and then being off for a whole week. I should start planning my Thanksgiving menu. Maybe this year my in laws will come over?! I should invite them...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I sat down today and started planning out our Thanksgiving meal which is in 8 days! I am very pleased with the dishes I have planned to make. It isn't necessarily a traditional Thanksgiving spread but it is good all the same! We are going to have Roast Turkey in Rosemary like we did last year because it was SO yummy. It also made a very tasty leftover turkey soup. As I was sitting listing out everything I needed for Thanksgiving I realized I haven't been doing a real grocery list for our meals during the week. Which leads to a lot of the same meals because I grab what seems to be easy to make. Some of our regulars are Texas chili, veg stir fry, and some sort of chicken meal. As I was sitting there and realizing this I also thought about the fact that the kids were going to be home for a whole 9 days and I better plan those meals or we are going to be making lots more trips to the grocery store than I care to make with 4 children under tow. I am going to shop today as I do that Wednesdays and then I will only have to shop again next Tuesday! Kids always seem to be hungrier when they are at home...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This time of day is the most happy and most dreaded part of my day. I love when the little one is asleep and I can get things done but I hate the process of actually getting her to sleep it is killer for both of us. And for anyone who thinks that maybe she is out growing her naps. I will nip that thought in the bud right now. She hasn't. I know this because on the days she fails to take naps she is about asleep at 5:45pm and her naps are about 1 1/2 to 2 hours in length. When my kids outgrew them they started taking 45 minute to an hour nap. Most days I feel like I need a nap myself after getting her down for one.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Jeff and I are leaders of a small group at our church. We love this small group as it is couples around the same age as us with children around the same age as ours...ours always being the older of the kids. Anyway in our group we have two police officers, a fireman, and a nurse. Which makes scheduling a nightmare. The nurse is married to one of the police officers so when he is off she works making it all the more difficult. We really do love this group of people I just wish getting together wasn't such a headache. But this isn't the only thing that is hard to schedule. Sometimes I find trying to get together with just one other couple can be just as hard. Which is a bit odd if you think about it. Nonetheless that is the case. There is a couple that Jeff and I have been trying to get together with for over 6 months. I stopped trying to find a date a couple months back and then decided that we should try again and sure enough we are running into the same situation of schedule conflict. The sad part of it all is we really don't do much so our schedule is pretty wide open unless Jeff has something at work he has to do but that isn't a whole lot. Am I alone on this dilemma?

P.S. I'm half way through the month!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cough Cough

Dear Lady in the row behind me and to the left,
Seriously you have to take not only one phone call but TWO during the movie? Can you not read the signs that say don't add your own soundtrack? Could you not hear them say it too? I paid $14 for my son and I to watch this movie and I really didn't appreciate your talking through it. I'm almost 100% positive that the calls you took were not life or death because you would of left after receiving them and you didn't, you stayed put. And I know you saw me turn around, look at you and shake my head when you took the first call, you looked directly at me.
Sincerely, Me

I took Monkey on a date yesterday in between two of the birthday parties. We had a good 2 1/2 hours to kill. He didn't want to go mini golfing. I didn't want to spend a fortunate taking him to laser tag. So we agreed upon a movie. We saw Megamind. It was actually pretty cute and clean for having a pg rating. I was very relieved that I didn't have to talk with him about any inappropriate scenes. I would recommend taking your 8 year old. I might take my 5 year old to see it but probably NOT my 3 year old as it would be too scary for her. It was so nice to sit next to my little man and hold his hand while we watched the movie. I tried to buy him a treat but he didn't want anything! Such a cheap date and simple date we had. I took Red to see a movie over the summer and he still talks about that date we had together! I need to be more mindful of spending one on one time with this little people. I used to be pretty good at it and for some reason life just seems to be busier so I need to slow it down again.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

This is the Day...

pray for me. I need "will power the power to will away temptation". Anyone know what song that quote is from? Anyways, today is the day of the THREE parties. Fortunately, I am only attending two of them. However the two I am going to are going to have pizza and pasta.
Side bar: Dear Gluten, You are so yummy but my body doesn't like you. Love, Me
Moving along...I am planning on bring salad to the first party as it is a kids party and I'm pretty sure there isn't going to be any there! The second party is for my friend's 30th birthday and it is at a restaurant so I think there will be something I can eat that won't kill my tummy later. Just pray that I can say NO to the cake and sweets with great conviction. Thanks in advance :)

Friday, November 12, 2010


I'm sure you have heard in the news of the attack that is going on over in Afghanistan and some of our troops have died. Well we got the news a couple of days ago at school that one of our teacher's son was killed over there. The teacher teaches 7th grade and I have never had any contact with him as far as school goes. I was sad for him but in that disconnected kind of way when you don't really know someone but are sad for what they are going through. Later in the day I found out that he was married and has a 1 year old. I know his wife, she is the same age as my sister in law Liz, and they graduated together from our school. It breaks my heart that this young wife and mother are now forever without their husband. It breaks my heart that this little girl won't see her father again. To make things even sadder the wife lost her step-mom to brain cancer not quit 2 years ago. I guess all this to say please pray for our troops and their families. This soldier paid the ultimate price...his life.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I know awhile back I wrote that I had my blood levels rechecked to see if they were improving. Well I'm not sure if I posted about it. I got two of the results back two weeks ago but had to wait for the last test to come in. I finally got the call with those results. The first two leptin and VEGF were both within normal range. I was so happy! Last time they were really out of whack, it was nice to know all the hard work I was doing was making positive changes in my body. I will say that the results for my c4a were quite discouraging though. They had gone up. I need it to go down. They went from 19,605 to 22,804. So NOT happy about that and freaking out a lot a little about it. But really what can I do? I feel so much better than I did before and have started to get lax on what I eat. I think I need to really restrict my eating again. I can tell that I don't feel as well as I did when I was eating really healthy. It just really stinks to eat like that ALL. THE. TIME. Parties and get togethers are really tough to be at because I have a really bad sweet tooth. And there is ALWAYS sweets. This coming weekend we have 3 birthday parties. What am I going to do?! I need lots of prayers for strength and to avoid temptation in this area. I am so weak. I did talk to my friend Andrea and she is going to ask a friend who knows more about that test for some advice. I eagerly wait to see what she recommends.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home Improvements

Like I said a few posts back we are refinancing so we are doing a few things to make the house look a little nicer for the appraisal. The last thing we want is for the house not to appraise for the amount we need it too. On Saturday a guy from church came over and put in a bathroom fan in our master bathroom and replaced the one in the big bathroom, or as we lovingly call it "the pink bathroom". Now that those are installed we are ripping out the hallway carpet that runs down the stairs too. There is hardwood underneath. I like the look of the hardwood so much better than the nasty greenish color carpet that was there. Though we are totally going to need to refinish them to get them looking a little nicer. It is so fun to make this house ours! Here are the pictures of the carpet to hardwood!

As far as other home improvements like the bathrooms, the kitchen, new siding and windows they are going to have to wait until we can afford to dump a big amount into this house. The nice thing is that they aren't things that need to be done right away. Though I would really like to get new windows to help with heating and cooling costs and when we do the windows Jeff wants to do the siding at the same time. For now I think I will enjoy the small change to make the house ours...

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Thanksgiving Comes First

So it is the beginning of the 3rd week in November. I wish I could say that this is the first time I went into a store and saw CHRISTMAS trees and decorations up. But it isn't they have been in stores for weeks now. I believe that one store had them up before Halloween was even over. When did this become ok? Why is it alright to sell stuff for a holiday before the previous one is over? Do people really buy Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving? I don't understand the logic of putting Christmas decorations out so early. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Christmas. It is one of my favorite holidays. But I really enjoy Thanksgiving too. I don't want to feel rushed through the Thanksgiving season. I think that having Thanksgiving before Christmas helps prepare our hearts to be thankful for what we have. It suppresses the "give mes" and the greediness because you force on what you have and not on what you want or think you need. You are able to look around at the people in your life (family) and see how truly blessed you are, there are no expectations of gifts just your presence and creating memories. I think we should tell the retailer that THANKSGIVING comes before Christmas so stop shoving your merchandise on us at the wrong time. Besides Christmas isn't about all that stuff anyway it is about the birth of a Savior. My Savior. I think stores are too much about the almighty dollar and should remember what Christmas is all about. I say enough is enough!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Around and Around we go

Ugh! I feel like I am getting NOWHERE. The kids and I were rear ended in April of 09. I had back neck pain and sore muscles and Red and GG complained of the same things. We went to the ER to make sure nothing more serious was going on. With everything that was going around that time I pushed it to the back burner and thought I will deal with this later. Well, now is later. I called to make sure all of our medical bills are together and ready to be submitted so that we can close out this claim. I got 3 bills from the ER visit one from the hospital, one from the ER doc and the other from radiology. The kids each had one from the hospital and that was it. I have been trying to make sure that there isn't another bill out in nowhere land for each of the kids for the attending ER doctor. Every person I call tells me to call a different place that tells me to call a different place. It is getting quite annoying. I really want to close out this account and move on from it. I want the claim adjuster to STOP calling me in regards to this accident. I guess more calls are in my future, I will get to the bottom of this. Why is it that the person who gets hit is the one that has the biggest headache in dealing with the aftermath of the accident. The one in the wrong gets off scott free, at least that is the way it feels.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

My Dad

Today is my dad's birthday. Growing up I was always embarrassed of my dad actually I still get embarrassed of my dad. He is like a big kid. Even through the embarrassment I still do love him. I am glad God made him my dad. (at least most days) He is a very energetic grandpa and all my kids love him to pieces. He always has these HUGE plans and most of the time they come to pass. Almost all the times he calls me it is either to tell me that he doesn't have presents for the kids from a recent business trip (his way of saying he bought us gifts), he wants to go out to eat or he is planning a vacation for all of us. He is planning our next trip right now so the calls are fun and exciting. He is a big dreamer too. He wants to spend a lot of one on one time with each of the kids and they really love it. He makes them each feel very special and for that I am so proud of him. He has a huge heart and loves deeply. All that to say Happy Birthday Dad. I love you!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Kid Update

Well the last few posts have been all about me so I thought I would update on each of the littles that live here!

Peanut: she has been in the phase that I hope ends soon where she cries every time I take her someplace and leave, Sunday school, gymnastics, Puggles or if I just leave the house without her. The night I went with my dad as soon as she heard me telling Jeff what was for dinner she knew I was leaving and was stuck to me like glue until my dad got there and then the water works started. It is the strangest thing because they only last about 10 seconds after I leave...I've waited outside of the doors and listened. Then she tells me about all the fun she had. All that to say it is really wearing on me and I can't wait for her to out grow this phase! Other than that she is doing really good at school and gymnastics. She is learning her abc's and how to do a cartwheel. She just crawled into my lap while she watches television.

Red: His reading has gotten so good! But now he is doing poorly on his writing assignments. His teacher told me that if he keeps handing in sloppy work she is going to give him double so that he can practice to get better at his writing. He had a field trip on Friday and then a Harvest party afterward. I was one of the room moms. I love being there for things like this so that I can see the interactions he has with his classmates! I had 6 kids in my group and they were pretty good for the most part. It was a great field trip.

Monkey: He is my silent, keep it all to myself, person. I have to really work at getting him to talk to me. He seems to be doing good at school. Next weekend he has a birthday party for a friend at church and I am going to take him. Then afterward spend time with just him for a few hours. I hope that will help us reconnect. Other than that he is my boy who always helps me with stuff without being asked or if he doesn't know what to do he will ask what he can do. I love that about him. He is such a good natured kid. I really look forward to hanging out with just him.

GG: She is taking violin lessons at school. We got a really great deal for them...FREE :) She just has to rent a violin for $20 a month. She has lessons twice a week for 40 minutes it is the sweetest deal EVER! Oh and the lessons are during school so I don't even have to take her anywhere or wait longer for her. Another cool thing is that everyone keeps telling me she is a natural at the violin. She taught herself how to play "Happy Birthday" and then played it for me on my birthday. Other than that I am heart broken for her. She got invited to a birthday party for a friend at church. The party is on a Tuesday starting 10 minutes after she gets out of school. It takes us at least 30 minutes to get there and they don't get out of the school for at least 5 minutes after the bell rings. She was so sad she couldn't go, but I just can't figure out how to make it work.

Friday, November 05, 2010


I kept hearing how the interests were dropping and I was debating whether or not we should refinance. We bought the house at the end of May so we have only owned this house for 5 months. When I weighed out all the pros and cons of doing it and talked to Jeff we decided we were going to go for it. When I called to get the ball rolling on the refi we got an interest rate that is one whole percent lower than we had 5 months ago. Which is AWESOME. We are going to be essentially starting over but will have only lost 5 months in this house. When talking to my friend and mortgage broker the rule of thumb is if you can recoup your closing cost within 4 years then it is worth to refi especially if you plan on staying in your house for the long haul which is what we plan. We will recoup our closing cost in about 2 years! All the money responsibilities have always fallen to me. I am the one without the outside of the home job and I do all the shopping for the house and pays the bills. I actually enjoy dealing with the household finances, I always have. It works great for us because Jeff dislikes dealing with bills and making sure there is enough money to pay for things. The only funny part of the whole interaction with the refi is that I was the one on the phone talking to the bankers and mortgage brokers but in the end I sign nothing because I don't make any money so the loan isn't in my name but in Jeff's. It's a good thing that he trusts me :)

Thursday, November 04, 2010


After drooling over the InStyler for about a year now. I finally own one! I used it for the first time on Tuesday. Can I just say it is SO much easier and faster than a flat iron in straightening my hair. And AND it gives my hair bounce and curl at the end. I love it. I can't believe I waited so long to get it, oh yeah that's right it is $100...that was the reason I didn't get it when I first wanted it. Now I leave you with pictures of my hair after I used the InStyler...I was trying to get different angles while holding the camera myself.

It will cut the time I do my hair in half...SCORE :)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

These lines first caught my attention in the song
You are more than the choices that you've made
You are more than the sum of your past mistakes
You are more than the problems you create
You've been remade

These next lyrics are just so beautiful.
This is talking about Jesus dying on the cross for your sins.
It's talking about the heartache that brings you to the cross of Jesus.
We all have heartache but Jesus is there to love you.
Cause this is not about what you've done
But what's been done for you
This is not about where you've been
But where your brokenness brings you to

This is not about what you feel
But what He felt to forgive you
And what He felt to make you loved

I've only heard this once on the radio before posting it on here and it stuck with me all day. How wonderful it is to know that I am more than what is going on in my life right now. I've been remade through Christ. I have a purpose!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I don't get to spend one on one time with my dad much but last night we spent about 3 hours together. We talked a lot...ok I talked a lot and he listened. I told him about this relationship I have that I am always unsure of, I never really know where I stand with this person. A lot of times it seems by their actions or lack of action that I really don't matter to them. It hurts me deeply. I have tried to put a positive spin on all the little hurts and I forgive them all the time even when they have no idea they have hurt me. It was really weird to be talking to my dad about this topic but at the same time it was nice because I know he loves me unconditionally. To be quite honest I'm not even sure how we got on the subject of this person. A few things my dad said that really helped put it into perspective were; it seems like there is a lack of maturity which leads to selfishness. As much as he was talking about the other person it made me look at myself because in every relationship there are two people right?! How can I be more mature in my actions toward this person and how can I be more selfless? Because really I have a part in this too. I think in this world we put the blame on others way too much and never take responsibility for the part we play. I want to be better at taking ownership of my mistakes...I've got a long way to go that for sure.

Monday, November 01, 2010

National Blog Posting Month

I have seen this done for a few years but have never done it because I was always worried that I would miss a day or not have anything to say but this year I think I want to give it a try. For the next month I will be posting once a day. I can't say they will be very long posts but I will try and keep them interesting enough.

My birthday was yesterday. I had a really great day. The kids showered my with hugs and kisses in the morning and they got me tetris for the wii. What a dangerous gift. I asked them, "Do you never want to eat again or have a clean house?!" Jeff's gift was the coolest. He gave me a necklace with a police star that had his department name and his number. I love it. Now I carry him with me where ever I go. Then last night we went to trunk or treat at our church. Every year they sing to me, so embarrassing, but this year took the cake! After they sang one of my kids told our youth pastor I was 42...and he said it in the mic for everyone to hear. Thankfully my GG was right there to correct him and told him my right age of 32. OY Tonight my dad is taking me out for dinner just the two of us so that will be fun. His birthday is this coming Sunday.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I know it isn't until tomorrow but I think tomorrow is going to be a pretty busy day so since I have some time on this lazy Saturday morning I wanted to post. Last year my kids were characters of Toy Story and we decorated our van with Toy Story stuff for our churches trunk or treat. This year Jeff wants to do a crime scene with our van so the kids are going to be clue characters. GG is Mrs. Peacock, Monkey is Coronal Mustard, Red is Mr. Green and Peanut is Mrs. Scarlet. Their costumes are a little lame but it was the cheapest easiest ones I could come up with to go with the van. I am really hoping that the weather will be fairly warm tomorrow! I also may come back and update this post with a picture of the kids in costume :)

Just two days ago my kids had no costumes and now they each have two!!! In years past Chipotle has given free burritos on Halloween to people who come as a burrito. I was planning on getting some tin foil and wrapping up the family this year. Well Chipotle is doing something different this year. Check it out here. If you come dressed as a processed food you will get a burrito for $2 and that money goes to Jamie Oliver and the food revolution. What a great cause! After some thought, I came up with some costume ideas. Peanut is going to be Mrs. Scarlet and will be in a red shirt with a skirt and red leggings. If I take the skirt off and put a ketchup label on her she has a second costume! Monkey (Coronal Mustard) will be in all yellow...print out a mustard label and we have our second one done! GG wants to be mac and cheese so she will wear two boxes on her arms. Red is going to be cereal. I pulled two boxes out of the recycling bin, cut them open and taped them together! I am going to be a bag of chips...same concept as the cereal but with bags. And Jeff is going to be a hersey kiss and wrap his head in tin foil ;0 We are a family of junk food...haha. I hope to have pictures of both set of costumes!!! ***update*** I didn't get a picture of us in our food costumes. We were so hungry by 7pm that we threw them on and ordered then the kids took them off so they could eat. They really weren't anything special anyway!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Tonight was Mom's night at boys truth in training (TNT). The things we do for our kids I tell ya. It was a theme night of western so I carried a toy gun in my pocket and wore a cowgirl hat and pig tails. Then they had us peel apples in a game...oy was that messy ;) I got to sing with my Monkey which I LOVE doing. Then we played games in the gym! That was interesting to say the least. This is the first year Monkey is in TNT so I had no idea what to expect from this night. The games are NOTHING like the Mom's night in GIRLS TNT! I actually got hot from playing the game. Though I will say it was a really fun game. It was a human version of foose ball. I heard something tonight during the devotion that I really think is quiet important. Wendy talked about how she knew that her mom loved her no matter what. I really hope and pray that my kidlets know that I love them no matter what silly or stupid things they do. I want to be their hero. Though I think role model would be a better term but this year in the boys TNT they are talking about heros. I hope Monkey knows I love him because I could of told him I wasn't coming because I am a JAM leader. Actions speak louder than words and I want them to know they are my first priority after God.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have no idea where this blog post is going to go! I have so many ideas I want to write about but not sure what is going to actually come out. I think what ever pops in my head will be what spills out onto this post! Consider that your fair warnings of the randomness that is to follow ;)

My oldest brother is going to be having another baby...number 7! I am a little shocked but not really. It will be my brothers 4th biological child. I'm excited about another baby but not really sure how I feel about them actually being the ones having the new baby. Their youngest just turned 1 in September. There is a lot of stuff with them but I really don't feel like taking this post in *that* direction! I think I will just be happy for a new bundle of joy.

I am kind of sad about this Friday. We have 3 leadership teams for the Jr. High ministry. Jeff and I are on team one or as we lovingly call ourselves Team Luke. (No we don't have anyone on our team named Luke) This week our team is planning the night. We are doing a Harvest theme. Jeff is doing the gym games that will have something to do with carving pumpkins and making scarecrows. He won't give me anymore details than that. The down stair games are going to involve eating apples from a string and candy corn. Then snacks are going to be apple cider, pumpkin something, apple and carmel dip. The reason I'm not going is that Peanut got invited to a friend's birthday party. It is at a place we have never been to so I am excited about checking the place out. I just can't be in two places at once. I really need to figure out how to clone myself!

Speaking of birthday parties why do they always happen in twos??? It seems that lately every time we get an invitation a second one comes. Though they are never on the same day! Like for instance we have the one on Friday night and then we have one on Saturday. These are also both convenient because the whole family is invited. In Nov we have two on the same day just at different times. The first starts at 3:15 until 5pm (for Red only) and the second one starts at 5pm (adults only). They are about a 40 minutes drive from each other. At this point I think I am going to go to the second one alone (it's my friends 30th) and Jeff will just have to take Red to the other one party and I will need to get a sitter for the over lap in time until Jeff gets home.

Ok I think this is the last thing I want to write about. My house smells so yummy today! I made granola and brownies from scratch! I haven't even started cooking dinner yet. Homemade soup on a day like today is just awesome. It doesn't take long to make either :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Girl Night Out!

I have a wonderful group of girls to hang out with! I feel so energized and ready for the rest of the week. It is just nice sometimes to regroup and relax. I have the world's best husband for taking care of the kids while I was out. He made dinner, made lunches for school tomorrow, and got them to bed. He is a very hands on dad and I feel so very blessed to have him in my life and as my husband and the father of my children. I just don't say that often enough. I love you Jeff.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


In my mind today was as close to perfect as they come! We got up and headed to the pumpkin farm with grandparents! It was an absolute BEAUTIFUL day out, 65ish and Sunny.
We found some bats while we were there...
some scary
some sweet
we also found some really small children!
we had to bail some jail birds out
I took a enchanted pumpkin ride with my prince charming
time for a camel rides!
the girls...
the boys
they were trying to shoot the girls...haha
thought we should tire the kids out and let them JUMP.
they got some great air these are only a couple of the pictures we took

Once they were good and worn out we went out to eat with my dad and step mom. We were going to go to this restaurant that my dad took us to every Friday night for pizza when I was growing up but they got their license revoked. So sad, but it was so cool to look inside and have all those childhood memories rushing at me. After lunch my parents gave us presents from their recent trip to Greece and Turkey!!! This afternoon the kids racked leaves and I got new pictures for my blog! They played in those leaves for over an hour.
GlamorGirl and I left and picked up her violin. I just realized that we have a guitar, violin, drum set and recorder in our we need more noise makers ;) Now we are starting the good ole fire pit and having some homemade apple cider!!! Sorry no pictures of that ;) See it was PERFECT!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Poor Ole Blog

I have really been neglecting you! I thought this year was going to be great having 3 mornings to myself but it has proven to be the most busy weeks ever! I think I finally have my routine down with a few adjustments needed. Just to get an idea of my week this is what I do.
Monday: drop 4 kids off at school, go to chiropractor appointment, grab some groceries from Aldi and Valli, help with lunch at school. Then I pick up the two littles and we head home and it is homework with Red and nap for Peanut. Get older kids from school...homework, dinner and bedtime routine.
Tuesday: 3 kids to school, get the rest of the groceries from Trader Joes, take Peanut to Gymnastics, then go pick up Red. Then lunches, homework and nap. Get older kids from school...homework, dinner and bedtime routine.
Wednesday: Drop 4 kids at school, go to Bible study, get grocery before getting the littles from school. Lunch, homework, naps. Get older kids, homework, off to church for dinner and Awana clubs and JAM.
Thursday: 4 kids to school, chiropractor, do a good cleaning of the house, get the kids from littles from school. Lunch, homework, naps. Older kids from school, homework, dinner, and bedtime routine.
Friday: 3 kids to school, come home and do all weeks worth of laundry. Red from school, lunch, homework, naps. Older kids from school, homework, dinner and off to church for JAM.
I'm busy...

Here are some highlights over the past week. Wed. I went on a field trip with GG's class. It was really a cool place it was a settlement from 1890ish area. Then that night it was moms night at Girls TNT so it was a full of my oldest daughter and it was so much fun. Thursday we carved pumpkins. I do have pictures but they aren't on the computer yet. I saved some of the pumpkin goop to try and make pumpkin pudding. It should be interesting! Tonight we have JAM which I am in charge of the gym games along with another leader. Tomorrow we are going to a pumpkin farm with my dad and step mom. Maybe go to the homecoming game at school not sure on that one yet. Sorry for such a random post!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


so on Thursday I went to the doctor. In the course of the visit we decided it was time to retest my blood for the c4a, leptin and VEGF and see what a year of good eating and clean environment has done. I am trying not to think about it but it keeps popping up in my head. What if the levels are the same? What if they are lower but only a little? What if they are higher? There is nothing I can do but sit here and wait the month to get the results back. 30 days. I really hope it is good news because right now I feel like I am falling apart. At the kids' orientation I slipped and pulled my sciatic really bad. The chiropractor and I have been working at helping my body heal from the pull but it seems I keep reinjurying it. I get so mad at myself. Other than me *feeling* OLD...I have really been enjoying my new role in youth ministry. I never thought I would say this but I love the junior highers!

As far as the kid front goes I could use some prayer in a situation with my oldest. I plan on writing about it at some point I just don't feel I should right now. But I could still use some major prayers in it. God knows the details! Other than that I feel like lately I look at my kids and can't believe how big they have gotten. I was trying clothes on Peanut and she doesn't look babyish anymore. When did she get SO big? It is weird at different times I will look at one of my kids and think, "man they have grown" I don't like that feeling though I know it is going to happen. Ok so this post was all about me tonight...

Monday, October 04, 2010

Babywearing: A Call to ACTION

I started babywearing right after my babies were born. I love the ability to keep my babies close and do things I needed to get done at the same time. We could go on an outing and I could keep the baby warmer this way!

(Peanut not even a month old)

We could take the kids to fun places like the children's museum and the baby could still get a nap while being carried in the mei tai...

Water slings make swimming so much easier with babies!

Hiking is much easier too!
They get to experience things up close while in the sling.

Sometimes it just makes parenting so much more FUN!

Over the last almost 10 years (wow, it is going to be 10 years in a 3 months) of parenting the sling has been the one item I have used with all 4 of my babies. Whether it is to use the sling for one of the ways mentioned above or to comfort a fussy baby or just to reconnect I have loved my slings and cherish the memories of slinging all of my kiddos.

The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) is going after all slings, pouches, mei tais, and the like. It makes me so sad. And as much as I feel for the parents who experienced such tragedy I know that slings are safe, healthy, wonderful additions to parenting if used correctly.

Steph at Adventures in Babywearing are calling all mothers who have worn or are wearing their babies to speak out and tell parents that babywearing is SAFE.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Now that was relaxation!

My hubby and I went away for the weekend just the two of us! We left Friday at 1ish and headed north. We stayed at a quaint little bed and breakfast with some other couples from our church. I think this year we had about 25 couples there, it was more than last year. It was just so nice to only have to worry about ME for a whole weekend! I was able to take a long bath and shave my legs without rushing. I laid in bed and watched tv with my hubby with no interruptions from little people. We even brought a puzzle with us and were able to put it together together and with other people from church. I could go on but I will just say it was such a nice break from reality. I really enjoyed the social aspect of it and hanging out with other couples our age. I did pretty good with my food while we were there but I know I could of done better as I did have some stomach issues. I owe a huge thanks to my sister, Aunty Becky, for taking care of my crew while we were gone. They had a great time and she did a pretty good job keeping things together. Now I must go make lunches come to the realization that my break is over and real life must go on!

Friday, October 01, 2010

should be...

Right now there so a few things I can be doing other than blogging but I sit here tired and feeling like I got hit with a truck. My sinuses are not my friend today. Yesterday I went to the chiropractor and she adjusted me to help drain the sinuses and I think it is working because they certainly are draining. This weekend my hubs and I are going away and I was really looking forward to it, I still am but I feel like I am going to be doing way more sleeping then I planned so my body can fight this. On one hand it is good we are going to be kidless and free so that I can have rest but on the other it is a bogus time to feel like this. I washed all our clothes yesterday but didn't fold or put them away and that was one of the things I wanted to get done before we leave. I still haven't even started packing yet, it is only 2 days so not much packing needs to be done but still I have to put some thought into it. I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself as I did, pay a bill, put money in the bank, returned some things at the store, bought some needed things (toilet paper and such) and got gas in the van. This post is so random all to say I have no motivation today!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chicago Marathon

I'm not a runner (yet) but I have some friends who are running in the Chicago Marathon.

However they aren't just running to run they are supporting a wonderful Christian ministry called Family Empowerment. Please think about supporting them even if you don't know them because they aren't running for themselves but other people. All donations are tax deductible. All money raise goes to the organization too. The marathon is Oct 10th!!! Here is the link to support them. Their names are Valarie and Ken Garrison. Even if you can only do $5 it helps families in need. Thank you for considering! God bless :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I can't remember how much detail I went into about Monkey and his teeth...too lazy to go look it up! Anyways, the dentist sent us to the orthodontist to have them scan his mouth to see about his permanent teeth. Well his head is too small and their machine couldn't take a picture of his mouth. He is one of the smaller kids in his class, which makes sense since he is also one of the youngest. He is 49 inches tall and weighs 50 lbs. Well yesterday he tells me to come by him and he shows me that he has a second tooth loose!!! This is good news in one sense and bad in another. Good because it shows that he is just going to be a late tooth looser but he will loose them. Bad because his mouth hasn't grown much more to give those permanent teeth room to come in straight. I'm hoping that tooth takes about 2 months or more before it falls out. Then maybe he could have a 3rd tooth loose at his next dentist appointment and make our dentist less worried about him! Because I'm not at this point and I hate when doctors are worried when I'm not and then they start to make me worried when it is all for nothing. We've had this happen a few too many times. Our children are slow growers...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ahh Life is so good...busy but GOOD!

I love the busy-ness of the fall I think that is one of the reasons it is my FAVORITE season. Plus it means my birthday is soon, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner too! How can you NOT love it. The changing colors the cooler weather but not too cold. It is prefect to me. I have a few minutes before I need to go pick up the two youngest from school so I thought I would update the good ole blog! I think I will do a person by person update as well. We'll start with the kids and then the parents :)

GlamorGirl: She is in 4th grade this year and has her first male teacher. She has talked about having him as a teacher for years and she is so excited she finally has him...haha. He doesn't believe in a whole lota homework which is AWESOME. Everyday she comes home with stories of the day and things they are doing and learning in class. I think it is going to be a great year for her other than the fact that her two besties are in the other class. She will make new friends, she is like that! And it isn't like she never gets to see her besties because they eat lunch together, have gym together, and recess together. Things are going good for her.

Monkey: He has one of my favorite teachers at that school. I say one because I have A LOT of favorites :) I have talked to her a few times already this year about his eyesight and other things. She told me that he is a very bright student and very smart like his sister. Last year his grades were rough and it really bugged him to the point he stopped trying. I think this year will be MUCH more positive for him. He is also in class with a bunch of his friends who were in a different class last year so he is happy about that. Time will tell but I have a really good feeling about this year for him as well! He loves going to school this year which is so neat to see and he has started to enjoy READING. Yay!

Red: This year has started off really rocky for him. This summer I tried my hardest to get him to continue reading but he is so stubborn and would just sit there or moan and groan to the point I just stopped trying. It is showing to be his downfall this year and he is REALLY struggling in his reading. I have talked to his teacher several times about his reading homework. They read it in class first and then at home. But you would think he never saw the material before when I sit down with him. Last night I started doing something different with him to help him. We read the homework twice and then we do the next days reading once. I make him do the phonics flash cards too. He hates it but I think if we keep doing it he will get better and feel more confident in his reading and then it won't be such a power struggle for him to do his reading. UGH This could be a rough year for him but I really hope not.

Peanut: She is LOVING preschool. She gets really sad on the days she has to stay home but I'm not ready for her to go everyday. I like having one on one time with her a few days a week. She has been getting extra pages send home with her that I am going to keep for next year when she isn't in school. I have decided that we are going to hold her back so that she is the oldest in her class and not one of the youngest. There are other reasons but that is a whole separate post! I just can't believe she is 3 years old. She has such a BIG personality too for such a little person. Red's teacher Mrs. R told me yesterday she saw Peanut with her friend Kate (who is Mrs. R's granddaughter), Kate ran up to Mrs. R, "Grandma!" and gave her a hug so Peanut ran up to Mrs. R "grandma" and so Mrs. R gave her a hug too. Peanut has adopted many of her friends grandparents which is so funny to me! She's not shy that's for sure.

Me: I'm running around like a crazy women now that school is in session. I try and get all my errands done on the days that all 4 kids are in school. I only have one present to buy for Christmas and my immediate family is done. Such a great feeling. Still need to talk to the extended family and see what we are doing about presents this year. Then I'll know how many more presents I need to buy still. Tonight is the first night this week that I am cooking a meal. Monday we went out with my dad, Tuesday was Peanut's birthday dinner, and Wednesday was AWANA clubs and they serve dinner there! After dinner I am going out with some ladies, can't say anything more about that. ;) Friday my friend and I are going apple picking, then Friday night is the first night of JAM (jr. high ministry at church) outreach night, we are doing Minute to Win it, it should be so fun. Saturday we have a birthday party. Sunday we have church and another birthday party. Then the next week should settle down where we only have something Wednesday night and Friday night...though I do want to take the kids to a pumpkin farm one day after school. It is cheaper on the weekdays than the weekend. Then that Saturday is Peanut's friend party. See I'm busy!!!

Jeff: Schools have started so his job has gotten busy again too. He has meetings at night which is either days off or overtime. He has been doing a lot of training days too. He has the day off for Red's first field trip this year and so he will go with him. Jeff and I are going away for a weekend with a bunch of couples from church. We are both really excited about that. As far as church goes, he stepped down from Sunday morning worship (very happy about that) and sparkies, he is doing JAM, kids' Sunday morning hour worship, and has a role in our Sunday School class.

Life is good and God is good. We are so blessed...