Friday, April 26, 2013


Another year of Awana has come to an end. By this point in the year it is nice to have a break from the weekly Awana clubs. However this year is a BIG year for us. Our oldest is officially done with the program and moving on to our churches Jr. High Youth group...which Jeff and I help out with. I am super excited to have her there but also sad she is old enough to be done with Awana. It is a catch 22 to for me. BUT I will say that she made me SO proud at the Awana Award Ceremony because she was one of 2 girls who finished her 4th book and got the Timothy Award, the hardest one to receive. It was a proud mama moment for me. Monkey also got an award for finishing his 3rd book which he was only one of 5 boys to finish he is nervous about next year because he barely completed the 3rd book in time! Red graduated from Sparks to Boys T & T (Truth and Training) he finished his 3rd book of sparks and got a ribbon but they also gave him props for not only finishing his book once but reviewing it all! Then the part that was the most difficult for me was that my baby graduated from Cubbie and is now a Spark! Oy she is growing too fast. She finished her book too! So proud of all my kids and wanted to document their wonderful accomplishments of memorizing so many Bible verses. I am so impressed because memorizing is not one of my strengthens.