Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Well I was going to say that Monkey only had to change his clothes once because he spilled on himself, which is true. But he also had an accident after his nap...he was half awake and half asleep. This morning GG went with me to work. This afternoon GG and I finished that puzzle together while Monkey slept. After dinner the kids rode their bikes. J has the next 3 days off and I am really excited about them. Tomorrow we are possibly taking the kids to the Fest. Last year they got wristbands that let them ride on all the rides free. I hope they will get to do that this year too! Then Friday we are taking the kids to a baseball game (the Flyers) then spending the night at J's parents house. Saturday we are then taking them swimming at the pool near J's parents. It is free and has water slides! So we should have so much fun!!! Well that is it for me.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Another day of dry pants! I am so excited about that. It is 10 minutes to 9 and both kids are asleep. Yay! So this morning we got up and went to wal-mart. We dropped off some film and bought something that we really didn't need but are useful. Like I got an organizing set of drawers that I put all of my scrapbooking stuff in it. I am glad about that, it will make scrapbooking so much easier and faster. Then J left for work after lunch. GG took some quiet time (we ended up doing her puzzle after I did my scrapbook stuff) and Monkey took a nap. Then we went outside to blow bubbles. I thought for sure they were going to want to ride bikes but bubbles was what they wanted. After being out there for about 20 minutes I was getting hot so we came in and put on our swim suites. The kids ran through the water. Then I got a good idea...I got the biggest tub I have and filled it up with water like a pool. They loved it. They played in it for about an hour. For Monkey's birthday Becky is suppose to be getting him a pool. That will be great! They got out and we had dinner. Then the kids got bathed and GG went right to sleep at 7:45! Then Monkey was in bed asleep by 8:30. I really want to let the kids play outside at night and catch lightning bugs but they are usually tired by then. Well I am going to go work some more on GG's puzzle. It is a circle puzzle the picture is of a bunch of chocolate ice cream scoops. So the pieces are all the same color...I have been putting it together by shape.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Today was a complete success! Monkey had no accidents. YAY! This morning we got up, ate breakfast, I showered then we went to the park to play. Came home and made a picnic lunch that we ate outside on the deck. Then Monkey got his fingers slammed in the door by GG. Poor little guy cried for over an hour. J and I were concerned that they might of been broken because he screamed when we asked him to bend them. I took him outside to blow bubbles trying to get his mind off his hand...worked somewhat. I finally got him completely calmed down and put him to sleep. When he woke up he was fine. He even bent his fingers without realizing it...they were still swollen but at least they didn't hurt him anymore. While Monkey was asleep GG and I played candyland, the ABC Dr. Suess game and she played with playdough while J and I talked about some things, mainly our new house. When Monkey woke up J and I took the kids outside to fly kites. Oh yeah J didn't go to work because he wasn't feeling good this morning and didn't sleep well last night. We weren't having much success with the kites, not enough wind. J took the kites home and I took the kids to the park to play. Then we came home to make dinner. After dinner our insurance guy came over for us to sign some papers. We got homeowners insurance (that sounds so cool) and we got quotes on life insurance. We have some now with J's work but I think this route will be cheaper in the long run. J shaved his head and took the kids with him to the shower. They got bathed and GG went to sleep. Then I got Monkey to sleep and GG woke up in pain. She said her mouth was hurting her. J thinks she burnt it at dinner but I don't think that is possible. I gave her something for the pain then she started complaining about her ear hurting. I don't know what her deal is. She finally just went back to bed. It is 10:30 and I need to go spend some alone time with J...

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Here is the run down of our potty training day. This morning Monkey had diarrhea...yeah it got on the floor. This is before we left for the family reunion. I packed about 6 pants for the day just to be safe. We drove for 2 hours and stopped for a potty break. He went. He went potty 3 times while we were at the park from 11:30 to 3:30. We were about 2 minutes away from home and Monkey had to go potty. He told me he had to poop. It was diarrhea again and he didn't make it. He tried to keep it in though. And he actually got most of it in the potty too. So two accidents today that are sometimes accidents adults have...DIARRHEA!!!! He didn't even use any of the extra pants I brought him. The kids had so much fun at the reunion playing at the park and meeting family members. I got to talk to my cousin Rachel who I haven't seen in awhile and she is moving to near us from North Carolina so that is exciting. We already have plans to get together! Growing up we had many sleep overs, she is a year younger than me. We didn't get home until 6:45 so we ate and I gave the kids baths, read books, and they went to bed. Now I am doing things on the computer while I try and wait up for J. I really wish he could of went with us today. Tons of people asked about him. Oh this was cool too. My dad's cousin Dawn said when she saw me she thought I was my mom. She told me that she did a double take and at first she said to herself "what is Kathy doing here?" Then she realized it was me! Dawn and my mom were in the same class in highschool. Actually a lot of this side of my family call me Kathy without even noticing sometimes. My mom hasn't been apart of that family for over 20 years now! Well that is it for me.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Ahh today. It started off great but it ended bad. For some reason the kids were having a hard time with bedtime. It wouldn't of been that big of a deal except for the fact that I needed them to be in bed so I could finish making deviled eggs for the family reunion tomorrow. I got GG in bed and then was nursing Monkey to sleep. He was almost asleep when GG got out of bed and woke him up. I was livid. It was after 9pm at this point also. So I put her back in bed and tried getting Monkey back to sleep which took forever but I finally did it. As I laid him down he woke up. I couldn't believe it. He wanted to nurse and by this time I had nursed him for over an hour and both sides were sore. So he sat by me as I finished the eggs. Then I nursed him to sleep and my chest had a break!! This morning GG woke up real early so she ended up taking a nap today...not by her choice either. We went to church and potluck tonight so I told J that she needed to take a nap otherwise she wouldn't of been super cranky. He laid her down before he went to work as I was getting Monkey asleep for his nap. That is when I started the egg making process. While I was doing that Ferris Buehler's Day Off was on tv so I watched it. I love that movie! The kids had fun at church and dinner. Monkey even stayed dry the whole time we were there...he peeped twice in the potty. When we got home I thought good he has been doing good all day so tonight should be alright. Well he had two accidents...after his bath too! I am ready for tomorrow with tons of pants for Monkey to wear just incase of any accidents. The reunion is outside at a park and it is a 2 hour car ride. Should be interesting...

Friday, June 25, 2004

I had such a bad day today. I guess I am entitled to one every now and then but I just hate when I feel so out of control. GG had her last day of VBS and she won some more prizes. She was happy about that. Then when we got home from that is when the day went bad. J went to work and the kids went nuts. Monkey decided that he wasn't going to take a nap. So a tired Monkey and GlamorGirl helped make brownies, which wasn't bad. Monkey just keep peeping everywhere today and he pooped twice in the potty. I don't understand because J said he did great the whole morning, he just must of been too tired. That is the only thing I can think of because he has done great every other day so far. I am just glad that his poop makes it in the potty everytime!!! After the brownies were done I thought we should go play outside. But I needed to use the bathroom first. For the approximate two minutes I was in there the kids took my keys and made scratches on the wall. GG made a picture of a person and Monkey just scribbled. I was not happy. SO we ended up not going outside and instead had a long talk about not destroying other people's things. Before we move we are going to need to touch up with some paint. Then we went to GG's closing ceremonies for VBS, tonight. GG got diarrhea right before we left and that wasn't pleasant. Monkey did good watching GG and everything else that was going on. Then we got to go in the gym for treats. GG's teacher came over to talk with us. I told her that GG really liked her and I could tell because everytime I went to get her she was sitting on her lap. The teacher Ms. Danielle said that GG was her favorite! She also said she was really smart because she answered the questions that were being asked of the kids. She was the youngest one there by at least 6 months. She had a great time and I think I will send her next year too. We were going to go to a going away party we got invited to but with the day I had we needed to go home bathe and get them in bed. Monkey just woke up because he had to pee but I wasn't in the room so it went in his diaper. Oh well. I will say that he got out of bed in an attempt to go to the bathroom. I need to remember that he is young and we have only been doing this for about 5 days. That's it for now...

Thursday, June 24, 2004

I feel better today thank God. I took GlamorGirl to VBS and then went to work. This afternoon it was the kids and I while J went to shoot at the department. GG did something today I can't believe she did. She didn't know it was going to break so I can't really be that mad at her. But man I feel real bad that she broke it. The kids went to bed early so J, Travis and I watched a movie. As for Monkey he did great today with going potty. He even woke up this morning with a dry diaper...Yippee! I am so happy with how good he is doing with this whole big boy thing. Goodnight

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

This morning I woke up sick to my stomach. Thank goodness that J was off of work today. He did so much and let me just lay in pain. Monkey had a few accidents but put most of his pee went in the potty and all of his poop. GG won a prize at VBS today for bringing the most friends. She had 3 that came so she was very excited about that. She got a mini beach ball and a water bottle like the one grandma A bought her and Monkey. Well I am still not feeling the greatest so I am going to go to bed. I am hoping to be able to go into work tomorrow I ended up calling in sick today.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Another day of potty training. This morning I thought we were going to have a bad day. Monkey had two small accidents, stopped himself and put the rest in the potty. We had to leave the house today and I thought for sure it was going to be a nightmare. We left the house at 12:15 to pick GG up from VBS then straight to my dentist appointment. I had a cavity that needed to be taken care of. J also made an appointment with his doctor about his allergies. So in between the two appointments we took the kids to the park to play. Monkey went potty at the dentist and again at the doctor. We got home at 4 so we were gone a long time and we even had to drive about 30 minutes. No accidents!! After dinner GG, grandma and I went grocery shopping. Monkey and J played outside. Then I thought I had a LLL meeting but it was last week. Oh well. I got gas instead. J had given the kids a bath and was reading them books when I got home. They are both sleeping now so I think I am going to head that way too. J is playing video games on the PS2. Oh here's a story for ya...I got back from taking GG to her Bible school and Chad was here working on the house again. We were talking and I told him that GG was at Bible school. He made a weird face and asked why I would make her go there. I told him she loved going and hated to leave when it was over. He was completely confused. He grew up catholic and hated going to church and he couldn't understand why she would have so much fun learning about the Bible. Well they sing songs and do a skit then they break up into grades. They have crafts, games and snacks. Then they get back together have another skit and sing more songs. The songs they sing also have movements which she was showing me today. They get points for doing different things and get prizes when they reach a certain pointage. The kids all have fun there especially GG. She actually goes to bed when we tell her too because she doesn't want to miss it the next day! Good night everyone :)

Monday, June 21, 2004

Day 3! Monkey had only one accident again today. And he is starting to tell me when he has to go as he runs towards the bathroom. The only thing was this morning when he woke up his diaper was pretty full of pee. So nighttime might take a little longer. The only thing I don't get is that GG is suppose to be helping me teach Monkey (she wanted too) and today she pooped in her pants. She hasn't had an accident in over 6 months and now she has one?!?! I don't understand. She said she couldn't get to the potty in who knows, maybe it was a fluke. Besides the potty stuff. GG started her Vacation Bible School today. She was so excited and when I picked her up she wanted to invite friends. I guess if you invite people you get points and then you win prizes. She really wants a mini beach ball. So I told her I would make some phone calls and see if any of her friends could come. So far she has 5 coming...she is bouncing off the walls excited about them coming. Amber called about the house today and everything looks good. They are fixing everything we asked them too minus the fireplace which we didn't think they would do anyway. I don't really think there is anything wrong with the fireplace anyway! Then the banker lady came by to drop off some paper work so everything is rolling right along. Thank GOD! This afternoon the kids and I made 7 dozen chocolate cookies. I am amazed at how well I have become at multi-tasking. I was potty training Monkey, making cookies, making dinner, unloading and loading the dishes, helping GG memorize her Bible verse for tomorrow and answering the phone. At one point I thought my head was going to fall off because I was doing so much stuff...just kidding. I have really become good at dealing with everything at once, welcome to motherhood!!! After dinner it was bath time, clean up toys (kids), put away laundry (me), read books, brush teeth, and then to bed. I am really enjoying my days off. I am working on getting a consultant position with Pampered Chef so when we move I don't have to drive to the first I was thinking Creative Memories Scrapbooking but we don't have room for me to teach classes so my second choice is the Pampered Chef route. I really do love cooking so it should be tons of fun cooking for parties! Plus the food is yummy and the products are awesome. That is it for me for now...

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Day 2 of the training! He did so great today. He had one small accident...he started to pee and he stopped himself. He put everything else in the potty!!! It's so funny how the two kids learn differently. This method would never of worked with GlamorGirl. For Father's Day, GG and I made Daddy breakfast in bed. He got a glass of oj, scrambled cheese eggs, bacon, and toast. He liked it and I loved doing that for him. Right before I started to update my dad told me I had to mow the lawn. I have never mowed the lawn and why would I start now. I cook dinner for everyone everyday why should I have to do another chore??? There are 2 adults that live here that don't have full time jobs so I feel they should take turns doing that task. The reason I say that is because they want J to take a turn which I know he will have no problem with but he shouldn't have to take a turn, and in a few weeks he won't even live here anymore. It is just my lazy family trying to do as little as possible. We need to get out of here so that their laziness doesn't rub off on my children. I don't want them growing up to be slobs. Ok I got off on a tangent. Really that is all I have to say.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

So blogger wasn't working yesterday so I wasn't able to update. GlamorGirl gave me the biggest scare of my life yesterday. It was dinner time and I was feeding Monkey and eating. GG had already eaten and went downstairs to get something and I told her to come back up once she got it. About 15 minutes passed and she wasn't back upstairs. So I went down to see what she was doing. I didn't see her so I yelled her name. She didn't answer so I ran upstairs and looked in every room up there. She wasn't there either. So I went back down yelling her name as loud as I could. I checked our bedroom, laundry room, bathroom and all of her usual hiding places. She didn't answer me so I started to panic and thought she had gone outside. So I ran out screaming her name and asking the neighbors if she had seen her. I started off to the park thinking she had decided to walk there herself. (I did this once when I was a little younger than her) I got half way across the field when my dad yelled that they had found her. I asked where she was...she was hiding under the table behind a box in the basement. Grandma had gone down there yelling her name too and finally GG said, "I'm hiding" She scared me to death. When I got home I told her how scared I was when I thought that she was gone and I would never see her again. By the end of our talk we were both crying and she promised she would never hide from me again without telling me first. The rest of the day anytime I said her name she would come running, "I'm right here mommy" she has even done it a few times today as well. Aside from that we played at the park and went to a garage sale. The kids got walkie talkies and 2 puzzles for free. We knew the family doing the sale so they just gave the stuff to the kids. The day before J was off and we took the kids to the YMCA to go swimming, I forgot to mention that when I posted. So on to today. I had the day off along with the next 3 so I decided that with 4 days off I should work on potty training Monkey. He was so excited about it. He showed everyone his new underwear. He did really well. We started at 9:30 and he went potty at 11 both poop and pee. Then I went upstairs to take a shower and about 10 minutes after I got out Monkey had his first accident at about 11:45 which was funny because he went into the bathroom and got toilet paper to clean up his mess, before he told me he had an accident. Then we practiced which he thought was absolutely fun. Then we went upstairs for lunch and he had another accident and wanted to put his diaper back on. I talked with J and he said to let him wear diapers. So I did and my dad ended up taking the kids and I to see Sherk 2 again. He hadn't seen it and didn't want to go without kids so we all went and then to get some ice cream. When we got back I decided that we would try again with the training and I talked to my friend and she told me to try letting him go naked. So he ran around naked the rest of the day and he had no accidents and went potty once. I gave them baths and put a diaper aka bedtime big boy underwear! So tomorrow we are going to do the naked thing again. My friend said do it 3 days and then put on underwear so I will probably be updating with Monkey's progress. He likes being a big boy too. Wow I think this is the longest post I haven't in a while. ;)

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Ok we have had a jam packed few days. My friend Kris came to town on Sunday and left yesterday after we went out to eat at this great Mexican restaurant. While she was here we managed to go shopping, get our hair cut, I took her over to our new house, and we did a lot of catching up and talking! The kids loved playing with her...she is a big kid :) About my hair I love it. She taught me how to style it the way I like it, which is the way she did it. Tonight I tried it and J says it looks the same as when she did it. I am super excited about that. A few stories while Kris was here...the first night GG asked Kris where she was going to sleep.
Kris: On the couch.
GG: You should sleep in the bed with us.
Kris: The bed is for family like mommy, daddy, You and your brother.
GG: You are family too. So you can sleep in there. There is enough room for you.
Second one...we were talking about Jesus.
GG: Jesus is in your heart.
Kris: yes
GG: so you will go to heaven to live with him.
Well that is all I have time for I have a Monkey wanting to nurse to sleep. He was cute because he would say, "hi kiss" all the time!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2004

This morning was an early one! But I had a little companion at 6:15am. Monkey usually sleeps until 9:30 but this morning he woke up and wasn't going back to sleep for anyone. He also came in the shower with me even though he had a bath the night before. I just let him stand in the tub while I need to wash him again. He ended up falling asleep at work so that was good. We came home ate and J left for work and GG left with grandma. They went to see Sherk 2. I have a feeling that once we move into the new house we will be going to movies more. We will be closer to J's work! After the movie grandma took her out for ice cream which she loved!!! I asked her if she got ice cream and she said no even though it was all over her face :) I think it was suppose to be a secret. But I will say that while they were at the movie I got to take a little nap with Monkey. I got up before him and he cried and I went back in the room and he fell back asleep so I left again. About 10 minutes later he woke up again and once I laid down next to him he was fast asleep. The little guy just wanted mommy in the bed next to him. Go figure. He actually took the longest nap ever. He slept from 2:30 until 6 I couldn't believe it, he must of been catching up on the sleep he missed this morning. We are going to go to J's parents house when he gets home from work so we are going to have a late night since we won't get to their house until 12 or later. Well that is it for now. Good night.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Are we in our new house yet? I can't wait to have privacy!!! Oh I don't really want to explain right now what I mean. Today I took GG to work and Monkey stayed home with J and did all sorts of fun things with daddy. He told me all about it when I got home. Then J surprised me by not having to be to work until 4:30pm...two hours later than normal:) After lunch the neighbors were having a tree cut down and the branches were being put in a machine that cuts it into wood chips so we took the kids outside to watch that. Then we went grocery shopping together, that was a blessing, I didn't want to go by myself with both of them. Then Monkey took a nap and GG had some quite time as did I. My mom and I had a funny conversation today. I love you mom! Let's see this evening the kids and I played with the train set, made a art project, cleaned princess' fish bowl, took baths, read books and GG went to bed. She was tired because she didn't take a nap today. The art project was making a caterpillar. GG named her's "catty" and Monkey named his "pilar" pretty funny if you ask me! I love those little guys so much. Oh and Monkey for the last 3 nights has gone to sleep on his own. We tell him "close your eyes and go to sleep". Which, of course, he repeats back to us if our eyes are open! What little stinker. He picks up on things to quickly. GG is in this potty mouth phase which she picked up from other kids at the Y...she says things like you "poopoo head" or "you peed" just stuff that relates to going to the potty. It drives J and I nuts. But it is just a phase and we talk to her about the things that come out of her mouth. Right now Monkey is in the bathroom looking at himself in the door knob and singing. Pretty funny to watch! My kids are such hams. Ok that is it.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Well today was the home inspection, oh what fun! It was also laundry and grocery shopping day. Monkey was so funny tonight. He had just gotten out of the bath tub and walked over to the computer chair wanting to nurse. He told me, "sit down mommy" so I sat down. Then he said, "thank you mommy. good listening". I must say that phrase often to him...which is great because that means he is actually listening to what I ask of him :) Here is a GG story. Today was her last day of preschool for the summer. They had a party so to speak. The teacher brought in goody bags and a noise maker. The kids were running all over the place with their noise makers and I had GG put hers up so it didn't get broken, she really wanted to show daddy! It was on the counter and the next thing I knew one of my co-workers told me it was in the maze broken. GG was so upset. I asked her who took it off the counter and she told me Zachary. So his mom asked him if he broke her noise maker. He said yes. She then made him give GG his noise maker for breaking hers. Anyway, that is the story. This is what GG tells people. "My stick was pink but Zachary broke it. So he gave me his and now I have a yellow one. It's not nice to break peoples things." Lesson well learned :)

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Today was pretty much, home, yada yada yada. The kids got presents from grandma and grandpa's trip to Washington DC and they are reading them right now. They each got a book. They were animal books so that ties in with our zoo trip! Then I am going to bathe them for bed and then put them in bed. J is doing the home inspection tomorrow so both kids are coming to work with me. Well this is a short one.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

What a great day we had as a family today! We took the kids to the Lincoln Park Zoo. We packed a picnic lunch too. We saw the Elephants get a bath, monkeys playing together, and tons of animals swimming. We asked the kids' what their favorite animal was Breckin said "bear" and Brae said "the little baby mongoose". They had so much fun and so did Jeff and I. Afterwards we went to grandma's house and no one was home so we ordered pizza for dinner and hung out for awhile in the air conditioning! On our way home we drove by our new house but the people were there so we weren't able to stop and look around. Oh well. Jeff is going there on Thursday morning while I am at work. I really wish we could of seen it again tonight. Well I am ending this now cause I am tired.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Well we have some exciting news!!! We finally got a house :) It is in the town right next to where J works so it only takes J 5 minutes to get to work from the house. It is a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath and all the kitchen appliances are brand new. The carpet and windows are new. There are a lot of new things in the house I'll just put it that way. It has a 2.5 car detached garage and a wood burning fireplace. Let's just say it is a very nice house. We have the home inspection and attorney's approval before everything is set in stone. But if everything goes as planned it closes on July 9th. We will be in there for Monkey's 2nd birthday which is what we were hoping for. If it doesn't go through we continue to look. Either way it is in God's hand. So I told you that Monkey wasn't feeling good, right? Well last night he was so congested that I slept on the couch and J eventually went upstairs to sleep on that couch. Tomorrow I have the day off and we are taking the kids to the ZOO!!! Kind of a nice way to celebrate getting a house. There is more I could write but it is 10 and I am tired didn't get much sleep on the couch ;)
I remember something I have been meaning to write about. Lately GG has started this thing that whatever I am doing with her she turns it around. She will say things like, "When I was your mommy and I told you to put your clothes on and you did I was happy." After she had just put her clothes on like I asked her too. The other day I was feeding her and Monkey some cottage cheese and she said, "When you were 3 and I was your mommy I gave you food to eat too!" Oh the mind of a 3 year old. I love listening to her talk though because it gives so much insight to what she is thinking, ya know? Ok that is it for now.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

My poor Monkey...last night he was up so much because he was in pain from teething and he couldn't breath while nursing. Plus, he has a low grade fever and a runny nose. I see the tooth coming in I just wish it would just come in so he can feel better. Today I worked and then we went to go look at some houses. We drove around and went to some open houses for buy owners. We put a bid in with the first house so we'll see what happens. I'm not getting my hopes up because we haven't gotten any houses so far. I think I will be in shock when we finally do get one. The house was nice it had hardwood floors and a fireplace. Everything was updated and new. Time will tell. Not much other than that. We didn't go to J's parents house tonight because he is off tomorrow and we don't want to have to deal with two vehicles. We plan on looking in Mt Prospect for buy owners and it will be easier to just have one car! I get to sleep in tomorrow so that will be nice except for the fact that I am still awake! Oh yeah we are taking the kids to the zoo on Tuesday. My friend is giving me free passes to Brookfield but I don't know if J will want to go there. But we have a choice now of Brookfield or Lincoln Park. And we are going to take our new double stroller!!! I love that thing and we have only had it for a week :)

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Here is another day. I took both kids to work because J had training this morning. It was cool because he was home by 3pm! After I got off work the kids and I grabbed a quick bit to eat and went to met Amber to look at some houses. There were 3 newer houses on the market. I like the first one the best but J hasn't seen it yet so he is going to look at it tomorrow. After dinner we took the kids to the park to play and when we got home we let them ride their bikes. Then it was in the bath and getting ready for bed. I read the kids tons of books and then J got them to help him clean some things. Now they are in bed and only one of them is sleeping...Monkey. I am really tired. I think it has to do with working because before when I didn't have a job I wasn't as tired all the time?!?! I need an afternoon job so I can sleep as long as my kids do in the morning:) Well that is all for now.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I have some frustrating news. We walked into a house yesterday and loved it once again! So we put a bid on the house. There was two other bids besides ours that came the same day. Now this house was put on the market yesterday. The listing agent took it off the market meaning no more people got to see it as of yesterday. Anyway they presented all 3 offers to the seller today and if you guessed we lost it you would be right. Our offer was the highest but the offer they took was a cash deal and there is no way we could of beat that. It is so frustrating. We are hopefully going to look at some more houses tomorrow. So today I took Monkey to work because he got up so early and wasn't going back to sleep. I wish I wouldn't of done that because he was cranky at work. We came home and just hung out waiting to hear from our realtor about the house. I guess that wasn't the house God wanted us in either. So we are praying and waiting for the perfect house He has for us that is somewhere out there. Oh have I mentioned the awesome double stroller I got?!?! Sue got it from someone at work and gave it to me. I love it and so do the kids! Sorry this post isn't more entertaining I just don't feel like writing any funny stories tonight.