Monday, June 30, 2003

Nice is what I would describe DSL as! It is so quick. Well we had a very lazy day today. J took the car to work so we were stuck at home all day like we will be the rest of this week. It was so nice of my dad to let J use his car last week while they were on vacation. After we woke up this morning and ate breakfast we watched the movie A Bugs Life. GG really liked it but by the time we got showered and dressed it was 1pm. Oh well we had no where to go anyways. Then J came home at 4:30pm and we took the kids to run errands. It was great to get out of the house. We went to Target (love that store), MC Sports, and then to Jewel. Right now J is talking to a old high school buddy. Which makes moving back here a little bit more exciting I guess. GG is watching A Bugs Life again. I am going to try and get her to take a walk with me and Monkey when Aunt Becky and Grandma get home. They went to take Becky's car in to get fixed. It is a new car and really shouldn't need fixing. I am looking forward to getting home and getting things ready for our yard sale. Then I am going to start the wonderful packing process. I can't think of any funny stories my WONDERFUL children did today. OH wait at dinner GG was drinking root beer and she spilled some on her shirt and J asked her if she spilled and she said, "Just a little bit, Daddy!" She is so funny sometimes. I was watching her today play with her baby doll and she was talking to the doll like we talk to each other. She played the mom and the doll played GG. One last thing last night before we went to bed at 11:30pm GG and Monkey were giving each other hugs and kisses and then they held hands until they both fell asleep. How precious :) I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2003

We got up early and drove to church. After church we went to J's parents house to eat lunch. They ended up taking us out because they had no food. We went to Denny's and the kids both ate so good. Speaking of Monkey I have a funny story that happened yesterday that I forgot to write. At dinner we had soup. So J and I were both blowing on it to cool it down. Monkey was sitting in his chair with some cheerios. He picked one up and started blowing on it. It was the funniest thing!! He also started to do a new thing yesterday which was blowing kisses. Super cute. Back to today and new things with Monkey at Denny's he drank from a straw. The first time he got the water up it shocked him but then he became a pro with drinking from the straw. After lunch we went back to Grandparents and watched some home movies of J as a baby. What a little cutie :) He still is! Then we went back to my dad's house. When Grandpa and Grandma came back from the family reunion GG was so happy. She was cracking me up tonight. We were in the living room and she went running toward the bathroom. So I asked if she had to go and she said, "No mommy, I don't need to go potty. I need to talk to my Grandma!" I love that little girl so much. She and Monkey make life worth living! Did I mention that I absolutely love them!!!! Anyway, tonight J hooked up my dad's DSL which took longer than it should of because my dad had already taken everything out of their bags so nothing was labeled anymore. He figured it out because he is super duper smart. That is why I married him so we would have smart kids and it worked. It's off to bed I go!

Saturday, June 28, 2003

We really didn't start the day until about 11am. We went to the bank and to Wal-mart with Grandma. Then we went to Wheaton to see our friend who's grandpa just died. After dinner we took the kids to the park to play. Oh yeah we rented a storage place. Monkey is really starting to talk. He says about 10 words and signs a couple too. He is becoming more daring with walking but he is still a little scared. GG has been having so much fun with Uncle Travis, Aunt Becky, Grandpa and Grandma. She is not going to want to leave on Saturday. Well it is time for bed and we have church tomorrow morning. Goodnight!

Friday, June 27, 2003

Today we started looking for houses. Let me tell you small houses for a lot of money. Anyways, after looking at houses we went to the grocery store to get some food to eat. This man came up to us and said to GG, "Hi Kid" her reply was "Hi Dummy" She learned that from her aunt Becky. We really didn't do much else today. Monkey is becoming a lot more daring at his walking attempts. It is exciting and a little nerve racking. I just hate when he falls and gets hurt. I guess you can't protect them all the time. Oh yeah Grandma and Grandpa came home from vacation and the kids got new clothes from Door County. Really cute stuff. Now we are going to try and get the kids to sleep. I don't know how easy that will be with all the excitement of grandparents and presents!

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Yesterday I didn't update because blogger wouldn't let me in. I will start with yesterday...let's see Monkey is a true boy and going to cause me some problems with the plumbing that is. He threw his car in the toilet. Good thing it was a big one and didn't get stuck. Then last night J, Monkey and I went to the police station. J shot some guns and Monkey and I just watched. GG stayed here with Aunt Becky and they went on a walk and played at the park. GG loved it. Then last night I got on the internet and started looking for more places to live. I came across houses that were foreclosures. Super cheap and big. So this morning I called a company and she said that I need to be pre-approved for a loan amount before she will help us look for houses. So I tried calling banks and I haven't found anything yet. I did find a house ready to buy 3 beds and 2 baths for 49,320. I think that it is a little farther away then J wants to go but I guess we'll see. I didn't get much sleep last night thinking about the houses I found on the internet. I think the last time I looked at the clock it was 2:30am. I have a lot of caffeine in me right now. I am going to try and get a hold of more banks now. I will try and keep you updated.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Well we looked at apartments and so forth. Let's just say that everything is very, very expensive. A place that is 620 square feet is $850 a month. That is a lot of money. Anyway J had his second day today and he got home at 2:45pm with a bunch of stuff for us to go through. It was about insurance, medical plans and other random things. We are going to set up a meeting to talk to the lady. Becky and I went to Toys R Us and got Monkey's birthday present. It was cheaper here than at WIU. I couldn't believe it. That was awesome. Then the kids took naps like normal. After dinner J and I took the kids to the park to play and Monkey and J watched a ball game. It was really hot out so we stayed out for only 45 minutes. Then J went to go work out at the police station and Becky's friends are over just hanging out and keeping the kids entertained while I update this blog. Or I should say that the kids are entertaining Becky's friends!!! Oh yeah Becky thought that it was extremely funny that in Toys R Us GlamorGirl started singing a song from a commercial on tv. It is the one that goes "A O lets Go" about 10 times through the commercial. I really can't think of anything else that happened that was very exciting or note worthy. So later!

Monday, June 23, 2003

This morning J got his badge. It was pretty cool to see the department and meet people that work there and stuff. The swearing in only took about an hour and then he was able to leave. Tomorrow they get their uniforms fitted and take care of a bunch of paperwork. Today we set up a bank account here and did some other things. Then tonight we went out to dinner with J's parents at Maggiano's. I have never been there before and I am stuffed. The food was ok for a chain restaurant. Tomorrow I am going to be calling a bunch of storage places to get prices in case we decide to live at one of our parents houses. We are also going to check into a couple of apartments too. I'll try and keep everyone updated on the living situation. But if I forget I am really sorry.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

We woke up this morning after a really long night of barely any sleep. J and I stayed up late getting things ready for the two week trip. About half an hour after I fell asleep GG woke up whimpering and crawled into our bed. I put my arm on her to give her a hug. I felt something moist. So I checked her pants and she had peed. So we all got up and changed the bedding. I was completely shocked by this because she went potty right before we went to bed. But as J reminded me we didn't eat dinner until 8 last night so it threw her off I guess. She only had one glass of milk with dinner. Oh well. Back to today we went to church and then to Belinda's house to give her a key so she could keep an eye on our place while we are gone. Then to HyVee for lunch. Went home packed the car and we were out of there by 2pm. The kids both slept the first half. Then they played the second half. They did really well for being in the car for 4 hours. As they get older they do much better. Plus they entertain each other in the backseat! When we got to my dad's we made dinner on their gas grill nice! I want one. Now we are searching different places for places to live. I am going to look at some more with J now.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Well today was J's last day at the hospital. It was long for us! We ran a bunch of errands, we went to the bank and got our mail held, to the hospital and then to the grocery store. We had a friend over for dinner and he is extremely allergic to garlic. So I bought a special meal for him. He is going to be making us a headboard for our bed. I am really excited about it. It is going to look so good. I did some more scrapbooking today. I have only 5 more pages to do and I will be updated!!! Then I will use the small room for the yard sale stuff. I already have a lot of things I am going to be getting rid of. It should make for moving a lot easier, hopefully. We shall see, right? Anyway the kids and I played outside for about 3 hours tonight waiting for J to come home. I am going to brag about Monkey now. He has started to do a few new things that I have forgotten to write about. He signs the word more. But it isn't for food like GG did. For instance he went down the slide and then signed more. It was really cute so I put him on the slide again. He also says the work gentle. We are always telling him to be gentle with us and GG that he learned to say it. I am tired and we have church tomorrow morning so I am going to go to bed.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Our day really started when we picked up J's paycheck. We went to Wal-mart and then to Farm King. I was so sad to learn that Farm King didn't have the tool bench that I wanted to get Monkey for his birthday and would not be getting it in again. It is a good thing that we will be going to Chicago, hopefully we will be able to find one there. We did however get Monkey some more Christmas presents I figured we should get them before they are gone too. They are tools for him. We played outside today and then the kids took naps. I did some more scrapbooking. I am almost caught up I think I have about 9 pages to do and both books will be up to date. I am really excited about that. Then I am not going to let me get so far behind. Then tonight we had a get together with our playgroup. It was a lot of fun and I got to hold baby Laura!!! When we got home we had two messages on the machine from the guy wanting to buy the scooter. Let me just say it is sold. Not for as much as I would of liked but it is gone and we don't have to worry about it now. So Monkey is such a dare devil. Today we bought him a new bag of diapers. He used them to climb up on the tub we use to put his diapers in. You are probably thinking why didn't we just put them away? Well we are planning on taking them to Chicago with us and it takes up less room if you leave them in the bag. Then tonight he used the bag of diapers to climb on to GG's rocking chair. I went upstairs to get the laundry and GG starts yelling,"Mommy look at Monkey! He being naughty." He was standing on the chair and rocking it. I am so glad that he didn't fall because he would of hurt himself badly. He a little stinker! I know I say that a lot but he is turning into one :) I still love my Monkey. GG had a lot of fun playing with her friends and she ate really good too. She normally doesn't eat good if there are other things she could be doing. But she has been eating a lot lately I think she is growing again. Well goodnight.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

We had a wonderfully fun day. This morning we got ready and then went to the park for the little lunchers story bunchers. Last summer they had enough food for all the kids and parents but not this summer. Oh well GG really enjoyed listening to the story. Plus our three friends with new borns were there! After the kids ate they played at the park. It was great because a girl watched GG and Mason so Angie and I could just relax. It wasn't a stranger she came with Angie. We did a lot of things outside today; bubbles, sidewalk chalk, playing at the park (three different ones), and taking a walk. My brain is fried from being tired. I have been sitting here thinking about funny stories that happened today which I know they did because they do everyday! Like yesterday GG talked to Joanna on the phone and she just randomly started singing. She sang the B-I-B-L-E, itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle little star and another song I can't remember. Then when she was done she said, "ok enough karaoke." I did some more scarpbooking which I really should of been going through things for the yard sale we are having in July. I wasn't in the mood to go through stuff. Here is a story about GG that happened today. There was a fly on the window. She screams, "A bug! A bug!" Then she tells the bug to stay there as she runs to the bathroom to get a piece of toilet paper. She comes back with the toilet paper and tries to kill the fly on the window. I guess she sees me freak out about spiders all the time she thinks all bugs are bad. What a goof. Now the stories are just coming...the other day J asked GG where babies come from and she told him the hospital! I thought it was cute. Now Monkey is becoming a very funny little boy as well. He flirts with the ladies I think he gets that from Daddy. He does things that he knows Daddy doesn't want him to do. It is funny to watch because he does it and waits for a reaction from J. The little stinker! Back to today J worked at Ball Fore today so we took dinner to him and we had a family picnic that was nice. Now he is home and we are going to go to bed.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Before I talk about the day I want to say to Joe...Stop quoting the Simpsons!!! You sound like my 18 year old sister that can quote every episode and that is not a compliment. So on to our day. Monkey and I slept until 10am today because for some reason he decided that he wanted to be awake for about an hour last night. I think that he is going to be doing something new in the next few days. Hopefully it will be walking so I don't have to carry him everywhere! He is getting so heavy. J worked out this morning and then this afternoon Joanna came over and we made an ad for the paper, we are going to be having a yard sale! I thought it would be a good way to get rid of somethings we don't use and make money before we have to move. Less packing is what I am thinking. Then we got frostys from Wendy's and went out to Ball Fore to see Ted. Then we came home and played outside while dinner was cooking. After dinner we took a family walk. That was nice. We saw our police officer friend Jason. He was making offers on J's scooter. Every time he said something the price went up. It was pretty funny. When we came inside we turned on the air. Monkey sweats really bad and wakes up in a puddle of sweat. That might be the other reason he was up last night. I am hoping that if it is nice in here he will sleep better as well as the rest of us. Well that is all from this end of the world.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Well we spent most of the day with daddy until he got paged to take a transfer. But it was ok because while he was gone I had things planned to do. I was sad that he wasn't able to come with us but what are you gonna do? We did go to the hospital and clean out his locker that was a little sad too. Tonight for dinner we went to a picnic at Patton Park and then we went to the LLL (La Leche League)meeting. I got to hold two babies there!!!! When we came home J was back. He talked to a guy that might buy his scooter so we'll see. Monkey did take some more steps today. Soon I think he will take off. Right now he is wanting some mommy time so I am cutting this short again. My kids come first!

Monday, June 16, 2003

Ok I have some funny stories from today. Well one has been happening for a long time I am just remembering to write about it. In the bathtub I nurse Monkey in the mornings. GG has a baby doll she brings in the tub with her. As I nurse Monkey she sits in the tub and nurses her baby doll. It is super sweet. The other happened today at the park when we were playing out there. GG always gets rocks in her sandals. Today she said, "Mommy come help me I have a rock in my right sandal." It was great I knew which foot to go to and the problem was solved! Monkey had a first today and you could say a second. He took his first step day. He was holding on to the window and let go to come to me. Then at tumbling tonight he was holding on the roller thing. It rolled away from him and he was standing there and he took two steps before he got to it. I don't know if he would have taken anymore but it was cool to see. So today we played outside a lot, kids took naps (not at the same time), we went to tumbling class, and then got groceries. After we put the groceries away J went to run and lift weights. J just gave both the kids a bath and now we are going to try and get them to sleep. One last thing today at tumbling class I had a mother ask me, she is also a stay-at-home-mom, if I spend most of my day trying to wear the kids out so they will go to sleep. I felt bad cause both of my kids have always been great sleepers. Plus, with two they wear each other out!

Sunday, June 15, 2003

I have had the best Father's Day ever! But first Happy Father's Day to all the fathers that read this! We got up this morning and went to church. Then a nice family at the church invited us to a picnic at Argyle State Park. That was great because we need groceries. We left from the Park to come home and change into our bathing suites to go to the Father's Day pool party. Monkey was very unsure of the water. It took him a good 20 minutes to let us put him in the pool all the way. I felt so bad for him. GG of course went wild. So wild that she lost her footing in the first minute and went under water. She didn't jump again in the pool. Just as we were about to leave they had a question for mothers to win a prize it was such an easy question it was what does NFL stand for. I got the prize. A part of it was a free pizza. So we had that for dinner! I didn't have to cook all day :) Then we played at the park as a family and took a walk together. Tonight the kids and I took a bath to get the pool water off of us. Now we are ready for bed. Oh yeah we were so busy today that GG didn't have a nap. I hope she goes to bed and stays asleep. I have noticed the days she doesn't take naps she sleeps bad at night. I know Monkey will go to sleep as soon as I nurse him so I am off to do that. One last thing. GG was the cutest this morning. The first thing she said was, "Good morning, Daddy. Happy Father's Day. Did you get my present?" She made him a card yesterday and I told her that tomorrow we were going to church and it would be Father's Day and that was the only thing I said about it. I couldn't believe she remembered. Just goes to show how much they soak up and retain!

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Today J worked all day. We went to see him for a little while which helped waste time. Then we played at the park and went over to talk to the B's to see what they are planning on doing next year with work and all. I have decided that I like the mom but the kid has got to go. She is so mean to GG I mean down right rotten. After about 5 minutes I had to get my baby girl out of there, before I hurt the other little girl for being so mean. Anyways, I have a tired crying baby boy wanting me so that is it.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Well I am writing this blog as a wife of a soon to be police officer. Yeah! He has the job. Well almost he still has to pass the physical part but I am sure he will be able to. He is my strong man. I am so proud of him. Well today the kids and I ran a bunch of errands but mostly waited for daddy to come home. We all missed him so much. He was only gone 2 days. I can't image what it is going to be like for five days in a row, for 10 to 12 weeks. I have pictures back from Monkey's dedication and the zoo and other random pictures we took. I think that I will update tomorrow because I am tired tonight. So I am making this short!!! Oh yeah we got gas in both vehicles at HyVee and there was a 13 cent per gallon discount. It was great because we were both low and it only cost like $25.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Today J had his stress test. I don't want to talk about that though. Anyways, today we didn't do much. We went to the square and GG was the cutest. I put Monkey in his car seat while GG climbed in to hers. Then I got in my door and started the car. GG said,"mommy come click me in!" I had forgotten to buckle her in. Then as I was pulling out another car started pulling out and didn't see me. I honked my horn and she stopped. She was very very close to my car. Then I talked to J about five hundred times today at least it seemed like that. He is still in Chicago by the way. So I was a little stressed out so I called my friend Belinda and we went out for dinner. Then we took the kids to Everly Park for awhile. Now I am getting the kids ready for bed. Oh yeah if J gets this job he starts June 23rd. So we will be gone two weeks before J goes to the academy. That is about it for us.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Long day here. J worked at the hospital all day so I had no help from him. We got back and went to Chandler Park for a picnic lunch with Kristen and Ethan. Then we went back to their house to go swimming. GG really liked swimming which I knew she would. Monkey on the other hand did not like the water at all. It was kind of cold. It also started the bad day for GG. Ethan throw a cup at her head and left a mark. Then we came home and she wouldn't take a nap for the life of her. I was getting so mad. Monkey slept awesome, longer than he normally does. When Monkey woke up GG took a face plant into the floor. Another fat lip for her. So I took her out to the hospital to see daddy, Monkey came too. She wanted him to look at her mouth. She was trying to fall asleep in the car but I didn't let her. So we came home and made dinner and then went outside to play. I was doing everything I could to keep her awake. The plan was to keep her up until 8pm. Well she ended up falling asleep at 7:55 downstairs in the recliner. She was sitting next to me and I was holding Monkey who was sleeping as well. So I took him upstairs first then tried to get her upstairs without waking her up. Didn't work. So she cried for about an hour and now she is finally calmed downed and sitting here watching tv. Oh yeah her crying woke Monkey up. Oh well. I am hoping to get her and Monkey both asleep by at least 10pm. I don't think that will happen. But I can try. J isn't here so I doubt I will get much sleep anyway.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Blogger wasn't working last night so I am going to start with yesterday and then tell about today. Monday we got up and ran bunch of errands. First to the post office to get the mail, J's paycheck, bank, and Wal-mart. I did some scrapbooking and playing at the park. Then GG started her tumbling class at the YMCA. She absolutely had a blast. Then we went over to Joanna's house while J went to the driving range. That was pretty much it.

Today we didn't do very much until this afternoon. We played at the park and then we had to go back to Wal-mart we got the wrong film for our camera. But that was ok because we needed to get little swimmers for Monkey and a picture frame for the picture we got taken at Navy Pier. On the way back from Wal-mart J got my car washed. Then when we got home GG and J cleaned the inside of the car and waxed the outside. Then J went to the Y to work out and the kids and I played in the toy room. We did turn on the air conditioning so it will be cool in here tonight while we sleep. It will be so nice to be able to afford running the air all the time. Or at least more than we do now! That is it.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

We are home at last! It was a great week vacation but it is always nice to come home to your own place with all of your stuff (bed). Last night Grandpa took us to see Finding Nemo. GG absolutely loved it. She clapped and cheered when the daddy found Nemo. After the movie was over we asked her what it was about and she really understood the movie. She said that Nemo was taken away from his daddy. The daddy was sad and was trying to find him. Then they were both happy when the daddy found Nemo. Apparently my dad needed some ice cream so he then took us for ice cream. Now on to today...we got up and did some things for Becky's graduation party. It was nice to see family. Then we started the long drive home at 2:30pm (the kids nap time!). We got back here at around 7pm and made dinner. After dinner we went grocery shopping because we had no food in the house at all. So it was a very fun and long day. Oh yeah we unpacked all the clothes too. We had brought all of our laundry home. I am tired and all I want to do is jump in my own bed with my pillow and blankets and go to sleep. However, both the kids are wired :)

Saturday, June 07, 2003

Well Becky graduated today. Finally! Anyway I hate when people try and save seats for people when it is a first come first serve seating. Needless to say we got seats but we had to fight for them. It was a good but long graduation. Both the kids did great. GG and J went outside to walk around but I think that was because J's knees were hurting from the tight seating. Now we are back at the Grandparents. We are going to get KFC for dinner and do something for the party tomorrow. That is about it for today. Oh yeah for about the last month or so GG has started asking the Why question. All the time. I am so used to it that I didn't even realize it until Roberta said something about it. She really likes learning!

Friday, June 06, 2003

Not much really happened last night after I updated except for GG helping Grandma mop the basement floor which she loved doing. Anything she can do that will help some one she will do! What a little sweetheart. This morning was pretty lazy. J went to get blood work and stuff done. He was already gone and home by the time we got up. Before lunch we took the kids to a park. Then we saw some garage sales so we walked over to one. We ended up buying an umbrella stroller for 2 bucks. It was a good deal. Anyway then at 3:30pm we started our journey to Navy Pier! It only took 2 hours to get there. It should take about 45 minutes. But there was a lot of traffic. We ate at a restaurant that had a live band that played jazz. Monkey was loving it. He was dancing and waving his arms. It was super cute. GG also would start dancing out of the blue. After we ate we looked through some stores. Then we stopped to watch a live performance of Rome and Juliet. After about 30 minutes of that the kids were ready for something else so we went outside and took a ride on the ferris wheel. GG and Monkey really enjoyed that. Then GG and I took a ride on the marry-go-around. We let her choose who would go with her and she chose me. That made me feel pretty good. Then we got ice cream well I got hot chocolate because I was a little cold. It was a really good time. Now we are home and getting things ready for tomorrow's events. Aunt Becky graduating!

Thursday, June 05, 2003

It is early today that I am updating but so much has happened already. We got up and went to the zoo. We had so much fun. We took some pictures and finished a roll of film so I should have them about a week from Monday. The kids absolutely loved the zoo. Monkey really liked the monkeys. I think it was because they were the most active animals. He liked the fish too. GG on the other hand liked the big animals. She liked the monkeys too. But I think her favorite was the elephant. I was so happy to see that both the kids had a great time. Monkey ended up falling asleep as we were walking out of the zoo. I could tell he was tired and was fighting it because he didn't want to miss any of the cool animals! Then we went to school to say goodbye to Grandma A. We also had good news to tell her about J's job. He is getting blood work and a chest x-ray tomorrow for his first choice. So yes they still want him after the psych test! Then next week he has to come back for a stress test. If he passes that he goes to the academy July 6. That is in a month. Everything happened so fast. But it doesn't mean that he is hired yet it is just looking really really good. Only time will tell if he gets his first choice job! Now we are hanging out with Becky who graduates tomorrow. Then the Grandparents come home later tonight. If anything exciting happens later today I will hopefully remember to write about it tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Here are the events of the day. We got up this morning and as I was making myself breakfast I hear GG saying Mommy I have to go potty. I went to the bathroom where she was standing with her pants pulled down in the position to be put on the potty. The only problem was I didn't get there in time. She couldn't get on the potty and she couldn't hold it until I got there. I felt bad for her because this accident was the first major accident that she has had for about 8 months. Plus, she wouldn't have had the accident if she could of gotten herself on the potty like she does at home. So I am going to move the step stool that is in the kitchen to the bathroom after I am done typing. Well after all of that we took a shower. I know that GG was upset with herself even though there was nothing she could of done. Oh well life goes on right! After we got dressed we drove to my mom's. J was taking the psychological test in downtown so the kids and I spent the day with my mom. I figured it will be the last time I can go to my mom's house cause she is moving to another state. We got to there around 11:45am. We got some food and went to the big park for a picnic. Then I took the kids on the marry-go-round. They loved it. Then we played at the park for a while. I did however see a girl I graduated with at the park she has a little boy that is a year older than GG. Anyway then we spent time with my mom. Well actually Grandpa took GG on errands with him and Uncle Kadin. She had so much fun she talked about it all the way home! Well when she was awake. While I had a brake from GG my friend Marrisa came over to introduce me to her twin boys. They are so cute. Then we had a pizza party for a going away party/birthday party. We left my mom's around 6:45pm and got back to J's parents around 8:30pm. Now we are here and we are getting things ready for the zoo tomorrow and going to bed!

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Today was a little cold and it rained this morning so we didn't go to the zoo but we have a rain date on Thursday. It didn't look like rain that day so we are all good. This morning we got up at 9am and got ready then we hit the malls. I got four new shirts for 16 dollars that is with tax included. I am so happy about them they are really cute. I also got a new bra :) Then we just walked around and looked in a bunch of stores. GG had a lot of fun in the Disney store. She also liked Bath and Body Works, because she got to put lotion on. She loves lotion. After spending about two hours or so shopping we went to get food. Then we went back to grandparents house for naps. While the kids slept I watched the movie We Were Soldiers. It was a great movie. J left me for about three hours so he could go play golf with his dad. I am glad that they got to spend good time together. I just wish I didn't have to be stuck alone in a house that isn't mine with two little kids. When they came home we ordered pizza for dinner. While waiting for the pizza we took the kids to the park. GG absolutely loved it. It was all new things for her to do. Monkey also enjoyed swinging and going down the slides. I love the face Monkey makes when sliding. He opens his mouth really wide and twists his tongue. It is very cute. Playing at the park worked up a big appetite in GG. She ate two whole pieces. J and I ate the rest of the pizza with a little help from Grandma. Now Grandma is playing with both kids which is great because I don't have to entertain them. After I post this I am giving both kids a bath. Then we are going to try and get them to go to bed early tonight. We'll see.

Monday, June 02, 2003

Here we are here at J's parents! We got up at 9am and packed up the vehicle and hit the road by 12:30pm. Before we left I got to run some errands by myself. I am still not used to being alone. Anyway the ride here wasn't too bad. It is nice to be out of the car though. GG had a lot of fun looking for airplanes once we got here. We had a huge dinner. It was yummy. We are going to go to the store to get food for our lunches tomorrow at the zoo. We are going to spend the rest of the night just hanging out with the grandparents! I will update again tomorrow after we do some really fun stuff.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Today we did not make it to Church. Last night Monkey was awake from 3:45am to 6:30am. On top of the fact that I didn't go to bed until after 12. It was the first time in a long time that J and I just got to hang out with either one of the little ones. Granted all I did was sit on the couch and watch him play the playstation. But just being where he was and having small talk was great. It is nice to have that sometimes. So my friends Cheryn and Nathan had their baby boy Noah yesterday. What a great surprise. I like not knowing until the baby comes out. I know that there are good things about knowing but in this world there are so few surprises anymore. If I have another baby I am not finding out. The day they do the ultra sound I will make sure J is at work so he can't look when the doctor says not too like he did with Monkey. So if you think about it he is really the cheater. If this doesn't make sense then you need to read his journal. The link is on the left side of this page. Back to what I was saying we went to go see the baby at the hospital today. He was so tiny and cute it made me really want another one. But I think that Monkey is still a little to young maybe a few more months! Then we went to the grocery store to get food for tomorrow. We are going on vacation tomorrow and we won't be back here until Sunday. I am so excited to get out of this town for a little while. We have many plans like going to the zoo and navy pier and many many more. I will hopefully be able to update every night if I am not too tired from the busy day! Tonight for dinner we went to the park for a picnic with Belinda and Ellie. That was a lot of fun. GG came home all dirty from playing. So J and her took a bubble bath to get clean. Now we are getting things ready to leave tomorrow so I should go help.