Friday, January 31, 2003

This morning we woke up and went to playgroup. There was hardly anyone there. I guess a lot of people are sick. But there was a new little girl who was only 7 months older than GG. If you don’t know, usually GG is the only girl that attends playgroup on this day. While we were at playgroup Monkey had a blowout. For those of you who may not know what a blowout is, it is when the baby poops and goes up their back. Good thing he had an onesie on. So I just took the onesie off, rinsed it out the best I could and put his clothes back on. Story time, GG does this all the time but I want to write about it so that I will remember it when she gets older. When she passes gas she says, “I tooted!” Or her name. Then I ask her what do you say and she replies, “excuse me.” She knows her manners we just need to teach her that she doesn’t need to tell us every time she passes gas. She also tells us when she has a wedgee as she is picking at her butt trying to get the underwear out! I forgot yesterday to write how Monkey for the first time got on his hands and knees. He did it about 5 times. He gets up and falls right away but he is trying. I think that as soon as he starts to rock back and forth it won’t be long and he will be all over the place. J left to go to take another police test on Saturday. This one is for a different department. So pray he passes this one too. The more physical tests he passes the more places he has a chance of getting hired at. We really need him to get a job. Remember how we thought my brakes were going out and they weren’t. Well J’s trucks sway bar broke and we had to get it fixed. The mechanic said that there are a few more things under the truck that are going to rust out soon. We are trying to find friends that know stuff about trucks so they might be able to fix them for a lot cheaper and with the same quality. So we’ll see if we can find someone. Tonight GG was playing with a ball she was getting wild and started to throw it around. I told her she had to roll it if she wanted to play with it. So she did. She rolled it right into Monkey’s side. He turned and rolled it right back to her. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. He had no idea what he was doing!

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Today started out great. After breakfast the doorbell rang it was J’s college diploma! Then I went about getting everybody ready for the day. I laid Monkey down for his morning nap and went to get the mail. There was a letter from the P. Department. It killed me all day waiting for J to come home from substitute teaching, I wanted to know what the letter said. I bet you want to know what it says also. They want an interview with him on Feb 17! I knew he would get one; they would but dumb not to interview him. This isn’t really a funny story but I’m going to tell you anyway. At lunch GG was sitting at the big table eating. All of a sudden she sneezed and as she did she hit her head on the table. I looked at her to make sure she was ok. She said, “I bumped my noggin. Right here!” as she pointed to the spot. Then she melted my heart and said, “mommy kiss it make it feel better.” I of coursed kissed it for her and then we both scolded the table for hurting her. Tonight Belinda (or as GG calls her, Mrs. Moodson) and Ellie came over to help us eat the pot roast J made before he went to school. Yes, you read it correctly my husband makes dinner sometimes. While they were here GlamorGirl had a little accident. Like always she waits until the last minute to go to the potty, and as she was getting up on the potty she tripped and fell. It only got her undies wet so it wasn’t too bad. If she wouldn’t have tripped and fallen she probably would have gotten it all in the potty. Oh well she can’t be prefect all the time!!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Here’s another day in the funny house. When we woke up this morning someone was outside shoveling. It was a pretty loud noise. GG said, “What makes that noise” as she looked out the window. I thought that was pretty smart of her to know it was from outside. Then we went to the doctor’s appointment. Monkey is still sick. Just like I thought. They gave him a shot to dry up the drainage in his lungs so that he doesn’t get pneumonia. The doctor also gave Monkey a new medication plus a refill on the old. Funny story about Monkey’s meds, I got the syringe ready, then I went to get a towel to wipe up any that he might spit out. While I was gone GG had come in the room picked up the full syringe and shot it across the room, just as I walked back in. What a goof. While we were at the doctor’s they wanted to give him his vaccinations. I told them not until he is 100% better, which made me mad that they wanted to give my sick baby three more shots. His immune system for some reason just isn’t as strong as GG’s was at that age. Then tonight we took GG over to Ellie’s house to play while J and I got massages done. Wow was I tense. We’ll see what I feel like tomorrow she thinks I will be a little sore. The massage was my present from J for having Monkey when GlamorGirl was born I got a pedicure and facial. Like I said before what a great husband! Time to put my relaxed body to bed.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Today J was on pager for driver so he was home most of the day. He got called out at 12:30pm. This morning he took my car in to the shop to get the tires rotated and to have them look at the brakes. We were driving it the other day and they felt funny. Thank heavens that the brakes were ok. We really can’t afford another big repair on my car we still have a credit card bill to pay off from the last one. Then J took GG to get my oil changed so it was just Monkey and I at home. I decided to take the opportunity to put him to sleep and have a little quite time to myself. It was only 20 minutes but I am usually lucky to get 5 minutes by myself. You are probably thinking that I get time to myself when I go to the bathroom. Not the case, if I shut the door GG knocks until I open it so I just leave it open. Then this afternoon I got to talk to my mom. She is the greatest. She is always there when I need her. I just hope that I am half the mom she is and I will be doing good. I love you mom! You are the BEST!!! GlamorGirl wins the silly story of the day. She is still on the “**** is scared” kick. So I asked her again what she is scared of and this time she said, “The Guy.” I asked her where the guy was and she pointed and said, “right there.” Then I asked her why she is scared of the guy and she said that he goes, “GRRRR” and scares her. It was pretty funny. Time to go to bed we have a doctor’s appointment for Monkey tomorrow. I hope they will say he can stop taking his medicine, but he still sounds pretty sick. I guess we’ll see.

Monday, January 27, 2003

First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Roberta! (Grandma) We started a few new things today. The first one is a listening chart for GlamorGirl. She gets a sticker when she listens the first time we tell her to do something. The second new thing is exercising. After we ate breakfast we exercised. GG really enjoyed doing this and when we were done she said, “Do again!” I told her tomorrow. She followed everything I did. She liked the jumping jacks the best. Then I gave Monkey a bath and GG wanted to get in with him so I let her. She normally takes a shower with me so that she can't hurt Monkey. But today I sat him in his chair in the bathroom and then took my shower. When I got out GG had brought in almost every toy from her toyroom for her little brother to play with. It was cute but it took her forever to put them all back. Just imagine a bathroom full of toys! Tonight GG and I vacuumed the whole house I used the real one and she used her toy one. Then she helped me make dinner, she just mostly watched. After J got home from work we rearranged GG’s room to make room for the new dresser that some family friends gave us. Thank you! Now each kid has their own dresser and I can shut the drawers. Now I am going to call it a night.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

This morning we got up and went to church. I went with a fat lip; last night while we were sleeping Monkey head butted me. After church we went to the grocery store, and boy was it packed. When we got home I laid Monkey on the floor and next thing I knew he had J’s socks in his mouth. J took his socks off as soon as we got home and Monkey had rolled over to them. How gross. So I moved the socks and next thing I knew Monkey had gotten them again. I stopped him before he put them in his mouth this time. We then took them and put them in the dirty clothes. We all took a nap this afternoon, I haven’t taken a nap in a long time and it felt good. Then we watched the super bowl at home as a family. We mainly watch for the commercials. We had gotten invited to 3 Super Bowl parties but with Monkey still not feeling a 100% we passed. It had already been a long day for him with church and shopping. Well the super bowl is over and the team I was cheering for won. I know nothing about football but every super bowl I choose a team and cheer, this year they won. I also want to give Becky and Roberta a Great Big Thank You for getting the police application for J and mailing it to us. Now I am off to bed. Good night all.

Saturday, January 25, 2003

Today has been kind of a boring day. Monkey is feeling much better today which is great. I hate when he doesn’t feel good my sweet little man. I can’t even remember what life was like without him. I love him so much. Here is the silly story of the day. At lunch I gave GlamorGirl a lunchable. She was sitting there saying, “I make a sandwich.” I looked at what she was doing and she had meat, meat, meat, cracker, meat, cracker, cheese, cheese, and cheese. Then she tried to put it her mouth needless to say she wasn’t very successful. I thought it was cute. Then before dinner she said, “Mommy you are fun!” I love this little girl. J called to tell us that he passed the physical test. I knew he would. He is my strong man. He then took the written test. He will know if he is in the top 30 by Wednesday, hopefully. If he is then he will go for an interview and so on as long as he keeps passing! He is on his way to getting a job. I want everyone to know that my husband is the best. I love him with all of my heart and with everyday my love grows. I am so blessed to have him. Not only as my husband but also as the father of our children. He is awesome. I love you, J. I have a great family :)

Friday, January 24, 2003

We got up this morning and went to playgroup. There are two new families in our playgroup this semester. Now there is another girl but she is Monkey’s age. Then we came home and the furniture people brought back our couch. We had lunch with daddy and then he left for his interview. He is testing for a Police Department. I really hope he does well and eventually gets the job. It would be so nice to actually start getting a steady income! I will update the results of the test once we know. So please pray that J does good tomorrow. He starts the test at 9 am. Tonight was a lot of fun. Belinda and Ellie came over for dinner. The girls played together and Belinda and I talked. We have a lot of things in common. I can tell she is going to be a great friend. I just hope that J and I can be there for her and Ellie as Aaron is overseas. Here is the funny story for the day. It actually happened last night after I posted. J was reading GlamorGirl books in the play room and all of a sudden he starts yelling for me. I went in there and he got himself stuck in the chair. It was really cute.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

The first thing I did this morning was call the doctor’s office. Last night Monkey got sick. He woke up twice and the second time he puked all over our bed. So we had to get everyone up and change the sheets. I took him to the doctor and they gave him some medicine! It really works I can tell he feels a lot better. The medicine also makes him really drowsy. While Monkey and I were at the doctor’s J and GlamorGirl did laundry at the laundry mat, it was a good bonding time for them! Then we went to Wal-mart to get Monkey’s 6-month pictures taken. I will update his page with them either tonight or tomorrow. The best thing of the day was that my wonderful husband made dinner. We had chicken, corn on the cob, green beans, and rolls. It was good. The rest of the night we just relaxed together as a family. Here is my funny story for the day: As I am typing GlamorGirl is saying that she is scared. I asked her of what and she said Brae. So my daughter is afraid of herself!!! We need to go to sleep now we have playgroups tomorrow morning. It is the first one of the New Year.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Here it is another day. I am starting to get really frustrated. I have been trying to get a hold of someone for the last four days. They are not returning my calls I think that if they don’t call me back by tonight I am going to make a house visit. Moving right along, I tried this new shampoo for GlamorGirl today and it is awesome. It is detangling shampoo. Wow what a difference it makes. Did I tell you that our couch is in the shop because it is broken! We have only had it a little over a month. At least they are going to fix it. I was pretty embarrassed yesterday when they came to get it because this last weekend my dad decided to bring about eight boxes of stuff I have left at his house. Needless to say it was a mess, and I can’t even blame it on the kids. Speaking of kids GG has started this new thing where she says, “Mommy can I talk to you?” I then say, “yes” and she starts babbling. I can make out every third word. She just talks to fast or isn’t really saying a word. Also today she had an accident. I couldn’t even tell you the last time this happened. But she did a really good job stopping her self and putting the rest of the pee pee in the potty. She then put the wet underwear in the dirty clothes and put on dry underwear. Then put her pants back on, because they didn’t get wet. So it wasn’t a big accident just enough that she needed to change undies! J’s dad called today to tell us about a teaching job possibility, but it is for next school year. Then tonight we went over to Aaron, Belinda and Ellie’s house to celebrate Ellie’s 1st Birthday. Their home is really nice! They decided to put her in a home daycare so we won’t be watching her. That is it for today. Oh yeah Monkey is 6 months today.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Today has been a lazy day because we didn't get much sleep. The kids woke up at 3:30am and didn't go back to sleep until about 4:15ish. These days are fun because most of the morning we just stay in bed and cuddle. J is on call today so he has been in and out. He did go and get his back fixed. I am so glad because he can start helping carry Monkey again the boy is about 18 lb! Next week we are going to get back massages, I am really looking forward to that. Here is a funny story for you. GlamorGirl was being herself and getting into everything. J was telling her to stop and she wasn't listening. I asked him what she was doing and he said being a butt. So I asked her and she said being a butt. It was too funny! We are going to possibly start watching a 12 month old little girl this week. Her daddy stayed at home with her while her mommy worked, but her dad just got deployed over seas. We offered to watch her but they were looking at some other options first. So we will know sometime soon if we will have her. She is a really cute little girl. Her name is Ellie and she is the same size as Monkey which is funny because she is 6 months older. Well I need to go motherhood calls. GG wants me to hold her.

Monday, January 20, 2003

First Entry!

Well I have started my very own web log. It has been a little frustrating trying to get the links I want to work but we will figure it out sometime soon, hopefully. Well lets see today GlamorGirl had a playdate with her friend Carlie. They had a lot of fun and GlamorGirl took an extra long nap! It was nice to get to catch up with Crissy (Carlie's mom). They moved to Rockford last year which was a bummer. But Crissy's mom lives in here so they visit us often! Then we tried something new for dinner and it was really good. After that we went to our last Parent your Toddler class. Yes, the class that made J, Monkey and I famous here. We were on the front page of the main newspaper. Well this first post is going to be short because I need to catch up on some much needed sleep from the weekends events. GG turned 2 on Friday and we had a party for her on Saturday. So I will try and keep everyone updated as often as I can but being the Mama of 2 sometimes 3 (meaning J) it might be a little difficult. A real quick side note we have finally found a Church that meets all of our families needs! What a blessing.