Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I can't believe that spring break is half over it is going way too fast for me. Sunday we spent Easter with J's parents after church. GG and Monkey were in the Easter program and they were so cute. Monkey kept pointing at me and telling everyone "There's my mommy!" He is such a little ham. He was also hugging one of his friends while on stage. GG was the loudest one singing. She just loves being in the spot light. When the older kids were singing she was in the pew dancing! She can't wait to be older so she can be in the children's choir. After we ate dinner Liz showed us what she is planning on doing to her room. They were getting rid of her desk, dressers and bed. I asked if I could have the table because I want to use it for scrapbooking. She said sure. We ended up taking one dresser for the baby, the table for me and the bed for GG's room. So the last two hours there was Liz getting everything out of the dresser and taking down the bed so we could bring it home. Monday we switched the kids rooms around. GG's stuff went into the smaller bedroom and Monkey's went into the bigger room because he is going to share it with Red. That was an all day chore let me tell you. I didn't realize how much stuff they each had. We also took the kids to the doctor, Monkey has been breaking out in hives. We are going to have them both tested for allergies sometime in the next month. We also went to my dad's to drop off the organ, that is where we put my new scrapbooking table!!! J washed our van while the kids played outside and I was in the house finishing up the room switch. I was so tired from the long busy day we had and talked J into going to Subway for dinner :) Today I was planning on going through the kids clothes but I just wasn't motivated. So I did the rest of the laundry, went grocery shopping and played outside with the kids for about 4 hours! We had a picnic lunch outside and they were both so excited about that. We also went to the girls soccer practice and played at the park. GG helped with practice and ran after balls for the girls. She loved being able to be apart of the practice, you could just tell from the big smile on her face. Plus, she talked about how she helped the whole way home! It is now 6:30, J is reading books to the kids and then we are putting them to bed. I love having nice weather outside that we can turn off the heat, open up the windows and be outside!!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

My days are all messed up because we didn't have school on Friday I keep thinking it is Sunday! Yesterday we went to lunch with my dad and then went downtown to get J a duty bag, well they didn't have one he liked so we stopped at his parents and got directions to another store and went there. So we spent a lot of time in the car but it was fun. This morning I got the kids up and dressed and we went to an Easter Egg hunt at Grandma M's church. The kids had a lot of fun. Then we ran a few errands and ended up back at their house for lunch. I am planning on staying here for another hour and a half so that J can sleep. When we get home we are going to be dying eggs. Then tomorrow is the Easter program at church and both kids are in it then we are going to my in-laws for Easter lunch. It should be a very fun rest of the day and tomorrow!!! That is it for me.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Wow what a day it has been for us. I wake up this morning and J didn't come home from work. No big deal because he might have arrested someone or was on a call...a number of things that he would of needed to stay late for. So I got the kids ready and we left for school. At about 9:45 my mom-in-law walks into our class and waves me over. She then tells me J has been in a car accident. But he is OK. So I called the police department to find out more details and where J is at. Then I call the hospital and finally get to talk to him. It was a bad car accident and he definitely had angels protecting him this morning. The accident happened about 3 hours after he would of been home so I was right in thinking he was working, he was but he just didn't make it back to the police station. So I had to tell the kids what happened and that daddy will have cuts on his face and hands from the glass on his car. GG was pretty upset about it (she told me she likes the way daddy looks and didn't want him to have cuts on his face) and I'm not really sure what Monkey thought. I just wanted to prepare them so they didn't freak out when they saw him. Then right after snack, about 10:30, Monkey comes up to me and says, "I'm itchy mommy" as he lifts his shirt. He had broken out all over his stomach so I had to take him to the nurses office but I had to get the rest of the class up stairs for gym because Barb was having parent/teacher conferences. Then this afternoon I had a meeting with the principle but that went good. Tonight for dinner we ordered pizza, J wanted that to eat and we had a free pizza. I had GG asked J if we should order two pizzas. He told her no and then I told her to tell him it was only 14 inches, we normally order 18 inches. He started laughing and came out to me and said I had no idea what she was talking about when she says "daddy it is only 14 inches!" Anyway I am going to give the kids a bath and snuggle with my hubby.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Well it has been awhile since I have been on here so bare with me! We made it through the first week of J's new shift only 13 more months to go! I finally spent the rest of my Christmas money and we bought a DVD player for the van and for J to use at work so he can stay awake. This new shift is working out pretty good, in the fact that J can help me in the morning get the kids ready for school. On Tuesday the kids and I went to soccer practice with J. Before we went outside I took GG to meet her next year teacher and see the room she will be in. Her teacher told me to bring her back again and she will get to pick out her seat and locker for next year. She was pretty excited about getting to pick them out. She also liked her class for next year. Then we went to the park to play while daddy was at practice but it got too cold so we went into the preschool to play with the after school kids. When J was done the kids and I convinced him to go out to eat. The kids wanted McDonalds so we went there even though I wanted Jimmy's. Then we came home the kids got baths and I put both kids to bed and J then I left for the LLL meeting. On Wednesday the kids and I ate at school so that we could go straight to a new playgroup. It was pretty fun considering I lost track of time and we ended up getting home after 4 and I had told J we would be home at 3, oops. Thursday was St. Patty's day so we did fun things at school. I told the kids that I would take them to Mickey D's for a shamrock shake after dinner and we got daddy to come with! As I was getting the kids ready to go J set up the DVD player in the van so that they could watch the movie while drinking their shakes. After we got our treats we sat in the parking lot at GG's Cubbies watching Monsters Inc. and then GG went to Cubbies and we drove around trying to find a cheap gas station, which worked out good because Monkey got to watch a good portion of the movie! Then yesterday nothing really exciting happened but J grilled steaks and they were really good. I can't wait for nicer weather. Today we have cleaned and done laundry. Next year I will be doing my cleaning and laundry while the kids are at school, I can't wait. Well that is it for me.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Friday we had a great time with Grandma at Olive Garden....YUM! I love that place, I ate so much ;) Then I had to get my glucose test taken and I think I passed it. I felt fine and I was actually able to drink that nasty stuff without gagging. The first 2 times it wasn't cold and this time they gave it to me cold, so in the future if I ever need to take one again for any reason I am not drinking it unless it is COLD! The blood draw wasn't even that bad. Saturday was a very fun filled day. J and I had our OB tour and April came over to watch the kids. GG kept calling her Marni and Monkey said her name like Ape-per-role it was funny. Then that night we had a wedding. GG loved getting ready for it we painted her finger nails light purple to match her dress and we put her hair in clips. The kids had a great time at the wedding. They had goody bags for the kids at our table with things in it for them to do while they waited to eat. I thought that was a really great idea! They also had a children's dish of chicken strips and french fries. Good thing because I don't think the kids would of eaten the other chicken or steak. GG's teacher was at the wedding and so that made it more special too. That was a very late night for both the kids. Then Sunday we went to church without J because he worked that night and needed some sleep. We hung out at g and g A's house until it was time to go to our friends' Baby Open House. The kids got to hold a 4 week old baby boy and they were tickled!!! Today both kids went to school with me and it actually was pretty ok.

Funny GlamorGirl sayings from this last week...
Candles were going in our bedroom and she asked, "Can I turn off the candles?"

Getting ready for the wedding we talked about dancing with each other...
GG: I only want to dance with Monkey
Me: I don't get a dance? Or daddy?
GG: Well I'll dance with all my people!

There was one more but I can't remember it right now. Monkey told me the other night that he wanted to have a baby GG. I love the fact that he loves her so much but we had to explain to him that there is only one GG and she isn't a baby anymore. I think he understood?!?!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I can't believe it the last two days the kids have been outside riding bikes and today it is snowing!!! J is on his days off and then he goes to midnights :( We ran some errands today and tomorrow we have a lunch date with J's mom. Saturday we have our ob tour and April from church is coming over to watch the kids, they will be excited about that. Then we have a wedding. GG's teacher was also invited to this wedding so that should be a lot of fun for GG to see her teacher outside of school. I feel bad though because we are missing a different wedding from friends at church. They are getting married 2 hours away and their reception 30 minutes from the wedding , last time we had two weddings on one day we just didn't go to either but this time I made J make a choice between the two. So we are going to the one of his friend from High School, it should be like a high school reunion...and J can show off the kids! Well I need to start dinner.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Look at me go...4 days in a row! I only got on here to tell one (ok maybe two) cute things that Monkey did today. When GG and I got home from school (the boys had gone grocery shopping) J gave me flowers and Monkey told me they were from him! He picked out the flowers and was really proud of himself. They were beautiful! Then he tells me, "I have to a secret for you." I say, "ok what is it?" He runs over grabs my head so he can whisper in my ear says, "I went walking..." then blows a raspberry on my cheek! It was the funniest thing he has done to date. I asked him what the secret was again just to make sure that wasn't a fluke and he did the same thing!!! Daddy teaches him some pretty silly things :)

Monday, March 07, 2005

MY LITTLE GIRL!!! You just have to love her :) These are parts of a conversations we have had over the last few days, I just thought these parts were really cute and funny.
Right before I tucked her into bed, we read and talk...
GG: Mom I really love your boobs.
Me: Oh really?!?!
GG: Yeah, because we don't have to buy bottles for the baby. You can just nurse him.
Me: Yep your right!

GG just woke up and I was already dressed for school...
GG: Oh mommy I really like your dress. When can I wear it? (It is maternity!)
Me: When you get married then have a baby!
GG: Ok.

J had a buyer come look at the truck today and the guy wants it but didn't have all the money so he gave J a down payment and is bringing the rest tomorrow. We still have the truck sitting in the driveway so the guy has to come back or he is out his money! It will be nice to have the driveway vehicle free. Tonight for dinner I made homemade pizza, we haven't had that in forever and it is cooking right now and smells so good. I think that we will spice dinner up and have a picnic in the living room, always a fun thing to do when eating pizza! This morning I couldn't believe the way Monkey was sleeping. Last night while we were sleeping he kept moving towards me and I was move away for some room. When I woke up his head was where my head should of been and my head was hanging half way off the bed. Not to mention that our bodies were laying the wrong way on the bed. It was a weird night, he usually isn't like that. I have noticed lately that Monkey is coming out of his shell more. Whenever we go to our neighbors house he is always quiet when we get there. But you should see him before we even leave our house to go there, complete nuts! Well when we were outside yesterday he was talking up a storm to Jean (our neighbor). She couldn't believe it. But he was really outgoing at Kyle's basketball game too. I really like seeing him act the way he does around us with other people. I'm sure he will be totally ready for school by himself come fall!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Well we ended up not going to the Kids' Expo, last night when J was at work he talked to a guy who worked it and they said there was no room to hardly walk. If you brought a stroller it was near impossible to move! Our neighbor went today and said it was crowded today too. I think we made a good decision because instead of going there we played outside for 3 hours! It was beautiful out. All the neighbors came over to see our new van and then they stayed and we talked the whole time while the kids played. The kids rode their bikes, ran around, and helped J wash the van, car and truck. J said he got 15 emails about his truck and someone is coming to look at it tomorrow so hopefully by the end of the week it will be sold! Well that is it for now. It will be dinner, books and bed for us! Monkey didn't take a nap so both kids will go to bed at 7 :)

Saturday, March 05, 2005

I find it hard to keep up with this journal because we have become so busy with different activities! Last night the kids and I went to a basketball game for my brother Kyle. He was on a weekend tournament and the first game happened to be 5 minutes from our house. So we went! The kids loved it and it gave us something to do while J was at his probation party. Monkey was cheering for Uncle Kyle before the game even started. It was funny. GG sat with me and watched the whole game I was amazed at how interested she was in it. On one of the time outs the ref gave the game ball to her to hold. That sure made her night! But then this guy sitting next to us decided that Monkey should be holding the ball and took it from her and handed it to him. He wasn't even paying attention to what was going on and would of been fine without the ball. So then Monkey had the ball and decided to throw it so GG got it back, which it should of never been taken away from her in the first place. Adults can do stupid things! Don't we try and teach our children not to take things away from people??? So why would that man take the ball out of her hands? The worst part of it was that Monkey then became upset that GG got the ball after he threw it!!! He shouldn't of even had it to begin with. Well Kyle's team won so that was fun. I have another vent too about school. Just to go along with how some adults can be so dumb. We had a mother (who stays home) bring her child to school with a fever! She gave him mortin for the fever but still brought him. HELLO! Is anyone in there? When we got a hold of dad we found out that he had a fever on Thursday as well, and he was at school that day too. I just felt so bad for the poor little kid you could just tell he felt miserable. When mom came to get him she was in the middle of dying her hair. That is the reason he *had* to come to school? So you could dye your hair! Ok I feel better now. As for today we went to my dad's and got our van!!! The kids are really excited about getting to ride in it. But they aren't too happy about us selling the truck. I totally understand because in the truck they get to sit in the front seat with daddy and it is special. But to keep the truck would be silly of us because with the car it will be able to hold five people...when they are out of car seats! Tomorrow we are tentatively planning on going to the Kid's Expo after church. If we do go it will be great fun. Well that is all I have for now.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

First I have to write about yesterday!!! When GG woke up I told her that she was going on a special date with daddy that night. She was so excited about it all day long. She couldn't wait for the time their date started :) J got home from soccer practice at 5:30. GG had eaten dinner and we were getting her ready for the date. She put on her favorite dress and she wanted me to braid her hair. She wanted to look pretty for daddy. Then J stood at the door and she made her entrance. Then he put her coat on her and they left. I gave Monkey dinner and I cleaned the fish tank. When he was done I took him to McDonalds for some "green ice cream" (shamrock shack) and he played. We got home about 10 minutes before they did. All day long J wouldn't tell me where he was taking her, he wanted me to hear it from her. So when they got home she burst out, "Mommy, we went to the Library and we got Willy Wonka and Wizard of Oz. We colored these pictures together. Then we got ice cream at the store. I got chocolate my favorite! It was so much fun." This morning she tells me she wants me to take her on a date...hahaha. I told her that we could have a mom/daughter night some night next week. Now that J will be home at night time he will be able to take her on "dates" once a month. Kids need to have that one on one time and did it show with GG last night. Monkey also enjoyed his time with mommy. He told J he got to eat green ice cream at McDonalds. J didn't know my plans for Monkey and I so he was surprised just like I was with their date. Tonight J was wanting to take me on a date but we couldn't find a sitter in such short time. All the people we normally use were busy, bummer. But he said we will do it next week and that way we will have plenty of time to get a sitter! Tonight we are getting pizza from Pizza Hut we have a free large pizza coupon.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Oh my do I love my kids! Last night Monkey was playing in his room and when he got tired at about 8 he came into my bed and said, "Mommy, I want to snuggle with you. I will protect you." Then he puts his little arms around my neck and falls asleep. He is so sweet. I really don't know how he is going to protect me while he is sleeping :) This morning GG informed me that when she wears pants she looks like a boy. Apparently she can only look like a girl in a dress! Today at school was GG's teachers birthday along with her friend Ezra. So they got cupcakes! Monkey ended up coming to school later because J subbed for the High School. Now he is at soccer practice. Between school and practice J informed me that Monkey needs to go to school tomorrow because he has to go to a funeral for a co-workers mother. GG over heard us talking about it and she wanted to know who died. She gets so sad about death so I explained to her that his mom was really old, really sick and in a lot of pain and now she is no longer sick or in pain so it is a good thing she died so she doesn't hurt anymore. That put a smile on her face. She doesn't like people to be in pain or hurt. Well I need to finish my grocery list...what fun!