Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday in the Park...

Well not exactly in the park but you get the idea. This morning we went to the library to cash in our first reading prize at our library. The kids each got a kid's meal at Panera so that is where we went for lunch. Then this afternoon I went to a baby shower. Jeff to the kids to the library the town over and cashed in their reading cards there for some more prizes. Just so you know I did sign the kids up at two different libraries. The prizes are different at each library and I don't let them double dip meaning that each time they read they only get to mark off one card not both. Yes, they love reading that much, to be able to do two different library reading programs! The school they go to encourages reading through out the summer and even gives them a sheet to write down all the books they read the sheet is almost full and summer isn't even half over. Anyways, after Jeff took them to the library they went swimming. My friends at the shower couldn't believe that he took *ALL* 3 of them to the library and swimming by himself. I do things with them by myself all the time and I'm pregnant! J is a really good dad and they are blessed to have him as their father. I am still learning about the things he did with them while I was on my women's retreat back in May. It is a little after 7 and he took Red to the video store to get us a movie to watch and GlamorGirl is in the shower and MonkeyBoy just got out of the bath and is getting ready for bed. The plan is to go to the zoo tomorrow after church since we will be in the city. I am going to pack a picnic lunch that they can eat in the van on the way and then we will spend the afternoon at the zoo!

Friday, June 29, 2007

What day is it!

OH yeah it is FRIDAY!!! It is also J's last day to work this week. This morning we went to the Mall to get his wedding band resized. He has gained 15 lbs since we got married 7 1/2 years ago and the ring was cutting into his finger we figured it was time. This afternoon it was a bit chilly outside so the kids watched a movie and it is movie day anyway so it worked out good. Then Amy came over and we went to Wal-mart and that was a nightmare. First thing on my list was a tub for GlamorGirl's dress up clothes because I had gone through her room yesterday and needed to use the tub they were in for the new baby. I found a thin tub that would slide under her bed but when it came time to get the lid for it there was none to be found. I found an employee and they informed me that another costumer, only 15 minutes earlier, wanted the same tub but they didn't have the lids. I suggested to them that they remove that size tub until the lids (in the next few days as they told me it would take) came in because it is frustrating to find a tub you want but it not have a lid. They ignored me and left them there, stupid people. Then I went to the diaper section to get a shower gift for the baby shower I'm going to tomorrow. The mom uses Luvs and the only size they had were 3 and 4 I was finding the store ridiculous at this point. This is exactly the reason we make a list for about 2 to 3 weeks of things we need from there so we don't have to go all the time. Then I checked out and one of my items rang up wrong and the guy changed it to the right price but didn't take the other price off so I ended up paying way too much for the item. I realized it once I left the store and looked at my receipt so back into that dumb store again to get the money put back on my credit card. I think they should of taken both the charges off since they screwed up and given me the item for free. But whatever. Then once I finally get to the car Amy informs me that Red's sandal had broken at the strap. I was so thankful that I had picked him up some new ones, the ones that broke were smelly and I was sick of smelling his feet after wearing them, so that was a blessing. Amy told me that God must really love me today because he has been testing me big time :)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

28 weeks

I had my 28 week appointment today and GlamorGirl went with me. The midwife was really cool with letting her *help* with hearing the heartbeat and so on. Then she gave her instructions to make sure I was eating good and to let me get a nap everyday for at least 30 minutes. That made me laugh this entire pregnancy I think I have gotten 2 naps maybe 3 but to get one everyday, yeah right! The downside of the appointment was that I gained 10 lbs this month bringing the total weight gain to 20 lbs I was hoping to only gain 20 but it looks like it will be more than that. Today I have had a strong desire to nest, I want to go through everything and get everything ready for the baby. Unfortunately there isn't enough hours in the day to do everything I want to get done today. I am feeling the crunch of the baby coming soon. "Oh Lord, I am really ready for this 4th child?"

Becky just got here so I am going to go take advantage of the fact the kids are outside and go through Brae room to make room for her new sister! Once I have her room done then I can go through the baby exciting :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Smoothies :)

I have another activity to add to the list! Smoothies, have your kids pick out fruit they want to use and have them add all the ingredients into the blender. Mix it up and enjoy it in a cup with a STRAW that was the best part for them.


Like I said, we left our house at 8:30am picked up our babysitter (she came with us so that GlamorGirl and Monkey would each have an adult to ride with) and we got to the park at 10 right when it opened. We went on the Big two story carousel and then to the Whizzer. When we got to the Whizzer we realized that Red was tall enough to go with an adult and GG could be by herself. Red loved it and didn't want to get off when the ride was over. Poor guy :) Then the kids went on a few barf rides, as J calls them, you know the ones that spin while spinning! I started to feel light headed, it was extremely hot with a heat index of 99.5 so we headed to an indoor theater for some air conditioning! Red and I stayed for another show so we could be in the air for a little longer. J and Jess took GG and Monkey on two rides while we watched the short movie again. Then we went out to the van and ate our picnic lunch. I felt much better after eating and cooling down my body temp in the nice cold a/c. We were headed to the Demon but the line for the Whizzer was super short so they went on it again. While they were gone I checked our map to see what we should do next. They got off and we decided that we should go to the water park since it closed in 2 hours. Jess took the two older kids to the water park because they all had swim wear on and just needed to take off the top layer. J went to the van to get the bag with our stuff in it. I took Red into an air conditioned store to get him to take a nap. It worked he was fast asleep by the time J got back. We called Jess to see where they were at in the water park and she informed us that GlamorGirl ran off and she couldn't find her. My heart stopped. We got to the place Jess was as fast as we could and I took the two boys while they looked. After about 20 minutes of not finding her I was getting extremely worried. J took Monkey with him to look for her and I took Red to the Lost Parents station to give a description of her and so on. That was the worst feeling in the world to have to say out loud that you have a missing child. Then proceed to tell them what she looks like height, weight, build, hair color and so on. I couldn't help but cry it was horrible. After about forty minutes we finally found her. When she saw me she started crying because she could tell that she really scared me. She wasn't allowed to go back into the water. At this point I had been in the hot sun for an hour with no shade and I was feeling it. I ended up going to the first aid station with GG while the rest of them swam, it was the only place in the water park with a/c. They gave me two huge drinks of Gatorade and let me sit in the air for as long as I needed. We stayed in there for about 40 minutes then we went back to get them. I took the stuff out to the van with Red and the rest of them were going to go on the Demon but Monkey didn't want to go so only J and GG went. When I got back I took the 3 kids on the train ride while J and Jess went on the Ragin' Bull. Then we went to an indoor show called Show Stoppin' it was just a bunch of singing and dancing but it was air conditioned :) By the time that was over it was 6pm and we were all hungry we got something to eat at the park. Then we went to Bugs Bunny land that had about 5 kid rides. Then we went to Cartoon Network area which had more little kid rides. Then I took the kids to the Wiggles World while J and Jess went on the America Eagle. When they got back the park was closing in 15 minutes so they took Red and GlamorGirl and went on the Whizzer one more time. Monkey didn't like that ride so we stayed in the Wiggles World and rode 2 rides and then went to meet them at the Whizzer. So apart from the fact that I am 6 months pregnant and it was a super hot day and GG getting lost we had a really good time. After dinner the sun went behind the clouds for the rest of the day and it was really nice and cool with a sweet wind that felt so good. Needless to say fun was had by ALL even the pregnant women who only got to ride 2 rides!

As for today we slept in and then went to get groceries and I'm planning on taking it easy today.

There is a contest going on over at Adventures in Babywearing you can win a really cool sling at KimzKreations on eBay. So go sign up the contest ends tomorrow and you have to have the links on your blog to be eligible. Hurry!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Six Flags Great America!

Yup that is where we spent our day today. But it is almost 11 and we left the house at 8:30 so I will go into more detail about the day tomorrow morning after I get some SLEEP :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

I don't even know where to begin....

These past few days have been jammed packed with activities I feel like I am spinning. I want to get the recap of what we have done then I will talk about some other things. Friday night was the movie on the big screen at the church two blocks away. We walked with our neighbors and had a great time but we didn't get home until 10:30pm. Saturday morning I ran around the house doing last minute prep for Monkey's party. We left for our small group pool party/potluck lunch we got there at noon and left at 4pm. Ran home and grabbed the rest of the stuff for Monkey's party and went to the school to set it up. It was a good stress free party. The park was great entertainment for the kids! Then we got home and Grandpa K and 4 of my brothers came over Monkey opened his presents and then they headed out to see another one of my brothers they left at 9:30pm and then it was to bed for everyone. He got some really cool presents but I am too tired to list them all. Sunday we got up for church and did the normal Sunday thing. J left for work and the kids and I got out the water guns and water balloons and they had a water fight. It was a lot of fun especially for me at the end because I hosed them off before going into the house! The joys of being the get the soul use of the HOSE :) Then we met J for dinner and walked around a festival next to the restaurant, there was a live band and some rides but we didn't ride anything I had no money. Then we went to a park where a different band was playing and I got to listen to the music while the kids played at the park it worked out good then it was home for some lightning bug catching! Fun filled days of summer. But with everything that we have been doing the house was suffering a little so today was my cleaning day so the older two are playing the new playstation 2 and game Monkey just got.

So those are the highlights of our days but I just want to say how amazed I am at how disrespectful kids are, at the party Saturday we were on private property and this group of about 6 kids started coming into the gated play area. Shocked and realizing that they should not be there I said, "You guys can't be here." Then they proceeded to argue with me about how they were just going to play ball. Then J stepped in and they started to argue with him but of course he won and they left. I was just floored at the fact that these kids would argue with adults so disrespectful I would hate to be their parents.

Red has started this new thing that when ever I say anything to him he answers with "What?" For a while I was repeating myself thinking he must not of heard me then I realized it is because when I don't understand him I say "what". I have taught him to respond with the word what. He is talking so much lately but some of the words I just can't make out and that is when I say what or ask him to repeat it. I bet he is just as frustrated as I was at having to repeat but I really want to know what he is saying, if I didn't care I wouldn't have him repeat it.

The last thing is I think I have hit the stage of my pregnancy that I dislike the most, the irritated and annoyed at everything stage. The things people say and do that would normally just roll off my back are driving me nuts. Please pray for me to get through this stage in tack with my emotions.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Boredom Busters

This list was from my blog friend Tee and I thought it was really good and wanted to post it on my blog as well. It has made me think of more ideas to do with the kids! Please add your ideas in the comments the more ideas the less boredom we shall will have :)
1. Tie dye shirts.
2. Picnic. done a few times already
3. Swim or play in a sprinkler. too many times to count!
4. Go to the movies. Many theaters, for example, (Regal Cinemas), have free family films on certain days during the summer. doing it this Friday night
5. Join your local public library's Summer Reading Program. check on this one as well
6. Go on a nature walk. Have your child keep a journal where they can draw the types of bugs, animals or plants they see. Identify them in a guide book from the library or a resource online.
7. Scavenger hunt (indoors or out).
8. Build forts out of blankets/chairs/tables, etc.
9. Get a book about making different styles of paper airplanes. Make a few different kinds and then fly them to see which goes furthest.
10. Fly a kite. You can buy one or make your own.
11. Plant a garden. Even if space is limited or soil quality is poor consider a container garden. Let them care for it. They'll be more likely to eat whatever veggie it is if they grow it themselves.
12. Catch lightening bugs. done this too
13. Play flashlight tag after sundown.
14. Make an obstacle course in the yard just using what's in the shed. (Hula Hoops, traffic cones, balls, jump ropes, etc.) Time the kidsgoing through it and see if they can beat their best time.
15. Have a lemonade stand. Older kids can calculate the cost of starting it and then figure how much to sell each glass. At the end of the day let them figure out if they made a profit or not.
16. Catch tadpoles and watch them grow into frogs and then release them back where you caught them.
17. Find out what volunteer opportunities are available in your city. Get involved along with your kids. (They could help you deliver meals for Meals on Wheels. Help prepare food at a homeless shelter. Do some yard work for an elderly neighbor, etc.)
18. Have your children write a letter to a family member who doesn't live nearby. Show them how to properly write the address on the envelope.
19. Think of things about your childhood you enjoyed and then share them with your child. If you used to like playing jacks or marbles, making a telephone out of string and 2 cans, putting baseball cards in the spokes of your bike, roller skating, Chinese jump rope, show them how to do it, too.
20. Climb trees. this is a daily thing with my monkeys
21. Hang up a bird feeder and keep track of the types of birds it attracts.
22. If you speak a 2nd language, speak it exclusively for one day each week so your children will pick it up. Make it a game. See how much they can figure out.
23. Teach your children old nursery rhymes, songs, or fairy tales which they still haven't encountered through school, etc.
24. Give your kids lots of art supplies and let them create. Hang their art and have an art show for Daddy when he comes home or even invite Grandma and Grandpa.
25. Check your newspaper for local events such as carnivals, festivals, car shows, or whatever else might interest your child.
26. Go to a museum. did this June 13th
27. Vacation Bible School or other free summer programs offered by your church, temple, mosque, etc. signed up for two!
28. Let your kids come up with their own show, theatrical play or commercial. After they have it planned out and have practiced, video tape it. Let them watch it when they're done. done this and I'm sure they'll do more
29. Play in the rain. Stomp in puddles. Look for rainbows. Make paper boats to sail in flowing water near your home (such as a small drainage ditch).
30. If you play a musical instrument, teach it to your child.
31. Read some funny poetry (such as Shel Silverstein) and then let your kids come up with a funny poem and illustrate it.
32. Go on a bike ride (get a seat on the back of yours for little ones).
33. Be a tourist in your own state. Search the internet for attractions within an hour or two from your home. You don't need a ton of money for vacation. Take day trips once in awhile.
34. Go fishing.
35. Pick a chapter book you loved as a child and read it to your kids each night.
36. Watch some fireworks.
37. Go out in a row boat or paddle boats. yep done it
38. Play board games.
39. Study safety. Water safety. Fire safety. Stranger safety. Gun safety. Etc.
The DVD The Safe Side, is awesome. It teaches kids stranger safety and is so entertaining that they actually ask to watch it again.
40. Have a yard sale. Donate the proceeds or use them for a special night out.
41. Go to Chuck E. Cheeses. love this place
42. Older kids may be interested in their heritage. Have them call, write or visit older relatives to collect information for a family tree.
43. Letterboxing or geocaching.
44. Make a time capsule and bury it in the yard.
45. Try No TV Week (or even just a day).
46. Look at the stars. Point out constellations.
47. Make homemade ice cream.
48. Roast marshmallows or make S'mores.
49. Camp out in the yard (even if only for a few hours).

I would add...
50. Go to the zoo and make a day out of it.
51. Go to the local pet store and play with the dogs.
52. Go to an amusement park or water park. went to Six Flags Great America/Hurricane Harbor
53. Go to cheap or free indoor play places on those really hot a Mall or McDonalds playland.
54. Have a water gun/water balloon fight! we did this one the day after Monkey's birthday party
55. Visit all the different parks in your town or surrounding towns to explore!
56. have a messy party with friends, we went to one a few summers ago and it was a blast. There was a mud pit, baby pool full of jello and other messy activities that kids don't get to normally do you can use your creativity with that one :) Finger/body paints is always fun too.
57. have opposite day where you do everything backwards like dinner for breakfast and so on.
58. We always like pj day where we watch movies all day long...again nice to do on those really too hot to be outside days.
59. Play dates are always a hit we are going to have a pool date sometime the week of July 2nd, hopefully

Ok that is all I can think to add can you think of more fun things to do? Please share. I just hope that I will be able to do at least some of these fun ideas so that the kids don't think mommy is no fun when she is pregnant!


Sometimes I wish I didn't plan things because it seems that with kids they never end up working out the way I plan them. Last night Red was awake from 4am to 7:30pm, J took the 4 to 6:30 shift and I took over at 6:30, at 7am I figured out his ear was hurting him. I gave him some Tylenol and we fell asleep until 9am. Which probably means his whole sleep schedule is thrown off. We were planning on doing so many fun things today so I hope we still can and if not we will have other days to do these fun things. But why won't the doctor's office call me back so I can get him in, I have a feeling it is an ear infection.

We just got back from the doctor and sure enough he has an ear infection. I can count the number of times all 3 of my kids have ever had an ear infection and I think this will be the second total for all of them. I love that my kids have been healthy for the most part but they do get sick!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Time is not moving fast enough

I got to talk to J a lot last night. It was so great to hear his voice now I am just waiting to see him so I can hug and kiss him. They are about 2 hours away right now and the time seems to go so slowly. Well I am going to go find something to make the time go clean something or read something. Later....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

We are going to be celebrating today as to the Father in this house is still not HOME. We should be getting a phone call from him sometime around 6pm tonight letting us know he is back in the states and within communication range. I haven't been able to talk to him in 5 days...that is so long. At least when he was in the academy we got to talk every night. Anyways, yesterday we were able to pass the time pretty well. In the morning the kids played trains, read books and played in their rooms while I did laundry and dishes. They were so good. Then we packed up and headed to my dad's for an afternoon on the boat. Amy came with as I realized I wasn't going to be able to get in the lake water with the kids being pregnant. My dad's friend invited his kids and their families along too so it was nice for GG, Monkey and Red to have kids to play with. We had 7 kids, 10 adults and 2 boats. It was a good time. The two boat thing was great because we wanted to leave earlier then everyone else so they taxied us back to the dock! We got home, bathed and in bed by 9pm. I thought that was pretty good especially since we had church this morning.

Today Red woke up first and I looked at the clock to see it blinking. I thought "oh no! we are going to be late for church." but it was the exact time I was planning on getting up :) We went to Sunday School and then church. Since it was Father's Day all the women in the congregation got up and sang to the men. I was tempted to leave and use the bathroom instead of singing since J wasn't there. But I sang even though I really did have to use the bathroom! Now we are home and just got done with lunch. We are meeting Amy at the store and getting groceries. We haven't gone grocery shopping since the end of May and we normally go once a week! Needless to say the cupboards are EMPTY! We've been without Milk for two days's time. Well Brae just informed me she clogged the toilet. Duty calls...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Only 3 more days...

I really don't know if I will be able to survive. I NEED MY HUBBY. Ok I'm done complaining. This morning Amy came over and took GG and Red to the pool. Monkey didn't want to go. He came with me to get my hair cut. I have before and after pictures but I am too tired/lazy to upload them and show you. Maybe when I have my support system back aka J. I will put pictures up. We bummed around the house most of the afternoon because it was super hot outside. Then it was off to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate Monkey's birthday with his friend Noah before they leave for the summer and head to Hawaii. Their dad is stationed there but their house is here so they come for the school year and then go there for the summer. Tomorrow my dad wants me to go boating with them but I really don't feel up to it. As of right now I have told him we were going to pass but that if I woke up in the morning feeling super good we would come. Please pray for me to make it these last 3 days. I am seriously struggling with the single parent-ness.

Oh yeah and after I updated last night I realized that my baby ticker is in the 2 digits! I am so excited.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

The kids and I got back from a trip to the Dells, late last night. We went with our friend Amy. It was a nice little mini vacation. We stayed at the Copa Cabana which has an indoor/outdoor water park called Lost Harbor. The kids loved it. The hotel also gave us tickets to get into a bigger water park but after driving by we decided that it was too big for the kids to be able to keep an eye on them! They also gave us 2 free tickets to the Tommy Bartlet Exploratory and the boys were free so we just had to buy one ticket. It is a hands on place that had over 150 things for the kids to do. We were there for a little over 2 hours and I'm sure the kids could of stayed longer but I was getting tired. Then we stopped at our friends house on the way home and had dinner with them. It broke the trip up for the kids not that it was that long of a car ride. Today we had a lunch playdate with a family from church. Right now Red is taking his nap then we are off to the Mall for some shopping, GG got a gift card. We also have on the agenda library and grocery shopping. I am trying to keep our days somewhat busy so that the time J is in Canada goes faster. We are half way through! I forget how much I talk to him (he has no cell signal where he is) and how needed his help with the house and kids are. Well that is a quick update from our neck of the woods.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Exhausted to the EXTREME!

My night ended late because when J got home he worked in our room and it kept me awake. Then this morning the furniture came at 8am. The kids didn't wake up until 8:30am. Oh well. I put my clothes away in my new dresser and went outside to help J with the wood chips. I am so completely sore I have a feeling I will not be able to move tomorrow morning. I worked for 2 hours and probably shoveled at least 20 wheel barrels full of wood chips. My 76 yr old neighbor got mad at me for working. I didn't do anything that was hurting me, physically but I am feeling it now. I felt the baby kicking while working so I knew she was fine. I did stop and drink lots of water though. My legs are what are sore right now. But I have been having problems with my legs and getting charlie horses during the night plus the pain from my sciatic nerve. I think I should eat more bananas. We have a much smaller pile of wood chips though! Tomorrow I think we can finish them off and we will accomplish what J wanted. This evening my dad and step mom came over and we went out for dinner and DQ. YUMMY. Dairy Queen was a treat for the kids for being such big helps today with working on the yard. Monkey shoveled almost as much as I did and GlamorGirl was helping weed and shovel. They both helped play with Red. We have such great kids and I love them so much.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Running through my mind...

There is so much going on at our house I am exhausted just thinking about everything going on and needing to get done. First we have a HUGE pile of wood chips in our driveway. They dropped them off last night and I wasn't able to put my van in the garage. Today we worked in the yard all morning long and it doesn't even look like we put a dent into that pile. J and the kids worked on the play ground area and I weeded the triangle so that some chips could go in there but first we have to put down newspaper. Owning a house is so much WORK and not only work but HARD work. We still have 4 places that need to be wood chipped we just have to find the time to get them done. J has the idea of getting the pile gone before Sunday, I think he is crazy but knowing how motivated he is it could totally be something he does.

Another thing that has our house up in arms is our new bedroom furniture is coming tomorrow. Only 12 weeks after we ordered it but it is finally going to be delivered. I am so excited to have a matching bedroom set. Since we are getting a whole set our bed is non-sleepable tonight. So I moved Monkey to GG's floor and Red on the toddler mattress in the boy's room and J and I are going to sleep on the boys queen size bed. GG and Monkey are so excited about the sleepover that neither one of them are asleep yet and it is after 9pm. I'm not worried about it because there is no need to get up early for school. There are a few things that need to be moved before tomorrow morning but they are too heavy for me so J is going to do that when he gets home tonight.

The last thing is just something funny Red has been doing the last few days that has gotten him the nickname of "Food Klepto" When the kids are done eating their food if there is anything left on their plates Red snatches it up and eats it. GG had garlic bread and she didn't eat the crust no worry Red took care of it for her! The funny part is he actually gets up and goes to their seat, sits down and eats the food. No need for a garbage disposal in our house, we have the Red 2005!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

School's Out for SUMMER!

My baby is now a 1st grader :)
Here is the short video I took of the balloon launch that ends the school year. Monkey's class did it too but we were at graduation when his class launched.

As for the rest of our day it was pretty crazy. After school we went out for lunch and then headed to meet my mom an hour away. Let's just say it has been one of those days as much as I have tried to make it fun and non-stressful. We were shopping in Sears and Monkey had to go potty so I took him and left the other two with my mom. He had to go number 2 when he was done I asked him if he got it all out. Well he said yes but he didn't. We went back to shopping and all of the sudden he grabs his butt and says I have to go. We run to the bathroom all of us because my mom had gone out to her car. We were in the bathroom for over 20 minutes and the underwear he was wearing went into the garbage. I had to wash his shorts because poop got on them and GlamorGirl (what a great little helper) stood at the blower dryer and dried the shorts while I cleaned Monkey up. I don't know how he did it but he had it EVERYWHERE even on his ARMS, that will remain a mystery to me how he accomplished that. This bathroom only had a blow dryer so I asked a nice girl who unsuspectingly happened to use the bathroom while we were in there if she could get an employee. I NEEDED PAPER TOWELS! They gave me some from the cleaning crew and the clean up went much smoother. By the time I was done washing him the shorts were dry. Poor Red was in the stroller while all of this was going on. GlamorGirl had given him his cup but it was empty so she filled it up with water from the drinking fountain except that she didn't put the lid on all the way and I had a Red soaked in water. At least it was WATER. At this point I am thinking we need to check out and go home...we have an hour drive. We said goodbye to my mom and left. I called J and made plans to get Subway for dinner and meet at the department. I gave him the run down of my day (nightmare) and we ate dinner together. Then GG went into the bathroom to blow her nose. Two minutes later I hear my name being called from the bathroom. I go in to find she had dropped the tie to her dress in the toilet after she had was in pee water. Good thing I had brought the clothes we had bought to show J, I just changed her into the new dress. What is the saying, "When it rains, it pours?" It was one thing after another today and I was trying not to let it ruin my day. If nothing else it is a good story and will one day be a good laugh :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

One More Day...

We have one more day of getting up early and getting to school. I am so excited! Anyways, I was going to post some pictures of Red in my *new to me* Maya Wrap sling. But the battery in my camera died and I have to charge it for tomorrow's graduation. My friend got the sling for her kids and never used it so she gave it to me. Another cool thing is that the fabric of this sling is the exact same as the doll sling that GG has for her baby doll :) She was pretty happy about that. Now I can spend the money I was going to use on getting a Maya Wrap and get a Mei Tai too! I still have my OTSBH sling as well, which I have used since GG was a baby. But now they have so many other kinds that I want and I am going to get them. I want to be comfortable when holding my baby and taking care of the other kids.

Yesterday was Monkey and GG's last day of gymnastics. I don't know what I am going to do next year with GG she really wants to take more classes but she will be in school full days. I don't know if Monkey wants to continue I haven't asked him because I want to see how having the baby goes first then we can see about adding extras but GG is talking about the classes so I *know* her opinion on the subject!

Today has been a very busy and somewhat stressful day for me. We had playgroup at an indoor play place that was crazy with kids EVERYWHERE. I have never seen it that busy in there. We ended up getting to school a little late to get the kids and they were freakin out. All was well when I told them we were going to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. It was to celebrate Monkey not getting any blue cards this year and GlamorGirl graduating from Kindergarten. J has to work tomorrow so we wanted to make sure we had enough time to play there! After we left I got a message from our sitter saying she can't babysit tonight. That is when the stress mode kicked in. All the high schoolers I called had to study for finals and the adults I called were not home from work yet. I did end up getting someone so all is well with the world now. And my stress level is much lower :) Sometimes I think in order to have kids you need to be a hermit and have no social life...

Monday, June 04, 2007

Pregnancy Blues

I hit 24 weeks on Thursday! I am getting closer but I am not very patient. It didn't help that last night I threw up. Hello I haven't done that in weeks, I should say months, 2 to be exact. I am hoping it was just something I ate that didn't sit right with me and it isn't the start of more morning sickness. Anyways, I haven't posted any belly shots in a while so I thought I would today. This is my belly 24 weeks and 2 days.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Mommy Moment

Today was GlamorGirl's last day of homework in Kindergarten and I got teary eyed. I just can't believe that after this summer she is going to go to school for full days. I wonder what next Wednesday, her graduation, is going to be like if I was crying today! Heaven help me, I'm going to need it. She is growing into such a strong sweet little girl. She does have her moments when I look at her and think who is this child but for the most part she is very loving and compassionate.

Today was a nice day and since it was Friday it was very relaxed...which was good for me because my maid of honor surprised me yesterday with a visit she lives 6 hours away. She was here until midnight, I am usually asleep by 9pm but I had some pop with dinner and that helped me stay up. The kids enjoyed having her around she is my age with no kids and has SO much energy. She was making me tired just watching her play with the kids! Not really but she has a lot of energy.