Saturday, November 26, 2005

It's been a few days so I thought I would update. Thanksgiving was great this year like always. It is my most tempting holiday because of all the good food. I usually gain at least 3 to 5 pounds! I am happy with the outcome this year. I only ate one plate full of food and it wasn't overflowing either. I had one piece of apple pie and half a piece of cake. I didn't feel uncomfortable or over stuffed. It reminded me of one of Pastor Rob's messages. Won't go into it though but if you go to church with me you probably know what I am talking about. Then yesterday we did our family tradition of putting up the Christmas tree and decorations. We have 5 stockings hanging on the fireplace and Monkey says, "Look at the socks!" It was funny. We have our nativity scene on the bay window, which we got when we were first married. It is Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in a manger and that is it none of the fancy stuff that usually come with it that wasn't even there, like the wise men. Then J had to put on the angel tree topper that I made when I was pregnant with GG. YES I said I made has lasted 5 Christmas' now and it is time to get rid of it because the halo isn't on it anymore. I really can't believe it lasted this long because it is out of construction paper. When we were first married we got back from our honeymoon on Christmas day so the next Christmas was the one I made the tree topper and most of the ornaments because we were in college still, pregnant and just down right poor. J is very sentimental so he doesn't want to get rid of it but I do we can afford a real one now. Hopefully J will get me one for Christmas?!?! I did ask for one. Ok this has turned into Christmas talk and very mushy, sorry. So our house is decorated for Christmas and this year we bought lights for outside the kids think that is very cool. Only 29 days til Christmas and we don't even have half the shopping done. I am getting a little nervous about that.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I last wrote about GG's having her Thanksgiving program that was the cutest thing I have ever seen. She had paint on her face because she was an Indian. While the kids were practicing I was talking to Mrs S about something that I was getting annoyed with GG doing at home. She has taken up rhythming words some that aren't really words which is the annoying part. This seemed to make her teacher very glad that she was rhythming and getting real words some of the time. Then I was telling her that the other day she wrote. I l y t g we p mom. GG told me she wrote "I like the games we play mom." Her teacher said that was great. That these are the first steps in really reading. I told her that GG will take books in her room and make stories up to the pictures but lately she has started to really try and read the words. Some she gets and some she doesn't. Then last night in the van she said, "I can spell the word tag. T... A... G!" I told her she was right then she kept going with words, she spelled brag, dog, van, grill and jam. I just think it is really cool the excitement and interest she has in reading and writing. So yesterday J had training for work so he left our house earlier than normal, he called and asked if I would be willing to bring the kids to the station and he would order pizza and we could eat together. I thought that was a great idea and the kids absolutely loved it. So we were there for about an hour. Today GG came with me to our playgroup and Monkey went shopping with J. Tomorrow J is taking Brae on their date for November, remember I told you we rented Ice Princess? Well J is taking her ice skating tomorrow. While they are gone the boys and I are going to get some Christmas presents for them!!! Well both of the boys just woke up so later.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I was going to update last night before I went to bed but I was just too tired. J was off of work Monday through Wednesday. So here is what we did. Monday after Monkey got up from his nap we went to the Library. We haven't been there in a while and the kids really enjoyed the time there. We started out coloring pictures and the next thing I knew Monkey had written his whole name on the page. I was so amazed, because I really haven't worked with him. Just the other day his teacher sent home a page to learn how to write the e, I believe that is the only time I have sat down with him and did letter writing. His fine motor skills have really taken off since the beginning on the school year, I can totally tell when he colors pictures, he tries to stay in the lines now. I guess I should start writing more letters with him since he has the interest. My friend Julie has a little boy about Monkey's age and he is starting to write too. So when they are ready there really is no stopping them. Then we picked out some books and movies and headed home. J and I got the movie Super Size Me. There was one part I thought I was going to throw up but I didn't thank heavens. I guess you could say it motivated us to start working out. So we took "fat pictures" neither one of us are fat but we wanted a before picture to see how we change at the end of 6 weeks. I got 20 minutes of a work out before Red needed me and J got 30 minutes. Tuesday I met my friend Silva at the mall and we walked for a hour and a half. I was not as sore as I thought I would be but I could feel the work that I had done the night before! That afternoon we hung out playing with the kids all day. Then Red and I went to the LLL meeting, came home and worked out again. Yesterday Red and I went to Bible study, got the kids, came home had lunch and then Monkey and I went on a date. We went to Starbucks to get some hot chocolate and a cookie. I let Monkey pay, which he thought was cool. Then we sat down and I took his coat off and explained to him why we should take our coats off inside. As I went to sit down this lady says, "I just want to compliment you on your mothering skills. I like the way you are interacting with your child." I was a little shocked and said thanks. You never know when someone is watching what you do or say. When we got home GG wanted some one on one mommy time so we popped in the movie Ice Princess that we got from the library and snuggled on the couch. It was a cute movie and I got to hold my little girl while I watched it with her. I love my kids so much. Then last night J and I got into a discussion because he said he wanted to go snowboarding at least once on his days off...first we don't have the money for him to go every day off and secondly that is our family time. So basically it came down to I could do things on my own but I always want the kids to be with us. Which is true I like having my kids with me, how else are they going to learn how to act or behave if you keep them locked up with a babysitter???? Don't get me wrong I am all about going out with my hubby on dates which the kids *need* to stay home but other than that I like having them with me. Well tonight the kids have Cubbies and I was going to take Red shopping for J's Christmas presents but I really don't really want to be out in the cold. This morning we dropped the kids off at school and went to 3 different grocery stores and the to get Red's 6 month pictures taken. Yes he is 6 months old TODAY! I can't believe it. Tomorrow GG has her Thanksgiving program at school and so does Monkey at different times (yay) J and I are going to help with that, the kids have costumes it should be really cute, I can't wait. Then at night we have our couples small group Bible study (my dad and Roberta are babysitting, they just got back from CA and have gifts for the kids) and Sunday is Red's baby dedication. And they have next week off of school, a whole week of not getting up at 7am should be restful. Later

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I just love the picture J has on the computer for our wallpaper, its so sweet. It is J and all 3 kids covered in leaves. Monkey has his hands under his chin smiling, GG is smiling and J is holding Red in a sitting position. I think I took a pretty good picture if I do say so myself! Yesterday the kids and I went to my mom's house for the night. I gave my first show and it went pretty good. Before the show we were eating dinner and my brother Kory who is 20 asked me to pour him a cup of pop after I filled my cup up. I said, "Anything for my little brother." Then I looked at the kids and asked, "Did you know he is my little brother?" Monkey was so funny he replied right away, "But mommy he is bigger than you." I told him he was right but that I was older than him. So GG asked Kory how old he was and he, of course, said 20 and then she said, "Mommy is 27, yep that is 7 years older." It was cute. GG and Monkey had a blast playing with my siblings and my friend Sunshine's daughter who is 8 years old. GG thinks that is a pretty cool name to have...Sunshine. You should hear the way she says it :) I would write more but I didn't get a lot of sleep last night due to the fact that Red is coming down with something and had a hard time breathing/eating. Poor baby didn't get much sleep either. Plus, Monkey at about 4am says, "Excuse me mommy, I need to go pee pee." So polite even when he is half asleep! So I jumped out of bed to show him where to go I figured it was easier for me to wake up completely then have to clean up pee and wake everyone up.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Let's see what has gone on here this week. Monday J was off and he and the two older children raked leaves, not to play in this time. And I went through the kids clothes found some winter clothes from last year for GG and Monkey and put away all of Red's 0-3 months and 3-6 month clothes. I can't believe how big he has gotten. I, however, realized that I have no winter clothes for Red past 9 months. That is no good. I am hoping to make it to Christmas time where I am also hoping he will get some 12 month winter clothes...hint hint :) I might ask a friend if I can borrow some clothes if he grows too fast. But he is completely covered for summer! Tuesday, Red and I had playgroup it was at our house and then after lunch the kids and I met some friends at an Outlet Mall, that was really fun. We got home just in time for my candle party. Yeah that was a pretty busy day but very fun. Today J had court and I had Bible study this morning, it was my small groups turn to serve in the nursery so J picked the kids up at school so I could stay and watch the video of the study. I got home at 1pm just in time to help J take down GG's bed. When we were at my dad's on Sunday they asked if we wanted the twin bed we used when we lived there. Of course we said YES! J's parents had a twin bed that was Liz's in their basement for a long time that we wanted but Liz decided that when she remodeled her room she wanted to use it so we took the bed that was in her room. It definitely served its purpose. J put the bed up for sale on this really cool website that you don't have to pay for like Ebay. We sold it in a day and they guy came and got it today. So GG's room is set up the way I want it and it looks super cute!!!! Well enough of my rambling....

Sunday, November 06, 2005

The past few days have been absolutely beautiful outside so that is where the kids and I have been. We have racked a lot of leaves just to play in :) Today after church I took GG to pizza hut to redeem her "book it" personal pan pizza. We gave her a choice if she wanted to go with just me or J or the whole family. She wanted to spend time with just me so J had the two boys. Later we are going to my dad's and they are going to watch the kids while J and I go on a date. Well I'm outta here!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The kids and I just came inside from taking a walk/bike ride and playing outside. They were cracking me up outside...they each took a jump rope and pretended that it was a dog. Pretty funny to watch them with their *dog* running around the yard. Now they are pretending they are going to a wedding. I love their imaginations! GG has learned a new somewhat annoying skill, whistling. She is actually really good at it too. While on the subject of GG her teacher (in my opinion) gave me the nicest compliment, she told me in all of her years teaching GG is the sweetest most compassionate, loving little girl she has had in class. She said that GG is always so gently with the kids that are having a hard day at school by hugging and comforting them. She told me that I am really blessed to have her and I totally agree. She has always been very motherly towards the boys as a matter of fact towards any baby. She truly is a great big sister and Monkey will tell you she is the best! Now don't get me wrong GG and Monkey fight but she is a very gentle hearted and sensitive to his feelings. Today while Monkey was sleeping she was playing with his balloon and it popped she was so sad for him and apologized as soon as he woke up. He could tell she was sincere and he was totally ok with the fact his balloon was gone.

On a side note: Last night my little m&m's went trick or treating for a little over an hour until it started raining. They looked so sweet in their costumes. The kids had so much fun and some of the neighbors had special treats just for them. They thought that was pretty cool. When we were done trick or treating we went to my dad's work and he took us out to dinner. We got home with about 2 hours left of trick or treating and the rest of the time GG and Monkey took turns handing out the candy. I think it was good for them to be on the other end of the candy exchange. I think they liked passing out the candy more then getting it!!!