Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Well I didn't do much today...J did a lot though. I did go to work with the kids. Yesterday was fun...we took J to court and I took the kids to the park to play it was beautiful outside. Then we went grocery shopping as a family. I just really love J's days off!!! I am really tired and am about to go to bed at 8 :)

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Today we got up and went to church. Monkey was in our sunday school class like usual...he was climbing on the chair and when he got on it he would say, "monkey child" I call him and GG that when they climb on things. It was really funny to hear him call himself that! Then we had lunch with grandma, grandpa and Liz. After lunch J left for work and Liz and I took the kids to the park to play. It was beautiful outside. The kids had a blast too. Then we came home and did normal Sunday things. I need to go get in bed so I am ending this now!

Saturday, March 27, 2004

I didn't update yesterday because I was having too much fun with the kids and being lazy after they went to sleep! The kids were walking around the living room last night yelling "monsters where are you?" Well GG was at least...Monkey sounded like this, "munshers are ooo?" They were looking under things and just cracking Becky, Grandma and I up. Another thing that was special happened yesterday. J didn't have to go to work until 3:45 so we got to spend great quality time with him! I decided that I wasn't going to go to the LLL fund raiser tonight even though I really wanted too. There will be more.

Today we all got up and took my car in to get cleaned. It looks so nice and smells so clean. Then after lunch J and I took the kids outside in the nice warm weather and let them rides their bikes. GG is doing wonderfully on her "big girl" bike. Monkey can't reach the pedals on his big wheel yet so he walks with his bike. They both had fun. Then J and I went to get my car...the kids stayed with grandma for the 30 minutes. I haven't been in J's truck for a long time and it felt weird...like back before kids. Whenever we went anywhere we always took his truck, since we have kids we don't all fit! Tonight the kids and I got invited out for dinner so we are going! Should be great fun. They are both sleeping right now...getting up early and playing outside has worn them out. I love those two little kids with all my heart.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

My little boy is super sweet. I was laying him down for bed and he looked up at me and wrapped his little arms around my neck. I love that feeling. So sweet! Ok I think I have now about done everything humanly possible while breastfeeding. Tonight I changed Monkey's diaper while he was attached and asleep. I didn't even wake him up! I know, I know I'm talented :) My boss today told me that if I stopped working there she would cry and that I am one of her favorite people to work with. That gave me warm fuzzies! I think J should be happy tonight because our computer is finally running the way it should. But it was last night too until he got home. GG had her "school" today. I also talked to a lady about getting her into Awana clubs at a church here. I really want her to go to our church but I don't want to drive an hour just to be there an hour. Plus, she will know some of the kids from the Y because they go there. She will start next Monday! GG also got to ride her bike today because it was so nice out. Oh and last night Monkey fell asleep without nursing and I only nursed him once during the night. I am weaning him from nighttime nursing...so far so good. That is about from me.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Today was Dance day! That was all I did outside of the house. But I cleaned the fish bowl and did 3 loads of laundry. I can't remember the last time I did laundry. J has been awesome about doing it while I work, WHAT A GREAT GUY!!! I don't even ask him to...he just does it :) And it isn't even like the bathrooms, I don't mind laundry, I hate cleaning bathrooms! Well we got our computer fixed finally. It turns out that Kevin was trying to get the connection more secure and he turned off the router. We are hooked up to the router...so that is why we didn't have connection. Well I am really tired so I am going to bed.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

This really isn't my fault...the computer and internet have been acting up. Ours still isn't working so I am using my dad's. Yesterday was J last day off his rdo (routine days off) we took GG outside and let her ride her bike. Then we went to play at the park. J made dinner and started a fire! GG and I had hot chocolate :) Yummy!

Today I worked and GG went with me and Monkey and J stayed home. Well they went to the storage to get Monkey's big wheel out and J put it together. Now they both have bikes to ride!!! Monkey was really excited about that. My friend Amanda came over for lunch today and she looked at the kids' scrapbooks...she is going to be doing one for her son. I like to get ideas from other peoples and so does she. Well that is about all I want to write.

Monday, March 22, 2004

So the internet was down again. All day yesterday GG was telling people about the pet show that we went too. I forgot to write about the bird that was on her shoulder. Listening to her tell people was just too cute. She would say, "There was a bird that climbed on my shoulder. It was so hilarious! The bird liked me." After church we went to another church for a big lunch. It was good. When we got home we called GG's friend Ethan. She was super excited to talk to him. In fact that is all she talked about the rest of the day..."I want to go see Ethan." Should of known better! Then I was on the phone long distance and GG stuck a piece of something in Monkey's ear. She called it "chocolate" but it wasn't. I got it out with some tweezers. Poor Monkey, I could tell it was bugging him because he wouldn't leave his ear alone. Sometimes I don't know what gets into those kiddies.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

This will be quick because we are about to head out for the night. Today we took the kids to a race track for the dog show. They had a blast. We saw dogs, cats, birds, and fish at the show. They also had a petting zoo with chickens, pigs, goats, and lamas. We let the kids feed the animals! Monkey kept saying as he held his hand out to J, "want some more" then J would put the food in his hand and he would feed the animals. GG also enjoyed that as well as the rest of the stuff! We got to see dogs jump into the water...very cool. We had a great family day. After we got home J and I joked with the kids about family naptime (they didn't want to sleep) we were in the bed and Monkey wouldn't let J give me a kiss. It was hilarious. He would say, "my mama" or "no kiss" as he pushed J away from me. Then GG got in on the action and Monkey started pushing both of them. I guess he can only love on me!!! Tonight we are going to Kohls, Wal-mart, and the grocery store before going to my in law for the night. So there it is our wonderful day :)

Friday, March 19, 2004

Tonight GG wanted to wear her winter pjs so I let her. She put them on and they are getting too small. I couldn't believe it. I also noticed the other day that another pair (dress) that used to be too big to the point she would trip over them are now almost up to her knees. Oh so Monkey yesterday called me MOMMY!!! I was so happy. I have been wanting him to call me that for some time now. He used to say mama but I love they way he says mommy. Today he got a haircut from daddy. Super cute! He is growing up so fast. He is now saying 3 to 4 word sentences. He has also started the repeating...I say something and he repeats it! He hasn't started that with GG yet. I had a friend from the LLL call today and we talked forever on the phone. She is really nice I am really glad I have met her. We have the same beliefs and parenting styles. She said that GG is the cutest little girl she has ever met. She tells her friends and family about the way GG plays with her baby (5 months) and she gets him to laugh! I remembered what I was going to write about Monkey! Ok so GG's favorite color is purple...so whenever I ask Monkey what color something is he says PURPLE! My friend said I should take advantage of it and name things things that are purple and make him look really smart like "what color is an eggplant?" and he would say purple :) The funny part is that he knows those colors aren't purple because he laughs after he says it and then I tell him the right color...which he repeats. But he can pick out purple on things and he is working on the other colors. He is such a little stinker sometimes! Well they are both sleeping so I should head that way. Later all.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Let me see. Today I took both kids to work so that J could get some sleep he didn't get home until after midnight. Then this afternoon I had an interview with a midwife. She seems really nice and I liked her. So I think that in the future if I have another baby I have a practice I want to go too. She did give me a bunch of things to read and research some of my options. So I have plenty of time!!! GG had her "preschool" class today I love watching her in her class when she doesn't know I am watching! That is the cool thing about working right next door. I was going to write something about Monkey but I can't remember now. Oh he loves wearing the underwear we bought him. I haven't started potty training him but on the way to the bathroom for bath time I will put them on him and he thinks he is hot stuff. That wasn't what I was going to write about but it is cute! That is all she wrote for today.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Wow what a day yesterday was! The kids and I went to work came home ate real quick and were out the door for my doctor's appointment. After the appointment we went to visit grandma at work...she was surprised to see us! Then we went out to eat at a fast food joint. Then we went to visit daddy at the department. While we were there Monkey face planted on the floor and now has a nice fat lip. At least he only bled in his mouth. Finally we went to our LLL meeting. That got over at around 9 and on the way home GG started throwing up. We were real close to the department when this happened so that is where I stopped. It was really bad. She had it down her shirt, in her hair, down her legs, all over her clothes and coat, on her car seat and the actual car seat. J happened to pull up as I ran into get something to clean her up with. He helped us and I found out today that he took his "dinner break" to help me. That man is just the best! I took GG in the bathroom stripped her down and gave J the clothes and coat. He took Monkey and the stuff and rinsed off the throw up. I gave GG a bath in the sink and put on new clothes that I got from my co-worker. She just happened to give me the hand-me-downs that day so I had them in my car! Then J took out her "nasty" car seat and put the clean car seat from his truck in my car. He then rinsed out the "nasty" one, bagged it and put it in my trunk. This whole ordeal lasted about 45 minutes. My poor baby, she just didn't feel good. By the time I got home she was sleeping so I laid her in the bed...it is now 10pm. I had to wash/hand clean the car seat pad, straps and buckles. I started a load of laundry and had to get Monkey to sleep. So I didn't get into bed last night until 11:30pm and I woke up that morning at 7:30am! I was actually awake when J came home. So we were home a total of 30min yesterday. This morning I woke up at 6:45am with a panic attack...I thought it was 7:45 and I was late!! Once I realized that I wasn't late I went back to sleep. Today I took Monkey to work and GG stayed home with dad. Came home and we went to her ballet class, because she felt fine. Now Monkey is sleeping and GG is playing so I thought I would update real quick...hahaha. Tonight we are going to take it easy and just chill. Hopefully go to bed early :)

Monday, March 15, 2004

Ok there is a good reason why I haven't posted...the internet wasn't working. J didn't have time to fix it last night or this morning so that left me to call the place and figure out the computer stuff. I am happy to say that I did it!!! We are up and running. I am very proud of myself :) Now that I have time I want to write about my wonderful, wonderful husband. Last time I updated I said that we were sick. Well here is the full story and that will explain why my husband is so WONDERFUL! Thursday night about 11:30pm Monkey threw up in the bed. We were both sleeping. I took Monkey upstairs to give him a bath because it was in his ears, hair and all over him. Not a pleasant smell. While I did that J changed the bedding and started the laundry with all the soiled linen. Then about 3ish he threw up again. I cleaned him up again and J changed the bed again. Then at 6-something, you guessed it, he threw up yet again. This time he needed another bath so J got in the shower and washed them both up got them dressed while I got GG dressed and J took both the kids to the 24 hour clinic. GG has had a really bad cough she hasn't been able to kick. I got up and got ready for work, tired and feeling sick myself. J called me at work to tell me that GG might have pneumonia and Monkey has a virus but they both have medicine. When I came home from work I went to the doctor. So he took the kids for me all morning and then again when I went to the doctor. To top that off Friday night I took the medicine I got and went to bed at 9...both kids still awake. J put them to bed without my help. I didn't nurse Monkey until 4ish that morning!!! What a great man to step up and do what is needed and I didn't even ask him for the help. I am truly blessed! I love my family, I love my job (and my kids do too because they get to go with me!) I just love life!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Ok it has been a couple of days since I posted! Let's just say the kids and I got sick but we are better now!!! Today we had a blast. Our friends the K's came to visit. We went to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. GG and Ellie loved it. Monkey was a little afraid of the leopard by our table that kept roaring. But they did great eating and behaving. Ellie is getting a brother or sister in Sept! Tonight we are going to J's parents. My mom-in-law had a birthday yesterday SOOOOO Happy Birthday Sue!!!! GG made her something :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

This morning I took the day off of work...so I got to sleep an extra hour and a half! GG had her dance class today. She asked all her aunts and uncles to come watch her so they all went. We got there and there was a sub, that didn't make GG happy so she didn't do any tap. But when they started the ballet she was fine. What a stinker. She did love having all those people there watching her because she hasn't stopped talking about them being there! Kevin, Melissa, and Kiera went home so it is quieter now. This afternoon I put Monkey down for a nap and a movie on for GG and I slept. I can tell that these naps I have started taking have been helping me get better. I have some nighttime medicine I am taking tonight in hopes it will keep me from coughing and keeping J awake. J is off tomorrow! I can't wait. Well I am ready for bed so...

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Ok so I went to work this morning and left early because I wasn't feeling well. This afternoon while Monkey took his nap and GlamorGirl watched A Bugs Life I took a much needed nap. I woke up with a fever so I am not working tomorrow. I do want to mention a cute story that grandma M told me about GG. She has seen grandma put her contacts in quite a few times now. Well GG has started imitating her. She DOES EVERYTHING grandma does! Turns the light on, cleans the contact (pretend to), opens her eyes really big and then says, "Oh I can see you now!" Very funny to watch. Well that is all she wrote for today. Catcha later.

Monday, March 08, 2004

This morning we woke up to Kiera, Melissa and Kevin. We thought they were coming at 2pm but they came in the am. So we spent the whole day with them. Monkey and Kiera played so well together. GG also liked playing with her cousin. We went out for lunch with everyone except Becky. Then I had a meeting at work and the kids stayed home and played with our company. There is a lot of people in this house but it is a lot of fun hanging out with all of them. I know my post are getting shorter and shorter!

Sunday, March 07, 2004

The last couple of days have been crazy and they are just about to get a little more crazy! Yesterday was Becky's birthday so we celebrated that. We spent the night at my in laws and went to church this morning. GG has a part in the Easter program at church:) Her line is "Christ Jesus Rose and is our KING!" She says it really good, I just hope she doesn't get stage fright. The kids and I are either getting sick or getting over being sick?!?! I am super excited about seeing my brother, his wife and my niece! We are going to have so much fun the couple of days they are here. Well I need to cut this short because I have two kids that keep getting out of bed.

Friday, March 05, 2004

I wasn't going to update today but both the kids are asleep and I am waiting for my man to get home! Lets see today Becky and Travis came home from college. Becky came to work first to play with the kids, they loved that. GG and Monkey have been so excited for them coming. My dad stayed home from work and ordered out lunch that was nice. Not really much else exciting happened. It is Friday and I don't work until Tuesday!!! My brother Kevin and his family are coming on Monday and then our friends from college are going to be in town next weekend so we are hopefully going to get to hook up with them :) Well I think I will call my friend Jo. Later everyone.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Ok today GlamorGirl went with me to work because she had her preschool class. Today they made 3 leaf clovers, very cute! Then J brought Monkey in because he helped my friend Wiesia move a dresser. Monkey was sleeping so he laid him in the playpen. GG saw him sleeping there and *had* to wake him up. She wanted to play with him. He saw her and screamed, "BAY! BAY!" I took him out and they played...I love that they get along. Today J and I were talking about how much Monkey is talking and putting words together. He says, "hold it" "some more" "have some" "all done" and a few more phrases but he is communicating so much more. I was talking to a lady who's little boy is a year older than Monkey and is just starting to say apple, purple, and home. Monkey has been saying those for a long time. It just goes to show that EVERY child is different...no cookie cutter kids here! Oh yeah I need to stop calling Monkey a little stinker because he has started calling himself that! Really cute to hear though. When we got home and after we ate lunch we did a bunch of family fun type things. (puzzles, books, dancing, video recording and playing) This is J's third day off so he is getting antsy, he gets bored easily. So he decided out of nowhere to transfer what he recorded at GG's third birthday on her tape. He rewound her tape a little and it was at her second birthday and she looked so different! I couldn't believe how much difference a year can make :) Her hair grew so much and she is taller she looked completely different! Then J decided since the recorder was out to get them on tape. They are such little hams! Before we recorded I gave GG a haircut. I actually took off an inch, J didn't want me too, I really didn't want to either. But I have had so many people tell me that if I cut an inch off her hair it will grow faster so I guess we will see if this works. Her hair is all one length (I didn't cut as much off the bangs) and she looks really cute. Lets see what else...oh yeah J started another fire tonight, I don't think I mentioned that we had one last night too. At dinner tonight GG told me that her teacher told her to sit on her behind but she didn't want too. I don't know if she listened or not??? Couldn't get that information out of her. She has learned how to keep secrets...and it drives me nuts. Well that is all I can think of to type at you!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Yesterday J and I went on a date. We went to see the movie the Passion of the Christ. I cried...a lot. I wanted to yell "stop" when they were beating Jesus but I knew we were in the theater so I didn't. The kids played at grandma and grandpa A's. So today GG told me that she wanted J and I to go on another date so she could play at grandma's house again. They both had a lot of fun playing there! So we might just do that again! It also helps that we got in the movie FREE! One of the perks of being a police officer :) Today after I got home from work we went to GG's dance class. After Monkey took his nap we went to the hospital to see our friend Jackie. She was having surgery. We got there and she was still in surgery so we talked with her parents. Didn't get to see her but told her parents to tell her we came. Then we came home and spent time as a family, I love doing that. I just love J's days off!!! I forgot to say that Monkey has started saying his name! J said he has been doing that for about 2 weeks but being the little stinker he is he will only say his name for his daddy. But he is saying other people's names now too. Like he says "Jackie" and "Ellie". Well I could go on about my kids like always but I am going to end this so I can get Monkey to sleep! Goodnight ALL!!

Monday, March 01, 2004

Our day! This morning GlamorGirl got up and ready while we were all sleeping she came in to wake us up with her princess dress up dress on! How funny :) I didn't work so we just hung out doing family stuff. GG showed daddy how she can count to 100! She is very proud of herself she learned how last night in the car ride home from grandma and grandpa's house. Then this afternoon I had a haircut. On the way there the kids and I saw the most beautiful rainbow...from the beginning to the end. We talked about why there are rainbows after a rain fall, as being God's promise that he will never again flood the land. We went to my friends house to get my haircut and she has the nicest house. GG and Monkey had a lot of fun playing with her daughter, same age as GG. Actually she is in the preschool class with her at the Y. Then when I got home I had a few messages one was from my mom-in-law Sue. She works at the school J graduated from and they are thinking of starting a daycare/preschool through the school. She thought of me as being in charge of it. I was honored that she thought of me for the position. It would be a full time (I could bring the kids) job and one of the benefits would be that the kids could go to school there for free!!! A private school education for free and I would get paid a salary, sounds great huh? I get paid to be with my kids! I need to talk with J and pray about it before I give her a definite yes or no that I would be interested in doing the job. The school isn't even sure yet if they are going to go through with this plan and start it but if they do I want to have an answer for them. Thank you Sue for thinking of me! Then tonight we went grocery shopping! We just got home and put the food away and GG fell asleep on the way home so she is in bed asleep and Monkey is winding down so it shouldn't be long before he is ready for bed as well. And that is all she wrote for today!