Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Today was a nice day. We got up and got everyone ready as a family. Ate breakfast and played together. Then this afternoon J left for his first day of work. That was a little weird because I was starting to get used to having him around since we have been with him since Thursday. Oh well. He'll be home tonight :) I made a turkey breast for dinner my first time and it turned out good. We have lunches for a couple of days! I also made homemade brownies! yummy! The rest of the night I plan on hanging out with the kids by playing or reading books with them. Or maybe giving them and me a bubble bath. Who knows we'll see where the night takes us. But that is it for us right now. Sorry I am too tired to pick a funny story to write so I will not write one. Tomorrow I will I promise.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Funny story first...tonight for dinner Grandma made fish and it was stinky. GG was drinking water and she thought that the water tasted bad because of the smell. So she didn't want to drink the water and we told her it was ok that the fish just smelled bad. She said, "No I don't like this water it has fish in it!" What a goofy connection between those two things. Most of our day was spent running errands. I did get my wedding ring sent in to get fixed. Yeah. We got groceries and ate dinner and were in for the night. Tomorrow J starts his first day on the police force. So if you think of him please say a prayer of protection over him. Thank you. We are kind of fond of him in our family :) We are going to give the kids a bubble bath now.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Today we went to Church at B. On the way there GG was in the back seat and she said, "Forget about it!" Thanks Grandpa A. At church we managed to lock our keys in the car. So Aunt Becky and Grandma M brought us an extra pair. We ate lunch with J's family. It was really yummy! Then we just hung out for a while. Now we are back at my dad's getting things ready for J's celebration dinner! Oh I have another funny thing GG did at the family thing at the academy. We walked into the room and there was a bunch of police officers. She said, "oh look mommy a lot of cops!" I love how kids state the obvious :) Of course they all laughed which she thought was great. Have I mentioned she loves being the center of attention?

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Ok last week we left here on Tuesday morning and went to clean our old apartment for check out. Then we went out to eat with the B's. We stayed at there house on Tuesday and Wednesday night. GG had lots of fun playing with Ethan's birthday present she got him! And of course just playing with Ethan was a big treat.

Wednesday night we went to the K's house for dinner. It was yummy. Then we had to say goodbye and that was really sad. But I'm sure we will stay friends with them. They have family up here. And even if they didn't I just know we will be friends for a long time considering that Monkey and Ellie are getting married!

Thursday morning we got up and headed down to the academy to see J. What a great feeling to know that the week was over and we could be a family everyday again! We went to the guest program/family program from 1 to 4. Then hung out until it was time for the banquet at 6pm. That got over at 9 and we got the kids who were playing with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Ribbit. The kids got to go swimming in the hotel pool!

Friday was J's graduation! What a great day. We left the academy went to WIU just in time for the tornado warning to go off. Then after it cleared we were on our way back home. We got here at 8:30pm so we had a pretty long day yesterday.

Today we are going to finish getting things organized downstairs but that shouldn't take very long!

Monday, September 22, 2003

First Day

Today was the first day here without J. I think that it went pretty well. We got up and got ready like normal. Then I took the kids shopping. It was fun to be able to go to different stores that were only 5 minutes from our house! Can't do that where we used to live. Anyways, we went to get GG's friend Ethan a birthday present. Which I think she thinks she gets to keep. Oh well. Then we went to the grocery store. Today I was trying to get GG to take a nap which I was unsuccessful at! Monkey had just woke up from a nap and so he wasn't tired. I sent him out to the toys and laid with GG. She asked what Monkey was doing and I told her not to worry about Monkey to worry about GG. She said, "I don't want to worry about myself!" What a little stinker. She also is trying to get us to buy a new house for her because she for some reason doesn't want to live here. Even though for the past three months she kept asking when we were moving in with Grandma and Grandpa. Now that we are here she doesn't want to stay. I don't understand her some times. I have been telling her that we are going to stay here until we find a new house of our own which is why she keeps telling me to find a new house for her. Right now the two of them are playing together very nicely. But I don't want to be on here very long so I am ending this. Tomorrow we are going back to WIU to clean our apartment and check out. We are staying with the B's! That should be a lot of fun.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Let's see where to begin! We are moved into my dad house. I'll start with Friday the 19th. We got up and went to playgroup, then to BK (with our playgroup), then to get the Ryder Truck, we packed the truck and left for here at 8:30pm. We arrived at my dad's at 1:30am. Went to bed.

Saturday got up and unloaded the truck with everything that needed to stay here and then J and my dad-in-law took the rest to our storage unit. Unpacked the boxes and then took back the Ryder truck. Went to Wal-mart, out to eat, and then home for the night.

Sunday we slept in and J set up the computer. Then this afternoon my dad and I took the kids to my grandparents Farm for a family get together. That was fun. GG loved playing with her cousins. She also thought it was neat that Grandpa Candy (her great grandpa) could take his teeth out of his mouth. She tried to get hers to come out too. The kids got to see cows, ducks and cats at the farm and they both liked that. Now we are home and they are both asleep so I thought I would update things real quick!

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Today we got up and did some more packing and moving things around. Then I went to the consignment shop to drop off the last of my clothes that I didn't want anymore. I am so tired of the moving thing. I want it to be done with. Our house is a complete mess! The only other things we have going on today is taking things to the Samirtain Wells and Wal-mart. We will be watching the Cops premiere tonight as a family which should be fun. Oh yeah my neighbor the art teacher gave me an art book with ideas and crafts to do with the kids. It was a going away present. She is such a nice lady. I can't wait to start doing the projects. I just want the kid's childhood to be filled with fun activities! So that they have great memories. Well I am going to go so J can pack up this computer! I will be back in about a week.

Friday, September 12, 2003

This morning I woke up extremely sick feeling! So I called my friend Kristen and she took the kids to playgroup and then to her house afterwards. It was great to be able to sleep for about 2 hours with no interruptions or being sandwiched between to sleeping babies. I did wake up when the door bell rang. It was Hagler with wood samples for me to look at. We are going to finally have a headboard! Since I was awake I went to get the kids. I of course ended up staying and talking to Kristen while the kids played. We came home at 2pm and at 2:15 J walked through the door. Great timing considering I thought he would be home at 3pm. We don't have anything planned this weekend expect for doing last minute moving things. But I am going to go cuddle with J now! Have a nice weekend to everyone.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Ok this morning we got up early because I had a doctor's appointment. I dropped GG off at Ethan and took Monkey with me because he hadn't eaten breakfast yet. (I planned on nursing him while I waited) I got to the office and Sharie was home sick. They said they had tried calling all morning but they were calling the wrong number. Oh well. So we ended up hanging out at Kristen's house for a while. Came home and had lunch and then naps. Then this evening the kids went to the K's house while I went out with some friends. The kids had a lot of fun and when I got back Monkey wasn't crying! Aaron said that he only cried for about 20 minutes. I was gone about 2 hours. I think he is getting more comfortable but not too comfortable. Then we are going to move and he is going to have to get used to a whole new group of people who watch him! That is it for us here!

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

I have been meaning to write about Monkey for awhile but have forgotten. He is learning things so fast I can hardly keep up! He likes to tell you what a cow, pig and dog say. He will also point to his eyes and nose and sometimes his mouth. The funny thing about asking him to point to things is that after he points to his he then points to yours! Not so good when he points to your eyes and almost pokes them out :) Well today we got up just in time to get ready and head out the door for our play date with the B's and the H's. Which means that GG got to play with baby Laura she loved it. Kristen got out the baby gym out and the kids laid on either side of Laura. Poor little girl being sandwiched between the two of them! It was a fun play date. I love GG's age. When we go play at her friends house they go off and play with very little fighting. Actually Kristen and I have noticed that they fight more when they are playing in front of us! They think we should solve their fights. After we left the play date at 2:15pm, oh yeah we got there at 11am. So much fun, the time went by so fast. Then we came home and Monkey took a nap while GG and I made a necklace together. GG and I have an agreement that when she needs mommy time she just has to tell me and we do something just us. She loves it and has asked for it at least once a day since Monday when we had the talk. Well nothing else exciting happened and I am just blabbing on and on right now!

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb I guess that Monkey wanted to post something. Funny that he choice the letter B!
Let's see today we got up and did some errands. Then we had a play date with Ellie and Ethan after lunch. We went to the park and played. It was nice to get out of the house and I mean outside not just our house! I can't believe that we have only 11 days still we move. This just seems crazy. It should be a life changing experience for the kids to be around grandparents. I have being trying to get GG to understand the move and I think she does but I am a little worried about how Monkey is going to do. I can't think of any funny stories today even though I know some happened today. I am being paged to the bathroom to wipe GG's poopy butt. Oh the joys of motherhood!

Monday, September 08, 2003

A boring Monday here. The only thing we really did today was go grocery shopping. I do want to tell Virginia: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Lets see funny story about my little girl. We called Virginia this morning to tell her happy birthday. We got the machine. So after we left the message GG picked up the phone and pretend told Virginia that we got her a birthday card. Then proceed to sing her the birthday song. She is so sweet. I am going to go to bed now. By the way we have almost the house place packed up which makes it a little difficult do things here. But it is only for a short time!

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Ok funny story that happened this morning while getting everyone ready for church. J was going to take a shower with Monkey. So I took off Monkey's diaper only for J to tell me he wasn't ready for him in the shower. I then decided to put Monkey on the potty just in case he peed. Well good thing I did because he went pee in the potty for the first time! I thought how random :) The next funny story that happened today was with GG. Remember that chant I told you she says? Well it actually goes like this: Mommy and Daddy laying in bed. Mommy rolled over and this is what she said. Give me some. PT. Good for you. Good for me. GG did pretty good remembering it last week. Anyways, so were all laying in bed ready for family nap time. All of a sudden she says, "All of us laying in bed. Mommy rolled over and this is what you said. Give me some. PT. Good for you. Good for me." J and I just laughed and laughed along with both the kids. What a goof she substitute mommy and daddy for all of us! We really didn't do much else today. We got a car washed after church.

Saturday, September 06, 2003

An early post but already so much to write about! This morning the kids got up and played in the toyroom (without being told) while J and I snuggled. That was great. Then we got up and started our day. We cleaned both vehicles, by we I mean mostly J! The kids did help some though. Then we ate lunch together. Monkey fell asleep and GG and I went outside to play at the park. Speaking of GG, I forgot a story that happened yesterday on the bus. We were riding and their was a black lady on the bus. She says, "Look mommy that lady is brown." I don't think she heard what GG said but I was a little embarrassed. Kids tell it like it is sometimes not at the right time or place! Anyway, tonight we are having dinner with the B's and then all of us are heading over to the balloon rally. Tonight is the *glow* so cool to watch. We are meeting the rest of our playgroup over there. It should be great fun.

Friday, September 05, 2003

This morning I got up early to get ready for playgroup. GG was a wake too so we ate breakfast together. Then we came up stairs so I could take a shower. As I was getting things ready she had her baby doll and said, "mommy baby is crying I need to nurse her." She sat down and started to nurse her baby and all of a sudden she said, "do you want to switch sides." I never realized that I said that to Monkey and she listened to me say it. She is seriously a mirror of me sometimes. It is a little scary and a lot of funny for the most part. Monkey slept until I was ready to go what a good little boy. Anyway we went to playgroup and had a blast. Then we picked up J's uniform and went home. Got the mail and ate lunch. After lunch I just thought taking a bus ride would be fun. So off to the bus stop we went and we took a ride. When we got back it was time for naps which both the kids took today. After nap we played outside waiting for J to get home. He brought me a present. It was my favorite sent from Bath and Body Works. I just love my hubby so much. We went out to dinner at Rocky's tonight with some friends. Then we headed over to the balloon rally. The kids loved watching all the balloons in the air. Plus, we got to see a lot of people we know. That was fun. I am going to miss that about this town. Tomorrow night is the balloon glow it is going to be so much fun. After the balloon rally, I know the day isn't over yet, we took some candles out to the hospital. Now we are back and getting things ready for bed.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

I'm a crafty mama! Today while Monkey took his nap, now that he is down to one a day I usually let GG stay awake so we can spend time together but it mostly depends on her. She was good today and didn't need a nap plus, she kept saying mommy I want to spend time with you. It just melted my heart. So today we made a necklace, here is the crafty part. We used stale cheerios and a piece of string. GG absolutely loved it. Since I have been packing up things there is less to do so I have to use my creativity and find things still unpacked to do fun things with. Like the other day when we made a self portrait of her using the protective paper for our breakables. She had so much fun. Well after Monkey woke up from his nap we went to the B's for dinner. Then the kids played outside since it was beautiful out. Oh yeah this morning we ran errands and my favorite was the farmers market. We spent $12 and this is what we got. A bag of apples, bag of plums, some peaches, fresh green beans, 4 corn on the cob, a seedless watermelon, and a cantaloupe. I got a lot of stuff! Well that is it from us here tomorrow is our first pre-playgroup :) And J comes home! YAY

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

The first thing I heard this morning from GG was, "Mommy roll over. Give me some. PT. Good for you. Good for me." She says this all the time now. What a goof. It is all J. This morning GG and Monkey's friend Ethan came over to play while his mom went to a doctor's appointment. Then we went to their house for lunch and to play. Considering our place is all boxes and most of the toys are packed. I know but I figured that the toys would be the hardest to get packed so I packed them early. I do have a few out for them to play with I'm not heartless! We actually spent a lot of time outside today it was nice in the shade! Which Monkey got his first pair of shoes, from Ethan. They fit great and now he can walk outside with shoes on. I think he likes that better?!? The kids took a bubble bath tonight because they were both dirty from playing outside.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I'm starting with last night...GG was talking in her sleep. It was pretty funny. I only remember her saying, "Mommy can I help you?" She said other things too I just don't remember it was late. Then she woke me up at 2:30 or so to go potty. I was sleeping and I heard her say it but didn't do anything until she got out of bed and started walking to the bathroom. She was at the door by the time I got there. No accident! I can't believe she will be potty trained for a year soon. I saved so much money on diapers! Today we walked over to the rental office to tell and ask Rhonda somethings. Then after lunch the kids and I ran errands and I took them too the K's. Monkey was asleep when I left not a good idea. Poor little guy. I had two hours to myself to pack up some stuff I actually got a lot done. I think J will be happy when he gets home on Friday. I am super packer upper! We played outside today because it was so nice out which the kids loved. And GG and I did a craft while Monkey slept after dinner. It turned out so good. Our next door neighbor is a Art Teacher so we took it over and showed her. She was impressed that I did that with GG. It was a craft she does with her Kindergarteners. GG had fun and that is all that matters. The kids are both in bed sleeping right now which is wonderful. GG didn't take a nap today, at the K's. I benefited from that. Well I really should get myself into bed right now.

Monday, September 01, 2003

Happy Labor Day! Well we got to sleep in this morning. It was great. Then we did things around the house all day. Mainly packing things. Uncle Travis came over to play with the kids today they really enjoyed that. This day went pretty fast maybe because we got up so late. Who knows! I'm really tired for some reason maybe from all the hard work I did today :) Four days and I get my hubby back. Oh yeah my step-mom called today to tell me that the downstairs will be ready for us to move in by the 12th. That is good to know because we are moving in on the 20th. They bought carpet for the basement so we don't freeze down there. I am really excited about using the fireplace in the winter. I think it will take some adjusting to living there but since we have our own living space it should be ok. Well I am going to get Monkey to sleep so I can hit the bed too. GG is already sleeping what a little angel! (sometimes)