Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Drama Queen

I usually don't like using that term to describe GlamroGirl but she won that title today. Last night I got her birthday invitations address to the different kids in her class she wanted to invite. She sat down with me and made a list about 3 weeks ago. Well she comes running out of her class with tears in her eyes. "I didn't want to invite Christopher. I only wanted to invite girls." Then her friend Jacob comes up to her with the invitation that was placed inside his homework folder and says, "I thought you said I wasn't invited to your party." AT this point I am starting to get uneasy because the hallway was crowded and the little boys mom was standing right there and GG says, "Why does Jacob have an invitation...I DON'T WANT BOYS AT MY PARTY!" Now tears are falling from her eyes. Other moms watching this whole thing go down are laughing at the drama that is GLAMORGIRL! I was very upset with the fact that she was telling kids in her class they weren't invited. Not everyone did get invited but to be so mean like that is not something she has done before. We had a nice LONG talk with her about how she acted and then I proceeded to show her the guest list with both of the boys names on it and she was fine. I don't understand what was going on in that little head of her that she had such a melt down. But ever since we have gotten home she has been fine.

Well I didn't update last night because I was busy with Red and his grape colored puke flying everywhere. I can't remember the last time Red was sick and throwing up. Poor little guy just wanted to be cuddled. Which, of course, lead to me being covered in it...that's the price of be clean or covered in toddler puke?!?! On a happy and more exciting note, I finally have a garbage disposal. J put it in yesterday and he did a great job! Bring on the table scraps...

Monday, January 29, 2007

Blogger and other stuff

So I finally made the switch to the NEW blogger. I don't really know if I like it because it doesn't have any of my archives. Maybe I have to do something to make them visible. I'll have to fiddle with it.

For the most part I am a pretty private person especially when it comes to my feels and least on my blog I am. Well a friend of my just lost her baby yesterday (she is another blogger) and then another friend lost her baby today. It just opened the scar in my life of when I lost a baby at 9 1/2 weeks. All the feelings and emotions of that loss came flooding back to me. The scenes of the ER and everything else that happened. My heart is breaking for both of these women. But now my baby has friends to play with in heaven. So that is where my head has been at and why I didn't updated yesterday. So please pray for these women who I am not going to name...but they need comfort and healing that can only come from our Father in Heaven.

Friday, January 26, 2007


This morning we got up and had the kids get "ready" for school. Then we got in the van and clearly were not heading towards school. So we told them we had a few errands to run before we took them. We got to our destination and walked into the building and then to our seats. GlamorGirl was wide eyed and looking all around asking, "Where are we? What are we doing?" When we got to our seats we told her, "Do you see the ice down there? Well the Princesses are going to be ice skating on it." She was so excited. For the last few weeks Disney Princesses on Ice has been advertised on the local kids channel and she really wanted to see it. The best part was that we had already bought the tickets for her birthday present. I think it was the best surprise she has ever least her faced said it was! Monkey and Red enjoyed the show as well. It was a great family time and it just brought back the memory of going to Disney and seeing all those characters.

The rest of the day was pretty normal. Except that when we got home from the show our friend from church (an electrician) had put lights in the living room and a switch in the kitchen for the garbage disposal. That was great excitement for step closer to getting my Christmas present from last year put in the kitchen.

Tonight we had girls night out. My friend came over and we took the kids to the sitter then headed to our other friends house. I ate so much food tonight I thought I was going to be sick. It was a great time hanging out and just laughing with those women. I talk to some of them on the phone at least once a week but getting to hang out is just so much better! We didn't get home until almost 11pm which is extremely late for the kids and myself. But I knew I probably won't be able to sleep if I didn't get all of these things out of my head and on to my blog.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

His shirt says, "I do all my own stunts"

I'm Back!

I have been flying under the radar for the last few days. I was just sitting here thinking how nice it is for my dad and step mom to be able to take a 2 week trip to Costa Rica. Now don't forget that they just took us to Disney world in November and paid for all 13 of our family members to go for my dad's 50th birthday. Well it is Roberta's turn because she has her birthday this month.

I'm a little bummed/stressed about this weekend. Friday my small group is getting together at our friends house and I can't find a sitter. I really want to go and she really wants everyone to be there it actually got changed from Saturday to Friday because one of the girls couldn't go. But Friday is even worse for me, now that I am trying to find a babysitter. I don't want to be stressed about it because I want to go there and have a relaxing time.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Dentist

Yeah so we went to the dentist and I forgot to mention it because the rest of the day yesterday was so much know with the hair cut and Chuck E. Anyways, the two older kids and I had our teeth cleaned yesterday after school. J got done in the morning because his appointment was longer because of x-rays needed. Well Monkey got his teeth cleaned first so GlamorGirl sat in the room with me while I got mine cleaned. She was talking up a storm to the dentist. Which was kind of nice because with his hands in my mouth I really wasn't able to carry on a conversation. At one point when his hands did come out of my mouth I commented on how *the girl* is really shy. He says, "Maybe one day she will come out of her shell and actually talk." It is so true the girl is way too comfortable around strangers. Well then the kids switched because my teeth take longer. Monkey sat in the seat and continued on the way GG was talking with the dentist. I guess it was because I was in the least that is what I am telling myself!

Well we had a great day today. We went to a 5 year old birthday party. We have been friends with this family for about 4 years now. We met them where we went to college and now they live about an hour away so we get together with them about once a month. They have two girls one 6 months older then the Monkey and the other is about 6 months older then Red. Our running joke and I really hope it happens is that since they will be in the same grade that one day their girls will marry our boys. We can always hope.

Friday, January 19, 2007

I got a hair cut!

I realized I hadn't gotten my hair cut since May and it *really* needed it big time. So my friend met me at the place and she watched the kids for the 45 minutes it took for me to get the shampoo, cut, blow dry and style. I love the feeling after getting your hair done. Too bad my husband went snowboarding he hasn't even seen me yet.

For dinner to night we went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate GG's birthday with my side of the family. We were going to order pizza in but she really wanted to go there. The kids played games and we ate, had cupcakes I had made and brought with and then she opened her presents. She got a really cute sign for her room that says "Princess Parkway", she got a precious moments figure (she gets one from her Aunt Becky every year) with a little girl on a bike with the number 6, and she got a card from my dad and inside was a coupon for a day out with grandma and grandpa. It was really cute. I asked her what she got in the card and she says, "I got a gift certificate." I asked her, "What kind of gift certificate." Her reply, "I get a day to spend grandma and grandpa's money!" We all got a good laugh from that one and my dad says well I guess she is right. She has my dad wrapped around her little finger just like I did when I was little. It's really funny to watch...he has trained her good...she knows to ask him for money :) Well it is my bedtime so goodnight.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ah The Birthday Girl!

The day started with GG coming into our room and us telling her Happy Birthday! She was so excited because there were streamers hanging on her door with balloons (a birthday tradition) and cards hanging on her door. She went to get the cards and then snuggled right in the middle of J and I to open them. Then it was get ready for school. Today she had her picture re-takes for the graduation pictures, I really hope they turn out good. Then after school we went for her birthday lunch at a Hotdog place she really likes. Then home to open her present. Once all of that was done it was normal day with homework and stuff. She got at least 6 phone calls and one of her friends stopped by to give her a present. I think she had a great day. At one point in the night the phone rang and she looks at me and says, "Is it for me?" She is definitely loved. And I still can't believe that these 6 years have gone by so fast! What a blessing she has been in her daddy and I's lives.

Thank you Lord for giving us this precious little girl to care for and love. She truly is a blessing and gift from You. Help us to raise her in your truth and love. Amen

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wipe OUT...

So this morning I took the kids to school because J had guitar lessons which meant I had all three. Well when we got home the garbage truck pulled up to our house to take the as I was walking to the house holding Red (who weighs in at 29lbs) I was talking to him about the garbage going in the big truck and so on. I was at the end of the driveway about to turn onto the sidewalk when I go down. Yeah I wiped out holding Red, but I must admit I did it pretty gracefully. Red stayed in my arms the whole time as I cracked my knee on the ground along with the hand that wasn't wrapped around the baby man. I look up and the man says to me, "I've done that a few times today." That was pretty embarrassing, not to mention that my knee still hurts but I am so thankful that we didn't get hurt worse. Thank you Lord! I was a bit shaken by the fact that I could of dropped Red...he is HEAVY!

Right now I am listening to Superchicks the song "We Live" is on now and the kids are dancing. I must say that CD was a great buy. Tomorrow is a great day in our house...GlamorGirl is turning 6 years old. She still hasn't chose her lunch choice for tomorrow it goes between two places. She already has that indecisive gene at work in her :)

Monday, January 15, 2007

So not cool...

Yesterday I had my phone on vibrate, which it tends to be on quite often because of sleeping babies and when I went to make a call I noticed I had 3 voicemails. I don't like the term "panic attack" but that is the best way I can describe the way I felt when I listened to the message that said...

This message is for (My Name) and I am calling with (Credit Card Company). It appears that there has been some fraudulent activity on your card. If you could please give us a call at (the number) we are here 24 hours 7 days a week.

My reaction...almost too fast for hubby to understand. "The credit card company just called and said they think there has been fraudulent activity on our card and I went to the online banking and it won't let me pull up the account to see what is going on with it." Sweet hubby, "Ok calm down give me the number and I will call." 5 minutes later. He calls back to tell me that he activated he *new* card with his cell phone and that sends the credit card company a red flag. That actually makes me feel good that for one, no one was using our card and two, that they called and temporarily froze the account. That identity stuff really freaks me out.

Then my second freak friend Amy and I took the kids to the library. I went to pull the van around and when I came back in, Red was gone. We searched *everywhere* and yelled his name. Yeah in a library we were yelling his name! Which I think made him become panicked because he was in the elevator and Amy said he was screaming right before she opened the door and when it opened his little face was right there. The librarian said that little kids run to the elevator all the time while their parents are checking out, they walk in while the doors are open then they close and the kids are stuck. Apparently our screaming his name and looking frantically made her aware that a kid was missing. I didn't even think to tell anyone that worked there that he was missing. I went in the "I must find my baby fast" mode. I am just happy today is over :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A little confused!

We are watching the Bears game and GlamorGirl says, "Do we cheer for the Bears or the White Sox?" Sorry Joe, my dad is a *huge* White Sox fan and she sees him more. We explain to her they are two different sports and we cheer for both, plus the Cubs! Then Monkey says, "He shoots...he scores." Um sorry buddy wrong sport, but nice try. They are too funny sometimes.

So Red has moved to a Big Boy at meal times, he no longer sits in a highchair. He won't even sit in one at a restaurant. There have been a few mornings I have given him something to eat at the table then went to help the other two get ready and he comes walking down the hallway. At first I was like "how did he get out of his chair?" but then I remember he isn't in one anymore. I just can't believe how fast they grow up he is almost 20 months old and he is saying 3 word sentences. His most favorite Hairy Compy bye bye. I count bye bye as one word. Which he is talking about his puppet movie Hairy and Company. I am so amazed by his communication skills just over the past few weeks and how he can relate to GG and Monkey with talking...and they understand him! I'll end because now I am just rambling :)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Birthday Blues...

That is the song that GlamorGirl was singing today. Monkey got invited to a birthday party and she didn't. She was having a rough time with not being able to go. She finally got over it and we had a great time together. Monkey got home from the party and says, "Mom I have so much stuff to tell you, I can't stop thinking about it!" Needless to say he had a ton of fun, I'm just glad that GG was sleeping by the time they got home no need pour salt in her wound. But J said that we should definitely take the kids to play someday because they have a drop in and play time.

Speaking of songs Red loves music and by loves I mean he screams "SONG! SONG!" When a song ends and the next one hasn't started yet.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Can I blow on your belly?

This is Red and I's new favorite game. I ask him that question then he hoist his shirt up to show his bare belly. I then blow on it and he laughs. After the first time I ask him again and he says No. He is still a little confused about what yes and no means. I say, "Please." then repeats "pleece" and I say "yes" then he says "esh" then I blow again. And the whole thing repeats a few more times. After about 5 blows on the belly I stop, to which Red says, "gen" which means again. So I blow some more on that cute little belly of his. Sometimes I ask if I can blow on his cheek too. Well last night Red was laying on my bed and I started playing our game and daddy came in, he totally wanted in on the action! We switched off blowing on Red's belly. When we got too tired we laid down, one of each side of him. He then puts his hands under both of our heads and pushes them to his belly screaming, "GEN! GEN!" We were laughing so hard. We of course, obliged him with a few more belly blows! He is just too funny sometimes. We actually just got home from going to the Christian bookstore the kids love it there. At one of the red lights J gave me a kiss and Red's reply was, "Ewe, ucky!" I've noticed he has started saying that anytime he says people kiss, on the Disney movies.

P.S. After I posted yesterday I learned that it is national de-lurking week, which means that people who read your blog leave you a comment so that you know they were there. So leave me a comment :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I am very frustrated right now with our oldest son. He brakes toys all the time, mostly his. It really isn't a big deal because they are just possessions but at the same time I want to teach him that you should take care of your things because they cost money. Well lately he has been braking toys that are his baby brother's and some Christmas presents. He just brought me Red's Buzz Lightyear that he just bit the hand off of. Now why he would have it in his mouth, I really don't know. This was a Christmas present that we got on our trip to Disney. I just want to cry because Red is sleeping and it is his favorite toy and the rule in our house is if the toy is broken it goes in the garbage. Which Monkey knows very well and has thrown away many of his favorites that he has broken. But Red is too young to really understand that his favorite toy has to go in the garbage because his brother broke it.

Moving along...J just took GlamorGirl on a date and since the house was somewhat quite with the baby sleeping I thought I would update. I don't even remember what I was going to write about before Monkey brought me the broken toy. Sorry.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Our First Picture

This picture was taken by some friends of Jeff, at the time, (now friends of both of us) a few days after we met, ten and a half years ago. Neither one of us remember them taking this picture but we sure think it is pretty funny. Don't we look young?

And look what 10 years plus gets you! Our family now :)

Sunday, January 07, 2007


I have been trying to get Red to wean his nursing to once a day for awhile now. He usually nurses 2 to 3 times a day. I am getting some resistance from him. Any time I sit he comes up to me and says, "Nurse side. Nurse side." Then points to the side he wants to nurse on. Sometimes I can distract him but lately I haven't been able to...I think he is getting a new tooth. I totally don't mind the extended nursing but he is a big wiggly kid!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


After dinner we were in the living room and Monkey was brushing my hair (I know I'm addicted) and he says, "Mom you are my favorite person in the whole world...boy or girl. Because you are prefect. You're not fat or skinny. I love you."

Well I'm glad he doesn't think I'm fat! I'm happy he *thinks* I'm prefect. But above all else I'm just glad he loves me, because I'm really not prefect.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


That is what the kids have been today. First Red ran an errand with me to the bank and was being a goof. Then I picked the kids up from school and they asked what was for lunch and this is my reply..."Pork chops with cottage cheese, strawberries, vanilla yogurt, guacamole and chips." They scream with delight! "That sounds YUMMY." It was just funny to me because it is always..."I don't like this or I don't like that" whenever we sit down to eat. After lunch J left earlier so he could shower at the department. We will have our shower tomorrow! The kids were great with doing their homework that we even got to play a game while Red slept. Then they colored we watched a little television together. Ok, I admit it I was only there so the kids could play with my hair. I love that feeling and thank goodness GG loves to play with hair. A match made in HEAVEN. The kids are at Awana Club and I am catching up on some things that didn't get done while they were at school. That's about all that happened today but I want to leave with these verses...

Psalms 121: 1-2
I lift up my eyes to the hills-
where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

I just love knowing my help comes from the Lord who created the heavens and the earth. Very powerful.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The kids had their second day of school today and I really miss them when they are gone. But I haven't missed doing their homework with them! Our bathroom is almost finished. We have to wait for the grout to dry then it has to be cocked then more waiting for that to dry. Once that is dry we can use our new shower. We are going to seal it on Sunday and then all we have to wait for is spring to pain. I told J that the glue smell was too strong and I wanted to wait until we could open the windows to do the paining, but we picked out the color. No need for our family to be high from the paint fumes :)

As for the rest of the day we are waiting for J to get back from court then we are going to do our errands and go to the school's basketball game. I think the kids are going to wear their new school shirts!!! But right now they are making crafts at the table while Red is sleeping. I do need to do their Awana stuff with them sometime today...

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

I haven't been on here in awhile...busy busy busy we have been. I can't believe the kids have school tomorrow. They been off for 2 1/2 weeks and it has been great getting to sleep in and just hang out and do fun things as a family. Tomorrow it is back to the daily grind of school, homework, gymnastics and so on. Today we usually go over to our friends house for a day of games, puzzles, and tons of food and fun. But their grandma is in the hospital so it got canceled. So instead J and his dad are re-modeling our bathroom. I am so excited to see the finished product. I wish I would of taken a picture of the before but they have already ripped out the plastic insert and taken off one of the walls.

Yesterday J had to work so my friend Amy and I took the kids out for some fun New Years Eve activities! First we went to Wendy's and got 9 frosties, I had gotten some coupon from my mom-in-law at church that expired that day! It worked out good because Red got one and the rest of us each got two...they were only 6oz! They have vanilla flavor now so I tried it and I must say it was pretty good. Then we went to Chuck E Cheese! Once again we had coupons! We were there for 4 hours. We played for about an hour then ordered pizza and we left there with over 600 tickets! And GG got a free bag of cotton candy, which she decided she doesn't like the taste of it. The kids had a blast and it was a lot of fun for us adults too :) We have another coupon that doesn't expire until February so I think GG might be going there for her birthday lunch!!! I can't believe she is going to be 6 in a matter of 16 days. But I saved the tickets so when we go back we can get more and maybe get nice prizes instead of the cheapo ones. After we left we met J to tell him Happy New Years before the kids went to bed. The kids went to bed right away when we got home and Amy and I watched Pay It Forward then J was home at 11pm and Amy left then we snuggled in bed until the New Year and we kissed! Exciting isn't it?!?!?!