Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good bye 2011

Last night on facebook I posted an update that stated that I was going to make the best of the last day of this year. So this morning when I woke up Jeff and I talked about what we should do today. I told him I wanted to do something fun with the kids. He was in agreement. I had wanted to take the kids to the skating rink all break but me getting sick didn't give me much motivation to do fun things with the kids by myself. We decided that skating would be what we did. I looked up the hours online, unfortunately it was at the same time Jeff had planned to practice for winter retreat. No big deal I could take the kids. We told the kids of our plans and they were all excited about it. Fast forward to getting there. They all had bad attitudes. "I can't skate" "This is boring" and "This is no fun" among other negative comments was all I heard for the first 30 minutes of being there. Once the boys got the hang of skating their attitudes changed. GG was pretty much a big party pooper and Peanut was extremely crabby. I was miserable sitting there with two whiny girls. Peanut wanted her skates changed from the settings every 5 minutes and it got old after the first 5 minutes. She wasn't even skating! We had brought her brand new skates she got for Christmas and she was super excited to be skating in them and all she did was sit, what a bummer. Skating was pretty much an epic fail. Oh yeah and I had the camera and the batteries were dead so I couldn't even get good pictures of the "fun" time we had. And I use the word fun loosely. The day was redeemed when Jeff came home and we ordered pizza. I took the girls to 7/11 and got them free slurpees before picking up the pizza. The boys had gotten their free slurpees a few days ago. Also I didn't hear any whining at home because I had told the kids they could do whatever they wanted to do today. So I only heard fighting when they played the wii together...ugh. At least I didn't hear any whining and begging to play the wii, ds, or computer :) I guess you can't win them all. Now I am going to go sit on the couch and watch the hubs play playstation to bring in the New Year. I know your jealous! Good bye 2011. Bring on 2012 :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I was right!

I woke up this morning and it was a chore to get out of bed and going down the stairs this morning was incredibly painful. Not to mention my upper body from holding on to the tow rope! It was all worth it in the end to be with my whole family for the day doing something enjoyable. Now I just need to get us all healthy so that we can celebrate the New Year the right way...not sick! But I will say this is the first time in a very long time that I have updated the blog with someone being sick. Since I was pretty sore all day we kind of lounged around all day. We watched two movies and played a couple board games and the kids also played their DS and the computer. Then tonight my friend called to see if I was going to another friend's brothers wake. I hadn't thought about it but after talking with her thought it would be a good idea to go. She came over to our house with her family and the men stayed home with the kids and we went on to the wake. When we got back around 7:45 Peanut was laying on the couch with Jeff saying she was tired. She hadn't taken a nap today so I figured she was just tired. We told her to go upstairs and get in bed. When our friends left only 5 minutes later I went upstairs to tuck her in and she was on fire. I took her temp under the arm and it was 99.9 so I took it in her mouth and it was 102.2. My first thought was "oh crap our friends were just here I need to call her and tell her." followed by "I hope it is only a fever and no one else gets it." She is currently laying in my bed dozing on and off. She was having a hard time sleeping in her bed, I think she just wanted me. Honestly, I feel better having her close by just in case her fever gets higher or she pukes or whatever. I get nervous about high fevers and seizures, none of our kids have ever had one but it is still a possibility. Other than Peanut not feeling the greatest I am still battling this stupid pink eye. I have been on the drops for a day now and it looks the same as it did yesterday. I feel pretty wiped out and hope I don't catch anything else. I kind of feel like a sitting duck in the health department. Dear Lord cover our family and protect us from illness!   

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Today we got up and went skiing. My dad had called on the 24th to see if we wanted to go skiing. I thought he meant Jeff and the three oldest kids. But he wanted all 6 of us to go with him. Yes, I went with pink eye. We got up somewhat early and picked my dad up and off we went to the slopes. My dad got Red and Peanut semi-private ski lessons which was the two of them with an instructor. They had a really nice guy. I was a little worried at first because when he introduced himself to Peanut she clung to me and hid behind my leg. I told her I would walk with her to the lesson. Then my dad stayed with them while I got my ski legs back. I looked over at them and saw Peanut going down the little hill all by herself. I went over to get a few pictures on my phone. I need to learn how to take them off my phone and but them on the computer to share. Anyways, that was the biggest mistake because as soon as I was over there and she had showed my what she had learned so far she was done learning. He hadn't taught them how to stop yet! He worked with Red and I tried calming her down and getting her to finish her lesson. Finally, I got Jeff to come over and I left and she was golden the rest of the lesson. After lunch I took her over to the hill and worked with her and then I got brave and took her over to the bunny hill with the tow rope and took her up. And then she skiied between my legs all the way down. She loved it. At one point we saw the instructor over at the bunny hill and he took her up and brought her down. He was really nice. Then I took her back up and he was at the top and she didn't want me she held her arms out to him to take her down! Haha. And he did. Red was doing great too. Though Jeff mostly worked with him. By the end of the day he was going up the tow rope by himself and going down the hill alone too. Peanut tried the tow rope and fell about half way up and never did try going down the hill by herself but that is okay. They both did great for their first time! I even got to go down the big hills with the two big kids and my hubby! I didn't fall either ;) Though I will say that I can tell I am going to be super sore tomorrow!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Stick a fork in me...I'm DONE!

Today we hosted the last of our 5 Christmases. It was great having everyone at our house but I am just wiped out from the festivities. It doesn't help that Friday morning I woke up with my eye hurting and looking funny. I started doing a bunch of stuff to help it heal. No way was I going to the ER during Christmas Eve or day. I thought it must just be a viral infection in my eye and it will go away by Monday. Well last night my body started having really weird aches and pains. I decided that this morning I would run to the doctor as a walk-in. She said I have pink eye. UGH. She thinks it is viral but it could be bacteria so she gave me a script for an antibiotic but said I didn't need to take it until Wednesday/Thursday. I guess if it is viral it will clear up on its own but if it is bacterial it will need the antibiotic. I appreciate that this doctor didn't tell me I had to take the antibiotic right away, since I didn't get to see my normal doctor I always get nervous. I can tell it is healing. I just have to leave it alone which is hard because it itches SO much. No worries I wash my eyes if I even touch near my eye. I'm that paranoid. And no one else in my family has gotten it and it hasn't spread to my other eye so I think I have done a good job containing it! So with not feeling the greatest and then having 3 Christmases back to back on the 24, 25 and 26 I'm pretty much toast. I decided that I should take a soak to unwind. It was so nice to lay in a bath tub that NO ONE else other than my family members have ever used. And bonus, Jeff washed my new pj's he bought me and changed the bedding in our bed, like I had asked him to do this morning while I was at the doctors. I had been waking in the night and my eye was crusty and I just wanted fresh sheets. I feel so comfy cozy in my bed right now. Oh I forget to mention I got some really great gifts this year. My man can listen and remember! He bought me new pjs, a precious moments Christmas ornament (I think I have about 15 now?), a pillow type thing to use in bed to sit up so that I don't smash my pillow and a seat to use on bleachers. I am the most excited about that gift because I have many years left in me to be sitting at games watching and cheering my kids on and I would like to do it comfortably! And the kids got me some sweat pants and a puffy vest. I got an added bonus when I went to my in-laws, my mom-in-law got a robe but didn't want it. I had actually be thinking of getting one since GG had gotten hers on the 17th. She had been wearing it around the house to stay warm and she just looked super cozy in it. I totally scored when she said I could have it. That was my Christmas of 2011. Hoping that 2012 is a great year for us and you! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Letter

This year I didn't get family pictures taken in time to get Christmas cards made and mailed so I just skipped it all together. There is always next year right! Maybe I will just send out a picture of the kids...that might be easier. On to our Christmas letter. This was our first full year in our new house. We have done quite a few projects in our home this year. In the family room we bought an entertainment center so the television got off of the table it was on! Then we made shelves in the closet and put the kids toys in it. The dining room floor got ripped out and replaced with the same flooring we have in the living room. We also painted the dining room. In the kitchen Jeff took the little closet that had only one shelf and added 3 more to make it my pantry! So much better than having boxes on the counter tops :) We got the stairs and upstairs hallway refinished. We also got ceiling fans in all four of the bedrooms. And the BIG home improvement of the year was the PINK bathroom. We gutted it and replaced everything. It looks so much nicer and it was finished yesterday! It will be exciting to see the changes we make to the house this coming year though I do feel like I need a break from construction and spending money.
Our trips this year, we went on a cruise to the Bahamas sans kids. We went with another couple from church. That was in February. Then in October we pulled the kids out of school for a couple of days and went with Jeff on a business trip.
This year for GG...she is in 5th grade! Which is the year they can be apart of different sports teams at school. She tried out for the cheer squad and made it. She also made co-captain! We have enjoyed watching her perform.
Monkey: He played baseball for the first time and was a natural. I look forward to the next season. He is in 4th grade this year and has a male teacher. He is doing great this year academically!!!
Red: He graduated Kindergarten and is now in 1st grade and is gone all day. I miss him a lot during the day. This summer he went off the diving board for the first time and a week later he mastered the high dive. He is my little fish.
Peanut: She is loving gymnastics and has gotten really good at cartwheels. This school year she is being homeschooled by me. We are having a great year being together just the two of us. I am not looking forward to her being gone half days next year.
Jeff is still in the same position at work and we are loving his hours. God is so good to us in that way. He has been able to be involved with the kids activities which is GREAT!
Me: I'm just doing the mom thing and I added watched a few kids a couple times a week to my to do list! I really enjoy my new job. And Peanut does too because I watch a little girl who is 11 months younger than her.

Monday, December 19, 2011

2nd Family Christmas and other random things...

This Christmas party (Saturday) was with my dad, step mom, my older brother and his family (9), my brother and sister neither are married or have kids. My favorite moment of the day was when Monkey opened his last present from them. He pulled out a Brian Urlacher jersey! The kid was absolutely speechless. He was so happy his eyes were tearing up too. He has worn the jersey since he opened it. Yes, he wore it to church. I finally made him take it off and put it in the laundry so I could wash it. I normally don't like my kids or myself wearing clothes without washing them first but how could I do that to him?! The other kids got some great gifts too. No one walked away from that party disappointed that's for sure. Peanut has been wearing her fairy dress ups all day today. Every time I saw her she had changed into a different fairy costume!
Last night was Jeff and I's 12 year wedding anniversary. I decided that I was going to get a sitter and we were going to go out. I have learned that if I have all these romantic thoughts about what is going to happen on our anniversary I will be disappointed. We went to the mall and ended up seeing two people we knew. The first was at dinner, the boy's gym teacher was there with a lady friend. And the second was the Jr. High youth pastor at the church Jeff and I got married in, and his wife. I never had him as a pastor but I knew him.
Today has been kind of lazy. I feel kind of yuck not sure if it was because I went to bed after midnight last night and then Peanut came in our room at 6 something and wouldn't go back to sleep or if I'm getting sick. I feel congested. I just want to keep us all healthy before Christmas. Afterward I don't care if they get sick, ok that's not true I don't want any of us sick...EVER. Anyway, the kids and I went to the library and got some movies. Then tonight Red and I went to the store so he could pick out gifts for his siblings. Then I wrapped some before GG and I watched a movie together. Tomorrow I am going to the chiropractor and then we need groceries. Then we are going to chill at home.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

1st of 5 Christmases!

This weekend was my grandparents Christmas party. Everyone was there except for my oldest brother and his family. This year we stayed in the hotel instead of just driving home. When we checked in and got our room we walked in and it was HUGE. We had asked for a double queen and we got a king suite! The upgraded our room for no extra charge. We found out why they upgraded for free. Our room was above a bar and we could hear the music and talking until it closed. At least the kids were able to sleep. This party is one of my favorites every year because I get to see most of my brothers, I have 9, and I get to see my Uncle Tracy and Aunt Lori and their two kids. We eat, open presents, kids go swimming, order pizza and then play games. This year we played "What's Yours like?" and then we played Just Dance 3 on the wii. Good times. I was so happy that my grandpa was able to come this year. Last year he was too sick to be at the party but we stopped by to see him before hand. I am so mad at myself because I didn't get a picture of my kids with both of my grandparents. I just got the 4 generation picture with my grandma, mom, me and the two girls. We have done that picture every year since GG was about 4 months old. I think it is so neat that my kids are so blessed to have two full sets of great grandparents. And the two older ones had three full sets when they were born. Anyways, this post is pretty much brought to you for my Uncle who at the party said, "Are you going to update your website about this?" I asked him if he wanted me too and he said yes. So here you go Uncle Tracy :) We really should get together more than once a year you guys are so fun!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

I'm sorry

I am really frustrated with a certain child in my family who accidentally hurts people but doesn't feel it necessary to say I'm sorry. I've had several talks with said child about even if it was an accident you still hurt someone and you should say your sorry. But this kid will some times argue that they didn't in fact hurt one of their siblings while that siblings is crying from being hurt. It is so frustrating. Well last night this child hit me in the face with their jacket zipper, right on my lip, a very sensitive area. They could see I was hurt by my face but instead of saying anything they just acted like nothing happened. I even said, "That really hurt. You got me right on the lip with the zipper from your coat." Nothing. It made me SO mad. Then fast forward to tonight. I was walking down the stairs and I rounded the corner and accidentally stepped on their un-shoed foot. I was wearing my hard soled slippers. They grabbed their foot and started hopping and saying "ouch" immediately without thinking I said, "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. Are you ok?" Then I stopped and looked at them and said "mm maybe I'm not sorry because you know after all it was an accident and I didn't mean to hurt you so maybe I'm not sorry." They knew I was trying to make my point from last night's incident. Then seriously not even two minutes later one of their siblings did something to hurt them. And that sibling IMMEDIATELY said, "I'm sorry". To which I said, "Look did you see two times you got hurt accidentally and both of us right away said what???" I was able to use that to show them how if neither one of us would of said anything to them they would of felt unloved and uncared for by us. And when they don't apologize when they accidentally hurt someone they are telling that person they don't love or care for them. It should be the first thing out of your mouth if you hurt someone whether on purpose or by accident. This is a major struggle for this child. Not sure if it is a pride thing or what. But other than that they are so fun to be around, helpful around the house mostly without complaining, obedient, loving, and just a great person. I just really wish we could get this "I'm sorry" learned and they will go far in life.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

My Peanut

This girl is growing up way too fast. She cracks me up daily though. We have been remodeling our bathroom which means the kids have had to use our bathroom for showers. After the first couple of times trying to help Peanut in the shower I started taking one with her, so much easier. Plus, her hair needed conditioner in it after the shampooing because it was getting too tangled. She calls the conditioner "air conditioner" and it is just too funny. I have corrected her a handful of times but figured I would just let it go the way she says it. Another thing she did recently that cracked me up was she came in our bed in the middle of the night. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was scared of the zombies. The next morning when I asked her why she came in my bed she said the same thing. I asked her if she knew what a zombie was and she proceeded to say, "Yes, zombies eat brains and hearts and trees and grass and houses, no they don't eat houses, but they eat people and cars..." She pretty much said they ate anything she could see at the time, except for houses she took that one back! I love her so much.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Night time at our house...

For the last about 10 years (well since our oldest started talking at 9 months) most nights one of our four kids talks in their sleep. Not sure if I have ever posted on this topic or not. Anyways, sometimes you can clearly hear what they are saying and other times it is just a mumble. Also I don't believe we have ever had more than one kid sleep talk in a night, which is amazing. And the best part is that Jeff and I are usually still awake because they tend to sleep talk between the hours of 10pm and 12am. We had a funny incident the other night and I wanted to make sure that it was documented! Just like any other night we were laying in bed talking just about to go to sleep when GG started talking. It was very clear what she was saying but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. I just remember that Jeff and I got a good chuckle out of what she said. Then two seconds later she got out of her top bunk bed and walked down the hall. I waited a minute and went to check on her. She was walking back toward me. I gave her a hug and told her she needed to get back in bed. I walked her to her room and she climbed into bed. Then I checked the bathroom and bed room to make sure she didn't do anything that should be cleaned up. The next morning when we asked her about it she had no idea what we were talking about. That was the first time we have had a kid sleep walk. Oh boy I hope the other kids don't follow in her foot steps and that was a one time event. I can handle the talking but the walking is really kind of scary.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Missing it

After posting EVERY day for the last month being gone the last few days feels kind of weird! Today was such a wonderful day. This morning the three oldest kids and I got up and went to a birthday party at an organization that packs food for hungry children. It was such a neat and fun experience. I can't wait to go back. The funny part about it was that this morning all the kids were complaining about going to the party because they wanted to watch tv instead. One of the comments was we aren't even going to get a goody bag at the party. I thought "oh brother seriously?" We got to the party and we started and the kids had a BLAST. They had so much fun that when it was over they were sad and said they want to have their birthday parties there! What a change in these kids in just a few short hours. I can't wait to go back and do it again. Though Peanut has to be 5 years old it is an age requirement. Then we went out to eat with my dad who had Peanut. Then to a basketball game and they won. Then to clean the house and have our small group over. Well that was my day in a nutshell. Jeff's was much different then mine. He got up and his dad and him worked on the bathroom then he went to work and then worked on the bathroom some more. Then the guys in our group helped him with the counter top that he just got from the store today because I wasn't going to be helpful in anyway shape or form! I am a weakling. I really need to get stronger because half the time I can't even open up a jar of sauce. Yes, I have to ask my 9 yr old to open it when Jeff isn't home. The other day it was just Peanut and I and I couldn't get it opened so I asked her to help. She's 4 and couldn't get it open so I stabbed the top with a knife and it came off easy peasy! Good thing I had to use the whole jar for the recipe ;) The bathroom is about 90% done. The toilet works so that is good!