Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family Fun Night

Tonight we took the kids to see an Arena Football team. Jeff had gotten 6 tickets from a business acquaintance. They were really good seats!!! As soon as we walked into the stadium they gave us each a gift. It was a bobble head...we had 6 but now we only have 5 one broke. Now, I will let you in on a little secret of mine...I'm not a big fan of football. But the game tonight was so fun to watch and fast paced unlike normal NFL games. Before the game started they had 4 High School football teams competing at tug-of-war one of the teams was the Pretzels, the High School I went too. The had several of these types of games through the game. At one point someone in our section was competing for some coupons. Our guy won so we all got coupons. Anyways, the things that stick out to me the most...getting on the jumbo-tron. I didn't even notice until GG started screaming, "MOM LOOK YOUR UP THERE!" Her and Monkey got on it and I went to pick up Peanut but they took it off of us before she got on. She started to cry. She was sad she didn't get to see herself on the big screen. The other thing was Red getting his arm, foot and hand stuck in the chair at different times throughout the night. After he had gotten his foot stuck I looked at him and asked, "How do you keep doing that?" Then I just couldn't contain my laughter. Seriously, how does one get so many body parts stuck in stadium chairs??? He says, "Stop making fun of me." I clarified that I'm not making fun of him, I'm laughing at him and told him he should laugh at himself. It was FUNNY. To end the night our team WON :) The kids did a pretty good job sitting there for 3 hours for this game though they did get candy and a pretzel to eat which helped. I think fun was had by all. It for sure created some family memories!!!

**I remembered another cute story. I took Peanut to the bathroom and as she was washing her hands she says Hi to the lady standing next to her. The lady asked what her name was and she told her. The lady said that is a really pretty name. Then Peanut asked her what her name was. She said, "Tonya" Peanut gave me the funniest look like "what that's my mommy's name" so I told the lady that was my name too. Then she asked Peanut how old she was and after Peanut answered she asked the lady how old she was!!! The look on that lady's face was hilarious. I told her that she opened that can of worms :) I love kids they have no idea of the rules on questions!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Well my Monkey had his first game tonight. I was really nervous for him and his team because they were playing a team of all 4th graders. This is the first time he has played on a team like this...I know I've already said that but it's true! He played several different positions which was good for him. Early in the game a ball came right to him and he grabbed it and got it to first base to get the guy out. I was so proud of him. He did it! Then later on in the game a kid hit a fly ball and he caught it! Another out for my little man's first game. He batted twice and both times got home. We did get pictures but we all know I'm just not that good at getting them uploaded and on to the good ole blog. Anyways, when all was said and done his team won by 2 runs. I believe the final score was 7 to 5. What a great way to start the season beating a team who has older kids on it. He also had a great cheering section of grandma and grandpa M and Aunt Becky along with me and Jeff and his siblings. We actually had to tell the kids NOT to cheer for him when he got up to bat. We didn't want him to get nervous or distracted. But once he got on we let them loose! I was frozen by the end of the game but it was worth it to see him play his first game! So far my kids are rocking the organized sports :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Menu Monday

Monday: Chicken Chili
Tuesday: Spaghetti Squash
Wednesday: Church not sure what yet!
Thursday: Beef Stroganoff
Friday: Grilled Chicken and veggies
Saturday: Veggie Stir Fry
Sunday: Breakfast foods

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A day of Firsts!

This year Jeff and I decided to let the two oldest kids join leagues in the sport that they want to play. We have never done this before but the kids are so excited. Monkey decided he wanted to play baseball and GG wanted to play soccer. This morning Monkey had his first baseball practice, ever! Jeff stayed and helped with the practice. When they got home Jeff said Monkey did great. The coach kept asking him if he was sure he had never played before! I think he might have some natural talent :) The league he is in is a kid pitch league and one of the requirements is that at least one inning a first time player has to pitch. The coach said that person is Monkey! I think he is a little nervous about it but I think it will be really good for him to get to try his hand at pitching. As soon as they got home we jumped in the van and headed to GG's first soccer game. I am officially a soccer mom. I have been a wanna be for several years now but now can proudly wear the label. GG was a starter today which was pretty cool since she was a late register. I was amazed at how well she did out there. She reminded me a lot of her Auntie Liz playing. At the end of the game they put her in as goalie. That is one spot that I think is the toughest to play as you are responsible for making sure the ball doesn't get past you. She actually did really well stopping the ball and kicking. I think this is a great sport for her. Her team won! It was a great first game and her grandpa M came and watched her play which was extra special. Tonight after dinner we are going to be dying our Easter eggs and then I am going to put together the kids baskets. Another first is going to be that I am going to be hiding their baskets instead of just giving them to them. We shall see how that goes!!! I hope to post the kids in their Easter attire tomorrow.
***Edited to add that my hubby put pictures of the soccer game on his blog! You can check her out in action over there. His link is on the sidebar to the right!***

Saturday, April 16, 2011

We're FINALLY on Break!

I am so happy about being on break but a little nervous too as that means me and the kids for all day everyday for the next week. Today was the first day I was going to get to sleep in but Jeff worked at 7am and when he left at 6:30am the door woke Peanut up and she REFUSED to go back to sleep. UGH. By 7 o'clock Red was awake too so I sent them both downstairs to play and be quiet. They weren't quiet, so sad. I finally got myself out of bed at 8:30am. I didn't fall back asleep but I also couldn't pull myself out of bed either. Jeff was home by 9:15. Then it was getting everyone ready for when the babysitter got here. Jeff and I had our small group with church today. I felt fine until after I ate lunch. We had this really deep dish pizza. First of all my body isn't used to eating pizza and when we do have it we normally get thin crust coupled with the fact that I drank a cup of coffee. I was dragging and thought it would help but I think it did more harm than anything else. As soon as we got home Jeff went back to work and I was home alone with the kids feeling not so good. I made them dinner and tried not to puke while making it. Then I decided that I should work out and see if that helped. It didn't. But I don't feel worse so that is good. I just hope it doesn't turn into anything. We have plans this week. Monday the two oldest are having sleepovers. One is going to their friends house and the other is having a friend over. Tuesday we have a playdate for Red. Wednesday is still undecided as to what we are going to do. Thursday we are hopefully having a picnic with Aunty Liz. Friday Peanut has gymnastic in the morning and then GG has a birthday party from 11am to 6pm! Saturday we have an Easter Egg hunt at church that I'm not sure if we are going to go to or not. We haven't even talked about it. At some point I want to decorate eggs with the kids and I have to get some grocery shopping done...hmmm.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Monday

Monday: Jason's Deli (we had errands to run and no time to cook)
Tuesday: Homemade Chipotle YUM
Wednesday: Beef Sandwiches at church
Thursday: Pizza Casserole (so easy to make and a big crowd pleaser)
Friday: Asparagus Soup with Sourdough bread
Saturday: Chicken Salad
Sunday: Breakfast food

I really need to get back into the habit of making menus!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Today is GORGEOUS out! It was beautiful yesterday too but today was in the 80's temp wise. Jeff decided to wash both vehicles and I thought it would be a great day to actually clean out the van of all the clutter. I lost the diamond in my wedding ring on March 2nd. We looked everywhere and it was no where. I kept thinking to my self it is probably in the van and I'll find it when I clean the van out. That was the only thing that gave me piece about loosing such an expensive thing. Well within 5 minutes of cleaning out the van I FOUND my diamond. I was in such shock. Jeff had opened the side door on the drivers side to start the cleaning process. I unbuckled Peanut's car seat as I had a feeling the diamond might have fallen off while strapping her in, but it wasn't there. The next place I looked was the drivers side foot mat. I pulled it out carefully and started to inspect it. Sure enough there sat my diamond in one of the groves. I couldn't believe it. I told Jeff I found it and he was like "let me see" because I seriously had only started cleaning the van and done two areas. I had stopped cleaning the van to find a safe place to put the diamond. Jeff thought I was done since I had accomplished my mission of finding my missing diamond! But I did come back out and finish the job. The crazy thing is that I have looked at that mat many times thinking that is where the diamond had to be and each time I didn't see it. I guess the mat had to be brought out into the light. Bringing things into the light is always the way to go even if it isn't the easiest way to go. Now I just have to find a place that will fix the ring for me!!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A note to see the Teacher!

It doesn't put fear in me now that I am a parent but it sure was upsetting to Monkey when I had to go see his teacher. I went to the cafeteria like I do every Wednesday and say hi to the two older kids before I pick up the two younger ones from school. Today Monkey was almost in tears as he told me his teacher wanted to see me TODAY! I reassured him I would go talk to her before I got the kids as I had about 10 minutes, he was relieved. It is actually a pretty funny story why I had to go see her, when I called to tell Jeff what happened he just laughed! You want to know? Okay, I'll tell you! Monkey's class gets packets of past work sent home, about every 6 weeks, so we can see his progress and then we sign it. The last one he got sent home his dad and him got in a conversation about cursive. So Jeff used the packet to show Monkey the correct way to sign your name in cursive. However, since he took his time and did it the right way it looked more like a 3rd or 4th grader signed Monkey's packet. The teacher questioned Monkey about it and he told her what happened. She didn't believe him. She showed him the other packets that his dad has signed and the handwriting didn't match. Poor kid was terrified. She told me he stood there completely wide eyed because she didn't believe him! I had to go in and confirm that in fact his dad signed his packet! The sad part about this incident is that there have been some kids in his class that don't want to get in trouble for their school work that they forge their parents signatures. I totally don't blame her for questioning the signature!

Monday, April 04, 2011


If you are wanting to see pictures of the dining room construction check out my husband's blog he put all the pictures up there :) But I got on here to write about something that I sometimes struggle with but am currently not. It is contentment. I am just so happy with everything in my life right now. I am surrounded by wonderful friends and family. Though I do wish my sister-in-law Virginia lived closer so that our kids could play more. I digress. I know I have recently written about some medical stuff on here but even with all that I feel so blessed. We have a house that is safe and clean for us to live in. My kids are healthy...and I really mean SUPER healthy. Seriously I can't remember the last time one of the kids threw up in our house, such a blessing. Last night we had a thunderstorm and Peanut came in our room at, I have no idea what time, in the middle of the night scared. She says, "Mommy I'm scary can I sleep with you." Isn't that just the cutest thing ever. That is how she tells us she is scared. As I helped her into bed with my eyes closed because I was trying to stay as much asleep as possible. I felt her unclothed body. I asked her where her jammies where. To which she replies, "I was cold so I took them off." This is completely unique to her in our family that is. None of my other kids have ever confused cold/hot and hunger/thirsty like she has. I don't really want to correct her because I think it is just too stinkin cute, even though I do sometimes. She can't go to school thinking hot is cold! I am just really cherishing my kids and their little personalities lately. The two oldest kids since they are in school full time I have started giving them each an evening that we just sit on the couch the two of us and catch up with each other. I learn so much about them and I just think they are some really great kids! Once all the kids are in school full time I will have 4 nights of my week booked with each kid. Well I need to end this and get to school it is the day I work in the cafeteria which I love because I get a glimpse of the kids in a social setting with friends.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Under Construction

Now that we are in the season of Spring it seems to be the home improvement time of year. At least for us anyway! Our dining room floor has been ripped out by my strong husband and now we are just waiting for his dad to come over and put the new hardwood floor in that matches the living room. I am so excited not to have that transition piece between the two rooms. As Jeff was taking the parquet flooring out I was talking about taking the pocket doors out too. It would give us like 3 more inches of room in there. I don't think that is going to happen :( Oh well. The room will be painted and a new floor and trim so that is a nice face lift. The only thing left to do in that room is get rid of the wall a/c unit but that is going to be a little more in-depth with wall patching, insulting, and replacing the siding outside (which we have in the crawl). After the dining room is done minus the a/c unit being removed we are moving on to the small bathroom downstairs. We are also waiting for nicer weather to refinish the hardwood on the stairs and upstairs hallway but we want to be able to really air out the house during that process. Once those three things are done I think we are going to need a break from having our house disheveled. But we'll see maybe it will motivate us to do the entry way floor and doors and the kids bathroom upstairs?! More than likely those will happen next room at a time we are making this house OURS :)