Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 3 & 4

After this I think I will stop the updates as I really am not doing much and after awhile it gets kind of boring to read ;) Yesterday morning she woke up with a wet pull up which I totally expected but the rest of the day she was dry and went to the potty by herself. We even went to church and left her in the nursery and she did great in her big girl undies! Today started out with a dry pull up she woke at about 2am and went potty. This morning was the same as yesterday and she did great. Right before her nap she went pee and she started crying. I looked her down there and she was bright red. Not sure if I am wiping her too good or not good enough. I loaded on some ointment before her nap. She woke up around 2:40 and didn't go potty again until after I had gotten the kids and we were home for about 30 minutes. GG was mad at somethings going on at school and home and I was in her room talking to her. When I came out Peanut was panicked and holding herself. I asked if she needed to pee and she said yes. But she had already gone in her underwear. She is holding it in more now that it hurts coming out and I just don't know what to do to help her. She is so sad when she says "OWIE" as she reaches for me. I am hoping that tonight's bath and ointment will help her and she will be fine tomorrow again.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 2 of potty training

This morning she woke up dry! I couldn't believe it especially with all the juice she drank before bed and nursing. As soon as I took her pull up off she went to the potty and peed. She actually peed 3 times this morning before I took the kids to school so I put undies and pants on her to drop them off. Then I got gas and when we got home she was still dry. I got ready for the day and we hung out in the kitchen. She went pee 3 more times and pooped and peed before I went to my doctor's appointment. My friend Amy came over to help with the continuing the training. I took Red with me so he wouldn't distract either one of them. When I got home Amy said she went one more time! Then we ate lunch and right before nap she peed again. She has got this down in one days time. I am so impressed with her. **My doctor said that the ultrasound was negative for any fibroids which both my mom and grandma have so that was good news. He did say they saw some mild fluid in my abdomen but that he wasn't too concerned about it. He thinks it is quiet common, at least he sees if often. I asked him a few questions about some of my concerns about my pains and from the c-section and he talked to me about them and I feel better now. He said that once I stop nursing Peanut he is going to put me on regular birth control. If that doesn't work we will go for plan B. He also said that once I stop the problems might go away though he doesn't think it is a reason to stop breastfeeding her. I do feel like the time is coming to an end for my breastfeeding days. I will miss them but will also enjoy a regular bra again!** Anyways, back to the girl. I put her in undies and pants to get the kids from school and she was fine, which I thought she would be but it always amazes me. She went potty as soon as we got home. Then it was helping the kids with homework and getting dinner ready. As soon as J got home we went to the soccer game at school. I was going to leave her in undies and pants but with it being so cold out I thought if she has an accident she will be too cold so I put the pull up on her. Half way through the second half she said she had to go potty so we walked to the school and she went in the big people potty! Now we are home and she gone a few times and even when I went to the store and left her with J she told him. She will be going to bed in about an hour :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

I have the best little girl!

I know I am totally biased because she is mine but we had such a great day together and her learning to use the potty. This morning I took her to school in her diaper because I wanted to start when we got home. Once we got home I took her diaper off and said, "No more diapers!" She repeated me with "No mow dipeys" The best she could say diapers. She immediately ran to the potty and put herself on it and went pee. Sweet first potty was a success and no mess! I got out crayons and a coloring book so we could have something to do while we wait for her next potty urge. She all of a sudden looks at me with this funny face and says, "POOP" it was too late the squatting position she was in made it move too fast and it was on the floor. About 2 hours after that she ran to the potty again and got up on her own and went pee. I gave her lunch and put her down for a nap. She slept in her bed with nothing on. She took about an hour and a half nap she woke up dry and when went right to the bathroom to pee. I had taken a shower during her nap. Once she woke up I blew dry my hair and then we went into the bathroom so I could straighten it. In the 45 minutes it takes to do my hair she went pee once and poop once both in the potty all by herself! I guess I shouldn't say all by herself I did wipe her :) Right before we went to get the kids she was in the kitchen and she started to pee and stopped herself and ran to the potty where she put the rest. I call that a half miss ;) Then I we had to go get the kids and pay some bills (mortgage and what not) along with dropping stuff off at the school office. So I put a diaper on her which she did not want to wear one bit. Once we got home I took off the diaper and it was completely dry she had it on for almost an hour. Then she had another half miss with the pee. After that miss the rest of the night was complete success with 5 pees in the potty. When I put her jammies on she did not want to wear the pull ups I bought her though she did not win that battle. I don't want to be waking up in the middle of the night to a puddle of pee. I will be surprised if she wakes up dry tomorrow but we'll see. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and my friend is coming over so that her training won't be interupted. It is the one the doctor told me to make in 3 weeks. I'm not that patient. More updates tomorrow on the potty training and doctor.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


So I don't know if it is just my computer or what but I can't comment on peoples blogs. I read them then click the comment and the page turns white and tells me it is unavailable. I am reading your blogs I just can't comment for some unknown reason. I am going to have J look at it sometime today. Also I am going to start potty training Peanut on Monday so I wouldn't be on here unless she is sleeping :) I hope she trains as easy as the other kids!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Last night was the huge sundae at Awana sparkies but J and I missed it because we went to see, Dave Thiele, who sang at our wedding perform at the Tonic Room in Chicago. He is so talented and it was a great night, check him out by clicking on his name! His friends packed the place. I got to see my friend Sarah and we were talking and she told me I had to blog about my doctor's appointment on Monday. I told her I wasn't sure I was going to because it is a bit embarrassing. She told me it was too funny not to. So here is for Sarah...please don't laugh to hard :)

I went to my OB for my annual which is so fun to begin with, right? Totally not. Well I made the appointment for 8:30am so that I could drop the 3 older ones off at school and just have Peanut with me. I was thinking she would just sit next to me and no big deal. Well that was not the case. I had an appointment with the new Midwife because the one I really like doesn't work there anymore. We get in the room the nurse weighs me, takes my blood pressure and asks me why I'm here. I really don't understand why the nurses ask you this because the doctor's just come in and ask you the same question, there is no communication between the two so you end up repeating yourself, but I digress. The nurse hands me the lovely paper gown to wear. I put it on and Peanut is running around the room. Once the Midwife came in Peanut wants to sit on my lap. I go to pick her up and the bottom falls off, I quickly grab it and replace it over my lap, with Peanut on top. This baby is very wiggly and she ends up kicking a whole right at my croutch. Then she turns around and rips the top part in half so it is barely hanging on. She tried getting off my lap while I was talking to the Midwife and everything fell off of me it was so embarrassing. This is before the exam even started! She had me lay back for the awarkward breast exam where Peanut did a really good job just sitting on my lap. I thought this is a good sign and hopefully the rest will go smoothly too. Then it was time for the other much more unpleasant part that I tried to get Peanut to lay next to me except she was trying to jump off the bed. I guess in a way it worked out well because I really wasn't paying attention to what was happening to me. I was more focused on my baby not falling. Note to self find a sitter for the baby next year.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Wii

This is the two oldest playing Mario Kart which isn't as funny as watching them play Lego Star Wars but still funny if you watch GG's mouth as she plays!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm learning that the pain in my body is very cyclical. The good days are great but the bad days are terrible. I just really want to get to the bottom of this issue. I have been trying not to write about it because I just really don't want to have any memory of this and for it to be figured out but it is such a part of our lives right now. A friend gave us a packet on Fibromyagla and J read it last night. I know he is frustrated just like I am and this is my proof. I try really hard to cope but sometimes it is just too much for me to keep to myself and I go to him. The worst part of everything is that when we do research on the diagnosis they give us I really don't fit the bill but may have one or two symptoms. It's frustrating. One thing that we have learned is that fibromyagla comes out after a trama to your body ie my c-section. Even though it was a controlled trama it was a contributing factor. We'll see they are running a few more tests today and the doctor said to come in 3 weeks for the follow up to the tests. WHAT? 3 weeks. I'm not waiting that long. I think I will be good if I can wait a week. I'm asking the person doing the test to find out how long it takes to get the results and then I'll make my appointment. Why should I wait for no reason, just so I can worry about the results, that is so stupid. I'm done complaining now. As my hubby said hopefully God could use this to His glory somehow.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

For my record

Red will be 4 next month he still has 29 days to be 3. Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed his pants are starting to get short on him, high water short. These pants are a size 4T this kid is a beast! I have a feeling that Monkey and Red will be wearing the same size clothing in the next few years unless Monkey does some major growing. I just can't believe how fast he and the other kids are growing. He is getting so excited about his party and has started to plan who he wants to invite and things like that. I really love this kid. His facial expressions crack me up all the time!

Today we took our first family bike ride to the library. Red rode his "new" two wheel bike with training wheels. Watching him ride I have a feeling that he will be riding his bike next summer without the training wheels. Which will actually be prefect because then we won't have to put the training wheels back on Monkey's bike so Peanut can have the girl one. Monkey is going to be getting a bigger one next summer as I think this will be the last summer for his current these kids grow too fast.

Yesterday we went out to lunch with my dad who always pays the kids to scratch his head. They get a dollar a minute. He is helping them save for Disney. HA! Well the two older kids each made 8 dollars at lunch. When we got home I had them play outside while I put the two little ones down and then I joined them 5 minutes later. They had picked some wild flowers and set up the card table and started making a sign to sell their flowers. I thought it was too funny. They were selling weeds flowers for 25 cents a piece. The funniest thing is that they made 4.50 in the hour they sat out there. They got a few neighbors to buy them, a couple taking a walk, and some teenagers that drove by stopped to buy some. They are my little financial wizards :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Break

Well it is Thursday and this break is flying by us so fast. I have tons of pictures from our fun time at the indoor water park and then from today at Monkey Island. I'm in some pain though. This morning the kids and I got rear ended and my neck is starting to hurt pretty bad. GG is complaining of her head hurting so we'll see how we all feel tomorrow morning. Also to add to the pity party I'm throwing before we left for the water park J took Peanut to the doctor she wasn't feeling well and they came home with some antibiotics because she had a double ear infection. It has been a fun yet interesting break to say the least. Going to go heat my neck now and hope I will be able to go to Bible study in the morning.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sisterhood Award

My sweet friend Amber gave me this award. Thank you so much Amber, please go visit her she's great.

Rules of The Sisterhood Award:
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This is the part I don't like because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Here is my list of 10.
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Monday, April 06, 2009

T minus 4 days...

until the kids spring break. I am so excited. Only 3 more early mornings because I already did today. I'm hoping by Friday all the snow we got last night will have melted. I can't believe we have snow in APRIL. I am so ready for warm weather that stays warm not two days later gets cold again.

We have some pretty fun stuff planned for the kids break which some will involve swim wear! I love creating these memories with the kids even if it is for only a few nights being away. Enough about their break.

I just realized something about myself, well I think I always knew it but it is becoming increasingly obvious the last few months. I am a terrible stay at home mom, you know why? Because I'm NEVER at home. I think the only time during the week we are home is when it is nap time and then after I get the kids from school we mostly stay home but not always. It is hard to keep up with this house when I am never here to keep up with it. And when I am home I want to relax because I've been running all over the place and I'm tired. Well I have about an hour before I have to leave again so I need to try and get some stuff done around here. OY.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

A whirlwind of thoughts...

These past few days have been very emotional and very spiritual, for me. Tragedy makes you put things into perspective as what is truly important in this world. As I have drawn close to the Lord he has revealed some things to me. There is a song that just keeps popping into my head. It is called The Blessing by John Waller. If you want to listen to it click play and there is a link with the lyrics below.

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The first words of the song are so powerful. It says, "Let it be said of us while we walked among the living. Let it be said of us by the ones we leave behind. Let it be said of us that we lived to be a blessing for life." For most of the lyrics to this song go here. One of the most powerful lines in the song isn't on the lyrics but it says, "Will we build up or tear down? The moment of truth now, this day."

When songs come in my head like that I like to dissect them and really look at the meanings in them. Songs are so powerful, as our pastor said a few weeks ago and if you don't believe that then you are lying to yourself! I remember in High School, I always turned to music happy, sad, or whatever mood I was in. I digress. The point is I want to be a blessing for life. I want to teach my children to be blessings. This morning the kids and I listened to this song and discussed what it meant to be a blessing. How blessings and curses are choices that we make. Lastly, we talked about the line about building up and tearing down. I think that one hit home the most with them (the two older) as we have talked about that over the last few weeks. We also talked about how blessings come in many different forms. Gifts of money, material gifts (clothing, toys, shelter etc) and being a good friend.
Money is always a hard lesson for people to learn and quiet honestly I'm still learning how to balance it but feel like God is really helping me release my need to horde my money just in case. That is a huge freedom and God has really blessed us through that. We actually have more when I gave it to him then we I tried to do it the worlds way of saving.
I am a pack rat and J will tell you that I am. I have things that I just can't get rid of because "what if we need it someday". I don't want my children to think that possessions are the end all be all. We go through their rooms about every 6 months and donate toys. I need to get better in this area. Our church is having a garage sale to raise money for the High School kids going on a Mexico missions trip. I want to be a blessing to those kids and donate the things I think I might need later...because really I'm not going to need them or miss them.
Lastly, being a good friend. If I am going to teach my children to be good friends I need to show them how to be a good friend. I will be honest this one comes a little more easily to me. I like people and I enjoy meeting new people and making friends. I still feel as though I need to go deeper and care a little more about their hurts and joys then I currently do. I think there is always room for improvement, right?
This sounds like a huge task, at least I think it does but I know that the Lord will give me strength to work in these areas in my life because "Let it be said of me that I lived to be a blessing for life." I want to choose to be a blessing, how about you?