Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ok two posts in one day! Here we go. This afternoon was so fun. I took the kids to Liz's volleyball game and we stayed for the Varsity game too. J met us there. Then I took the kids to Subway for dinner and then straight to Cubbies. People made me feel so good today and that is always nice. At the volleyball game Sherry told me I was a good mom, another lady told me that Red was such a good baby, and then when I took the kids to Cubbies I asked how Monkey was doing (the first night he cried so I came and sat with him for the last 30 minutes) and the lady told me that my kids are so well behaved "unlike the others" in her words and that she was really glad that they come because they are so sweet and fun. That just made my day. On a side note, at the game my little girl was keeping score. It was so funny a 4 year old was manning the scoreboard! She's so smart. Ok I'm done bragging...hehehe!
As I sit here ready to post I hear the giggles of Red in the other room as he plays with his daddy. It brings a smile to my face :) Here is a little update on each of the kids. Red has done a lot of first. He went down the slide for the first time, swung in a swing for the first time, and is getting his first tooth. What a busy little man! Everyone always comments on how good of a baby he is because he is a great baby. He really has no reason to cry because all of his needs are met before they get to the I'm going to cry to get some attention stage. Plus, his big sister and brother are very entertaining to him. When they are at school you can tell he is looking and listening for them. Of course, when we pick them up from school they are all so happy to see each other, GG and Monkey hug and then they both give Red a kiss as he gives them the biggest gummy smile. Now to Monkey, he LOVES school now and we have a hard time getting him to leave. We figured out that the reason he was having hard time was because he thought that the same kids that were in Mrs. Sherry's class last year would be there this year too. It threw him off when it was a whole new group of kids. But now he is making friends and even has a little girl in the class that likes him. I swear there is something wrong with my children...they are too young to have boy/girl friends! On to GG she prayed last night for a baby sister. It was really cute. She said, "Dear God, Thank you for today and the wonderful world. Thank you for my brother Monkey and my baby brother Red, I love them so much. And I would like a baby sister next time my mommy has a baby. Amen." It was funny and sweet. The other day we went to lunch with a boy from GG's class and his twin brothers who are in Monkey's class. That was a lot of fun but on the way there GG says, "Mommy I know who I want to marry." I said, "really?" GG, "Yeah Jacob I." That was the boy we were having lunch with so I told his mom when we got there and she said there conversation on the way to the restaurant was...Jacob, "Mommy can I kiss GG?" the mom "NO!"...Jacob, "can I hug her?" the mom, "NO! no touching her at all!" See there is something wrong with them very wrong :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What a day! What a day! This morning Jeff had training so he was gone so it was mostly my responsibility to get the kids ready...he did help a little before he left. I took them to school and went to my Bible study. Then we ate lunch at the church for really cheap. That was nice. Then we paid bills and went to GG's doctor appointment. That took forever. She had to pee in a cup, that was interesting! Everything is fine with her, thank God. Tonight we are going to our friend Marni's house for dinner. It is the first time we have been to her house since she moved in about 5 months ago. Right now J and GG are making cookies to bring to her house. This is such a nice treat to have J home in the evening during his work week. I like training days!!! Well Red just woke up...isn't that the story of my life! Gotta go

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Let's see what happened since last time I updated. Wednesday was J's first day off so we took the kids to a new park to play and they had a blast. Red sat in the baby swing for the first time and also went down the slide on J's lap. Then we ordered pizza for dinner...yummy. Thursday was my debut for my new in-home business so we packed a lunch for us and the kids and when we picked them up from school we took them to the cafeteria to eat lunch, so we could keep the house clean! We played outside for most of the afternoon then J and the two older kids went to Liz's volleyball game and ate dinner there as well. Then they came home long enough to get ready for Awana Cubbies and then my party started. We had a blast and I am off to a great start. I really love their products so it isn't hard to sell them I just let people try them and they can decide for themselves! Then Friday we ran errands and the kids each got to pick out a toy, we had a deal with Monkey and GG got one because she has been doing great at her homework. Then J shortened her bed so it isn't so high, she slept in it last night. Last night we went to some friends house who moved an hour away. They bought their first house so we went to see it. It was very nice, only 5 years old and huge especially for only 2 people! On the way home we talked about our house and if we want to dig out a basement or just move in 5 years?!?! That is a tough one because digging would be messy and moving is just a pain! We've got time to decide. Right now I just love my life the way it is, the house, the kids, and I'm working but on my time. And I feel great. Well Monkey just woke up.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Today was our first playgroup. It was so much fun I can't wait til next week. I know our babies are only a few months old but they will get older and play with each other! Tomorrow is our next Bible study and I am looking forward to that and J is off so that is awesome too. Red and I are having fun this year!!! Tonight Roberta is coming over to watch the kids and some friends and I are going to the LLL meeting. Well I am going to go just wanted to quickly update.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ok everyone is in bed asleep! Monkey is really having a hard time with this whole being away from me and Red. I am thinking about pulling him out of school...but I want to give it at least 2 weeks. Tonight the kids went to Cubbies and I got called about 45 minutes after I left saying that Monkey started crying and he wanted me. The lady must of thought I was crazy because all I could do at that point was laugh. He has a fun time at school but yet he started crying because another kid was crying. Tonight he cried at Cubbies because he told me it was dark outside. I asked him if he thought I was going to leave him there for the night. He said YES. What a nut. But he does want to go back next week so it must not of been too terrible. He said they played with the parachute, had ice cream sandwiches, made a balloon person, sang songs and played games. I just wish I knew what was going through his head?!?!?! The first week of school is almost over next thing you know it will be summer again. Oh yeah and we went to Liz's volleyball game which they won!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

These last few days have been so extremely exciting for me. The kids started school on Monday and J and I got so much stuff done while they have been gone. Last night J and I took Liz and her boyfriend to the Cubs game. While working someone came up to J and gave him the 4 tickets for FREE! I love the perks of his job just not the danger. The game was really fun. I must say even though GG has only had 2 days of school she is doing a great job coming home and doing her homework after lunch, they have homework everyday even the first day of school. Then the most exciting thing happened this afternoon. We took the kids outside to ride bikes. Now about 5 or 6 days ago J started working with GG on riding without training wheels. Then he put them back on the bike and bent them so that she could learn balance without falling. So she rode her bike about 3 days the rest were too hot to even go outside. Well today after watching her ride for about 5 minutes J decided that she was doing really good and didn't need the training wheels anymore. So he took them off and sure enough she did it. It was so exciting to watch her and see the look on her face. I got the video recorder and got it on tape too. J also taught her to stop without falling down and swerve out of the way when someone else is on the sidewalk. She was so happy we called everyone we could before my phone needed to be recharged. That is it for me for now.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I have a nursing Red on my lap so sorry for any wrong spellings or typo's. I swear my kids are nuts...the other night GG was talking in her sleep. She was saying something like, "No not there. Don't put that there it goes over here. Ok that's better." Then last night she said, "You guys are pigs." Don't know what that was about!!! Today was a lot of fun. The kids and I got up and went to a Messy Party, it was the last big shin dig before school starts. We started out with a messy potluck lunch. Then on to the pool of jello, finger and spray paints, a tarp with flour and kitchen utensils, a mud pit, shaving cream table and cookie decorating! The kids had a blast. They each covered their bodies in mud becoming mud monsters! It was fun watching them get so dirty. Red even got his feet in the flour...he curled his toes and started kicking his legs. That's all for now :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Things have slowed down enough for me to update this journal. The kids and I went to my mom's house last week for a couple of days which was real fun. Monkey got eaten up by mosquitoes though. Poor little guy had about 20 bites. We got back Friday night and unpacked to repack so we could go to WIU. We left here at 7am and got there about 10:30am not bad! Saturday we met friends at the park for a picnic and playing. Then went back to our hotel and swam. Sunday we slept in and went out for lunch then had some friends over to the hotel for some more swimming! That night we went to eat at Rocky's we can't go to there and not eat at Rocky's and ISS....YUM. It just happened to be the night of karaoke at Rocky's. GG wanted to sing so we convinced J to sing the "Carlene song" with her, it is the only country song that J knows absolutely all the words too. The soccer girls gave him a CD with country songs on it and that one was GG's favorite song because for some reason she thought it was about one of the soccer girls named Carlin but they call her Carley. GG was so cute she took the mic and said, "Hi Everybody!" before the song started. Then Monday we came home after seeing a few more friends on our way out of town. Tuesday it was grocery shopping and the kids school orientation. Only 5 more days til school starts...I'm getting excited ;)