Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Last night the kids and I were sitting on the couch watching tv before we went to bed. We were watching Dharma and Greg I believe, when GG said she wanted to give me a kiss. I never pass up the chance to get a kiss from my kids. I went to give her a kiss and she grabbed my head and started smushing her's into mine. I started laughing because I didn't know what she was doing. I told her I wanted a normal kiss and she said she wanted to give me a big girl kiss like on tv. It all made sense was even funnier when she tried giving me another kiss right after that. Just so peoples imaginations don't run wild I want to clarify that her kisses were closed mouth. It was too funny the way she smushed her lips on me. Anyway today we are going to the A's to spend the night. So that we can get up and go to the M's house. We eat there all day long and there are kids for GG and Monkey to play with. We had a lot of fun last year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Today we woke up to my dad turning on our bedroom light. We had a phone call. The bad thing about it was that it woke J up and he couldn't fall back to sleep. So he got up and after lunch we went to get some ice cream and then to circuit city. J got 4 CD's he wanted for Christmas with his gift card. I can't wait to use my gift card. Then we came home and J went to sleep with Monkey and GG and I spent time together. Then both the kids helped me make dinner. Now we are downstairs playing. GG fell asleep on the couch at around 5pm. It should be interesting as to what time she falls asleep tonight. GG has been playing all day with her my little ponies. I love watching her imagination! I can't believe she is almost 3 years old. Where in the world did the time go? It is so nice to see her getting better. Her and Monkey still have a cough but no fever!!!

Monday, December 29, 2003

This is the second day of feeling better. We have been very busy playing with all of the new toys we got. I still haven't learned how to work the camera but I am thinking tomorrow will be the day?!?! Today we took back some things at Wal-mart. We exchanged Finding Nemo for the has games on it. Monkey was the only one that took toys back (because of already owning it) so I am going to get him some more tracks for his train and maybe some engines too! I am hoping to get over to Barnes and Nobles and use my gift card sometime soon. The kids have really enjoyed playing with all of their new toys along with J and myself. Yesterday we washed all of the dirty clothes with the new ones and so the kids are styling in their new outfits today. I can't believe that GG is wearing 3T (even though they are big on her) the 2T are just to short. I have found out that Joe (J's brother) has gotten sick, my dad and brother Travis are both getting sick. I feel so bad for spreading it to everyone. But from the way it sounds at least they aren't near as sick as we were...totally non-functioning. Not much else to report.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

I woke up this morning feeling so much better. I just have a little cough. GG and Monkey have been running a low grade fever on and off all day. GG was actually awake for most of the day with about three 2 hour naps. J still isn't feeling the greatest but he decided to go to work tonight anyways. I noticed that I didn't mention what the kids got from my dad's family. GG got two more my little ponys (Becky and Travis)...a total of 5 now all different colors! Good job everyone :) She got two outfits (one "purple" dress and the other a pants set) and a shirt that matches her cousin Kiera, she also got this really cool Dr. Suess game package, and a Sponge Bob floor puzzle (both) Oh yeah she also got a purse kit from my brother Kevin and his family. She wanted that opened right was purple! Monkey got two outfits and a shirt as well, along with a monster truck (Travis), a little people construction site (Becky), an Elmo construction site (Kevin) and a really cool Bob the builder book with camera. I might be missing a few things but that is all I can remember off the top of my head. With our whole family being sick we didn't get to spend it the way we had planned. We were going to make a cake for Jesus' birthday and sing. No cake but we did sing. The main thing is that my kids know the reason for the season is Jesus...not presents. (even though they got a ton of them)

I think it was a good thing we didn't go to WI to see J's family because last night GG throw up and this morning Monkey did. It was mostly mucus but won't have been a fun trip with two sick kiddies.

Friday, December 26, 2003

Ahh the day after Christmas! I will start with what we did the rest of yesterday. Monkey was really cranky and I just knew something was wrong. So we went to the 24hr clinic and got him, GG and J all looked at. Monkey has an ear infection. I was worried that one of them would have bronchitis, croup, or strep. Very relieved that it was only an ear infection. We got some meds in him for it and he feels so much better. J and GG slept almost the rest of the night after we got home. J has the flu and GG they said was viral. The only time J was awake was for present opening, he needed the sleep. We opened presents from grandma M., grandpa M., Aunt Becky, and Uncle Travis.

So that leaves us with today. I am trying to figure out where in the world to put all the stuff they got. Our two toy boxes are overflowing now. I guess it is time for a third box?!? I also need to try on all the clothes that GG got to see if they fit. I have tried on Monkey's and I will say he looks mighty cute in all of them. Such a handsome little boy I have. The rest of our day will be spent playing with our new camera...and the finding places for them!

Thursday, December 25, 2003

The day isn't over yet but I wanted to update with things that have already happened. This morning the kids woke up at 9 and we stayed in the room for about a half an hour. Both of them have fevers. We wanted to get some medicine in them before they opened presents. It worked out good because it gave us time to talk to them about Jesus' birthday being today. Then I carried GG out and Monkey walked. The look on GG's face was priceless. Good thing J got it on camera! Monkey stood there and pointed at all the presents. The only thing GG could muster to say was, "A big present." The poor kids just didn't feel good but that didn't stop them from wanting to open the presents. GG got 5 finger nail polishes, polish remover, 6 hot wheels cars, chutes and ladders, playdough, a handy dandy notebook (she loved that one!), helmet and pads...for the bike she is getting for her birthday next month, puzzles, 4 Sandra Boynton books, paint books, coloring books, and the blanket I had made her. She was really excited about that one too. She also got two my little ponys from nana and pops. Which reminds me that the presents the kids got last night were mostly from grandma and grandpa but they got some from Uncle Joe, Aunt Virginia and Aunt Ribbit. Monkey got 9 hot wheels cars, 6 tools for his tool bench, puzzles, 4 Sandra Boynton books, a push toy, train set, and a blanket I made him. He also got duplos from nana and pops. Now we just have to wait for them to feel better so that they can play with all their new toys. We are doing Christmas tonight with my dad so I will try and update again after that.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Happy Christmas Eve! We got up this morning and headed over to the A's. J and his brother Joe played playstation 2 most of the time. I tried to take a nap but ended up holding Monkey while he slept. My poor little guy isn't feeling good at all. The fun started when grandpa came home from work. We opened presents. I will try and remember all the presents the kids got but I'm warning you now I may forget some. So if you read this and I missed something I am sorry. (I am sick remember!) GG got 8 outfits, a Police Man Mr. Potato Head, slippers, a couple movies (for both) books, a ladybug book bag, a floor puzzle, a Lacy Bear, a magna doodle (both), a suitcase, and a playdough kit. Monkey got 6 outfits, 2 push toys one is a police car, a big truck, bath crayons, golf clubs, leap frog, books, Finding Nemo, and duplos. I think I am missing some things but I can't think. J and I got a digital camera, candles, ornaments, socks (me) and CD's (J) and finger nail set (J) pants and shirt (me). Then we came home and are getting things ready to go to bed even though it is 8:30pm. I will try and up date tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I woke up this morning and threw up. I hate doing that. But I must say that I do feel a lot better after that happened. Then I slept most of the morning. I feel much better after the sleep too. J had to go to court this morning...he woke up feeling sick. Then he asked me if I could watch the kids while he slept. I told him sure. He has been sleeping since 1pm and it is now 6:30pm. He needs the rest. I don't think I wrote about this last night but we tried to get GG to take her medicine. She wouldn't, so I put it in some chocolate milk. She drank it all. Then I tried doing that again this afternoon with apple juice. She didn't like the way it tasted and told me over and over to, "Go and dump it out mommy it's yucky!" Then Becky helped me and we got some medicine in her. She didn't like us ganging up on her. She was trying to make Becky feel bad for helping me by pleading, "No Aunt Becky No..." She feels so much better though. She is dancing around and singing. It is nice to have my sweet baby girl back. I hate seeing her in pain and not feeling good. She's still not a 100% but I would say she is about 90% better. I also noticed that Monkey picked up the cough. But he doesn't have a fever and neither does J. So they are both sleeping right now. I think what we got was a 24-48 hour bug that just needs sleep to combat it. I think that over the last two days GG was awake for probably 8 hours at the most. I hope every one is better for tomorrow. We are going to the A's to have Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2003

So I thought we would go this winter without any major sickness. I was wrong. The story begins yesterday...I got up and got the kids ready for church. We went to church only to be there for 2 minutes when GG throws up all over herself and J. Good thing I packed an overnight bag. So we changed her clothes, everything down to her undies and socks. Then after church we went to the grocery story to get some food. Then to grandma and grandpa A's house. GG laid down and just watched movies the rest of the day. Us girls, grandma, Aunt Liz (Ribbit), Aunt Virginia, and I (Monkey too) went to see the movie Mona Lisa Smile. Came home and we took turns doing makeovers. It was so much fun. We picked out clothes, did hair and make up. GG even got in on the action. She took Aunt Virginia's brown lipstick and put it on except that she missed most of her mouth. Virginia took a picture. Then we ate cake and watched a chick flick (Wedding Planner). That is what we did yesterday.

Today I woke up sick. Soar throat, cough, and mild fever. I also hurt everywhere. So I called J and he and Becky drove out to get us. I didn't feel I could drive safely home. J called in and isn't going to work tonight so that he can take care of Monkey while GG and I sleep. Except he is tired too so he is in the room sleeping with GG and I am out here with Monkey. I just got some more medicine in me so I am feeling a little better though I should take the opportunity to update real quick. Pray that J and Monkey don't get sick too. This is not fun at all.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

The big thing we did today was going grocery shopping. I really don't like doing that on Saturdays but it needed to be done. I only took GG and left Monkey(sleeping) with J. When I got back from the store Monkey was awake and playing with the toys. J didn't even realize he woke up and left the room. I am so glad he can't open doors yet. Joe and Virginia got to here safely this evening. They are at my in-laws and I am half tempted to get in the car and drive there tonight. But I think we should sleep here tonight and just see them tomorrow at church. The only problem we are having is how we should get there. I want to drive separately so that I can stay but he doesn't like that idea. We'll figure it out...after he gets done reading books to the kids. I can't wait for Christmas did I say that already?!?! I guess the part I really want is just to see the kids faces when they wake up and see all the presents under the tree. 5 days until Christmas but 4 until we open more presents!

Friday, December 19, 2003

Today started out like every other day. I forgot to mention that yesterday we made handprints of the kids hands again. So today GG painted hers purple. She really likes that color. After dinner GG and I played a game of candy land since we didn't get to play last night, she needed to go to bed. This afternoon Monkey was fighting taking a nap. At first I thought his ear was hurting him but now I think he just didn't want to go to sleep. What a little stinker...he can't stop napping this young. Then tonight my friend called, it was amazing because I had tried calling her twice today and didn't get an answer. They don't have caller id, she just happened to call. Well I am really tired today for some reason, maybe because J was home last night when he should of been working. No that doesn't sound right. Tomorrow Joe and Virginia will be in town. That should be fun.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Ok so here is the update of what we did for our anniversary or as we explained it to GG, our birthday! The day our family was born. We went to a restaurant called Max and Erma's neither of us had ever been there before. It was good food. Then we went to Barnes and Noble. We took turns walking around and looking at the books while the other one stayed with the kids in the children's section. They had a train track set up and you know how my kids love trains! Then we got in the car and drove around looking at the Christmas lights. GG was so funny she kept yelling excitedly about everything she saw. Monkey was sitting in the back eyes wide open. I would ask him if he saw the lights and his head would shack up and down. Then we got home and made J's present from one of the people at work. It was the really good kind of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Then we came downstairs to play games but haven't done that yet. So I don't know if that is going to happen. I am just happy to know that in half an hour J doesn't have to go to work. He took the day off. Well that is it.
It is only 4:30pm but I want to update for now because everyone is sleeping! This morning we got up early along with Aunty Becky and we went to MOPS. It was the open gym day. I always like them. There was a new mom of two girls, the girls were 18 months apart (just like mine), the oldest born in Jan and the baby in July. The only difference was that they were a year younger than mine. It was fun talking to her about some of the same things I went through last year at this time! It is good to know as a mom you aren't alone in almost every situation you encounter! Someone has been there before you and some one will go through it after you! Anyways, then we took the kids to McDonalds for lunch. Before we even sat down I went to get ketchup, I ended up knocking it over on top of Monkey. He had it all over his white shirt. Good thing J went through the diaper bag the other day, when we cleaned, and put a winter outfit in it for him. Thank you J! You rock :) After they ate Becky took them in the playground. We didn't stay long because the play area didn't have heat. It was freezing!!! Then we came home and finished putting ornaments on grandma's Christmas tree. It looks beautiful now. Then Monkey went to sleep and then GG went to sleep and here I am. I did call my friend to see what happened to her today. She was suppose to be at MOPS. Her little girl woke up sick. I'm glad it wasn't my bad directions ;)
So today is J and I's 4 year anniversary, I wish I knew what were are going to do tonight. Do I need to start making dinner? Or do I get a night off? I guess time will tell. I'll try and up date again before bed.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

So last night J and I spent a lot of time talking about things...his job, family life, social life and just about everything. I also tried something new last night with Monkey. Almost every time he woke up I got out of bed and rocked or held him until he went back to sleep instead of nursing him. I am trying to cut out the night feedings. He is almost 17 months! Wow I can't believe he has gotten this old. It seems like yesterday he was born. GG too, for that matter, where does the time go? Today while I made lunch I turned on some music and the kids started dancing. As I watched Monkey I was reminded of my friend Julie saying that her little boy Thomas (a couple months younger than M) when he jumps it is more like a bounce. Monkey does that too but today when he was jumping (bouncing) he would lift one leg off the ground. He still couldn't do both but he is getting it. It is so fun to watch my kids grow and learn new things. Right now J and GG are doing her new puzzle she got from my grandparents, on Sunday, I think it is the second or third time they are doing it. She is learning the puzzle! Sometimes I think that GG's learning has slowed down and then I look back at my journal and see that she is still learning, but being with her everyday I guess I just don't realize it. She is turning into such a fun individual. I honestly can say that I enjoy spending time with both the kids. I do love my job of being a mother. Some days it is harder than others but that is true with any type of job/career.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Well today was a little different then most days. J took the kids and left for about 3 hours, shopping for my presents but mainly to give me time to do some scrapbooking, his idea. I thought that was very nice of him. He took them to eat at McDonalds and then let them play in the playground. When he got home I put Monkey to sleep and GG and I headed out to find J presents. I must say that today I had a lot of success with finding things I thought he would like. I just hope he likes them come Christmas morning! Then I made dinner and J went to pick up grandma at the car dealership because her car needs fixed. I was finished making dinner before J came home so the kids and I went downstairs, while the lasagna was baking, and started to wrap J's presents. He came home before I was finished so I have a few more to wrap. After we ate we came downstairs and J cleaned the bathroom and I put away the clean laundry from a couple days ago and then we just started cleaning up everything down here. I must say we did a good job and it looks nice. One cute story before I go...when we came home from shopping J asked GG what we bought him and she said excitedly, "NOTHING!" I have taught her well.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Today was the first day of J's days off. We had a lazy morning and just didn't do things in too big of a hurry. Then we left the house after lunch to run all over the place but we also went to Mall. I signed GG up for that dance class in January. The cool thing about it is that the building it is held in is about 2 blocks from the house. We also went to Wal-mart and the bank. I am happy to say that J and I are done with presents, well that we have to buy together. We still have to get each others. But that's no big deal, right? Then we came home and J started a fire. GG and I wrapped presents for other people. She really liked doing that. After dinner grandma put up her Christmas tree and the kids helped with help from Aunt Becky. J and I took that opportunity to wrap the kids presents. We had a lot of fun doing that. So not only are the presents bought but they are now wrapped, sitting in the closet waiting for the kids to go to sleep on Christmas Eve. J just left to go buy my presents maybe tomorrow he will watch the kids while I get his!

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Last night seeing as I needed to get up early Monkey decided to nurse all night, at least it seemed. He is so funny he wakes up hungry and says, "Mama urse, mama urse..." until I nursed him. This morning we left here at 8am took my dad his laptop and were on our way to my grandparents house. We stopped and picked up my brother Kory, haven't seen him in awhile, he is a senior in High School. We got to my grandparents house around 11ish. We ate lunch, talked, got a call from my mom, and opened presents. GG had a great time getting her presents, she is such a girlie girl but I love it. She got a packback/purse that had plastic lipstick, keys, a cell phone (that makes noise), sunglasses, a plastic nail polish, and perfume bottle. This was the first present she opened and almost didn't want to open anymore. I guided her to open the other ones. She got a puzzle, a star wars gadget, a plate, a breakable little girl that is a keepsake, and m&m candy in a tube. Then her last gift she opened was a my little pony. I'm telling you she is a true girl and she wanted to play with both the purse and my little pony. They were both pink and purple! She liked everything she got but she REALLY liked the two girlie gifts! Monkey got a truck that makes noise, he loves to push things. He also got a book, a star wars gadget, a breakable little boy (keepsake too), and I don't remember what else he got because J was the one who helped him open the presents and he is sleeping. Speaking of J he is a wonderful husband. He woke up yesterday at 6pm went to work came home at 7:30am, showered and went with us to my grandparents. He drove the whole way there and back, it is now 10:30pm and he is going to sleep for the first time since yesterday. After we left my grandparents we went to the hospital to see my other grandma who just got came down with pneumonia. Then we were on our way back trying to get to church on time for the night service. We made it and had a great time the choir sang the whole service with us singing a few songs with them. Then afterwards they had cookies and hot apple cider in the gym. As we were about to leave we talked with grandma and grandpa A and they were going out to eat, we hadn't eaten either so we went with them. The food was good and dinner is a whole story in itself. Then we came home and here we are. Oh a funny story happened in the car today. GG fell asleep on the way home and when she woke up her coat was wet with drool. Then she said to me that her coat smelled bad. I smelled it and sure enough it was nasty smelling. So I am washing it right now so that we have it clean and dry for tomorrow. Yes, I am washing other clothes with it...not just her little coat!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

First I want to tell a story that was kind of funny but not really. GG left her baby doll upstairs and she wanted to go get it. So I told her to go ahead. She came back down about 5 minutes later, she couldn't find it and this is what she said, "Crap! I can't find my baby doll, mommy." When something bad happens I have been known to let that word slip. It isn't a bad word but really not a word I want my almost 3 year old saying. So we had a talk about saying that word. Today was funny even though we stayed home all day. We hung out with Travis and Becky. Tonight we were going to go swimming with Ethan and his family but it was getting late and it was really cold out and snowy. It made me sad though because I was looking forward to seeing them again. Maybe next time they head this way we can see each other, or we go that way. Tonight GG has been completely silly. Well I guess Monkey has been too. I think they can tell something is different, being the holidays. Tomorrow we are going to my grandma and grandpa O. house. I love going there for Christmas, I'm just sad that my mom won't be there this year. We will miss you guys. I need to go wrap some presents for tomorrow and GG is going to help!

Friday, December 12, 2003

Right now Monkey is standing by the fireplace and yelling...I think he is trying to be like GG. She is always singing and I think that is what he is trying to do. I also keep forgetting to mention that GG has her first pretend person named Pepper. She has had a kitten but for the last week or so she has been playing with Pepper who is a little girl GG's age.
Let's see so today I looked at the winter schedule for classes and I think I missed the deadline for GG to take that dance class and by the time I realized it the office was closed. I am going to have to wait until Monday. I really hope they let her take the class I already bought the outfit for it. If not I will send her to the YMCA. So today the carpet cleaners came today to clean the upstairs. So we were confined to the basement which makes it hard to keep the noise level down, even though J reassures me I am doing a good job. I finished GG's blanket and I started Monkey's I decided not to take a break. We got invited to a party tonight with church but I didn't go because I didn't want to go by myself. J thought his parents weren't going to be there I guess I should of called and asked but oh well maybe next time. J just left for work and GG is sleeping and Monkey is wide awake. Should be an interesting evening!

Thursday, December 11, 2003

I really dislike the winter. It is too cold outside and inside. It's no fun going out and doing anything because you have to be bundled up to stay warm. The bad part is that J is on midnights and sleeps most of the day. I have been trying my hardest to keep the kids quiet so he can sleep. Today I felt like I was doing a horrible job and then when J got up he thanked me for keeping them quiet while he slept. So I guess I am doing better than I thought! Today I was making lunch and GG needed her hands cleaned. So I picked her up and washed her hands at the sink, I dropped a drop on Monkey's head. He had a little wet spot on the top of his head. The funny part was his face. He knew that his hair was wet and he looked at me like what did you do? Then he proceeded to rub the top of his head! Speaking of his hair J gave him another hair cut. One thing about little boy hair it grows way faster than little girls! Or maybe it is you have to cut it more because they have short hair?!?! One of the two. I am really excited about GG's blanket. I have finished cutting everything that needs cut and now I just have to tie it together. Then I am going to give my self a couple days to heal my thumb before I start Monkey's blanket. Well not much else to report and Monkey just woke up.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

So today was such a do nothing day. I think it might of had something to do with the fact that I was up until 1am and very tired. I will be staying up for a few more nights making the kids' blankets so I will have them done by the 25th. I hate leaving the house during the winter but I feel like I have to take the kids outside the house to give J a quiet sleep. Just today wasn't the day to take them anywhere. I went to get groceries today with grandma while J stayed with the kids. It is nasty out. I have plans for tomorrow to go to the library and get some Christmas cards. I keep forgetting to pick some up so I am hoping that some store still has some. We'll see tomorrow. I am going to finish watching Trista and Ryan's wedding and then put the kids to bed and start working on the blankets again.
Well blogger is working now that it is the next day! I posted our activities of the day on my other journal. There was a cute story about GG if you want to read it. I am about to go to bed. I just spent the last 3 hours working on GG's blanket. I didn't even get half way done. I think this is going to take more time than I thought. But when it is done it will be great. Goodnight

Monday, December 08, 2003

We are back from Western. We had a good time seeing everyone at playgroup and other places we went. It was good to see GG and Ethan play together. She really misses him. I would secretly listen to them as they played and they were having a blast! Pretending to go to Grammy's house and sleep over. Oh the mind of a two and three year old! It was also fun to meet Gavin. I forget how small babies are. Today I spent most of the day doing laundry I think I did a total of five loads. I also applied for a job at the Y. The kids and J went out this morning to get a Christmas present for me. I'm really not in the mood for writing I am in a very sad mood.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

I had a very early morning. I was getting up when J was getting home! He helped get the kids dressed while they slept and I ate something. Then I took a shower and woke the kids up to leave the house. We went to MOPS...GG had a lot of fun playing and I had a good time eating lots of food. Monkey ate my food too, I don't mind sharing with my baby boy! Then we came home and tried to stay as quiet as possible. J woke up at 2pm and we started packing for our weekend trip. We didn't get a chance to wrap any presents. We still have time though. Tonight at dinner GG wanted to pray and she folded her hands, Monkey followed suit and folded his too, she said, "Dear God, thank you for the food. Thank you for my new car and Monkey's new car too." I bought them hot wheel cars at Target yesterday. As I was sitting here typing that story Monkey was on one of the chairs and I watched him flip off the side. It scared me to death. I literally saw his neck bend in half as his body fell on his head. J said he was ok. But man I sure am not ok. We are going to be going to bed in about a half an hour. We are leaving at 4:30am to leave, we're going to WIU. So tomorrow morning will be way earlier than this morning was!!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

So last night was J's first night working the midnight shift. The kids were good except for the fact that they stayed up until midnight. But they slept good. I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to keep them quiet while J tried to get some sleep. I took the kids out of the house so he could sleep in peace. We dropped off a bill at the post office and then we went to the library for a while. The kids loved that. I think that is one of their favorite places to go. It is always so hard to get them out of there. Today wasn't too bad though because I told them we were going to go look for a Christmas present for daddy. So we then went to Target. The kids section is right as you walk into the store so I of course stopped there first. Bad idea. I ended up getting GG some stuff for her dance class and a Christmas dress. I got Monkey a shirt to wear for Christmas too. Then I got them a hot wheels car for being good at the library and Target. I also got Monkey a 70 piece train set. I was so happy to find it because I asked the lady who worked there and she said they don't sell them. I think she thought I meant a train for around the Christmas tree. I did say it would be a present for Monkey. Oh well, I found it anyway. We have a few more presents left to get! That is so exciting. J said we can start wrapping the presents tomorrow afternoon!!! We came home around 3 and ate lunch. We ate dinner around 7, so we could eat with J. Then J gave the kids baths, to spend time with them because most of the day he was sleeping and then Monkey took a nap. Now GG is in bed. Monkey is out here with me.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Today was a really nice and laid back day for us. The kids painted their handprints today. I had to help Monkey! GG, of course, painted hers purple! We painted Monkey's blue. Then after dinner GG helped me wrap a few presents, we have so many more to do still. So if you get a present from us that has a lot of tape it was one that GG helped me with. I am in such a mood to wrap all the presents tonight when the kids go to sleep. I know that J would be so mad at me. We have always wrapped them together. I just see them all in our closet and think that there is so many I should start now. (I love wrapping presents! Have I said that yet?) We only have 23 more days til Christmas. We still have to finish buying some too. Tonight is J's first day working midnights. I hope it goes good for him and for me too. Monkey slept better last night so I hope he does good tonight too because it will only be me.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Well remember how I said that Monkey has been nursing like crazy! Last night his teeth were hurting him so bad that he couldn't even sleep. I gave him some medicine and that didn't help either so this morning I looked into his mouth again and I noticed that he is getting three molars. The one has broken the skin but is still coming in the other two haven't broken the skin yet but you can see them through the skin. My poor little guy. Monkey and I nor did any one else in the house get much sleep last night. But J had the day off today and let me sleep in since I was the one who was taking care of him during the night. What a nice husband. After I woke up and got ready we packed the kids up in the car and ran a bunch of errands. We also went out to eat for lunch, that was nice. I like being able to budget money for things like that. We also picked up our family pictures today. They turned out so great. I love them! Then when we got home grandma was already here. She made the pot roast for me since she got home first. It was so yummy. It was from market day. I really like some of there food and other stuff isn't so good. After we ate grandma and I went to the grocery store and J stayed with the kids. I'll tell you what, we were in and out of that place so much faster than when the kids are with us. J has tomorrow off too but he has to go to work at 10:30pm. He starts midnights. I am not looking forward to that, J isn't either. The funny thing about that is when J first got hired he wanted to be on midnights and now that he is going there he doesn't want too. He really wants to work days and I want him to also. Oh one last thing...last night J came home from work with 12 books for the kids for Christmas. They were all Sandra Boynton books. J really likes her books. We only have about three presents left to get for other people then we just have to get each other gifts. I know that I am getting a precious moments Christmas ornament. I get one every year from J in my stocking. I have 7 so far! One day when the kids are all grown I will be able to have a precious moments Christmas tree :) We don't do Santa for anyone who hasn't read my other journal. If you want to know why read the other journal it has the reasons.