Saturday, May 31, 2003

Today we got up at 10am! Then we got ready. Monkey and I went out and bought some of Becky's graduation present and also some Christmas presents. Then this afternoon when the kids were sleeping I finished Monkey's scrapbook. It is completely up to date! I have also started working on GG's but I have only got half a page done. After dinner tonight we went for a walk and played at the park. Then we went to the river and looked for frogs we saw one big one. Then our next door neighbor Darian showed us her turtle. GG was very excited about it. Monkey didn't really care about it. Well right now J and GG are outside exploring. They went to the forest to look for different animals and plants. He just radioed me and told me that they are going to go watch a ball game. We are trying to wear her out so she goes to bed earlier then 12am. It was a late night last night. Well that is about all for us. Oh yeah GG was talking to me on the radio and she was so cute. I can't believe how fast she is growing up.

Friday, May 30, 2003

Well here it is another day! We got up and had a really laid back morning. Then we had an appointment at 1pm and many errands to run. One errand was an unplanned one. My friend Tammy had her baby this morning and so we stopped in to she her and baby girl (she doesn't have a name yet) and also a girl that works with J had her baby too. So we got to see two babies and one of each gender! Then we came home and the kids took naps while I scrapbooked some more. Then GG played outside with Ryane the neighbor girl. Then we met J at Wendy's for dinner. I didn't feel like cooking cause it was really hot here. Then we came home and we played outside some more. Then there was a tornado watch so we came inside and the other neighbor girl came over and played in the toy room. GG really liked that. Then after she left all three of us jumped into the bath tub to cool ourselves down. It really worked too. Then we played in the toy room some more and talked on the phone a bit and now we are getting ready for bed. Well actually GG is coloring a picture for daddy when he comes home tonight at 11pm. She did also paint today. Well I am tired so I am ending this post.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Today has been an emotionally draining day. Well not actually the whole day just from about 7pm on. I got a phone call from my oldest brother Kevin. He is being deployed overseas. He has a baby girl a day younger than Monkey so she is only 10 months old. I am so sad. I think that I have cried all the tears I have in my body. No wait I have more and here they come. This morning was nice we went to a park and played with Ethan and Kristen. We had a picnic lunch. It was a really nice time. Then we came home to an empty house. The kids took naps and I just watched tv today. I wasn't in the scrapbooking mood. Then I made pizza and we took it out to Ball Fore where J was. We had a picnic dinner too. On the way home I stopped by my friend Gina's. She is having twins! I talked to her for awhile and I guess that she is having a very hard pregnancy. Then we came home to madness. That is when I talked to Kevin, Roberta, Dad, and Mom. So if you are reading this please pray for my brother and his family. Thank you.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Wow! I am really tired. I will explain but first I want to tell you a story that happened yesterday in the bath tub that I forgot to write about. So the kids were in the tub and all of a sudden GG goes, "mommy what is that?" I looked at her and she was grabbing Monkey's penis. I told her that was how he goes pee pee. It completely throw me off. I told her to leave it alone. Of course she grabbed it again and I told her if she touches it he might pee on her. That was enough for her to leave it alone. I told J the story right before we went to bed and he said why didn't you tell her it was a penis. I was so socked at the moment that I just said the first thing that came to my head. "that is how he goes pee pee!" Maybe next time I will be more prepared and can explain it better. Anyway, J was on pager today but he was at the hospital most of the day. I think that he was home about 4 hours out of the 12 hour shift and 2 of them we were still sleeping. So three days with both the kids all day long is really tiring. I know you might be thinking if J gets a job with the police he will be gone everyday. But it will only be 8 hours at a time and not this 12 hour junk. Anyway it was a really windy day out so we spent most of it inside. We did go to the park district to sign up for swim lessons. Then while we grilled the kids played at the park. I did more scrapbooking and I worked on the present for Becky's graduation. It is far from done and she will have to get it after her party probably more like right before she goes to college. Well I am going to go to bed. Oh yeah Monkey fell down two steps today. But that hasn't phased him because now he is trying to crawl up the step stools that GG uses to go to the bathroom. We need to keep the bathroom doors shut but our neighbor smokes and if they are shut too long it stinks in there. Oh well.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Here is another day in our lives. J worked today like I said yesterday. So the kids and I slept in until 9:45am. I think it had to do with the fact that GG was awake most of the night last night. She was crying and saying she was scared. Poor girl. Anyways, when we got ready we went to get the mail and went over to the apartment office. Then we came back and ate lunch then went to see J at work. When we got home it was nap time. While they slept I did some more scrapbooking. I think I have a little less than 4 rolls of film left to do. After the kids woke up we took a walk. It was hot out so I told GG she needed to play in the toy room for a while so I could cool down. The two girls came over and wanted GG to come outside. But I was busy doing stuff and couldn't keep an eye on her so I had them come inside and they played with her and Monkey in the toy room. She was excited to show them all her toys. She even got them to read her books! She loved it. When I was done we all went outside and played for a little bit. It was easy getting GG inside tonight because all the other kids were going in at the same time. I made dinner and then J was home. We finished watching the movie we rented last night. I think that I forgot to mention that we rented a movie. It was J's pick and we got The Transporter. It was a good one so go rent it. Then tonight we ran out to Wal-mart, dropped off the movies (we got two free ones for the kids) and then got some groceries that we needed like; butter and cottage cheese. Now we are getting ready for cops to come on. I think that I am going to go to sleep though. I just need to get Monkey asleep first.

Monday, May 26, 2003

We had an especially long day today. We got up as J was leaving for work at 8:15am. I was not happy to be up that early I wanted to sleep because I was tired from this weekend. We spent a lot of time outside today. I mean a lot of time. We went to see J at work, went to Wal-mart (I got scrapbooking stuff), came home, played at the park, ate lunch, and kids took naps while I scrapbooked. After they woke up we went back outside and played after a little while we got bored so we took a walk. Then I decided to take them to Everly Park. That was a nice change of scenery. Came home and ate dinner. Then back outside we went to play at the park. When kids are at the park GG talks to them through the window. Lately two of the neighbor girls have been asking to take her outside to play. I have let them because Monkey is sleeping and she really wants to be outside. GG loves all the attention she gets from the two girls granting her every wish. I mean they do anything she wants them too. She talks about the girls every night before she goes to sleep which is really cute. Today was long but very fun filled. I am tired though from all the fresh outside air! J is working again tomorrow so it will be me and the two little ones all day tomorrow. Oh yeah Monkey has started this new thing, he will just let go of the furniture and stand for about 5 - 10 seconds before falling. He thinks that it is hilarious. He is going to be my little dare devil. But I also love his shy side. It is so sweet :)

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Well here is the run down of our busy day. We got up and got ready for Church. Monkey got dedicated to the Lord today! Before we left for church Sue got a very sad phone call. A family that goes to their church and the mom works with her at the school passed away in a car accident. So if you think about them say a prayer for them. The only survivor was the oldest son. The other three died. That put a little damper on the dedication. My mom and step-dad came with some of my siblings. After church we all came back to our place and had so much food. Our friend Joanna came too. She took pictures for us at church. It was great to have all that family at our place. When everyone left the kids and I took naps while J worked out. Then we played outside before dinner. Which was leftovers! Yummy. J is at the races right now working. After we came in from playing the kids took a bubble bath. That is about all that happened today in a nut shell. In other words we had a wonderful day with family and friends! I hope everyone enjoys the memorial day weekend :) J has to work it tomorrow :(

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Today I got up and J's parents got here around 11am. Most of the morning I made food for tomorrow's lunch. We are having: potato salad, cold pasta, deviled eggs, veggie tray, beans and weenies, turkey and ham sandwiches. It should be some good eating! We went to look at furniture with J's parents and then to Wal-mart. Sue and I went to the grocery store to get food for dinner. That was fun. We ate so much food tonight. I am still full and they are all downstairs wanting to eat apple pie. Tonight we took everyone to the driving range. We saw four deer on our way there. Well I still need to do things for tomorrow so I am cutting this short.

Friday, May 23, 2003

The GOOD News first. Jeff got a call this morning from his first choice. That was quick right? He passed the polygraph and now he has to take the psychological test. He is doing that on June 4th at 9am so keep that date in mind and pray for him. Today we went to get all the food for Monkey's dedication lunch. Then I got my haircut while J watched the kids. Then I did more scrapbooking in Monkey's book. I think that I have about 4 more rolls of film to do and I will be caught up with both of their books. J worked at Ball Fore tonight and we went out to give him some dinner. When we got home our neighbor a 14 year old girl asked if she could take GG outside to play. I was a little nervous about it but since the park is right where I could watch her I said ok. I nursed Monkey and watched GG play. When he was done eating I took him outside. When he got too cold I brought him in and GG stayed with the girl for about 20 more minutes. It was a great break. If she does that this summer that will be great! Especially if J is in the academy. Which I hope he will be :) Now it is late and J is home from work. We need to clean up the house a little bit because J's parents are coming tomorrow morning. We are going to have a busy weekend but a very fun one at that! I hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend too.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Well today J got paid from the hospital and let me tell you that I have it all spent. Not physically but all of it needs to go to different things that we need. So needless to say that I really want J to get his first choice job. Anyway, we had a somewhat nice day. J didn't have to work until 3. So we went and ran a bunch of errands as a family which was a lot of fun. I did some more scrapbooking in Monkey's book I am at his 3 month pictures. I am really trying to get his book up to date before his dedication this weekend but I don't think that will happen. Oh yeah we went out to see J at work and played at the park. GG also hit a lot of golf balls. It was cute even though she was cheating! Not much else happened that I can think of so I am going to go so J can get on the net.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I didn't update last night because the in-laws computer was broken. I will start with yesterday first. We got up at my dad's house and drove to J's parents house. He left to take the polygraph and was gone for 5 hours. He ended up getting down town a hour and a half early. Oh well. Then we ordered out Chinese I am not a big fan but I was hungry, so I ate it. They have caller id so when ever it says unknown caller they let GG answer the phone. It was hilarious. One time she told the person that she was watching a movie and told them bye. Then another time she told them she was eating rice. The people on the other end had to be upset that a two year old was answering the phone. But we all thought it was funny. And GG loved answering the phone for them.

Now on to today! We got up and left right after lunch. We came home to a house of no food. So we turned around and went grocery shopping. Being in the car for four and a half hours is boring. Anyway after we got food we ate dinner. When we were finished eating we came up stairs and put away five loads of laundry we did there. Now we are done and I am tired. For some reason Monkey didn't want to sleep very much last night. So I am tired.

Monday, May 19, 2003

We are here at his parents. We got up this morning, packed up everything to go, ran some quick errands and off we went. One of the errands we ran was to the hospital to see my friend Angie, she had a girl. I am so happy for her I know she was really hoping for a girl. Now Mason is a big brother. Baby Laura was smaller than her big brother she weighed 9lbs 2oz and he was 9lbs 15oz. I have two more friends that are due in May so watch for their updates too. Oh yeah GG wanted to bring Laura home with us. Then she kept asking J for a baby sister. It was cute. When we got to my dad and step-mom's house Roberta had dinner ready. It was prefect timing and I was hungry. Then we went out for ice cream. While we were at the ice cream shop GG got her first fat lip. She tripped and fell and bit it. Poor little girl. She asked the man at the counter for a cup of water. He gave her a few dough nut wholes too. I looked at her and just thought how did she grow up so fast. She can order things on her own. It was a nice visit even though it was short. We are getting an antique cedar chest! I think it was Becky's great grandma's or something like that. It is in good shape and we can put our blankets in it. Oh yeah the kids got some cute presents for Easter and from the cruise that Grandma and Grandpa went on. GG got a book, a hat with her name on it, and a carrying bag. The hat and bag were purple her favorite color. Monkey got a cute outfit with a visor and a book about monkeys! Thank you grandma and grandpa. Well it is late and we have an early morning because we have to drive an hour so J can do the polygraph.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

This morning when we got ready we left for church. It was just me and the kids because J was on pager and couldn't leave the town. Anyway, GG said the cutest thing in the car. She all of a sudden asked where we were going. I had forgotten to tell her that we were going to church. So I proceeded to tell her we were going to church. She said, "Oooooh yeah I love going to church!" It was the sweetest thing. I am happy that she likes church. When we came home we ate lunch and just hung out before nap time. J and both the kids took naps. I did some more scrapbooking. I have 5 rolls left. I am making progress slowly. Then this afternoon I gave Monkey a bath because he pooped out of his diaper and all over the place. I decided it was bath worthy. After the bath my sister-in-law called to talk about the cousins birthday parties. I guess GG had moved the saucer and neither J or I noticed but Monkey sure did. By the time I found him he was all the way up stairs. I think he was going to get J who was showering. Nothing else really happened today. J left for work at 7pm he will be back in the morning. I hate when he works nights. But if he is going to be a police officer I should get used to it right? Tomorrow we are going to J's parents for his polygraph. It is Tuesday at 1pm so if you think of him at that time say a little (big) prayer for him. I hear that they are really nerve racking. But he knows what to except because he already took one for his second choice and passed it!

Saturday, May 17, 2003

First thing I want to tell you something funny Monkey just did. He is on the bed sleeping. Well he woke up for a minute and crawled right into the wall. He hit his head and everything didn't even cry. Then he laid back down and went back to sleep. What a goof. I think he was sleep crawling! This morning we got up and did some cleaning, played at the park, ate lunch and then went over to Belinda and Ellie's house. J was scrapping paint so we brought him lunch. Then we left so that the kids could take naps. While they were sleeping I did another page in Monkey's scrapbook. I am so excited that I am able to get the pages done. I might get caught up sooner then I think. I still have 6 rolls of film left. Anyway, I got a phone call from my friend Crissy. She had Sam he was almost 10lbs. She ended up having him on his due date. I think she is the first person I know that has had the baby the day the doctor said it was due. So he is four days old. It makes me want another one but I am not ready for that emotionally and physically. Right now J is working the races for the hospital so he won't be home until midnight. After dinner we played outside some more then decided to go see if Kailey wanted to play. She is so mean to GG. Here is an example of what she does. While we were there Kailey peed her pants. Then she started yelling at GG telling her that she can't use her potty. GG didn't even need to go. Didn't even say anything about the potty. On the way home from their house GG said, "Kailey is mean to me. Why doesn't she like me." None of her friends have ever acted like that to her. She is so confused. How do I tell her that she is different because she goes to daycare and has to fight for toys all day long. Then she only sees her family for about three hours in the evenings. I had to tell her that Kailey likes her but she was having a bad day (life is more like it). When we got home we played at the park some more. Then we came in and I gave both the kids a bubble bath. Ok I am not happy with GG right now so I am going to write what she did so I can calm down. I gave her two crayons and a coloring book while I type. I just got up to see what she was doing she had colored all over her bed sheet and the frame of the bed. She knows better than to do that. She hasn't colored on anything since we have lived here. I know it is only furniture but it is madding all the same. Ok I am now calmer. I am going to go deal with her bed and her.

Friday, May 16, 2003

We had a very fun filled day today. We got up and went to playgroup and almost everyone was there. Belinda and Ellie even came. Right after playgroup we went to another wake. It was of a 16 year old girl who died of Leukemia. J worked with her dad and step mom. Very sad. Then we went to the grocery store to get somethings. Then we ran out to the hospital to say hi to daddy. Came home ate lunch and the kids took naps. I made deviled eggs while they slept for the New Parent Program picnic. That was at 6pm. Before we went to the picnic we played at our park to kill some time. The picnic was a lot of fun. Our whole playgroup was there plus other friends. GG had a lot of fun playing with her friends and I had fun talking to my friends! J came out after he got off of work at 7pm. We came home and J and the little ones took a bubble bath they were dirty from the picnic. We did a scavenger hunt! GG loved it. Tonight we just hung out after the baths did some playing in the toy room. I don't think that any of my friends have had their babies, yet. I didn't end up getting a hold of Crissy. I did leave a message on her machine. So Crissy if you did call me back I accidentally erased a message from the machine yesterday, I have no idea who it was. If it was you let me know.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Today after we got up we ran a bunch of errands. J got paid today from Ball Fore. He didn't even brake 100. Oh well it was enough to get the things we needed. Then we came home and ate lunch and the kids took naps. J went to work. While the little ones slept I did another page in Monkey's scrapbook. I am doing the pictures that he is two days old! Then we made dinner and took it out to Ball Fore to eat with J. That was nice. Then we went to Joanna's house and hung out for a while. We watched Friends there and GG helped her make pizza. She then had to try it after she had already eaten dinner. Now we are getting ready to watch COPS. Something happened today that was kinda of funny it will take a minute for me to remember. Oh yeah when we were at Joanna's house Monkey managed to get a magnet in his mouth. Joanna got it out as I held him face down. I tried and I think I just panicked good thing Joanna was there! Then he got some dog food in his mouth. YUCK! I got that out. He puts anything in his mouth and he is really fast about it too. Like I said before he is definitely ALL BOY!

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

This day was kind of a blur. We had a lazy morning from what I can remember. We did take a walk before we ate lunch. Then the kids took naps and I did another page in Monkey's scrapbook. I still have a long time to get caught up but I am doing it one page at a time. Then we played outside until it was time to make dinner. We had pizza, which GG helped make. Then we were under tornado warning. We did watch the last episode of Dawson's Creek. It was sad. Then we read books as a family. Now I am updating and then getting ready for bed. Wow this is a short one. Also I don't know if anyone has had a baby, yet!

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

J didn't work today which was nice. This morning J went to Ball Fore to do somethings and I took the kids to pay our bill that is due tomorrow. After lunch we all took naps today. Monkey and I slept for two hours. It felt so good to sleep but I woke up with a little headache. I think I slept too much. GG and J slept downstairs and they didn't sleep as long. When we were all up from our naps we took a walk. We went a new way and took the kids on a back road. We showed them a lot of beautiful things God has made. Then after dinner we went out to Ball Fore. As we almost got there it started to rain so we played inside while J hit golf balls. GG wanted to hit some so I took her to him. It was nice because when we got there our friend Joanna was there which we thought she would be because her husband Ted was working. Tonight J went to the YMCA again. He said that last night it really made his back feel better. I was glad to hear that. I just want my husband back to normal. Oh GG said something cute today. At Ball Fore when I took her to J she said, "I like Joanna. Do you like her mommy?" I said, "Yes" and she said, "oh ok!" I can't believe how fast she is growing up in front of my eyes, Monkey too for that matter. Right now Monkey, GG and J are in the bath tub taking a bubble bath. So I could be called away at any minute to get one of them out. As far as I know none of my friends have had their babies. I think that Crissy will be the first she is due first and today is her due date. I think I might give her a call tomorrow if it isn't busy here.

Monday, May 12, 2003

A busy day before we even ate lunch. After we got ready we went to the grocery store for food and then got gas. By the time we got home and put all the food away it was lunchtime. After we ate the kids took naps and I finally started Monkey’s scrapbook. I did two pages! We had prime rib for dinner yummy. Then we took a walk as a family. That was really nice. Then tonight I was sitting in the living room and there was a family outside at the playground. All of a sudden that annoy girl “the neighborhood babysitter” came out and was talking these poor peoples ears off. I thought I would go out and help them out. Then the girl proceeded to tell the mother that I had her number if she wanted it. I told the mother that I didn’t I had thrown it away. I think that she could tell this girl is crazy in the head. What parent in their right mind would let some person watch their children without knowing anything about them? But I guess there are some people who do. I have realized that it is mostly single parents that do things like that. I think it is out of the fact that they have no other choice. J is at the YMCA right now and the kids are playing in the toy room but I have had to go in there a few times already. Actually J just got home and he is going to give GG a bubble bath.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers that read this! I hope you had as wonderful a day as I did. We got up this morning and went to church. I got a flower from the church it was nice. Then we went out to eat at El Ranchorito. We came home and the kids took naps while J and I just relaxed and watch some tv. When the kids got up we went to Wal-mart to take the shorts J got me for mother's day back (they were too big!) That made me feel good because they were size 6. I think that I can finally say I am back to wearing my regular clothes. It only took 9 months!!! Anyway I got two pairs of capri pants. I swore I would never wear them when they first came out. But now they are different. If you remember when they first came out they were really tight on the top and then flared at the bottom. I am so short that they just looked funny. GG has a lot of capris and they look cute on her so I thought I would give them a shot. I tried them on and they actually looked cute so I got them. He also got me stickers for scrapbooking that were so cute for mother's day. We spent a long time in Wal-mart just walking around looking at clothes, trying them on and our friend Joanna came with and she needed stuff too. We had a fun time just looking at things we don't normally look at. I found the cutest letters. When we buy a house (someday) I am going to get them and paint them for the kids rooms. Well now we are getting ready to go to bed. Oh yeah GG pampered me again with the lotion! She also told me happy mother's day about a hundred times. What a little sweetheart. I love being a mom :)

Saturday, May 10, 2003

First I want to write about two things that happened yesterday. Monkey got his fourth tooth. And I got GG to rub lotion all over my legs, hands, arms, feet, and back. I love being pampered by my baby girl. She didn't want to stop. But I was really slippery. On to today...we got up and got ready. Then we took a walk and didn't really do anything until J got home. He had to take a patient on a transfer and was home around 4:30pm. Then he turned around and left for the races. GG did the cutest thing as J left for work. The windows were open and she was saying, "Bye bye daddy. I love you daddy. You going to work daddy? You going to take your truck daddy not your scooter? Drive safely daddy." It was hilarious to listen to her. What a little character. GG went over to Belinda's house while I went to a friends graduation party that was at the VFW. Then I came to get her and went to another friends party. Then there was a bunch of tornadoes around here. Some even touched down. So we stayed at the party until the weather cleared up. We are home now. Oh yeah one more major thing happened today. Monkey learned how to climb up the stairs. He was on the first step when J realized he was climbing. So we let him go to see how far he could get. He made it all the way to the top. I couldn't believe that he just went with it. He had been trying to get his knee up on the step but once he figured it out there was no stopping him. Now we have to go get another gate for the bottom of the stairs! He is definitely all boy a little dare devil and stinker :) But we love you just the same our little Monkey-man!

Friday, May 09, 2003

Before anything else I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! So last night GG fell asleep early right? She woke me up at 12:30am to go potty. I am so proud of her. Anyways this morning we went to playgroup. Everyone was there which was great fun! J didn't come with us because he said he was going to get my mother's day present. When we got home he hadn't gone yet. He wanted the kids to help pick it out. So he took the kids. Let me tell you I had no idea what to do all by myself. I sat down and turned on the tv didn't see anything good so I then started to clean. I got a lot done however :) Then we ate together and took a walk. J, of course, got paged to the hospital. So he was gone from 1:30pm to 7:30pm. After the kids took naps we went outside to play at the park. Then we came in to make dinner that we had ready right when daddy got off of work. After we ate we all took showers to cool ourselves off. It was really hot today. Now J and GG are downstairs eating ice cream. Speaking of eating, Monkey is becoming a big mooch like his big sister. Every time I get food they both come over to me mouths wide open. That is all I can think of to write so I am going to sign off.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

I love having a toddler. I'll explain. J had to work at 8:30am so while he was getting ready for work he woke GG up at 7:45am. I'll just tell you I wasn't ready to start the day yet. So I got her a bowl of cereal while she went potty. Then I told her to play in her toy room while mommy and Monkey slept. We got to sleep until 9:30am!!! She is such a well behaved little girl :) I asked her what she did while I slept she told me that she read books on the reading chair. After we all got ready we took a walk over to the office, J had borrowed a key and needed to return it but before we took a shower I shut the downstairs bathroom and the door was locked. She told me how to get it unlocked. By this time it was time for lunch and J was coming home from work he only worked until noon. So we ate and hung out and waited for 2pm to come so we could go get J's paycheck! Then the errands began, we went to Wal-mart, the Butternut Store, Ace Hardware and the Bman's house. (it was Nick's first birthday and we had a present for him) I want to say it makes me feel good that strangers think GG is smart for her age. While we were in Wal-mart GG talked to three different woman that we came across. She carried on conversations with them. They would ask her a question and then she would answer it. Each time the lady would say she is really smart for her age. It made me feel good as a parent and also to know that I am not the only one that thinks she is super smart. At least I have confirmation that it isn't all in my head! She really is smart. Tonight after dinner we all went to the laundry mat and a girl from my floor sophomore year was there. She thought the kids were cute I would have to agree. Right now Monkey is trying to bite my arm. What a little stinker. I need to go put him to bed. GG is already sleeping. She fell asleep at around 8:30pm she had a short nap today. Well have a good night everyone.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Today we had a lot of family fun it even started out great with us sleeping until 9:30. (I love not having to get up at a certain time) J was on pager all day but got to stay with us, I love when that happens. He gets paid and gets to stay with us. Anyway after we got ready this morning we took a walk. As we were walking we talked and decided that after the walk we were going to go to Farm King. I wanted to show J the tool benches there. The kids also got to ride on the horse. We haven't really been in that store a whole lot so we just walked around and looked at everything as a family. We have a lot of good Christmas ideas now. We came home and ate lunch then both the kids took early naps. They slept over 2 hours. I couldn't believe it. GG fell asleep in my arms, she hasn't done that in a while. Monkey was sleeping with J until he decided to go up stairs and try and get sleep himself. He gave Monkey to me, it was cute so J took a picture. After dinner we went grocery shopping I think that I like Wednesdays better as a shopping day but J likes Sundays. So that is what we are going to stick with. But the coolest thing happened at the store. A friend of ours that we haven't seen in a while and we were actually just talking about him the other day was at store. It was good to talk to him and find out what is going on with him. It turns out that he is going to North Carolina. He told us to come see him if we ever visit Joe and Virginia. We came home and J went over to Belinda's house to scrap paint. Oh yeah while he was there I saw the biggest raccoon ever. It was the size of a small to medium dog. Then when he came home we had ice cream cones. This was the first time that GG ate one all by herself. She is a little me. As soon as it started to leak out the bottom she bit it. I used to do that all the time and sometimes still do. J wasn't happy about that. She is all cleaned up now. We are going to play in the toy room and maybe read some books! I want to say one last thing. Monkey is all boy. He gets into everything! He even eats dirt or anything he can pick up off the floor. Yuck! Just tonight he stood himself up and then let go of the object. He of course fell on his little butt about 5 seconds later :)

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Today I saw 6:45am which hasn't happened in a long time. We got up and went over to Belinda's house to do laundry while J power washed the house. When we got home at around 12ish our friend Matt came over for a graduation lunch. We had pot roast! Yummy. It was sad saying goodbye but we did give him a present that was too cute. We asked GG what we should give him and she said a book. We asked what kind of book. She said, "A Clifford the big red doggie book." so that is what we got him along with two attached picture frames, do you know what I am talking about? In one frame was a picture of Matt and GG the other with a picture of Matt and Monkey. He liked it. As soon as he left we changed and went to a wake for our friends Grandpa. He was a great man. He will be greatly missed by a lot of people. When we went through the line I took GG up to the casket and explained to her that he is playing in heaven with Jesus. She got the biggest smile on her face and she said, "he's playing with Jesus and having fun." I am not really sure if she understood that he is dead but I don't want to shelter my kids from any part of life, for those of you that are thinking why in the world did they take their child to a wake. We got home around 8pm and made dinner, boy was I hungry. I mean we had a big lunch but I was still hungry. Well I am going to hit the bed and probably do a lot of drooling tonight! I am ok with that because it means that I slept good.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Another late day for us. This morning we got up and went over to Julie's house for a play date. She has two boys one a little older than GG and the other two months younger than Monkey. We had a lot of fun and the kids wore Dan, Julie's husband, out! He was running all over the yard with the two older ones. It was quite funny to watch. Then we came home and it was nap time, funny how that works right!?! Then J left for Ball Fore at 2:45pm. Before J left for work Monkey was standing by the entertainment center and sneezed. Well he hit his head on it and now has another bruise on his face. J laughed at him. I thought that was so mean he just hurt himself really bad and he is laughing at him. Anyway after the kids woke up we had dinner then we went out to see J. When we came home we went over to the B's house to see if they wanted to take a walk, which we ended up doing with them. I am so glad that I have decided to keep my babies out of day care. GG is a complete angel next to Kailey. Tonight after J got off of work we went out to Wal-mart to get our friend Matt a present because he is graduating and leaving on Wednesday. We have known him for the last three years and he is a great friend. We are going to miss him. Well I need to go get in bed because tomorrow is going to be a early and long day. As I sit here I am wondering if my friend Crissy had her baby, yet. She is due in 8 days!

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Today was a rainy and drab day but that is ok because J got out of working tonight! This is the first day he has had off in a long time. So we got up and went to church this morning. I am so excited that GG is going to get to go to VBS for the first time this summer. They are making an exception because she isn't old enough yet but she is potty trained! The age is 3 years but they have to be potty trained. I am going to do the nursery with Monkey. I am excited because we don't make it to church early enough to go to Sunday school and this way she will get to hear Bible stories and sing song her two favorite things to do. Plus she loves to read the Bible at night before bed so she should have a lot of fun. When we came home our friend Joe and his girlfriend Shannon came over. The boys played playstation and us girls talked and played with the kids! I decided to get on the internet early tonight because the kids are sleeping right now. They are taking a late nap because we had company. GG loves to entertain company! Her newest saying is "okey dokey karaoke" it is hilarious. Monkey is getting another tooth on the bottom it just hasn't broken through yet. And he likes bananas! We aren't doing the shopping today because we just went Thursday and it is raining.

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Ok today we got up and did some errands. J worked at the hospital all day so after the errands were done we went to see him. I don't mind J working but being gone two days in a row for 12 hours is a killer. Anyway GG did the sweetest thing today. After she wakes up from her naps we usually cuddle in the recliner. Today as we were cuddling she looked at me and said, "Mommy I love you" then she looked at Monkey who was cuddling with us and said, "I love you too Monkey" then she gave us both hugs and kisses and said "I love my family, they are the best" Talk about melt your heart. I didn't realize that she understood that we were a family. I know I write about family time on here a lot but we don't really say "family time" to her. She amazes me all the time. Then at 5pm we went bowling at the Union with Ethan and Kristen. Actually Kristen and I just let the two kids bowl. They had so much fun and actually bowled two games. We used the bumper lanes! Monkey also had fun watching everyone around him bowl. He is getting so curious about the world around him. I love it that he is getting his own little personality. After bowling we came home and made dinner just in time for J to come home and eat with us as a "family" :) Right now the three of them are in the bath tub taking a bubble bath. J is calling for me so I think that he wants me to come get one of the kids!

Friday, May 02, 2003

Let's see today we got up and went to playgroup. The teacher Angie is pregnant and going to have the baby any day so we all brought her presents it was a total surprise to her. Then we came home and ate lunch then we all three took naps. J was at work he worked from 7am to 7pm. After we got up we played outside at the park. When the little ones were done swinging we decided to go to Wal-mart each of the kids got a toy while we were there. GG got a stroller for her baby dolls (for when we go on walks) and Monkey got a golf set. I also got GG a Christmas present. I have decided that I want to start early so that we can give the kids more presents than last year. They didn't get much because we didn't have money and we had like 20 some people to buy for. Anyway after Wally world we went to Farm King. I want to get Monkey a tool bench for his 1st birthday. Mary told me today at playgroup that Farm King is the only place in this town that she has found tool benches. They actually had three different types too. I have never seen the toy section in Farm King so I walked up and down the aisles. I found a lot of good Christmas ideas. The cool thing about it is that our friend Brad works there and can get us a discount. Rock on! So from here out each paycheck we are going to try and get the kids one present each. We'll see if that works. We have car insurance due in a few months. Tonight after dinner we took a walk and on our walk we ran into Kim and Kailey so they walked with us! GG loved it she got to use her new stroller, she is such a little mommy. She is just too cute with her babies walking them, holding them and nursing them! Speaking of babies today after we woke up from our nap she pointed to my tummy and said, "you have a baby in there too?" (a lot of her friends are having babies so I think she wants another one) I told her no and she asked if I could get one in there. That may take a little convincing of daddy :) I personally would like Monkey to be a little older. That is it for us.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Well here is the craziness from our house. We got up this morning and went over to GG's friends Ethan's house to play and have lunch. It was fun and we got home just in time for nap time, my favorite time of the day! While they slept I did another page in GG's scrapbook. I am hoping to start Monkey's tomorrow but J is working all day so it might not happen. My car started smoking today after J got the oil changed so we took it back. I don't remember what was wrong with it but it is still smoking. Then Kailey came over for dinner and was here until 8:30pm. Two friends for GG in one day so much fun! When Brad picked her up we went to the grocery store we had no food. Also the EMS crew came to visit, before we left for the store. We came home and unloaded the groceries and now we are going to bed. It was a long but very fun day.