Friday, February 28, 2003

Let’s see…so much has happened today. We got up at 7:50am got ready for playgroup and left here around 9:10am. After playgroup it was to Monkey’s doctor’s appointment. He had to get a shot today, poor little guy. He weighs 19lbs 10oz. GG didn’t even weight that at a year. He was 27 1/8 long. When we got finished with the doctor’s we went to the ER where daddy was working. We had lunch with him and caught up on the things that happened at his interview with the second choice place yesterday. I guess it went pretty well the detective is from the same place as J and has two small children so they had a lot in common. Then we came home and the kids took their naps a little earlier than usual but they got up earlier, maybe they will go to bed earlier, yeah right! While they were napping I read more in that book. I recommend this book to everyone! While I was typing an email I noticed that GG was being too quiet in her toy room so I went to check on her. She had gotten earrings out of her drawer and was trying to put them on. Last night before bed she took out one of her earrings so I just took them out. Well she decided that she wanted to wear them again. The only problem was that she lost the back to one of them. I wanted to scream. It took me a half an hour to find it, but I am glad I did. If I wouldn’t have found it then Monkey couldn’t play on the floor up stairs until we did find it. After that happened we went downstairs and I sat in the rocking chair to nurse Monkey. GG wanted something to eat and I told her to wait. She immediately said, “after Monkey done nursing!” She catches on fast. Well she was standing there she was messing with Monkey’s head I moved my hand to protect him for her possibly hurting him. Instead I poked her in the eye. I told her I was sorry for poking her eye and she said, “I got a poker eye.” She is still learning! Jeff got home at 7:15ish and we eat dinner as a family and talked more about what happened yesterday with the detective and now all three of them are reading books together. Next it is the daunting task of getting them to sleep so we can go to sleep.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

This morning we slept in until 9:00am this hasn’t happened in a while. J and I decided that we needed to do something about the sun coming in the windows at sunrise. We didn’t want to spend money on curtains, plus there is no way to hang them unless we bought some hardware to mount them. We came up with a good enough solution to keep the sun out. We took a blanket that we don’t use often and nailed it to the wall. It is a solid green color so it looks okay. Well J had to leave to go to the interview today, his second choice. But he spent time with us until we had our class at 12:30pm. We made books in our class today. They are interactive books for the kids to play and learn with. It is really a neat idea. I did one for GG and then Tammy (the teacher) suggested that I just add to her's for Monkey. I think that I will. I am going to add Monkey’s name to the pages already done. I hope it turns out okay. One of the other things I did today was read more in that book by Lisa Beamer, Let’s Roll I am now on chapter 16. I think this will be the fastest I have ever read a book. This book is so inspiring and it makes you want to keep reading. I think it is a great ministry for Lisa. I am sure it will touch many lives and impact eternity for Christ. Oh yesterday when GG woke up from her nap I said, “What should we do? Hum let’s see.” She immediately said, “Make dinner, I want chicken tacos.” It was one of the funnier things she has said. It wasn’t exactly the words she said but how she said it. I guess you would have to have been there. Also yesterday when they did GG’s screening one of the questions was do other people that aren’t around her all the time understand what she is saying. I said well let’s see. I was waiting for her to start talking like the little social butterfly she is and sure enough, the lady sneezed and she said, “Bless you!” I asked her if she understood what she said and she said it was as clear as day! I must say the lady was really impressed with her in every area as I am everyday. Well goodnight everyone.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Today J was working all day long. I guess it is good money though. We got up and went to our appointment. They did a screening on both the kids. GG is performing at the same level as a normal child does at 3 years and 2 months. She is only 2 years and 1 month. Monkey is also a little above average. He isn’t as old so there isn’t as big of a difference. I give credit to breastfeeding and being at home with them all day! After the appointment we went to Nannette’s house to get the book Crissy is letting me borrow. I started reading it during the kids nap and I couldn’t put it down. I am already on chapter 7. Today my mother-in-law called with some good news for the first choice PD. J is in the top 17 and that means that he is going to finish the process no matter what. They are taking the top 4 so if he does good on the rest of the tests he could be going to the academy. If he isn’t in the top 4 they will keep his name on the list for two years. Then his second choice called today they are wanting to do an interview asap like tomorrow. So I got a hold of J at work and he is suppose to be getting a hold of the detective. I will let you know tomorrow what is going on with that. So he might be employed pretty soon but we don’t know for sure just yet. I will keep you posted as things happen. Well that is about all that happened today. I need to get some sleep.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I’m going to go a little backwards today. We entered Monkey in the cutest baby contest at Wal-mart here. So if you live in the same town as us please vote for him when you go to Wal-mart. All you have to do is put any amount of money (change or bills) in his jar, he is number 5!!! He is wearing his snoopy outfit with paint spattered in the background. We greatly appreciate your vote for our sweet little man! Thank you. Well let’s see today we got up and got ready then Monkey’s (and GG’s) friend Nick and his mom Stacey came over. Stacey brought homemade pizza, yummy. We all ate and then the kids played in the toy room. They left around 2pm just in time for naptime. After dinner we went to Wal-mart again, we forgot some things last night but that was ok because we got to put Monkey in that contest. Now we are home unwinding and getting things ready for tomorrow we have an appointment at 10:30am. J had a friend come over to play playstation games. Speaking of J he got a letter from his 2nd choice job yesterday he passed the polygraph and now they are going to do a 40 hour background investigation on him. Yeah. I think that GG is a goof. She has started this new thing of telling on J or me. If she gets in trouble with J she will come and tell on daddy. It is funny when she says daddy yelled at me and I am in the next room and could hear him yelling at her. She does the same thing when she gets in trouble with me except for when daddy isn’t home. Tonight I am hoping to get everyone in bed and asleep by 10 we’ll see. I’ll let you know how that turns out tomorrow!

Monday, February 24, 2003

What a great day for the most part. We got up, ate, showered, and got dressed. Then Mary and Ben were here. Before they got here GlamorGirl said, “Brush my teeth so I can kiss Ben.” I’m sure Ben appreciated a clean mouth! We had a lot of fun playing and talking. Another funny thing she said today was when she was getting out of the bathtub. I said, “Ready Freddie?” and she said, “No, Brae Yin Ilo!” Mary and Ben brought some homemade cookies and a candle for us. They were here from 9:45am to 12:15pm every time Mary mentioned leaving both the kids started to get upset. They didn’t want to stop playing. While they were here our recliners came so Mary got to test drive one! After they left we ate lunch and rearranged the apartment again, we are finally happy with the way it looks. We usually let GG watch a half an hour of tv before her nap on days that she is really active, like today. It is her winding down time. As we were watching Mickey Mouse we noticed that there was a green spot on the top right hand side of the screen. We turned channels to make sure it wasn’t just the picture we were watching. So needless to say we ended up taking the tv we have had for a little over a month back to Wal-mart to get a new one. Good thing I kept the receipt. They didn’t have any in the store so we are going to have to wait to get a new one. For now we are going to have to do without one. GG keeps telling us that the tv is at the doctor’s, what a goof ball. Tonight GG got to talk on the phone with Aunt Becky, Grandma M and Uncle Travis. Anyways, we went to Wal-mart to look at other tv’s because we heard that the RCA ones will keep having this problem with the screen. While we were at Wal-mart we got some other things we needed like a present for GG’s friend John’s birthday party. She of course thinks that it is for her. It is late and J is setting up the new tv so I am going to try and get the little ones to sleep. We have another fun filled day tomorrow!

Sunday, February 23, 2003

This morning we (the kids and I) got up and went to church. J was on pager so he had to stay in town. We got home around 12:30pm and ate lunch then we put the kids to bed because they had been awake for a while and we could tell they needed an early nap. While they were sleeping I went to the furniture store to pay off the rest of the rocking recliners. I went all by myself. I don’t even remember the last time I left the house by myself with no kids or husband! I kind of felt naked. When I got back GlamorGirl was up and shortly after Monkey got up so we then went grocery shopping. I have so much fun shopping as a family. In our class last week our teacher said that we should take our kids with us when doing everyday things like shopping or errand running. She said it will probably take more time but the kids will benefit in the long run when dealing with the real world when they get older. After dinner we cleaned up the house because GG’s friend Ben and his mom Mary are coming over to play tomorrow morning. Plus, we rearranged the downstairs to make room for the recliners that are being delivered tomorrow morning! While J and I were discussing the layout of the room with the recliners GG put on the t-shirt she got at the basketball game. I think that I forgot to mention that one of the cheerleaders throw her a shirt. It is huge. It is too big for even J. She swings back and forth in the shirt to make it like a dress. It is the simple things in life that make life so great. I think that we are going to try and play a board game. (J and I) Monkey is sleeping and GlamorGirl will watch a movie then we will start the nighttime routine of book reading and getting ready for bed. We will probably end up being asleep by 11pm. It usually takes forever to get them to sleep. Speaking of sleeping GG slept in her bed until 5:30am not great but getting there.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

We have made progress with GG's sleeping. Last night she slept in her bed all night. She got up at 7:30 this morning and I didn't want to get up yet so I let her come in our bed and she slept for another hour. Yea! I love the weekends. Today we got up and didn't really do a lot of anything. We watched J play his new game. The kids took naps and after their naps GG and I took a walk to the apartment office so that we could pay our rent for March. It was really cold outside. But it was nice to get out of the apartment. We ate dinner and we decided that we wanted to go bowling. We haven't done anything that cost money in a long time. Not like bowling is expensive. We had so much fun. When we got there it was about an hour wait so we watched other people bowl and both the kids seemed to even enjoy that. When we got a lane GG and J bowled and Monkey slept on the chair, I of course helped GlamorGirl with the ramp. She bowled a 107. The first two balls she got 0s on, that was all J. Then I went to get the ramp so that was 9 frames. We won't say what J got. We all had fun as a family. I just hope that the kids will always like spending time with us! Right now J is reading books to the kids they do that every night before bed. It gives me a little break and they all three like spending it together reading books. When they are done we are going to go to sleep because tomorrow is church.

Friday, February 21, 2003

Last night during the night GlamorGirl was talking in her sleep, she does this often but I wanted to write about it so that I didn’t forget when she gets older. I also want to tell you that Monkey says mama, not mamamamama etc but he says mama! He’s been saying it for about a week. I am not the only one that has heard it either. Roberta heard it, Becky heard it, and people in our playgroup have heard it. (all at different times too!) Now we are working on dada. :) We had a very full and busy day. We got up this morning and went to playgroup 9:30am to 11am. Then we went to the consignment shop to drop off some things to be sold. Then we went to church to get something and off to Wal-mart. J got a new playstation 2 game. When we got our new 27” tv J said that he could not tell a different from the 19” we had before. But after playing his new game he can tell a difference now! By the time we got home it was time to eat lunch. After lunch the kids and I took naps. It felt so good to sleep. When we woke up GG and I went to the grocery store to get food for dinner. I am getting more comfortable leaving Monkey with J; I think it is because Monkey is more comfortable with him now. When he was first born J was doing his student teaching so he was gone most of the day but now he is home a lot more and they have been able to bond. I’m really glad that they have bonded. All day today GG keeps asking if we can go to the basketball game. I guess she really had fun last night. I feel bad telling her that there isn’t one to go to. Well not much else happened that I can think of so I am going to call it a night.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

I’m going to start off with a story that J told me while we were lying in bed last night. While J and GG were running errands last night J told GG that his back hurt and asked if she would pray for him. She then folded her hands and said, “Dear God, Daddy’s back hurt. Get him a new one. Make him feel better. Amen.” When J told me what she said I wanted to cry. I think that is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. She has prayed before but she just repeats after us. This prayer was from her heart and her own words. What a sweetheart! J was on pager today and he got a transfer so he was gone most of the day. The kids and I went to the mommy and me class at 12:30pm. I really like this class I took it with GG and she is super smart so maybe it will help make Monkey super smart too. In this class we learn how to teach our children to develop physically and emotionally into healthy children. We talk a lot about brain development and things that little ones need to help them learn at a faster pace. One thing I have learned is that children need to learn to crawl before they walk in order to help them with math later on in life. Many studies have been done to prove this. So many people think that their child is smart because they walked before they crawled but not really in the long run. Some other things we have learned is that children need to get dirty and play with mud for sensory development. I just really like this class and so does Monkey. Today we played with play dough Monkey took it and put it in his mouth, made a funny face and put it back in his mouth. He did that about five times and then he lost interest in it. Tonight after we ate dinner we went to the college's men’s basketball game. I am so glad we didn’t have to pay for it because they were horrible. They lost by 16. Came home and watched ER and now we are going to bed because we have an early morning tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Today was fun, the end. No just kidding. This morning Monkey spit up all over the bed, he soaked everything. I changed the sheets and gave him his medicine and put him back to sleep. He woke up at 7:30 and I was tired, he fell back asleep at 8:45. GG woke up right after he fell back asleep and I wanted to sleep so I put up the gate so she couldn’t go downstairs unattended and let her play in her room. I should of checked for a pen but next time I will. After Monkey and I got up we ate and were getting ready to get in the shower. GlamorGirl lifted up her shirt and she had written all over her belly in pen. (At least it wasn’t in a place that would be uncovered during the day.) That is why I need to check for pens. It was pretty funny though. There are still faint pen lines on her. J used rubbing alcohol before we put her in the tub. Speaking of in the tub. The kids and I took a bath together while we were in the tub Monkey got hungry so I nursed him. As I was nursing him he peed on me. That was the weirdest feeling. That one spot got really warm. I’m sure he is going to love hearing this story when he gets older! Not much happened until we went to Cole’s birthday party. It was at Burger King. All the kids from playgroup were there. It was really fun; it is just so amazing to me how long little kid parties are. We were there for two hours and it didn’t even seem that long. I guess it is like they say time flies when your having fun. Tonight J and GG ran back the movies and did a couple other errands. Now I am going to go soak in a bath tub all by myself, put the kids to bed and hopefully be in bed soon after.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

A lot happened today so bare with me. We got up and got ready. Then we went and ran a bunch of errands. We went to the bank, UPS, furniture store, post office, and grocery store. We made it home just in time for J to go to his back apt at 1:30. While he was gone I called the doctor's office to see if I could bring Monkey in, he just can't shack this cough he has. They could and of course GG was sleeping and J was gone. So I called a bunch of people and finally found someone who could watch GG while I ran Monkey in. They said he has the start of an Upper Respiratory Infection. They gave him a shot and prescription and sent us on our way. I can tell that he is doing much better. When we came back J was home, then he went to the hospital for third crew. While he was gone Travis came over. We gave him the new pictures of GG and Monkey. GG was so funny she handed Travis the picture of her and said, "This is Bay Yenn Iyo, here you go Uncle Travis." He took it and sat it down she immediately picked it up and said, "this is me she is a cutie pie." I guess we tell her that so much that she is now telling other people that. It just proves that she is a cutie pie! Then we ate dinner and went out once again. This time we went to Wal-mart. That store is a maze now that it is so much bigger. I just can't wait for it to be completely done so they will stop moving things around in there. One day something will be in one spot and the next it is on the other side of the store. After Wally word we rented a movie for me, a game for J and a movie for GG. Came home watched my movie and now we are getting ready for bed. I need to wrap Cole's present and get the little ones asleep and then I can call it a night. So I am off to do those things.

Monday, February 17, 2003

Right now J is at his interview. I am really nervous for him but I’m sure he will do good. He is a great people person. Today we hung out with Aunt Becky while we waited for Grandma and Grandpa to come home from my brother's house. When they got here we went out to eat. We went to Boston Market, I really like their food and wish we had one near us. I talked to my Uncle Mark (Jessica’s Dad) and he said that having Jessica at the farm really helped her progress. She did two new things yesterday. She held her head on her own and she moved her head while she tracked with her eyes. So if you think of Jessica say a little prayer for her and her family. After J gets home from the interview we are driving home so it will be a late night for us. I am hoping that the kids sleep most of the way. So next time I write we will be home. I love that word HOME!

Sunday, February 16, 2003

This morning we woke up got ready and drove 40 minutes to church. It was good to see everyone from J's home church. GG loves children's church! Then we hung out at Grandma and Grandpa's most of the day. We left at 5:30pm. We then drove by were J's interview is tomorrow night and then went to another town to get an application for their police department. After we got the app we went to the grocery store to get some food for dinner and lunch tomorrow. When we got to my dad's no one was home so we had the house to ourselves that was nice. We just hung out the four of us as a family which we haven't done in two days. GG is much better now and she is done with her medicine but now Monkey has come down with a nasty cough I hope that it doesn't turn into anything bad. The doctor said he was healthy. I guess time will tell. Please pray for J tomorrow he has his interview with the department we really want him to hired with. Well I'm tired so goodnight.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

What happened today. We got up and spend the day with Grandma and Aunty Ribit (Elizabeth). GlamorGirl had a lot of fun playing with them. Then we went to Mr. and Mrs. D's new house. Very nice! Then we ended up at my dad's and step mom's house for the night. My Uncle Mark and Aunt Amy were here with my other Uncle Carl. My cousin Jessica is in a rehab center here. Tomorrow they are taking her home for the first time in two months. She was in a car accident in the beginning of December with my other cousin who sadly did not make it. We are hoping that Jessica will wake up soon, hopefully having her friends around will help in the process. I didn't have time last night to write this but yesterday when we were at J's parents house the phone rang and it was a unknown called so they let GG answer it. It was pretty funny. She was just talking away to the telemarketer. Of course they hung up on her and we knew it when the phone started making that annoying sound. GG really enjoyed being able to answer the phone. I think that I might start letting her answer it at home. So if you call and you hear a little girl on the other end please don't hang up I will take the phone from her after she says Hello. Well we have another busy day tomorrow so we should get the little ones in bed.

Friday, February 14, 2003

This is going to be short because I am tired. Last night at 2:30am to 3:30am I was in the ER with GG. She had a 101.7 fever and was having problems breathing. She has croup. Got up this morning and Monkey and I went to playgroups while J and GG got things ready at home. We left for home and now we are here. Goodnight. Oh yeah Happy Valentine’s Day.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

We had a lot of fun today and we were very busy. We got up and got ready so we could go to the Mommy and Me class. It is for Monkey and me; GlamorGirl comes with and gets to play with toys while we are in the class. As we walked into the school I was telling GG that it was a beautiful day out and she said, “NO! Beautiful mommy.” Then we went to get J’s paycheck, went to the bank, came home and GG took a ½ an hour nap, went to get our taxes done, paid a bill and came home for the rest of the day. I was a little nervous about how GG was going to act at the tax place because of what Crissy had said about Carlie having a hard time when they got theirs done. But once again she surprised me and was very well behaved. She watched the fish and just sat on her daddy's lap. On the way home however, she said, “Where’s my friend Ethan? I want to play with Ethan.” I almost told her that she would see him tomorrow but J and I decided awhile back that we aren’t going to tell her when she gets to do things the day before she gets to do them. Does that make sense? We learned early on that if GG knew she was going to do something fun the next day she wouldn’t sleep good that night. We didn’t tell her about her birthday party and she slept good the night before. Tonight for dinner we just made whatever we wanted instead of having a meal it was kind of a nice break in our routine. Besides the fact that we ate lunch at 2pm, I wasn’t really hungry for a big meal. Then later GG and I went to the store to get valentines cards for her friends and playgroup. We packed for our trip this weekend. Then we watched ER as a family and now we are calling it a night!

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

What a busy day we had. This morning GG’s friend Ethan came over to play while his daddy had surgery. He had to have his adenoids taken out. The two of them were completely off the wall. It was fun to watch! Monkey really liked watching them. They colored, played with the toys, ate food, chased each other, sang songs and danced. They really had a lot of fun playing with each other neither of them wanted it to end. Even though while Ethan was here they both took a tumble down the stairs (only 3 steps), they were coming down and GG was behind Ethan. Ethan is a little better at stairs then she and he was jumping so she thought she could jump too. She lost her balance and fell taking Ethan with her. She cut her lip and had a mouth full of blood. It looked so much worse than it really was. They didn’t goof around on the stairs after that. After Ethan left @ 1:30 the little ones took a nap both GG and Monkey were tired. When GG woke up she got a valentines card from Nana. Thank you! (she loved the sucker!) Tonight J gave GG a bubble bath, which she and I absolutely loved. Other than that we just relaxed together as a family! I love family time. Have I said that before? The newest phrase of GG’s is “oh my goodness” it is hilarious, however she does use it in the right way.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Today was a day of cleaning! This morning when we woke up Monkey had soaked his diaper and it was leaking all over the bed. Good thing we have a waterproof sheet on the bed to protect the mattress. But other than that we had a pretty boring day just doing things around the house. I use the term house loosely! Except for lunch that was pretty crazy. We had pizza GG’s favorite. By the time she was done eating I wasn’t sure if she got more of it on her or in her mouth. She was covered in pizza sauce, which is why I always take her shirt off before she eats pizza! I will say that it was great to see J! I needed some adult conversation. He did good on his polygraph we just have to wait to hear what comes next if anything. Lets hope that tomorrow morning the diaper holds all of wetness. I think it is official GG has hit the trouble twos! I just hope we can all make it through this. From what my mom tells me I was a lot like her at this age so I guess you could say this is payback. She is only bad when I am busy with her brother other than that she is a perfect angel. Go figure!

Monday, February 10, 2003

The first thing GlamorGirl said this morning is “Where’s daddy?” He had to work at the hospital today. So after we got ready we ran some errands and headed over to the hospital to see daddy. They were really busy but it was nice to get out of the house anyways. Next weekend we are not going to be here so you should call us and listen to the answering machine. It is really cute! I want to also say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kody! Lets see when we got home from running around the little ones took a nap. After the kiddies woke up Aunt Virginia called. I still think that you and Joe should move back here when you are done with school! We miss you guys don't you want to know your niece and nephew better? Enough with that. When I got off the phone we played and then I made dinner. J came home from work; changed clothes, ate, and left. Be praying that he does good on his polygraph tomorrow as well as having safe travels. Oh yeah my daughter said to me this morning, “mommy you’re the coolest.” I cherish this now because I know that one-day she will not think that. She will probably be embarrassed to be in public with me. Also today I put GG’s hair in pigtails and it looked really cute, her hair is finally long even for pigtails but not a ponytail! I am feeling a little better today which is good. I'm going to bed now so I can get even better! Goodnight.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

We didn’t make it to church this morning. I woke up with an irritated throat because of sinus drainage. So I thought it would be best to stay home and make myself better, because tomorrow Jeff works all day at the hospital and when he gets off at 7 he is driving to his parents for more job stuff. He won’t be back until Tuesday night. I need to keep myself healthy because I will not have Jeff to help me with the little ones for a few days. This post will be short so I can go rest. We aren’t planning on doing anything exciting tonight and this afternoon Jeff and I looked at houses on the internet. I think we are going to wait until he gets the job and go look at them in person. Most of the houses didn’t have pictures and even the ones that did you really can’t tell what they are like. We have awhile.

Saturday, February 08, 2003

Lets see last night right before bed GlamorGirl needed to go potty. While she was sitting on the potty she got in a fight with it and the potty won. She pulled the sit onto her back and when she tried to put it back up she got her finger stuck. It smashed her little finger pretty bad. I guess she won't do that next time. Today we went to Wal-Mart and got some things, it is crazy in there. No one knows where anything is I can’t wait until the store is completely finished. They are making it into a super Wal-Mart. Then we went to the grocery store. I don’t think I will ever go grocery shopping on a Saturday again. The aisles were so packed that you could hardly get through them. After GG took her nap J and her made cookies. Of course they both wore the chefs hats that Joe and Virginia had sent. They both looked very cute. I took a picture so it will someday be on her web page. This afternoon my friend Marni came over. She was in J and my wedding and she lives four hours away. She graduated from Western last May. GlamorGirl had a lot of fun with her. She showed her all of her little tricks and talents. The most impressive thing she can do is say her abc's (and that she is absolutely and completely daytime and nighttime potty trained!). She can say all of them the only problem is some of the letters are not pronounced exactly right but close enough for a 2 year old! I'll stop bragging now. (But every parent is proud of their children) Marni even let her answer her cell phone when it rang. The person on the other end was very confused! It was great to see her we have been friends since our freshman year of college! We talked about how most of our friends have gotten married and some are starting to have children (J and I being one of the couples with little ones.) among other things. It is fun to see what life brings. GG’s new phrase of the day was “no problem” I guess J and I say that a lot to her when she asks for things! Also Monkey is really starting to rock on his hands and knees I have a feeling it will not be long and he will begin crawling, and then heaven help us walking. Well we need some sleep we are planning on going to church tomorrow.

Friday, February 07, 2003

Today was a lot of fun. We got up and went to have breakfast with Clifford the Big Red Dog. GG was so excited but when it came time to give him a hug she freaked out. He was fine from a distance! She would even talk to him as long as she wasn’t right next to him. After seeing Clifford we went to playgroups. This week almost everyone was there, which was nice for GG because she got to play with people she knew. When we came home we had a package outside the door. It was a present for GG from Uncle Joe and Aunt Virginia. She says thank you! We ate lunch and the little ones took a nap. It was a break for me since J went snowboarding all day long. I am glad that he got to go hangout with his friends. We played in the toy room, made dinner and chilled until J came home @ 7:15. I will say it was really nice to see him. I forgot to tell you what GG did yesterday at dinner. She was sitting at the table eating and all of a sudden she jumped off her chair and ran into the living room. She said, “GG scared of the spider.” We both thought that she was kidding but I looked at her chair and there was a spider crawling on it. I killed it with a shoe and next thing I knew GG had a shoe and was trying to kill a spider that was no longer there. It was too funny. Well it is late and I am tired so I’m going to bed.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

This morning we woke up and J offered to give GG a bath. As soon as he got her in the tub his pager went off and he had to leave. It was a nice gesture though. Funny story about the bathtub, I put Monkey’s small bathtub in the big tub and wash him in there. It is easier because I have found that when he pees it just goes in the big tub and not all over the floor. I get the water the right temperature and I leave it run while I give him his bath. This morning he wanted to touch the running water. He arched his back so that he could get it. When he did touch the water it splashed him in the face. Oops! But of course he is all boy and he did it again. I then moved the tub out of reach. Then we got a visitor at the door, it was the mailman with a package for THE GIRL. She got a tea set for her birthday from Grandma and Grandpa K. She played with the tea set all morning long! Thank you mom. After lunch we had doctor’s appointments. Both places were running behind so we were there forever or at least it seemed like it. Monkey got his shots today because he is finally better! I want to congratulate my friends Brian and Alyssa they are getting married March 15. I didn’t even know they were engaged until we got the wedding invitation in the mail today. They started dating when GG was about 4 months old. Anyway, tonight daddy and daughter went to the laundry mat, it was a good thing because she had no more clothes left. When they got home we watched ER as a family. It should be easy to put Monkey to sleep tonight because he is drugged up with Tylenol, it is for the pain relief. My poor little guy. Goodnight!

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Jeff worked at the hospital today so after we got up and ready, Brae ate lunch we went to see him. Most little kids are afraid of the hospital, but Brae loves the hospital! As we were leaving she said, “bye bye see you later alligator!” What a goof. I tried something different with her hair today. I put it in a ponytail. Lets just say she really doesn’t have enough hair to keep it in a ponytail. She of course looked cute though. Other than the trip to the hospital we did nothing exciting. Tomorrow will be a busy day with doctor’s appointments. So I need to get the little ones to bed. Oh yea the funny story of the day. Brae tried to get into Breckin’s saucer but she got stuck. She tried getting in it thru the bottom instead of thru the top. It was a pretty funny site. She needed help getting out! I need to get myself in bed because I am exhausted. Good night all.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Well I can’t say that we got more sleep last night. Our next-door neighbors moved out and when they did they left the up stairs window open. With last night being so windy the door in the apartment next door kept slamming shut. The landlord had to come over and shut the window so the door would stop slamming. I felt bad but it was keeping GG awake. This morning J had a doctor’s appointment and he took GG with him. They came home and J soon after left to sub at Lincoln. But that was ok because after teaching he rented the movie Sweet Home Alabama. I really liked the movie it had a cute ending. During the movie one of the departments (the other one not the one we really wanted) called, of course because they want J to come for a polygraph test. I also got to talk to my sister in-law two days in a row. Last night when she called it was because of something I had done. I sent a telemarketer to her. Today’s conversation was just catching up. Then GG and I ran to the grocery store. We needed some salad dressing for dinner. We saw Kim and Kailey at the store! The rest of the night was pretty laid back. This evening about an hour before bed us girls took a bubble bath. It was good mommy and daughter bonding time. Silly story of the day: GG got a camera for Christmas and today she was walking around taking pictures. The funny thing about it was that she was holding the camera the wrong way. If it were a real camera she would have taken a really close up picture of her face!

Monday, February 03, 2003

Today is such a nasty day, weather wise. We all woke up tired today thanks to the dumb hospital. They called last night and woke everyone up. It took me an hour to get the kids back to sleep and by then I was wide-awake. Oh well. Hopefully J won’t be working there much longer. I pray that he gets one of the police jobs he has been applying for, soon. Then I can start looking for a house!!! Since we were all tired we took a family nap. I love family time, awake or a sleep! Monkey is really starting to get the hang of getting on his hands and knees. He is starting to leap forward once he gets on them. He definitely gets where he wants to go. Today after lunch GlamorGirl hid behind the side of the couch, she then said, “Daddy I’m hiding.” Jeff said, “hiding where?” and she jumped up and said, “Right here, daddy!” She doesn’t have the whole hind and seek thing down yet. Right now as I type she is rubbing my back and saying, “feel good, mommy?” She is so sweet. After dinner we painted GG’s fingernails to match her toes! Right before bed daddy and daughter were cleaning up the toy room and one of the toys was missing a purple ball. So she walked into our room and said, “Where is the purple ball? Is it under the bed?” she looked under the bed and replied, “Oopsie Daisies, not here! Where could it be?” What a silly girl. She is already talking to herself. Lets hope that tonight we get more sleep.

Sunday, February 02, 2003

I am the most blessed person on earth, I’ll tell you why. Every night before we go to bed I have a little girl who tells me she loves me. She also tells her daddy and brother she loves them too. Then the first words out of her mouth in the morning are, “Good Morning, Mommy! Good Morning, Daddy! Good Morning Brother!” sometimes she even adds “it’s a happy day today.” I have a wonderful husband as I have said before and I have a handsome little boy who one day will talk and tell me the same kind of things that GlamorGirl tells J and I. Can you tell that I am very happy with my life?! Well this morning we got ready and went to church. As we were getting ready I asked GG if she knew where we were going and she screamed excitedly, “to church!” She loves children’s church and so do J and I. Then the little ones took a nap and J and I spent time talking about various things, which was nice because it is very rare that we are alone when we talk. This afternoon, Kim and Kailey B. came over to play. The girls are 6 months apart and GG is younger, but they are very much the same. Both of them fought over the same toys and books. Kim and I talked while they played and fought, she is really nice. I think that in the summer we will do a lot of things together. I forgot to mention that they live in the same apartment complex. After dinner we all went grocery shopping. I really enjoy shopping together as a family and I know that one day our kids will no longer want to shop with us so I am cherishing it right now! Then we took my car thru the car wash. GG loves having the car washed. I love this age they are so easily amused.

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Today was a very laid back day. We had nowhere to be and really nothing to do. I did talk to the phone company because I didn’t understand why our bill was only $5.07 for this last month. It turns out that we had a credit on our account. Later today I was sitting down nursing Monkey and GlamorGirl came and sat by me with her teddy bear. I looked over and she had her shirt up and the bear on her tummy. I asked her what she was doing and she said, “Snowflake hungry.” She was nursing her teddy bear, snowflake. She is going to be a good mommy. This afternoon the kids and I took a nap. Well they slept and I rested. After they got up I decided to move the rooms around. I was tried of the playroom being too small. We spend a lot of time in there and the other room is bigger and we are never in there. So it felt like wasted space. There is so much more room now for GG to play and when her friends come over they won’t have to play on top of each other! J came home and of course he passed the physical test. So he has to wait to hear how he did on the written. I guess they are taking the top 12. J will probably write about it on his page so check it out if you want to know more about the testing stuff. As far as I’m concerned any police department that doesn’t want him is dumb!