Thursday, June 30, 2011

End of Baseball season

Tonight was Monkey's last game of the season. It was a very frustrating game for me. Monkey had gotten hit the last two games so this game he was terrified of the ball. The first at bat he step away from the base at each pitch and struck out. He was mad at himself. Then the second time he was up to bat he REFUSED to bat. The coach even offered him some ice cream if he just stood at the plate...he didn't even have to swing. Just stand there. And he wouldn't do it. Because of his refusal the team got their second out of the inning. I was not a happy mom. He had a chance of getting walked because the pitcher wasn't the greatest. I just don't know how to get him over his fear of the ball???? I talked to him about how he has been hit 3 times and has walked away from all of them unharmed. At this point I just want to take him outside and peg him with some balls! I won't of course but I want to. He had such a great season and tonight just wasn't his night. The funny thing he still wants to play next year. But I'm not shelling out that kind of money if he won't bat. UGH Also just want to state that it stinks that the team with the worst winning season is going to the world does that happen? Double UGH.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Totally Inappropriate

I was absolutely shocked by the way one of the female camp counselor was acting at the pool today. First of all this girl had some gigantic breasts. She couldn't even keep them in her swimsuit. However, the size of her chest is not what was inappropriate though. The way she was flirting with the boys who were probably about 11 to 12 years old was absolutely WRONG. Another mom and I sat and watched her for awhile and I finally said something 'cause I could tell she was watching this girl too. She couldn't believe it either. At one point she walked away from the three boys and blew them a kiss. Seriously?! She was also going off the high dive and let me just tell you it wasn't pretty. I actually felt sorry for her. At another point one of the boys came up to her to talk and his height and her chest level were the exact same. All this little boy could see was her chest half hanging out of her swimsuit. If I sent my kids to a camp and there was a counselor there like that I would be VERY unhappy with their behavior. There is no need to be flirting with young boys when you are at least twice their age. I believe I heard this girl say she was a teacher which would put her at 23ish? This world is so fallen, it makes me sick. Other than the above we had a fabulous time at the pool. This morning the two boys didn't want to go but by the time I wanted to leave I couldn't drag them out of the pool. All three of the kids are laying down for nap/quiet time.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time is FLYING...

I can't believe it has already been two full weeks that the kids have been off of school. I feel like time is just flying by. We have been keeping ourselves pretty busy with fun activities! Like yesterday I took the kids roller skating. GG has gone on a few dates with Jeff roller skating so she sorta knew what to do it has been at least a year since she had last gone. She was cruising on her skates within a half an hour. The boys and Peanut this was their very first time. I was able to get some plastic skates for Peanut that you can adjust how fast the wheels turn. She still fell a few times but she was a ROCK star with those skates. But I am the most impressed with my Monkey. Within an hour he was actually doing better than his big sister! Red was struggling but the one employee was really helping him learn how to skate which was so great. By the end of the time at the rink he was able to go pretty far without falling down. If it didn't cost so much to go roller skating I would take the kids more because they LOVED it. And I didn't have to skate either!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Birthday Party

Today we had Monkey's 9th birthday party even though he won't be 9 for another month! This week at his school they are having a basketball camp that most of his friends are going to so it worked out well to have the party after the camp! We were planning on being at the park across the street. We got there 5 minutes before the camp got out and I sent GlamorGirl over to the park with the pizza. About 3 minutes later it was a downpour. I ran across the street to get my girl and poor thing was standing under a tree with the pizza trying not to get soaked. But by the time we got back to the school we were both drenched and then it stopped. Ugh this weather! I didn't want to risk getting rained on again so we had the party inside the school. After party for kids who are older are so nice. They completely entertained themselves by playing different games in the gym. The party consisted of pizza, chips and drinks for lunch, playing in the gym, opening gifts, going outside to do some water balloon activities, and finishing at the park with some water gun fights! On the way home from the party Monkey said, "That was the best birthday party EVER! Thank you mom for putting it together for me." Is he not the sweetest kid ever?!?!? I feel guilty that I really didn't do much in the way of planning it but he loved it. He had 7 boys from school with him made 8 so it was a good even number!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day and today

We had a wonderful Father's Day yesterday on the boat with my dad, step-mom, sister and brother plus my family. We met at 11:30am and got some food from taco bell, so NOT my first choice but I made the best choice of food I could. Then we headed out on the boat. We tooled around a bit, took the lock (never did that before), docked so the kids could swim and then pulled them on the tube. It was a very peaceful Father's Day but it was also not an uneventful one. While the kids were swimming GG cut her toe on a rock or something in the water and it took awhile to get it to stop bleeding. Oh the drama that went with that. Then on our way back to park the boat we ran out of gas. I had Peanut on my lap napping but all the chaos woke her up pretty quickly. We got to boat to the side of the river and the guy who lived in the house took my dad to get some gas. Then we were on our way. Then we went out to eat dinner with my dad. It was a really great day. Until I got home and had to lay down to sleep. My stomach was NOT happy with me one bit. I tossed and turned for a long time last night not feeling good. I even got up a few times to try and make myself throw up the food I had eaten that was causing me so much tummy pain. It wouldn't come up. I finally fell asleep around 1:45ish. Then this morning the kids and I had a chiropractor appointment, run Monkey to basketball camp, get groceries, pay a bill and un-register Red for he Tae Kwon Do class. He was pretty bummed but it just wasn't at a good time or day for the summer. We are going to sign him up in the fall. Then the kids and I went to nanny this afternoon. I really love this job. The baby is 8 weeks old and he is smiling a lot, so sweet. GlamorGirl loves to hold him and actually says she has first dibs on holding him when we go there. Now I am laying in bed not very hopeful that tonight will be any better as my tummy is still not happy with me. I didn't really eat much today. I had an apple for breakfast, some baby carrots and a granola bar for lunch and a piece of toast for dinner. I am very tired from only sleeping 5 hours last night. If you think of it please pray that I can get a good nights sleep tonight and wake up feeling a 100% better! Thanks

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trip to Grandma's house

First of all it's Father's Day and the father of this house is finally HOME! This past week he took a trip to Canada with his dad to go fishing. While they were gone the kids and I took a quick trip to see my mom and grandparents. We were only able to go Wed thru Friday afternoon due to Monkey's baseball schedule but I think that was plenty of time to break of our time without dad home. Thursday the kids went to a VBS with their Aunt and Uncle (who are both 9 years old) as I was registering Monkey the lady says, "We have another B~ here." Monkey and I looked at each other...this was a new thing for him. He has a unique name and this will probably be the only time he gets to meet another kid with his name. After it was over I asked him if he got to meet the other kid with his name. He said yes. I then asked who was older...just wanted to know. Of course, my guy was older ;) Friday we took the kids to the public pool. While we were there a family that I had babysat in H.S. was there. The mom came up to me. It has been over 12 years since I babysat for them and the girls are now both married and one has two kids. They got to meet my four. They LOVED my kids names...they especially liked Monkey and Peanuts, I think it was because they are a little more unique then the other two. I learned that the two grandkids also have very unique names, so fun. We had a great time visiting with my mom and grandparents and can't wait to go back. I really hope we get to spend a lot of time with my grandparents this summer because neither one of them are doing the greatest health wise and I really want my kids to have memories of their great grandparents. Today for Father's Day we are going on my dad's boat. But it is suppose to rain so I hope that the weather doesn't foil our plans.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


The other night Jeff was gone late with the two oldest kids at the White Sox vs Seattle game. I was trying to stay awake so I decided to reread my blog from the beginning. I only got through maybe two months but I filed away a couple entries to share with GG when I had time. I always tell her how much Peanut is like her but she just doesn't believe me. So when I was reading about how she colored on her belly when she was two I just had to share that with her! But it also made me think that I don't really blog about Peanut's silliness. I do put it on facebook but that is harder to go back and look at. So I've gone through my facebook page and pulled out some funny statuses of the kids to put on the good ole blog for memory sake. This is about a 3 month span of time April to June.
Red is counting his potato chips to make sure they are the same as Peanut's...for real kid?
Peanut says, "The birds wake me up in the morning." I say thank you birds for letting her sleep til 8am :)
during the car ride home loved listening to Peanut recite Ephesians 2:8 & 9 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and not from yourselves, it is the gift of God - not by works, so no one can boast.
Peanut wants Chips and Broccoli...she means guacamole!
Peanut in the van today: I really like my seat cart! (her car seat)
Peanut cracks me up. If you could hear some of the things she calls her different body parts! Too funny...her nipples are referred to as hips or pimples!
getting ready to go watch my girl, GG, play SOCCER!!!
riding our bikes home from Monkey's practice I feel something funny on the back of my bike. I ask Peanut what she is doing and next thing I know I feel the seat she is riding in slide off the back. I stop and try and catch her. The seat hung on by a strap and she wasn't hurt. Praising God for His protection!
eating dinner I asked the kids who wanted salad, Peanut says, "I do with rice dressing." I love her word mistakes they are just too stinkin cute!
got greeted this morning with Happy Mother's Day Eve! Haha I get the whole weekend :)
was just informed that Peanut is going to have a headache on Mother's Day...little stinker!
sent my oldest on a field trip without someone from our family going with her...this is a first!
this weather is absolutely CRAZY. It just hailed here for only 5 minutes. Red was looking out the window said, "Mom it's snowing!
was just informed by Peanut that when she grows up she wants to be a human! bwahahaha
Red's (cup)cake...dueling light-sabers. He LOVED it. As did all the boys at the party.
can't wait to see Monkey's face when he gets home and sees the basketball hoop in the driveway! GG will have to wait until tomorrow...
Monkey's game today was anything BUT boring! He pitched the first two innings and make an award winning catch...they won! I'm lovin baseball.
an extremely tired Peanut crying in her bed says, "I want a banana man to come inside and I like bathes" All to not go to sleep...haha
what a great night to fly kites!!
It's FIELD TRIP day!!!! I love having the ability to go on these :)
has decided that Peanut getting a cat nap is WAY better than her skipping her nap altogether!
off to watch the B-man play baseball!!! A little chillier then I would like but not too bad :)
what a fun family night at the Chicago Bandits! Got some really cool pictures and got to talk to the starting pitcher before the game. She was super sweet with the kids!!!
asked Red what he wanted to do tomorrow night because he graduates Kindergarten and the rest of the family is going to the White Sox minus Peanut and he says, "Watch Tangled" I was prepared to take him out for ice cream or something but I'll take this instead!
Panera and the Park is how we spent our night without daddy, GG and Monkey. And now they are eating ice cream ;)
Peanut's new favorite phrase...How did you know?
The last one is the most recent and just cracks me up. When she wakes up in the morning I say go to the bathroom. She says, "How did you know?" I will tell her something and she will ask, "How did you know?" It is just too funny!!! I do have a blog in the making of Red's graduation but I couldn't find the camera until yesterday but we were gone all day doing Super Saturday with Monkey's baseball team.