Sunday, February 27, 2005

GlamorGirl has her own little nickname for the baby...googly bear! She is such a nut. I found out on Friday that the little boy that she likes will not be at the school next year because he is moving to New York, that makes J happy :) My plan for Friday was to just chill at home but I forgot to send the movies and mortgage bill with J. So the kids and I went out...paid the mortgage, we dropped off the movies, stopped at Target (wanted to see if they had any cute baby outfits), ate at Wendy's and the last place we went was the pet store. We haven't had much success with the fish from Wal-mart so I thought we could try the pet store. We looked at all the puppies, cats, birds, lizards and then the fish. They also got to see turtles and frogs. We got two new gold fish and Monkey named his Ariel and GG named hers Snow White. Monkey's has black on the tips and GG's is white on the tips. I can tell they are so much healthier than the other fish we have gotten. They actually swim around the tank!!! So Petland was the highlight of the night. We got home took care of the fish and the kids went to bed. Saturday we got up and went to the Library as their treat for doing all their jobs. We got books and movies. Monkey loves to play with the toys they have at the library, he's not really interested in the books as much as he is the movies, either! GG's favorite part of going to the library is playing on the computer but the last few times it has been out of order so she has found a new favorite thing to do. They have paraque blocks and pages to make different pictures. She sits and does the pictures with the different color blocks. She has gotten really good at doing it by first she needed help but not anymore! Another thing she has really started to master is doing puzzles. She will do a 20 to 30 piece puzzle all by herself. She used to get frustrated with them and ask for help, now if you try and help her she gets mad, go figure! Anyways, after the library we watched all of the movies...we got Mary Poppins, Cat in the Hat, and Freaky Friday. It was a lazy night. Today we went to sunday school (I was in the nursery) and then to church. The kids got their lines for the Easter program. GG is the first kid to talk and the teacher told me that they wanted her first because she speaks clear and isn't shy. She is really excited about being in front of the church and has practiced her line all afternoon which is "An Easter Welcome I would bring". The teachers even said that Monkey said his line clearly too. He says, "Jesus died for you and me". After church we went over to g&g A's for yet another yummy lunch. Now we are home for the night. Had a talk with GG today about moving rooms during spring break she doesn't seem to excited about that. I think if she sees the new bed she will be sleeping on it will change her mind?!?! But I just don't know when we will be able to get the new bed. If anything we will leave it the way it is until the baby is about a year old. Not to concerned about sleeping arrangements right now...

Thursday, February 24, 2005

One thing I have learned about being a parent. Well there are many actually but the most surprising one is how they stretch you mentally! Have you ever gotten into a conversation with a 4 year old about what the word praise means, in reference to a song about praising God? I know what it means but sometimes the easy words are harder to explain. We made it through that one but it seems like it is never ending. I think she is the only 4 year old that knows what guarantee means! Her questions aren't just one either, you answer the first and she has another one about your answer. I love that she is seeking information but sometimes it is just so draining on me I have to send her to J! One thing for sure is she has a deep desire to know more about God and Jesus. I can't tell you how many conversations we have had about him dying on the cross and rising from the dead. She wants to know how he got out of the grave? Because there was a huge stone covering it. She wants to know why her fish can't rise from the dead? And so on. Monkey has started to become a handful in this department of questions. His are easy right now though. I am just waiting for him to ask "where babies come from?" GG knows the answer to that from watching a baby story with me but Monkey doesn't really sit and watch that show. Speaking of babies I am really excited about this child birthing class I am going to be taking with J and the kids. We are going to practice what it will be like in the delivery room for the kids sake and they all are going to do body art on my belly and make a sculpture for the baby. I will be learning pain cooping techniques so that is new. Right now GG is on Becky's laptop typing names on it. She did her first, middle and last name, Monkey's name, Becky's name and Polly! She wanted to know how to spell Polly earlier and she remembers it. She was taking pictures on Becky's digital camera before that. She loves technology. Well I am going to get a snack we are having a late dinner because Roberta is making it for us.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wow, it has been a couple days. J was off of work Monday and Tuesday. Monday we did a lot of running around as a family. It was actually kind of fun :) We went to wal-mart and then grocery shopping together. After dinner we rented some movies, the kids each got to pick one out. Before bed we had root beer floats. I haven't had one of them in forever and boy was it good!!! Today at school GG kissed the little boy Ezra. She was pretending he was her husband. The teacher talked to her about saving her kisses for mommy and daddy. It is always something with that one! I told J about it and he wasn't happy at all...he told her she couldn't kiss anyone until she got married, like that is going to happen! Tonight my friend from college is coming over to do our taxes and we are going to order pizza. Hopefully we will get some money back and I don't have to cook tonight :) Tomorrow we are going to my dad's for dinner and to meet with a financial adviser, my dad wants to invest some money for the kids' college. Who am I to tell him no? So GG will be missing Cubbies but the leaders said they would get her caught up next week. I still need to iron on her new patch.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Ok so this is a run down of our weekend! J took Saturday off so that he could go to the Auto Show with a friend. The kids and I were going to get together with his wife but their phone got knocked off the hook so I couldn't get a hold of her. The kids and I didn't let that get us down...we went to McDonalds for lunch and to play. It is always a nice thing to get out of the house in the winter and I don't have to make lunch. It is a win/win situation:) The kids did a great job again this week with all of their jobs/responsibilities so their treat was to go to Toys R Us and pick out one toy. I wasn't really sure how that was going to work since every time we go in there they want every toy!!! But it went surprisingly well, I just explained to them that we were going to walk around the girl section first and then the boys. I told GG I wanted her to see all the toys before she chose one. We walked through the kitchen stuff, my little ponies, strawberry shortcake, polly pockets, baby dolls and accessories, barbies, and then the dress up stuff. She actually waited until we were completely done to say she wanted to go back to the polly pocket section. They had many items to choose from so I helped her out and picked out 4 for her to pick from. Otherwise we would of been there all day:) She didn't object and picked one that had a boy and girl with a car, clothes, shoes, skateboards, and helmets. While she was looking at the polly pockets she was having a hard time deciding if that was really what she wanted. She was thinking about maybe getting a prince barbie doll for her princesses, but ended up with a polly pocket. She came home and spent over an hour playing with them. That is actually what she is doing right now! I am glad she decided on the polly. Then we went to the boys section and walked around. I found a dress up police officer kit and firefighter kit, they were really cute. I held on to the police one while we walked around some more. Monkey really liked the isle of Home Depot tools. They were really cool. I found a tool box with tools in it that I thought he could play with when J fixed things around the house. After looking over all the boy toys I gave Monkey the choice of the police officer kit or the tool box. He choose the police officer kit! It came with sunglasses from the 80's, a vest, badge, binoculars, handcuffs, keys, a watch, fake tickets, a cell phone, and a megaphone. He really likes his toy too and I can't tell you how many times I have been "under arrest" since we have gotten home from that store!!! So needless to say the kids and I had a great time just walking around that store and spending time together. I also started a mental list of Christmas presents...hehe ;) Oh yeah they weren't in the cart while we walked around and they did great. I wanted them to be able to pick the toys up and really look at them. After about 2 hours (which only seemed like 20 minutes) of being in that store we came home. I can't wait to go back to Toys R Us either, so I bet the kids want to go back soon too. I told J this Easter they will be getting a toy in their baskets and no candy, this means another trip to Toys R Us for me. Since Valentine's day I have realized that they eat way too much candy so I am going to be cutting their sugar down majorly. This is partly my fault since I have a serious sweet tooth. It probably has something to do with the fact I was born on Halloween?!?! Anyways, when we got home J was back and we made plans with Jason and Kristy as well as Chett and Megan to go out for dinner. We went to my favorite place Jimmy's, yummy! Then we all came back to our house. GG showed off her new toy and then played in her room before bed. Now you have to know GG to know she really likes this toy, because we have company over and she isn't entertaining them she is in her room playing with her polly pockets! Then she went to bed and Monkey watched a movie while we adults played Black Jack. I have never played before and it was really fun. Jason had gotten a poker table for Christmas with cards and chips. So he passed out chips and we pretend played for pretend money. Jason was the dealer, it was like we were in Las Vegas. We played for 3 hours!!! It was a great time and Monkey went to bed before everyone left. He must of been tired because he usually can't fall asleep without one of us with him but he did last night! So that was our Saturday.

So far today we went to Sunday School and Church. Went to my in-laws for lunch and then came home. J is working a hire back, which means they asked him to work on his day off. I told him to take it because he is off Monday and Tuesday so we will still get to see him plenty. I think this is the longest post I have written in awhile!

Friday, February 18, 2005

GlamorGirl is such a little comedian sometimes. She had to go to the bathroom, really bad. She screams, "AAAAHHHHH." I think there is something wrong so I ask her what's the matter. She says, "I have to go pee pee. The pee is saying I want to play in the toilet. So I need to hurry and let the pee in the toilet to play." Where does she get this??? After school she comes up to me and tells me she wants to marry Ezra, because they are always partners when they go to recess. He is the cutest little kid, but she is too little young to be thinking about who she is going to marry:) Seriously, what will she think of next?!?! Today she had show and tell at school and she brought her baby doll named Melody and her tie shoes so she could show the class how she can tie her shoes. The teacher said she did very well telling about her doll and showing how to tie her shoes. I'm sure she was loving the attention!!! Last night Monkey threw up again about 5 minutes after J got into bed...umm. I wonder if him moving the bed made Monkey lose it? I jump out of bed at 1am because he threw up and J asked if he had thrown up, he said it only sounded like a cough. NO IT WAS PUKE!!! Yuck. I have no idea what is wrong with him? I am starting to think he is congested and throwing up is the only way for him to get the mucus out or that the drainage from his nose is upsetting his tummy. I will be sleeping with towels under us for a few nights just in case. Last night while GG was at Cubbies I had Monkey saying the baby names we have picked out and he says them so cute. I am really happy with our choice. I had my appointment and we found out the sex so if you don't know and you want to give me a call and I might tell you...hehe ;) This was a great appointment because I got to talk to the midwife about the policies for labor and delivery, the receptionist didn't know them when I called. GG really wants to be in the room and that is both cool with the hospital and the midwives. I told J this and he wants Monkey to be in the room too. I just never really thought about him being there but if he wants to be I have no problems with it. They are going to go to the childbirth classes with us and all of the appointments and other things to prepare them. I'm not a yeller and both of my other deliveries were very fast so it should be ok. I do have a back up in case they get overwhelmed, for those who are thinking that I am crazy! I just think it will be a great bounding experience especially since I'm not going to get my home birth like I wanted...this is the next best thing. Who knows I could go in the middle of the night??? I really hope not but I could. I think that is about all I have to say :) Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Last night GG was sitting on my lap and the baby started kicking. I told GG and immediately she put her hand on my tummy. I placed my hand on top of hers and the baby kicked her quiet a few times. She was giggling so hard and then looks at me and says, "Oh no mommy, I'm smushing the baby's house." That in itself was pretty funny. Tonight GG has Cubbies so it should be a interesting night. Then tomorrow at school it is her turn for show and tell. She was practicing earlier with her doll that she wants to bring. Such a show off!!! Well I'm not in the mood to write anymore. Later...

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

It is Tuesday morning and I am not at school. Last night Monkey's fish died so after dinner the kids and I ran to the store and got him a new one. I was getting the fish in the tank when GG comes running out of the bathroom, "Oh no mommy, come quick! Hurry. Hurry." I had told them to go to the bathroom at get undressed so I thought maybe Monkey had an accident peeing and he didn't quiet make it on the toilet. Well I was right it was Monkey but he had thrown up and he was holding most of it in his hands. He looked so sad sitting there with throw up in his hands and on his legs. So I cleaned him up and made some phone calls so I could stay home with him. It was a good decision on my part because he throw up 3 more times after that. I was trying to think what could of made him sick and I really can't think of anything. He ate 1 1/2 cookies at school for snack and I didn't even give him any of his Valentine's candy. This morning he seems to be feeling better. He has eaten a bowl of cereal and a cinnamon roll and nothing has come up, yet. He says he feels better so I am hoping that is true! I hate cleaning up puke. I almost lost it myself last night cleaning his up.

On a side note I want to mention how great J is...he bought the whole family a new game to play for Valentine's day. That was really sweet. Last night because Monkey didn't feel good I moved all J's stuff into GG's room so he could get sleep in case Monkey woke up during the night. I laid towels down on the bed so it would be easy for me to clean it up, too. Well Monkey woke up at around 5 something and I got out of bed to take care of him and J got up to help. I didn't call for him, he just got up to help because he is just that kind of person. He is always doing things to make my life easier and I love him for it.

Monday, February 14, 2005

What a fantastic weekend! Saturday we went over to grandma M. house and ate lunch the kids got to see their aunt Becky and uncle Travis as well. That was their treat for doing good this week on their jobs! But before we went for lunch we got the kids each a fish for Valentine's day (like last year) Monkey got a black one and named it Nemo and GG picked out a gold one and named it Belle. We also got a toy to go in the bowl, they really thought that was neat. J got called into work Saturday night so the kids and I went to McDonalds for dinner and to play. There were two birthday parties going on and the one party had a girl from GG's class (Samy) and a girl from Monkey's class (Paddu). It was so neat to see GG and Samy's faces light up when they realized that the other one was at McDonalds too. We have only lived here for 7 months but we are starting to see people we know when we go out and about. It is starting to feel like it did at WIU!!! That was our Saturday and then Sunday we went to sunday school and church. For lunch we went over to the M's house and it was some good cooking. We had pork chops on the grill, salad, baked potato, green beans, and corn then ice cream and cookies for dessert. The kids watched a movie and then went swimming with Jason and Kristy, while J and I sat and talked with Mr and Mrs M. We came home ate dinner and had family snuggle time in the bed watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition, that show makes me cry sometimes. People can be so nice. While we were in the bed the baby was doing sommer saults in my tummy, I think the baby was trying to preform an acrobat routine!!! Now it is Monday...Happy Valentine's Day. The kids each had parties in their classes and came home with so much candy, YIKES. After school the kids walked down to the office to see grandma (but she is home sick), I was quiet a bit behind them. When I got to the office this lady was telling one of the secretaries how cute GG and Monkey were walking down there. She said she was right behind them and they were having a conversation about how their mommy's name is Tonya but they don't call her that they call her mommy. We don't ever call her Tonya because she is our mommy and so on. I then realized she was talking about them and I said, "I'm Tonya, they belong to me." Then she told me how adorable they were, which I know :) Tonight J is working so it is the kids and I, we are going to have dinner like normal and then I think we might take a bubble bath!!! We'll see...

Friday, February 11, 2005

AAAhhh Friday! Both kids went to school today, J didn't get home until 5:45am he was off at 11pm. In GG's class the teacher gave out valentine candy hearts for treats. The little boy I talked about before that likes her gave his to her and told her that it said, "I LOVE YOU, GG!" Oh boy isn't this early for kids to say things like that? I was telling my mom on the phone last night about GG. I told you I had taught her how to tie her shoe in 10 minutes, right? Well she didn't wear tie shoes for a couple days and when she put those shoes on she didn't ask for help and she didn't need any. I swear she is as sharp as a whip. How did she remember how to do that after 3 days of not doing it??? She has a great memory that's for sure. I was working with her on sounds of letters for her reading and when I was done with her Monkey said it was his turn. So we went through the alphabet flash cards and each card I showed him, GG wrote the letter down on her paper. She wrote every letter perfectly expect for G, I was impressed! I also want to clarify if anyone is wondering, I sit down with each kid for 10 minutes a day and some days I just give them something to do (like write their name, numbers etc) there have even been days we don't do anything. I contribute how smart they are to the fact they were breastfed and I stayed home with them and still do! It could be genetics too, J is really smart!!! Tonight before bed we are going to watch Scooby Doo Valentine's cartoon so that should be fun. Right now J is snowboarding :)

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Tuesday night we had a special night. I had some errands to run so the kids and I got in the car and headed out to do the errands. Then we stopped at Quizno's for dinner, got it to go and went to the Police Department to eat with daddy. The kids loved it. They haven't been to the department in awhile and it is always exciting to them to see all of daddy's police friends!!! In the car on the way home yesterday this was GG and I's conversation. GG: Mom, I want to color some pictures for Mrs. Sherry because her voice is going away. Me: Is she sick? GG: Yes, she can't talk normal so I want to make her feel better. Me: I bet getting pretty pictures from you will make her feel better. GG: I think so. She used to say my name like this GG and now she says it like this GG. *She was explaining to me the difference in her voice. The second time was in a hush voice, it was really cute. She is so sweet at dinner time GG said she wanted to pray, and she prayed Mrs. Sherry would get better. After her prayer she looked at me and said, "Someday our voice may run out too." I did everything I could to not laugh! Today I wasn't so successful at holding my laughter recess GG came running up to me. She started singing a song she made up about her friend Hannah going to Disney World and how she wanted to go with her and when were we going to go there. It was really creative. She sang every word and moved her hands to emphasize her points! Hannah is her *best* friend at least today she is :) She is such a nut! So I have decided to sign Monkey up for the 5 day program next year. I was going back and forth about it but since J is on midnights and Monkey will be one of the youngest in his class it couldn't hurt. He really is a smart little boy, I get questioned a lot about his age because he speaks clear and has a huge vocabulary! Plus he has been potty trained for 7 months now. I just want him to have the confidence GG does in school so the extra 2 days can't hurt. With an infant I'm sure I am going to be glad I choice that path! Not much is going on with us today GG has Cubbies and it is the Valentine's Party so she should have a great time. I know I always like having the evening to spend with just Monkey man. Next year Monkey will go with GG! That is all for now...

Monday, February 07, 2005

Yesterday after church we stayed for a great lunch and then came home. Then at 5pm we went to the M's house for a super bowl party. We ended up having a late night and getting home around 9pm. This morning we had school and afterwards we stayed to talk to a parent about their child. I completely forgot about it, it worked out because the mom brought food so GG was able to eat lunch at the normal time. J told me that GG's ballet class was canceled today so I am glad about that, it is raining outside! I am still not feeling completely better. Sickness always seems to last longer when I am pregnant. I am going to go lay down.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

So here is our day. We went to Home Depot this morning and got a curtain rod for the living room. It was the last window in the house that didn't have a shade of some sort. The reason it is the last was because it is a bay window and it measures 120 inches long (10 ft) so we have been putting it off because we knew it wasn't going to be cheap. Then we went to Target to get the curtains, J had been pricing them at various places and they had the best selection for the cheapest price. So now we just have to mount the rod and hang the curtains but J is working right now and I'm not about to do that job. We had subway for lunch, we had a coupon! After Monkey's nap I took the kids to the library. It was GG's reward for getting all her happy faces and Monkey's was getting to pick out a movie. Since they both got to go to the library I let GG get a movie too. They both did a great job this week so they deserve 2 treats! When we got home dinner was done in the crock pot, so I put the movie on for the kids and got their plates ready and we ate a picnic dinner in the living room. Monkey choose Wizard of Oz and GG got Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I forgot to mention that J got his permanent shift for the next year and it is midnights. We are both a little bummed about it but he will make it work, the two older kids will be in school for most mornings during the school year and the baby will be the only one home on most days. The nice thing is J will be able to come home during his shift and check on us :) We have decided to buy a laptop so he can have it at work, midnights during the winter are extremely boring. The department also has a program for buying computers so we will hopefully be able to afford one?!?! Well that is about all for now.

Friday, February 04, 2005

What a wonderfully fun day we had today! For lunch we met my dad at Baker's Square (Yummy) and the kids ate all their lunch so they got to have a piece of pie afterwards, which is the best part of eating at Baker's Square! From there we headed over to the Mall, GG brought her bear Abby (we got her bear a couple years ago) with so she could buy clothes at Build-a-Bear with her gift certificate. She ended up getting a pretty red dress, a white dress and a wand and tiara for Abby. She was so excited about getting to pick out clothes and try them on her bear, which she tried on about 5 outfits! Monkey got to make a bear, he pushed the peddle for the stuffing to go in then he rubbed the heart, gave it a kiss and put it inside his bear. The man sewed him up then both kids went to the fluffing station and fluffed their bears. Then Monkey named his bear...I bet you'll never guess what he named it?!?! He named it Buzz Lightyear. If anyone knows him they know that is his favorite character. The cool thing about naming him that was the store had a Buzz Lightyear outfit so we bought that for him too. Both kids didn't want to leave the store, we'll have to go back again! Then we walked around the mall and went into the Lego store that was pretty neat. *** Warning my be to much info*** The last store we went into was Motherhood I wanted to check on some bras, I have never been able to walk into a store and get a nursing bra that fit right. Well I came really close so I got it. My problem is that I am a size 34 and I haven't been able to find a cup big enough in that size so I have always had to get a 36. The lady told me that the cup I am wearing now might not be big enough after the baby comes but after nursing two already I know it will be fine, at least I hope because that is the biggest size they sell in the store and I don't want to order a bra online! So needless to say I was extremely happy to have found and purchased a bra that fits almost perfectly!!! After we left the mall we went to DSW Shoe and I bought a pair of boots with my Christmas money!!! They were on sale too, which was the best part. I still want to buy some dress shoes and snow boots but I am good for now. Then we got my car washed, the kids always enjoy that! Now we are home just had a late dinner and put the kids to bed and started laundry. I am exhausted and still not feeling 100% myself.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

We had spaghetti the other night for dinner and GG made letters out of the noodles. Then she started spelling words. It was too funny. She, of course, ate them afterwards but she was so proud of herself for making the letters and words! Tonight we are having company over for dinner and GG is really excited about that she loves to entertain. Monkey is excited too but he won't put on a show like GG will. I wish I wasn't feeling so sick. My throat hurts and I couldn't breath last night and having Monkey hug my neck and put pressure on my throat didn't help me breath either. He is so snuggly but sometimes it isn't a good thing! I know my throat hurts because of all the drainage. I am hoping that having this 3 day weekend will help me get better, but being pregnant you never get rid of things as quickly. I have set up our tour of the OB for in March and I am really excited about that because the hospital just remodeled the OB wing. I have found out all the policies about labor and delivery from the hospital so I am set with that. Now it is just a waiting game. Tomorrow we are having lunch with my dad and then taking the kids to Build-a-Bear (GG got a gift card for her birthday) and Monkey is going to be getting his first friend from there!!! Then I want to do some looking around the mall and maybe get some shoes and boots for myself?!?! I'm not feeling good so if this doesn't make sense I'm sorry I'm not in my right mind...

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

So yesterday as I was leaving to go home GG's teacher pulled me aside along with GG. I then witnessed GG reading words!!! The teacher said that she had started with two of the older kids in the class (ones that turned 4 in Sept) and GG said that she wanted to try so Mrs. Sherry let her and she was amazed that she could do it. She is just so bright! I can't believe my baby has started reading. I am so excited because that was a bad subject for me and I really want her to be confident in her reading abilities and it looks like she is off to a great start. I just love this school so much because they are able to work individually with each child so she is never held back on learning. GG loves school too, it is just the greatest feeling in the world to see her excel at learning. Another thing I love about GG's teacher especially is that she never blows smoke up my butt, what I mean about that is she never exaggerates about her abilities and behavior in class. GG's dance teacher is the opposite...she tells me that she is the best dancer in her class and the best listener in class, which she is good at both but then I see and hear her turn around and tell other parents whose kids don't listen at all in the class the same thing. Mrs. Sherry tells me when their are issues with her for instead she wasn't keeping her dress down at school. Then I can address them and we can work together to fix the inappropriate behavior, which is so important to have the teacher supporting you on fixing it! The teacher that I work under likes to blow smoke and the parents get frustrated because the kids aren't doing, knowing or acting like she says they are/should be. When parents come to me it puts me in a very bad situation, because I'm not going to blow smoke...parents know how their kids act and behave at least most do. I don't really think I should lie to them, especially when the parent asks did they listen or interrupt or fight with anyone? I will end with saying I don't like having hot air or smoke blown at me so I will not do it to someone else. Sorry for the vent I just can't take it anymore. ***Parents beware of teachers/people that blow smoke at you.***