Monday, February 26, 2007


As I sit here wanting to type out this post I feel so sick to my stomach. I really, really hate feeling like this. Today I had a doctor's appointment and she told me she could get me medicine to make the nausea go away, but that it is pretty pricey. Well I think that I am almost done being sick so I said no...what was I thinking?!?! Well I was pleasantly surprised though at the fact that I got an ultrasound done today. I guess they messed up my paperwork and didn't have a due date chart for me and so that meant I got to have my 3rd ultrasound done. I loved watching our little one swim all around. Then I got to hear that strong heart beat going, it was 176bpm. Then as we were leaving my friend from my Bible study walked in...we looked at each other like "what are you doing here?" Then it was vocalized. She said, "Why are you here?" I told her then I asked her the same thing and she had the same answer. It was her first appointment so she didn't know her exact due date but we guessed it was around the same time. Then I talked to my old friend and found out she is pregnant, too, with her second. She didn't find out until she was almost 7 weeks along, and the only reason why is because she was very sickly and went into the doctor, surprise You're Pregnant! She is about 2 weeks behind me. I was very excited, it's always fun to know people when you are pregnant, to share the experience with, you know.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

GG and Daddy on a skiing date!

J had promised to take GG on a skiing date when we had our first snow in early December. From the excitement from both GG and J when they got home I think I can say that they both had a wonderful time...even though J did get a little cold:) Here are some pictures of her followed by video J took.

This is the first time she went down the slope during her lesson she is wearing the white hat and purple coat. Great job baby girl!

This is more of her lesson. It was an hour long! I think we made a lifelong skier out of her!

Last run of her lesson...if you listen closely you can hear her yell, "Daddy I believed in my self and I knew I could do it." After she had fallen down and got herself back up with no help. I'm so proud of her for not giving up and learning how to do something so hard.

Her going up the tow rope for the first time after her lesson is over. Go! GG Go!

What a great run baby girl.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

100th day of School!

That was yesterday but since I wasn't feeling very good I didn't update. It was cool because GlamorGirl's class did a ton of things with 100 items. She came home with 100 pieces of snack food which was a mix of marshmallows, m&m's, and pretzels. Also she didn't have homework because if they got a 100% on their classwork they didn't have to do homework just for that day. Each kid also brought 100 of the same thing to school and she picked q-tips!

Monkey also had a good day at school, he came home with a pink card in his folder! We told him that if he doesn't get a blue card at all the whole year like GG did then we would do something special at the end of the year. It looks like he is probably going to accomplish that.

I have to just mention this because I really don't want to forget it! Last night before Red fell asleep he decided that I needed tons of kisses. He looks at me and says, "mama kiss" so I kissed him. He said, "no Red kiss." So I let him kiss me on the cheek. He turns my head and kissed the other cheek then turned it back and kissed the first side and back and forth my head went while he kissed both sides with an occasional kiss on the nose because he missed my cheek. My face was *wet* because by the end of it he wasn't kissing nicely he was licking and blowing on my cheeks! I was laughing so hard. When he finely stopped he started sniffing at me. We had so much fun I was afraid we were going to wake the other two up from all the laughing!

In other news, we got new kitchen table chairs. Our table came with 4 and we have been using the computer chair for the 5th one. Since we are having another baby, making us a family of 6 we thought it was probably time we got 6 matching chairs. I really like the way it looks with all the chairs around the table. Like a full house! I am a fourth of the way done baking this baby :) I just really want to stop throwing up.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

As Promised!

Here are some of the pictures taken at the party! We had 16 kids there including my 3 and it was the most stress-less party I have ever thrown. The most expensive but it was well worth it. This is the fantastic Belle cake GG got and she absolutely loved it. I only wish I could take credit for it :)

GG playing air hockey...

***Warning Extreme Bragging to Follow***
GlamorGirl got two birthday cards from her friends and at first I thought it was really funny what the one boy wrote then I realized. These kids are really smart look as I looked at the sentences they were writing. GG writes like this, too, all the time!

I tried to scan the cards onto my computer to show you the penmanship and writing skills but it didn't pick up the words and just left a blank box on my screen. So I will type them out for you with all the capitalization they use and punctuations!

The first card from the boy said: Dear ___, Happy birthday and may the good Lord bless you. I heard you love me. May your wish come true. And before happy Valentines day.

The second one from her girlfriend: Happy BirthDay. you are a good friend

I really wish I could of shown you their handwriting!
I totally credit it to the fact she goes to a private school with small size classes. The teachers are so involved with the kids and so caring...they are actually allowed to hug the kids! Plus, they make sure the parents get involved with their schooling. GG came home today telling me all about the different Presidents we have had and some of the facts about them, I didn't even know and I had to look them up but they were accurate! She is only in Kindergarten and reading and writing better the the 2nd grader across the street. Here is a video of her reading homework for tell me does she sound like a Kindergartner?
This is the words she read they won't let me show a video with the words in it. You can follow along!

Monday, February 19, 2007

My Mama!

Over at Adventures in Babywearing she posts about her mom and has challenged us all to write about our moms and have pictures! This is a picture of the 4 generations of girls in my family. We have taken one every Christmas except this last one because we didn't get together.

I love my mom so much. She has taught me how to be the mom that I am to my kids. Since I have become an adult and mom myself we have moved from the mother-daughter relationship to more of the friendship...even though I still ask her for advice on occasion! When we get together it is usually just to talk and laugh. The funny thing about my mom and I are that we are polar opposites. I am wild and crazy and she is very mild and well-mannered. We balance each other out...she calms me down a bit and I get her to come out of her shell. I could go on and on about my mom but who couldn't? Mom's are the best!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Red Mania

What can I say? He is just such a sweet little boy. The other night I was throwing up and he was right there by me rubbing my back saying over and over, "Mommy sick? Mommy sick?" It was very sweet. Then about 5 minutes after I was done Red was in the bathroom pretending to throw up!

Then there is the food aspect. I ate almost all day long because I can't eat big meals. So when I have a snack I have a little Red saying, "Want some. Peas have some." How can you say no to that?!?!

Then there is television...whenever he sees a baby he points to my tummy and says, "Baby" then he lifts my shirt hugs and kisses my belly. I don't think he has a clue as to what life is going to be like when the baby comes :)

Moving along, tonight is the anticipated big birthday party for the GlamorGirl. It should be a lot of fun. There are about 12 kids coming and we just got the cake and it's fantastic! I will hopefully be putting pictures on here some time within the next few days...depending on how tired I am after tonights event. I'm actually getting tired just thinking about it. I should got put Red down for a nap and try and get one myself!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I woke up this morning to a dozen roses and a card from the hubby. It was such a sweet thought but I wasn't able to get to close because of the smell...just one little annoying thing about being pregnant. But they were beautiful. Then around 10am I went to school to help out in the kids classes for their parties, I wasn't feeling up to going right at 8:30. They got so much candy and they each got a heart shaped balloon from Jeff and I delivered to their class. The rest of the day has been normal minus homework because they didn't have any today. I hope everyone is having a great Valentine's today!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


We woke up this morning and school was canceled. It was wonderful except that J had already got the kids up, dressed and to school when he realized it was called off for the day! We have had a pretty lazy day around here. In fact GG is in her pj's, she put them on as soon as they came back this morning. We have played games, did valentines cards, watched movies, played PS2 games and danced.

I am so excited! I finally figured out how to get my archives back on my main page!!! I just had to sit down and really search the *help center* and it only took about 20 minutes. So I am happy with that outcome. Then I realized that I have 4 years worth of it doesn't seem that long but it has been :) I'm off to go enjoy the company of my warm little kids!

Monday, February 12, 2007


Saturday GlamorGirl went out with my parents they took her to Rainforest Cafe to eat lunch and she really enjoyed it. Then they went shopping and this is what she came back with...

It is a Princess wig. She looks so funny in it because she should not be a blond, but she really likes it! I even tried it on but took it off before anyone could take a picture :) Then GG and I went to her friends bowling party and we had a fun time. Yesterday after church we hung out with some friends. We went out to eat for lunch then went back to their house to chill. The kids had a blast and so did us adults. We didn't get home until 6:15 so it was a long day!

The kids have gymnastics and then it is back to the regularly scheduled programming around here. Ok one more random thing...we got our taxes done! Yay, bring on the refund got to love kids.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday...I love 'em

This morning my dad and step mom came over to take GG out for her birthday time with them. Before they left they had brought gifts for all of us from Costa Rica. Very cool. I got an XL t-shirt, so that I can grow into it! I think it will still be too big, at least I hope it is. The kids and J each got a shirt, too. I wash our clothes before we wear them so I went to look at the instructions and they are in Spanish. I guess that is what you get for buying clothing in another country! I am guessing that they say pretty much what all of our clothes say in English. The rest of our day is going to be pretty busy. After GG gets home she has a bowling birthday party to go to! Yesterday Monkey got to have a friend over to help the sting of GlamorGirl getting to do everything today. He seems pretty ok with everything right now.

As for me. My official due date is September 20st. Which makes me 8 weeks and boy do I feel the morning sickness. Like I had mentioned earlier I have had a miscarriage so I am still concerned with the growth of the baby. It is almost ridiculous sometimes every little pull or pain I get scared. This could possibly be because I have had some bleeding and two ultrasounds already. We have tons of people praying for this little baby so that is comforting.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

The *New* Big Brother in Training!

We're Pregnant!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

What's been happening...

Well I think it is finally time to update this blog! Saturday and Sunday I was knocked off my feet with a really bad flu that didn't allow me to eat anything and if I did it came up almost as soon as it went in. Not cool. I totally hate throwing up. I have such great support from my family and friends it is so comforting. They totally took care of me and the kids! Actually right now Aunty Becky has the kids at gymnastics because I didn't know if I would be up to being out that long. I am still pretty weak from the violent throwing up that occurred.

On to a happy note...remember I said that kids didn't have school on Friday?! Well J took the day off and we took the kids to the Children's Museum. It was a great time. When we got there the first floor was closed due to the fact that they were getting a new exhibit called The Blue Man Group making waves. The media was there and the Blue Man Group actually preformed. We got to see it and it was really cool. I guess we came on a good day except for the fact that we didn't get to go into the new exhibit, it opened on Saturday for the public. At one point in the show one of the Blue men came walking up the stairs where we were sitting and GlamorGirl squeezed my arm and Monkey moved really close to me. It was funny. After that was over we walked around to the different rooms and after lunch we went into a room that had a photographer for a newspaper. We were the only people in the room and so he was taking our pictures and J signed a release form to use any pictures they wanted in their brochure. So we might be in the Children's Museum's new brochure...they will contact us if the use any of the pictures. It was a really fun day. Well I am starting to get tired so I am going to go lay down, got to take advantage of the fact the baby is sleeping and the other two are out of the house. Quietness = priceless

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Our Friday.

I know that today isn't Friday but to us it is because the kids don't have school tomorrow. It is mid-semester break. Anyways, GG comes home from school and starts telling us what happened in Bible class. Oh by the way she did apologize to her friend and all is right in the world! I guess they go around the room and each take turns saying the Bible verse of the week. This is the conversation we have at lunch.

GG: I always say my verse first because, you know, my last name starts with the letter A. And we go in alphabetical order.

Dad: Really because my last name starts with A, too.
Giggles from the GlamorGirl
Me: That's funny because my name does too!
GG: Well I said my verse but I didn't have the right page in my folder so I didn't say the right reference number.
Dad: What was your verse?
GG: Praise ye the Lord. I will praise the Lord with my whole heart.
Monkey: Hey that was my verse too. Psalms 111:1
GG: That's the part I didn't get right.

We had other conversations about there day like Monkey's teacher's birthday was today and J asked him to guess her age. She is a grandma of 3 but he thought she looked 25 :) Of course, I called her on her lunch break to tell her and she loved it. She really doesn't look old at all...very hip dresser and her face is young looking too.

The last funny thing of the day was right after the kids got home from Awana Clubs, they were getting ready for bed which Red wanted to do the same. (Monkey See Monkey Do type thing) So I undressed him and went to get a new diaper but before I got back he had pulled his diaper half way down and EVERYTHING was hanging out. The older two laughed uncontrollably so he thought he was super funny. I'm thinking "great all this kid needs is to think that getting naked is funny." Well I'm off to bed.