Thursday, November 05, 2009

where did I leave off?

We have started a new thing and driving in to the suburbs together to try and save on gas money. It has worked out pretty well so far but as the weather gets colder it is going to be harder to find places for Peanut to take her naps. I have tons of errands I can get accomplished and many doctors appointments to attend so we aren't hurting for activities it is just after lunch I need a place for 2 hours so she can sleep. What we have been doing is parking the car in a location that has wifi internet and she naps while I get online. I actually have the windows in the van rolled down about 4 inches as it was getting too hot in here!

We not only have big changes in our address but the kids and I all got new doctors. I switched to the same one J goes to and the kids go to a doctor who sees under 14 in his office. Red had his appointment on Tuesday and this doctor was AWESOME. I explained everything that we have gone through he listened to me and then asked what I would like to see happen. I told him that I would like to get the kids blood tested so we know how much the mold has effected them. He was completely on board with it. YAY. Though I had to bring Red back again today to get more blood taken the first guy didn't end up taking enough. He was a trooper. He says, "It doesn't even hurt!" He is so funny. The other kids go to the doctor next week to get their blood taken. We are moving in the right direction. Once we get them back we can go from there. As for me, I had a follow up with my primary today after he sent me to the infectious disease doctor. I am so excited that he is going to be sending me to an acupuncturist. That will help dry out my insides and promote death to the fungus! J stopped in my doctor's appointment and he got on him about getting his blood tested so he is going in on Monday. Score. Do you know how long I have been asking him to go get tested? Way to long. I want the chance to grow old with him and if he isn't healthy we won't have that opportunity.

Just an interesting tidbit though you might think it is gross. About 2 months before we moved J and I each got planters warts on our big toes. He had two and I had one. He had been going in to see his doctor to get it freeze dried off (maybe 4 times) and I had gone in once. Well today he looked at both of ours and did nothing to mine because it is almost gone and had to freeze J's again, though his are much better they still needed a little help. I learned that mold/fungus when it is in your body is sticky and therefore viruses stick to you. Warts are viruses. Since I changed my diet to mostly anti-fungal foods it has gone away on it's own. Mold is bad, very bad. I am thinking that is probably why I get sick so easy too.

Other things on my mind are Christmas shopping. This year we are going light on gifts which is kind of a nice relief. I think that all we need to get for our kids are one gift for each of the boys and all the kids pj's that they open on Christmas eve. J and I are talking about getting internet for Christmas but we'll see where we are at that time. Who knows our house might have sold and we might be moving into a new house, in that case we would just wait. I'm going to trust God's timing on all of this.

I have new pictures of the kids in leave piles but I don't have the camera with me to put them up on the blog. I will have to remember to bring it so that I can update the pictures on the sidebar. I am going to try and get better at updated more frequently but then again I have no internet so...we'll see.


The Patterson's said...

Progress!!! So glad you found doctors that you like and trust!

Kat said...

Yes. Mold is VERY bad. VERY dangerous. I've heard horror stories.
We are going light on gifts this year for Christmas too.

mikeanddebbie said...

Glad to hear you guys are doing well!!!

Kristin said...

Great update, glad all is on the right track:)

sarahgrace said...

Glad to see that things are moving along and moving forward, and getting better bit by bit. It's so good to hear the you guys are triumphing over this!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I am so glad that your new doctor is progressive and proactive. I think the entire nation is going light on Christmas. At least our kids won't be the only ones in that boat, right?

take care!

Adina said...

yay for doctors we like! hang in, sista'!