Friday, December 18, 2009

10 years...

J and I finally made it into the double digits of being married. As I sit here thinking of all the things I want to write about I smile and I tear up. We have been through SO MUCH stuff. But I would venture to say that most married people go through good and bad things. In fact people in general go through that kind of stuff. Though looking through the years I wouldn't take any of it back even the really bad and ugly things that have transpired. It has made us who we are as a couple and has strengthened us. God has been so good to protect us from things that could have happened in different situations. If you have read this blog for any length of time you know that I was sick with an unknown something for the last two years and over the last 3 months have started to recover and get better. There were seriously days I thought I was going to die and I'm pretty sure that J thought the same thing. That is only a fraction of our married life. We have celebrated many things through the years. The birth of each of our four beautiful children, J getting his first job, buying our first home and going on fun family vacations just to name a few of the big ones. But I would have to say the day to day happenings are probably the best memories I have, playing games with the kids, doing family devotions, or just chilling at home together as a family. God is so good ALL. THE. TIME.

Tonight J and I are going out on the town. We are going out to eat and then walking around the Mall I am hoping to get some new clothes but just being with J one on one is really good enough for me. I want to end this with 10 of my favorite things about J.
1. His priorities: God 1st, Me 2nd, Kids 3rd and then everything else.
2. How he provides for the family with a good attitude. (Attitude is so important to me)
3. How he makes me feel special.
4. How loving he is with the kids but firm when needed. They love their daddy.
5. When he plays the guitar at home or at church. Giving God all the glory.
6. That he is a leader in the church, not just as a Deacon but in the children's ministries.
7. How handsome he is, he still makes my heart skip a beat when I see him.
8. How playful he is, even when he jumps out at me when I come out of the bathroom and freak me out.
9. How helpful he is around the house and therefore teaching our children to serve others by helping.
10. Basically I love everything about him even his little quirks! I can't wait to spend many more years with you, J.


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Kristin said...

Aw, Happy Anniversary!:)

Kari said...

Awwww-love this post! Congratulations to you both! It's such a cool thing to hit 10 years and I'm glad you guys had some time alone to celebrate. He sounds like a great guy, but I'm sure he thinks you're pretty awesome too. ;-)

Happy Anniversary and many more!!!!!

Adina said...

awesome!! congratulations- you are so right for each other!

Kat said...

What a wonderful post!
Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a wonderful day. :)