Sunday, August 01, 2010


The last few days have been quite the roller coaster ride for me and not in the good way. Two members of our family left to go to camp. I got to talk them the first night away. Monkey wasn't having a good time because he had gotten bit by mosquitoes all over his body and mainly his face. Poor kid hasn't even met any of the other campers and his face is swollen with bug bites. J said the first night he wanted to come home. Yesterday the rest of the campers got there. Monkey has never been my super out going kid that makes friends where he goes. He has pretty much had a built in friend since he was born in his big sister and she is really good at making friends at the park and then he plays too. As hard as this is on me I really think they will be a great experience for him to spread his wings and meet some kids on his own. He is a kid that will be just fine being by himself and couldn't care less that no one is playing with him. J said that he has been walking to meals by himself. That breaks my heart but I highly doubt he really cares if he walks with someone. His cabin leader is my sis-in-laws boyfriend so he knows him, which is good. I just hate hearing reports from J and Liz that he is not having fun. I don't want his first camp experience to be bad, but he is a different kid then his sister. So I am consistently thinking about him and praying for him. Then we have what is going on at the homefront. The first day wasn't too bad. I had a really sad Red because his brother and playmate left. He was super sad at bedtime because he was alone in his room. I offered for him to sleep in my bed with me. Half way through the night we had a really bad storm. Peanut woke up and got scared so she came to my bed too. Red didn't like the closeness of having 3 people in my bed so he want to his bed at that point. Then we had a play date with Peanuts friends (twins) and their baby brother. Their dad is at camp with our guys so it was nice to hang out and share our missing of the boys. They left after lunch and right in time for naptime. I put Peanut down for a nap and went downstairs to clean up after lunch. I hear noise upstairs and when I went up their Peanut was covered head to toe in my hair tac. Apparently she brought it to her bed and then put it all over herself then went into my bathroom to try and wash it off. So it was all over her bedding, the toilet, sink as well as her. I was so upset. I know I was a handful to my parents but I don't remember getting into stuff. ALL. THE. TIME. It never ends with her. The only time I can get anything done is when she is sleeping. And I have to stay close by to make sure she stays in bed and does fall asleep or we have episodes like the above mentioned. She is tiring to the core. I almost feel bad saying that I am looking forward to her starting school. I thought I would be so sad to send off my youngest but at this very moment it can't get here fast enough. We'll see what I say when it actually happens.


Kristin said...

Oh dear, hang in there! It's not always easy being a mama, but it's truly a blessing.

Kat said...

Oh that little peanut! Stinker! ;)
Hope you have a much more peaceful day tomorrow!