Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Since I am waiting up for my dear sweet hubby to get home so I can spend a little bit of time with him today I thought I would update the ole blog!

So my two oldest are playing soccer...yes I am officially a "soccer mom". I have to say I absolutely love fall soccer. GG did spring soccer two years ago. This is so much different. Anyway both kids are on the SAME team. Bonus! It has worked out great for us. The practices are super close to our house they could ride their bikes and they do when Jeff goes to the practices to help! As I mentioned GG has played once before but this is Monkey's first year playing. I have to say this boy has completely impressed me. The first game he played the WHOLE game. They didn't have subs and he never stopped running full speed. As the season goes on his skill with handling the ball has gotten way better too. He does great in defense though he really loves offense. The best position for him is midfield so he gets to play both! This last weekend they had their 5th or 6th game and Monkey got his first ever goal. It was such a cool thing to witness and he was SO happy. I watched him run with his arms in the air and then chest bump one of his teammates. I even shed a tear. I was so proud of him. Another cool part is hearing the parents talk about him most of them know this is his first year. But one dad had no idea I was his mom or that it was his first year and went up to the coach during a corner kick and said, "Have him kick the ball to number 2." Monkey is number 2!!!

As for GG, she played two years ago but that was pretty much a joke. They had practice once a week in a park and most of the time the practices got canceled. Not only did the practices get canceled but some of the games did too and were not rescheduled. I felt like we wasted our money. This league is so much better and is not the same as the one she did two years ago. She is playing really well too. Again she is best as a defender but likes offense. This last game they out her in the goal for the first half. She was absolutely adorable whenever the ball got close to her she would yell at her teammates to "get it out of here" totally something I would do. She had two stops which was good. I think she did good in goalie since the final score of that game was 2 - 0 with us winning! So as it's looking now Monkey will probably be playing soccer in the fall and GG will play in the spring at school. Though I am really enjoying having them on the same team next year GG is too old for the co-ed. It's interesting too how each team has 3 to 4 girls on it and in every game I've seen those girls are pretty good!!!

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