Friday, December 28, 2012

Long Time

Well this year is coming to an end. We had our Christmas get together with my mom's side of the family last weekend and my sweet Aunt Lori reminded me of my blog that I have let go. So this post is for her and will hopefully be my motivation to post more! Hi Aunt Lori :) I really do miss posting but I have enjoyed my blogging break.

To be honest it is hard to pick just one thing to write about...these kids are crazy up in here! But this story happened tonight and I just had to share. It was time for Peanut to go to bed. She has stopped taking naps and has made bedtime so much easier for everyone! However after tonight I think she isn't going to be so easy to put to bed, anymore. Jeff told me to tell her to get in bed when she came up stairs because he was going to hide under her bed to scare her. He has done this before and he usually scares her before she gets in bed so I was waiting for it but it didn't happen. I stood outside her door trying to figure out what he was doing. She says, "Mommy I feel something weird." I didn't respond just waited. It took about 5 minutes before he finally jumped out and scared her. She screamed so loud and started crying immediately. She normally just screams and then laughs. Apparently, Jeff was pushing up on her bed which is the something weird she was feeling. Then he said he was shaking her bed. Finally her little foot was hanging over the edge and he was touching it. All before he jumped out to scare her. She was so scared. Jeff said she did not move at all. I think she was paralyzed with fear. Poor girl. We asked her what she thought it was and she screamed "A MONSTER" She was really scared, I felt horrible. I held her for 5 minutes before she stopped crying. When she calmed down Jeff said should I do it to Red. She lit up and agreed that he should scare her brother! The worst part for me is I remember being her age laying in bed paralyzed with fear. She is so my daughter. This house is crazy!


Kat said...

That is so crazy!!! Your hubby is a big tease, huh? My kids WOULD NOT like that, and I don't think we would ever get them back to bed. They are a bunch of chickens over here. No scaring allowed. Poor kid! Hope she felt better after she scared her brother. ;)
Good to hear from you again!

Adina said...

That WAS some insane bedtime routine!!!

Lori said...

See - other people read your blog too!!! lol I have to say - if we had done that to Zach - he never ever would have gone to bed in his room - EVER!!!!! He watched a scary movie once and still has nightmares - that was years ago! Poor little girl!