Sunday, April 24, 2005

Here I sit after a crazy weekend! Friday after school we packed up the van and headed to the girls away soccer game. Then to the soccer tournament, I went as a chaperon. It was a 3 hour trip from the away game. But the kids handled the car ride great! We bought the Incredibles as a extra special treat for the kids on the way down. We stayed in a nice hotel and then went to the 3 games on Saturday. It was pretty cold outside so we bundled the kids up really good! The girls ended up winning 1st place so that was cool. On the way home the bus, which we didn't followed, blew out a tire. We felt bad but there was really nothing we could do to help them because we were about an hour away on a different route. We got home and went to bed. This morning we went to church and ate lunch at church with Joe and Sue's Sunday school class, it was suppose to be a picnic but it was too cold outside. When we got home we took a family nap and started some laundry and just getting things put away from the trip.

On Thursday when the kids and I got home from school J took GG on a surprise date. She was so excited she didn't even ask where they were going!!! They ended up going to the race track to test drive some cars through the Auto Show. They were gone for 2 1/2 hours. Her face had the biggest smile when they got home. She told me all about the Hummer she got to ride on, all the other cars she road in, the food she got to eat and the golf cart she got to take a ride on to the car with the police officers in it...she had a blast! She loves spending time with just daddy. Next Friday her and I are going to a mother/daughter banquet so that will be fun.

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