Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Well today is J's birthday and he has to work. Monkey had a blast with J water skiing/tubing. J said he fell asleep on the boat sitting up and they all got a kick out of that! After they got back we went out to eat at Photo's not Subway, Photo's gives kids free ice cream :) Then we went to a baseball game and had a very fun time as a family. Anyway, this week we have VBS at our church so it has been a very busy week. We have to be at church by 8:45am and with rush hour it has taken us about 40 minutes to get there which on Sunday it only takes us 20 minutes. I am working in the kitchen with a girl named Erin and we are having fun. She is a couple years younger than me and has two kids 18 months apart just like mine, so all week long we have heard "Where are the little old ladies that usually do snack?" But we have been told that us working in the kitchen is great because the snacks are better this year. We actually had nothing to do with planning them we are just making them...the old ladies only made cookies and would never do anything different. I am having fun and Red is with me so we are all happy. I would totally work again next year! Anyways, J is working in the gym and he is having a great time too, yesterday he came home soaking wet from water games. GG and Monkey are loving it, too. It is a great family activity. This year's theme is "Boot Camp" and we are training for the war against Satan, very cute. Then next week we have nothing planned but the week of Aug 8, I signed the kids up for another VBS at their school and it is only a 5 minute drive!!! That will be a nice break for me and a great time for them. Other than that Joe, J's brother, is coming to town on Friday and he will get to meet Red for the first time!

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