Saturday, May 16, 2009

Red turns 4!

If you want to read his birth story go here. It starts on the 16th because that is when I went into labor but he was born on the 17th just past midnight. I just love this kiddo with all my heart. I can't image what life would be like without him. Somethings I want to always remember about my Red.

* when we are at church and I can't find him the chances are pretty good he is in the pastors offices. He loves Pastor Paul because he reads to him and he loves Pastor Shawn because he has a toy Yoda in his office.

* he tells us he wants to be a Pastor one day and I believe him and think with his personality it would be a great fit!

* he has such a kind heart. Pastor Paul had a heart attack at the end of April. We were able to give him a call a last week. Red told him he wanted to give him one of his toys to make him feel better.

* his smile...not the forced one he gives when we try and get pictures. Enough said.

* he has a temper to match his red hair but on the opposite side he is so sweet and snuggly. We are working at taming the temper and I can see a huge difference in him already.

* his humor...though I can't really put it into's just funny and cute.

* his passion about all things Star Wars, Karate and Buzz Lightyear, yeah I know he is all over the place with those passions but that is what makes him HIM.

Well I only meant to do 4 things because that is his age but I did 7 and I could go on look at this face!

Dear Red,
I am so glad that God chose to place you in our care. You have been a blessing to our family and have grown your daddy and I in our parenting endeavor. We all love you so much. Can't wait to see how God uses you in the future to bring Him glory. You are certainly a handful but I wouldn't trade you for the world. I hope you have a great 4th birthday.

Love, Mama

Stay tuned for pictures of the banquet/prom that J and I went to on Friday night! We had a great time and as always I enjoyed getting all dolled up for a night out with my hubby.


hestermom said...

Happy Birthday! He does have a great smile... and I suppose, being a boy and all, he has to have some mischief to him!!

mikeanddebbie said...

Happy Birthday, little man!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Chris and Abbie said...

Happy Birthday Tanner! Hope you had a fun Sunday School class getting to put pennies into the cake!

-Auntie Abbie

Kristin said...

I can hardly believe you're 4 already, Red!!! Where does the time go? Hope you had a super birthday!:)

sarahgrace said...

Happy Birthday RED!!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Happy Birthday REd!

Adina said...

Love that face! Happy Birthday, Red!

KC said...

Happy 4th Birthday Red..
He is just two days younger then my Little Man, who turned 4 on May 14.